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Taking her captive could prove his innocence…or make her a target.

SavageRevenge72lgAgent and Alpha Nathan Larson has fled his pack, his agency and Washington State on a life-or-death mission to prove himself innocent of a savage massacre he’s pretty sure he didn’t commit.

So far he’s covered his tracks, but it’s only a matter of time. He needs a place to hunker down under the radar, and he intends to make it happen. No matter who becomes collateral damage.

Sage Christensen knows every shifter in this small California town, and the darkly attractive, brooding alpha attempting to flirt with her stands out like a flea on a white cat. She quickly realizes she was right to be wary when he follows her home and holds her captive.

Despite her refusal to be a compliant victim, she can’t deny their chemistry. Or the gut instinct that maybe he really is innocent. But with the trail of dead women growing longer, Sage begins to wonder if it was a mistake to trust her safety, her body—and her heart—to a man who has no idea how deep his dark side is buried.

Warning: This book has an Alpha male on the run, and a quirky novelist destined to be his captive. There will be bloodshed, lovemaking, and excitement aplenty.

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“This could’ve been so much easier on both of us, Sage. At the bar last night I was trying to make you fall for me. Trying to gain your trust so you’d willingly take me home.”

“I’m sorry I was so uncooperative.” Her sarcasm ran rampant. “And I don’t take men home.”

When he glanced up at her, her gaze had slid to his mouth.

Interesting. Maybe she was a more aware of him than she cared to admit. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips and everything primal inside him responded.

He turned off the sink and maneuvered her against it, straddling her legs with his own.

“Well I guarantee you if I’d been the one kissing you outside instead of your pretty musician, you would’ve taken me home.”

She swallowed hard and met his gaze once more. The amount of defiance there was outweighed by excitement.

“For a criminal, you’re awfully full of yourself. It would take more than a kiss for me to have brought you home.”

“Careful, Sage,” he warned softly and leaned in closer. His breath mingled with hers. “Because that almost sounds like a challenge.”

He heard it then. The slow thud of her heart that had become a pounding thunder. She didn’t reply to his statement, and the wolf within him rose to the surface in an instant.

Was he right? Was she as physically drawn to him right now as he was to her?

Maybe he was going about this wrong. Maybe if he tried to seduce her mind—her heart—he’d have her cooperation. She’d stop trying to escape and break his skull in.

Or maybe, you just want to charter the inside of her mouth with your tongue.

Whatever it was, the primitive side of him was far too close to the surface to be denied now.

He lowered his head and lightly touched his lips to hers—waited for her to pull away. She was so soft. Wonderfully sweet.

She didn’t move, though her shoulders tensed. A moment later she gave a stiff shrug. “See? That did noth—”

He didn’t let her finish that thought before he’d crushed his mouth on hers again. Not gentle this time, but with the sole intent to explore that amazing mouth deeper. To conquer and take.

She whimpered in shock before he effortlessly pierced her compressed lips with his tongue, determined to taste the soft warmth inside.

For a moment, she tried to push him away, her hands shoving against his bare shoulders, but as he gentled his kiss—switched his intent from conquer to seduce—she grew pliant in his arms.

As he flicked his tongue against hers in teasing, gentle strokes, she began to answer back. The hands that had tried to push him away a moment ago now kneaded and stroked the bare skin of his shoulders.

The control that he always prided himself on—that had been so tightly wound— began to unravel. His thoughts grew hazy, and for a moment he couldn’t be sure who was actually in control. Who was seducing who.

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So guess what? My McLaughlin series? Well they just got new covers! We loved the old ones, but realized they might be giving off more of a historical vibe, when these are clearly contemporary books. So Samhain Publishing just sent me brand spanking new ones that should be popping up on retailer sites soon.

These covers are super different, fun, flirty and I’m pretty excited. Can’t wait for the covers of the next two! What do you think?