Falling for the Hometown Girl

Katie Marshall is known for her ‘girl next door’ reputation and for always playing it safe. So, when she books a bachelor party from Seattle at the Marshall Ranch, she isn’t sure what to expect until trouble strolls in–Hunter Richardson, local rebel turned successful software tycoon…and Katie’s job gets a lot more interesting.

Hunter has always struggled to find his place in Marietta. Now, somewhat reluctantly, he’s back in his hometown and not looking forward to a week on a cattle ranch… but that all changes when he sees Katie, the girl he could never forget from high school. A girl he shouldn’t want anything to do with. Soon, he realizes he wants much more from her than just a guided tour of the Montana landscape.

Hunter’s plan had been to get through the week, before returning to Seattle and his million dollar gaming company. Instead, he finds himself falling for the hometown girl…

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“…So we probably shouldn’t do that again.”
“The kiss?”
“Yeah.” She nibbled her bottom lip, looking all out of sorts and flustered. “I mean, you’re a guest at the ranch. It wouldn’t be appropriate.”
Appropriate? Really, she was going to pull that excuse on him?
“I see.”
She flushed. “Hunter, there are a dozen girls in that bar, twenty times prettier than me. Girls that were trying their hardest to get you to pay attention to them.”
Maybe there had been, but he hadn’t even been tempted. And while he couldn’t agree with the prettier girls part, he thought it best not to say that aloud.
The hand she ran through her thick hair trembled. “I’m not sure why you’d even want to kiss me.”
“Katie.” Had she really not figured it out yet? “I’ve wanted to kiss you since I was in eleventh grade.”
Shock had her eyes rounding and her pink lips parting.
He took another step closer and cradled her soft face between his hands.
“And I want to do it again.” He wanted to do a hell of lot more than kiss her, actually, but for now this was enough. His lips hovered above hers. “This time without an audience.”
When she didn’t protest, he let his lips lightly brush hers. Their breaths mingled just for an instant, before he tasted her again. A hint of whiskey, and a whole lot of sweetness.