Fortune cookie Thursday: Good things come to those who wait. I admit it’s a wee bit overdone, but so darn applicable to my life. So I’ll take it!

What I’m listening to:When The Stars Go Blue, The Corrs & Bono

So guess what I just did…bought my plane ticket to Nationals!! I wasn’t going to do it this soon, was going to put it off. But when someone said they found a ticket for $198, I HAD to jump! That’s a great deal. But the really sucky hard I’ll-need-a-drink-or-some-Valium part is… I’ll be alone. I haven’t suckered a friend into flying with me and holding my hand. Yet. Because, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a freaked out flier. Once I get on the plane for about twenty minutes I’m okay. I’m fine. I can fly anywhere anytime and not be afraid. But then my trip is over and another year goes by until the next Nationals, and by then I’ve built up the nervousness again. *Sigh*

And I registered for the conference on Monday when it first opened. And I heard they’re filling up, so if you haven’t booked you’d better think about it! I’m going to be there from Monday until Sunday. It’s my one and only vacation a year. Granted a business vacation, but a vacation all the same. Sleeping in and room service. At least one day. That’s my goal. *Grin*

So my very first shifter book comes out today! Dating Season is the first book (Spring) in the Seasons of Change series. The other books will be written by Loribelle Hunt (Summer), Sara Dennis (Winter), and Crystal Jordan (Autumn). Here’s a little more about Dating Season

Being raised with three brothers, Jada Lassiter has a habit of getting into trouble. And this time trouble shows up at the shifter resort her family owns in two forms: a sexy werejaguar who’s made it clear he wants her in his bed. And an evil from her past, determined to have revenge.

Antonio Grant is a bounty hunter who came to the exclusive Still Waters resort to track down a criminal. He never expected to find his mate, or to realize her life is in jeopardy by the very man he’s hunting.

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Exerpt (HOT! Do not read if you’re offended by sex!:)

She scowled. Damn, that man had gotten under her skin. Antonio. Never had this type of chemistry happened so fast, come on so strong. She’d gone for a run tonight as an excuse to rid him from her mind, to distract herself. Fat lot of good that had done.

Rolling her eyes, she dove underwater. When she surfaced, goose bumps covered her flesh. She froze and sniffed the air. She wasn’t alone. Her gaze darted to the dense grove of trees that lined the lake.

Oh God. Had he followed her? Crossing her arms over her breasts, she sank down in the water.

“Go away! You had no right to follow me.” She scanned the trees, wondering where he was.

Then she saw him, the yellow of his eyes, just before he padded out of the forest. She inhaled sharply. And she’d thought him formidable in human form? As a jaguar he was beautiful, massive, and extremely intimidating.

He approached the edge of the lake, his body shifting with each step. She watched the fur retract and his large shoulders appear. Her gaze moved down the rigid outline of muscles on his stomach, and then lower.

Swallowing hard, she could barely stop her jaw from dropping. His cock was long and thick, and he was only half erect. Heat stirred in her body, and her nipples tightened under her arms.

“This is my spot. You have no right to intrude.” She knew she sounded childish, but with him wading toward her—all human male with a purpose—she went into full-fledged panic mode.

“I didn’t come out tonight with the intention of following you. But when I caught your scent I had no choice.” He shrugged and then dove under the water, swimming in powerful strides toward her.

The urge to flee hit so hard she found herself swimming farther away to put some distance between them. She cried out when he grabbed her around the waist with one arm, pulling her back through the water.

“Jada.” His hot breath tickled the nape of her neck just before he pressed a kiss to the sensitive skin. “I thought I told you not to run from me. That’s twice now you’ve tried to get away from me.”

“Shouldn’t that be a clue that I’m not interested?” She’d meant it to come out witty and flirtatious, but it sounded strangled.

Treading water, he moved one of his hands over her stomach and up her ribcage. “You’re interested, Jada.” His fingers danced on the underside of her breast, which ached for his touch.

“I bet if I touched your nipples right now they’d be tight and sensitive.”
She gritted her teeth. “Don’t tell me I’m going to have to explain the whole cold water, hard nipples theory to you. I’m not interested.”

He moved his finger over her breast to the tip, and she gasped, closing her eyes. Damn my body for being so responsive to him!

He captured the peak between two fingers and squeezed.

“Somehow I doubt they’re hard because of the cold.” He laughed and released her nipple, moving his hand back down her belly. “Or, maybe I’ll check elsewhere to see how not interested you are.”

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