Need Me

Nika has trained her body into a deadly weapon—the better to take what she wants from any world, especially the well-protected planet Belton. But the moment she sees Lt. Brendon Marshall, her weapon is turned against her. A man like him could incinerate a woman’s priorities with one look. And since he’s guarding the very object of her desire, it could be so simple to use him and never look back. As long as she can ignore a more intense pleasure than she’s ever known—and a wilder need than she’s ever imagined…

WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book!

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“Yates, where are you?” Footsteps sounded. “It’s damn quiet in here.”

No! Gods, what was he doing here?

Nika rushed to her feet just as Brendon rounded the corner. She only had a moment as his eyes narrowed and he reached for his weapon.

She charged him with a growl and launched into a side kick, knocking his weapon down before he could activate his electro-mace.

“Son of a bitch,” he cursed and crouched down into fighting position. “What did you do to that soldier back there?”

She didn’t reply, dared not use her voice in any manner except the guttural roars she made while on the attack.

Brendon lurched forward swinging his fist hard at her head. She ducked and planted her foot in his ribs, sending him stumbling backward.

“Nice move, boy,” Brendon taunted, gripping his side. “Did you learn that from your nursery instructor?”

He made fun of her size. Anger sparked in her gut, even as she tried to remind herself it was a good thing that he believed her to be a man.

She wished she could talk with him. Taunt him that he must have the stamina of a teenager to have finished so quickly with that girl to be here now.

But if she gave herself away, then she’d have to kill the asshole. And though the idea certainly held a small amount of appeal, she had no intention of taking a life unless it was absolutely necessary.

“What’s the matter, kid?” Brendon goaded, circling her. “Can’t produce enough spunk of your own, so you have to steal someone else’s?”

Oh gods, he had no idea how close he was. Her lips quirked beneath the mask.

Brendon swung at her head again, and when she went to block it he kicked her leg out from under her.

She fell to the ground, rolling to the right when he made an attempt to straddle her and pin her to the ground. From a distance she could pass as a skinny man, but hands on was stretching it.

“If you killed that soldier in the hallway, I will kill you.” His words were perfectly calm as he advanced upon her again. “To hell with the orders to bring you in alive.”

Bring her in alive? Had they been anticipating this mission? A shiver of unease ran down her spine. How come her instructor had not warned her of the possibility? Had Rachel known?

“You’re worried now, aren’t you, boy?” Brendon gave a soft laugh and lunged at her. “You should be.”