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Love for SaleGoing up for auction couldn’t be that bad, could it?

After her oversexed grandma talks her into signing up for the ‘Buy a Dame’ fundraiser, Jessica Davis gets a makeover and goes on the auction block. She never expected the roughly sexy man who’d buy her, or the plans he had in store.

Josh Thomas came to Leaf Island after his grandpa died to do some hard core thinking. He hadn’t planned on buying a woman for the weekend and then falling hard for her. She seems equally enamored, but will she still want him when she finds out the one thing he’s been hiding?

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I pictured the man and how he’d looked at me in the hall. Not like I was the fat girl who got picked last, but like I was prime rib at the local steak house. The little flutters in my tummy started again.

“Ladies,” I turned and inclined my head regally. “I know this must seem awfully frightening to you. But if it raises money for the children, then I will honor the outcome of the auction.”

A few of the girls sighed and actually looked impressed. God they were easy. Anna just folded her arms across her perky tits and frowned.

“Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you come back with Chlamydia you have only yourself to blame.”

Jeez! Now she was flinging STD’s at me? Like I was going to actually sleep with Mr. Tattoo?

All of a sudden, I thought about his rigid biceps under my hands, the way his entire body had looked so hard, so muscular. What would he be like in bed?

Would he be wild and dangerous, just like his image? The thought was unexpected and made the fluttering in my stomach turn hot and move down between my thighs.

“Have fun, ladies.” I shouldered my tote bag and left the room, my heels clicking on the linoleum floor.

Mr. Tattoo waited for me near the Exit sign, watching me as I made my way down the hall. My bravado and excitement slipped a little with each step closer to him. Twenty-four hours. I would be with this man for twenty-four hours.

“Jessica Davis.” A slow smile spread across his face. “So you’re gonna be my bitch for the weekend.”

My feet stumbled. He’d just called me his bitch. How the hell was I supposed to react to that?

“Uh, I guess so. Although you might not wanna call me your bitch if you want to keep me on your good side.” I took the last few steps that separated us. “I don’t remember seeing you around the island. You’re not local are you?”

He raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “Technically I’m from Seattle.”

Ah, that made more sense. But what was he doing on Leaf Island?

“My grandpa was Randal Thomas. He owned the Fisherman’s Feast.”

My eyes widened and suddenly I wasn’t looking at a grown man, but a sixteen year old boy who’d loved to attack me with squirt guns. Who’d made me shriek while chasing me with the fish he’d just caught. Who’d been my first kiss so many years ago.

He nodded. “Ah, so you do remember me.”

It suddenly seemed hard to swallow. “Yeah, I do.”

Josh Thomas. Now I recognized him. It’d just been a little hard with the tattoos and goatee. Talk about a change! He used to spend his summers on the Island. Man, I hadn’t seen him since the summer I turned sixteen. After he graduated high school and our little kiss was long forgotten. By then he’d moved on to Tina Schillings who’d already slept with half the teenage boys in town.

“I was sorry to hear about your grandpa, Josh.”

He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and offered a brief smile. “Yeah, me too. He was a good guy. I would have gotten down here earlier, soon after the funeral, but some things came up.”

Somebody passed us in the hall, bumping into me and sending me stumbling up against Josh. Once again, he reached out to steady me.

“Thanks.” I looked up and our gazes locked. I watched his pupils dilate, heard him inhale quickly. My stomach did a little flippy thing again, and I stepped away quickly.

“Are you ready to go?” His voice had turned gruff.

I nodded, and my new bangs fell into my eyes. I pushed them away.

“All right.” He gave a quick nod. “Follow me.”

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Leah Braemel
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Lauren Dane

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