Four Play HOT excerpt!

They advanced on the bed, each of their gazes stroking her body in a visual caress. Her breasts rose and fell with each uneven breath she took, and anticipation had her nerve endings on high alert.

The bed dipped as they climbed onto it, and she tensed just a bit with worry. Could she handle them all at once? What if it was too much? What if…

“It’s all right, Mikayla,” Cedric said softly and came to sit next to her head. “I promise we’ll not do anything you don’t want us to.”

His assurance eased some of her fears and she smiled faintly.

Cedric cupped her cheek and dipped his head, brushing his mouth lightly across hers. Once, and then twice more, until any tension from her body slipped away with the teasing movement of his tongue.

Someone moved behind her on the mattress, pulling her back so that she lay between his legs and against his naked chest. She was beginning to notice the differences in the men’s bodies, and judging by the wide, hard, defined planes of his chest, she guessed Kyle held her.

When Cedric released her mouth, she turned to look over her shoulder. Kyle gave her his familiar seductive grin and moved his hands around her ribcage.

“Just take pleasure in the moment, Mikayla,” he murmured and pressed a kiss on top of her head. “Enjoy.”

She could barely nod before she felt her legs being pushed apart. Facing forward, Mikayla watched Brett climb between her thighs. His eyes were so full of wicked promise that a small whimper escaped past her lips, and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

“You are so beautiful, kitten.” Kyle growled softly against her ear and then slid his hands up her ribcage to cup her breasts. Her nipples instantly hardened in his palms and she moaned, arching her back. “And you’re ours. Say it, Mikayla. Say you belong to us.”

“Yes,” she agreed fervently. “I belong to you three. Always.”

“Always.” Brett’s hand cupping her pussy had her attention snapping back to him. She watched as he licked two of his fingers before moving them back to the mound of her sex.

Gods, she wanted them inside her. She waited for him to plunge in as he’d done before, but this time it seemed he had a different purpose.

Instead, he traced the perimeter of her entrance, teasing her and not quite dipping inside. His gaze held hers, in it the promise of what would come.

Her attention caught on Cedric as he moved forward and grabbed Kyle’s hair, pulling him forward to claim his lips. She stared up at them, watching the tenderness and familiarity between them.

The fact that the three men had been lovers showed in their actions and the way they looked at each other. And now she would be part of that circle.

Brett chose her moment of distraction to thrust his fingers bluntly into her. She cried out at the wonderful invasion, jerking her head back to face him and lifting her hips to meet his touch. He continued to penetrate her, pushing deeper each time and then lifted his head to smile at her. “It’s my turn to eat your pussy, baby.”

“Brett,” she whispered his name almost as a plea.

He kissed her inner thigh, and then the other, before placing a chaste kiss on the slit of her pussy. Then, holding the folds of her sex apart, he lowered his head again, blocking her view of what he was doing. Suddenly she felt the first wet lick of his tongue on her clit.

“Gods!” she cried out, reaching to hold his hair.

He repeated the gesture, this time circling the taut little bud with his tongue. And then he caught it lightly with his teeth, using just enough pressure to make her scream at the combination of pleasure and pain.

“I bet that feels nice, love.” Cedric came to her side, kneeling over her and nudging aside Kyle’s hand so he could take a breast. “So will this.”

He lowered his head and drew her nipple into his mouth, sucking gently while rubbing a slow hand across her belly.

The sweet ache between her thighs grew more intense. She writhed on the bed, within Kyle’s grasp, incomprehensible pleas spilling from her lips.

Her hips lifted and fell against Brett’s skilled mouth while she arched her back to thrust her breast more fully into Cedric’s mouth.

And then Kyle, still teasing the nipple on her free breast, leaned to the side and toward her, catching her chin and turning her for a kiss. Blindly, she met his lips, letting his tongue plow past hers to explore and conquer.

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