Tempting Adam

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Rosemary’s Romance


The knock on her door finally jerked Christy from a trancelike state. She looked away from the television with a frown, then set down the half-empty ice cream and went to the door.

She leaned forward to look through the peephole, then jerked back in surprise. Uh-oh. She hadn’t seen this coming. Although she probably should have.

She slowly tiptoed backwards, deciding it would be better to pretend she wasn’t there.

“I saw your eye against the peephole, Christy,” Adam called out.

She grunted in disbelief and made a face at the door. Maybe he’d give up and leave.

“I’m not going away until we talk.”

So much for that idea.

“I’m not dressed,” she lied, and then wished she’d picked a less visual excuse when he didn’t respond right away.

Finally he said, “I’ll wait while you put your clothes on.”

God he was persistent. She sighed and unlocked the door, flinging it open to face him.

“I thought you weren’t dressed?” He stepped past her and into the apartment, shutting the door firmly behind him.

Christy shrugged and folded her arms across her chest as she stared at him. Her chest was tight, and her throat ached with the urge to try to explain.

She wanted to. Had threatened Nate that she would. But did Adam want an explanation? Was that why he was here? Or was he just going to berate her? Hell, she deserved it.

She waited for him to say something more, but he just continued to walk around her apartment in silence.

“I’m a little surprised to see you here,” she finally said. “I didn’t think you’d want to have anything to do with me after…” He stopped, turning to face her as she trailed off. “After this morning.”

Adam tilted his head. “What makes you think I want anything to do with you?”

Ouch. She swallowed hard. “You’re here.”

“So I am.” He walked over to her futon and sat down, lifting up the carton of ice cream. “I came to hear what you had to say.”

Ah. So he did want an explanation. Now was her moment. She took a deep breath.

“I’m not really…” She faltered and bit her lip. Say it! “Nate doesn’t…”

She closed her eyes.

God. She couldn’t do it. Maybe Nate was completely out of line, but she didn’t have the right to do this to him. To out him like this.

“Nate doesn’t what, Christy?”

She opened her eyes again and shook her head. “Never mind.”

Adam picked up the spoon and took a bite of her ice cream. Oh God. Her eyes narrowed on his mouth. That was so erotic. Watching him lick the spoon that she’d so recently had her lips wrapped around. Was she drooling? Christy shut her mouth.

“Last night,” he murmured. “Things got pretty intimate between us. Don’t you agree, darlin’?”

“I—you could say so.” Those lips. That tongue. Intimate was an understatement.

“I would most definitely say so.” He scooped another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.

Her heart raced as she watched him sitting on her futon, licking her spoon. This morning he’d been licking other things.

She shook her head. Get a grip, horny. “I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

What was he doing here, anyway? Any other man probably would have taken a good look at his situation and written her off as a two-timing bitch slut. A good conclusion, if her situation had been legit.

Adam set the ice cream back down and looked up at her. “I was just thinking that you probably had your side of the story.”

“My side of the story?” she repeated. Oh, Lord. He was still giving her a chance to redeem herself. A way to explain her way out of it? Why? Why did he care so much? If he was the type of guy Nate said he was, he should be happy he’d been given an easy out.

“You must have had your reasons for going to bed with me when you already had a boyfriend.”

“Oh, that.” Her laugh tinkled artificially. What the hell did she say?

“Yes, that.”

Christy looked at him, really looked at him. Despite his light tone and casual demeanor, he was seriously pissed off.