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A is for Alpha series (book 2)

Indulge your fantasies with these steamy, contemporary romances about sexy, billionaire alpha males, and the women who capture their hearts.

There’s nothing he won’t do…

Searching for adventure, Chloe doesn’t expect to find it in the dark, sexy man who makes his desire—and his intentions to bed her—blatantly clear. Working at one of Spain’s most exclusive resorts, she soon discovers her new lover isn’t just a guest, but the powerful and ruthless owner.

Hotel tycoon Andrés Montero’s reputation as Spain’s most elusive bachelor billionaire is slow to trust. And when Andres believes his relationship with Chloe is born from a more sinister purpose, he ends their affair with the harshness of a business deal gone sour.

But the realization that Chloe is carrying his baby brings Andrés back into her life, and there’s nothing he won’t do to protect his unborn child—and claim the woman he still secretly desires. Even if he must resort to blackmail.

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With his body still burning with the need to touch her, Andrés gave a slight lift of his shoulder and gestured for her to step out.

“Sí, I will take you home.”

When she didn’t move, Andrés moved around her, stepped out and then took her arm to pull her from the limo.

“What are you doing?” her voice sharpened with alarm and she struggled to keep up as he guided her to the plane. “Andrés?”

“Taking you home,” he said flatly, hoping to avoid any confrontation, but knowing he was being idealistic.

“On a plane? I live ten minutes from the restaurant!” She tugged at her arm and dug her feet into the ground. “If you think for one moment I’m getting on that plane, then you’re obviously nuts.”

Andrés stopped and turned on his heel to face her, gripping both her elbows and putting his face next to hers.

“Basta!! You will get on that plane, Chloe, if I have to carry you onto it,” he said resolutely. There was no room to be gentle or let her try to talk her way out of this. If he gave even an inch, he had no way of guaranteeing the safety of his child.

She grew so pale he almost hoped she’d faint. Then he could simply scoop her up and carry her onto the plane without incident. But then she shook her head, her eyes sparking with fury.

“I don’t care how much money you have, you can’t just do whatever you want.” She tried to jerk free, but he tightened his grip.

“You know that I can, Chloe.”

“I’ll scream,” she threatened as the panic settled into her eyes now.

“And who do you think will come to your aid? Everyone around you is employed by me,” he reminded her. “Do you really think they would go against my wishes to help you? Besides, they’ve been informed that you are reluctant to come with me, but are depressed and at risk of hurting yourself.”

“They’ll never believe that!”

“Won’t they?”

She stared at him for a moment, dismay still bright in her gaze. He watched as her lips began to tremble and her expression shifted into one of helplessness. For a moment, he hesitated, but then he reminded himself he was doing this for the wellbeing of his child. A child whom he would protect at any cost. It had nothing to do with how he felt about Chloe. He clenched his jaw. There was very little he felt for her beyond lust and anger.

But he knew that was a lie by the way his stomach clenched. Shoving aside the possibility of anything more he might feel for her, he muttered, “Make a decision, Chloe. Will I carry you, or will you walk willingly?”

She pulled from his grasp, her mouth tight. “I’ll walk.”

He allowed her to step past him, her steps almost wooden as she climbed the stairs to enter the fuselage of the plane.

It was only when she was belted into the seat across from him and the plane taxied down the runway did she finally turn to look at him.

“Why are you doing this, Andrés? What do you want from me?”

The tension left his body now that she was safely on his plane and they were airborne. “I have already told you.”

“You can’t be serious about marrying me,” she cried with exasperation.

“I’m quite serious.” From the moment he’d seen her again, realized how much he wanted her still, he’d concluded marriage was the most sensible solution.

Twin flames of color flared in her cheek. “Well I won’t do it.”

“Fine. Then you will be my mistress,” he called her bluff and offered a casual shrug. “Either position will have you lying beneath me in my bed. It, of course, is your choice, Chloe, I simply thought you would prefer the idea of marital bliss.”

“Well, I choose neither, and if you think I would ever consider sleeping with you again, you’re completely delusional.”

Andrés gave a soft chuckle at the image she made. Her shoulders quaked and her eyes flashed fire, but even truly livid with anger, Chloe was difficult to take seriously. In her just-off- the-farm style dress and braided hair, she was simply a combination of sexy and adorable.

With the plane having leveled off he had the urge to pull her onto his lap and kiss away the rigid scowl that marred her face. The blood in his body moved south and his amusement vanished, his smile faded. Dammit. What was wrong with him? Would he ever stop wanting her with this mindless ferocity?

It didn’t matter. He would have her regardless. And the sooner she accepted it, the better.

“Let me be clear, Chloe. You will be with me so I can keep an eye on both you and my child that you carry.” He unfastened his belt and came to sit in the seat next to her. Reaching up, he cupped her cheek and slid his thumb into the crease of her lips. “And if you think that I will be content to spend my nights without you in my bed, then you, cariño, are the one who is delusional.”

Her head moved in denial, even as awareness flickered in her gaze and he felt her exhale a ragged hot breath on the pad of his thumb.

“I won’t,” she whispered.

He didn’t reply, just lowered his head to silence any more feeble protests. She struggled to break away from his kiss, but he followed her lips with his own, piercing his tongue into her mouth and claiming her.

She fought for only a moment, before letting out a groan of frustration and leaning into him, returning the kiss with a heat he recognized all too well. With a growl of triumph, he unfastened her seatbelt and pulled her onto his lap.

He’d meant to maintain control. To distance himself from a kiss that was simply to prove her how much she wanted him. How compatible they were on this level. But tasting her, feeling the press of Chloe’s curves against his hardness, put his control on a volatile foundation.


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Leah Braemel
Jody Wallace
Eliza Gayle
Mandy M Roth
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Myla Jackson
Taige Crenshaw
Shiloh Walker
Delilah Devlin
HelenKay Dimon
Lauren Dane
Shelli Stevens

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He’s going to show this wedding crasher just how dirty the outdoors can be.

/Seattle Steam, Book 3

Allison Siegel is out to stop a wedding. With one of her best childhood friends about to marry a gold-digger, who wouldn’t at least try to stage an intervention? Apparently, her other childhood bestie, Clint.The minute Allie grew out of her sneakers and into her curves, Clint’s hormones went ballistic. But she had eyes only for Ken, so Clint made himself scarce, even after the relationship fizzled. Now she’s back, looking better than ever—and hell-bent on sabotaging Ken’s wedding. So Clint knows he needs to do whatever it takes to head her off at the pass.

Kidnapped! Allison can’t believe it. Now she’s stuck in the Montana backwoods fending off nature’s friends, and fighting a losing battle to resist Clint—the sexiest forest ranger on the planet.

Clint has big plans for Allie. Not only will he convince a city girl that she needs to embrace her inner nature freak, but he’s going to prove there’s sparks flying in more places than just the campfire.

Now available Samhain Publishing | Kindle | Nook | Print


This book contains a city girl out of her element, a forest ranger determined to keep her there, and a campfire seduction hot enough to melt more than just marshmallows.


“This is ridiculous!” She stared out at the blur of trees as they sped down a deserted road. “Where are we going?”

“Away,” he answered ambiguously.

“Away,” she mimicked him. “We’re going away? What the hell kind of answer is that?”

“The only answer you’re getting right now. And watch your mouth. I know your mom taught you better.”

“Didn’t your mom teach you that kidnapping is a felony?” she shot back and slapped the window again.

“If you break my window it’s going to seriously piss me off, Allie.”

“Well, guess what? I’m already pissed.” Slap. Her hand connected with the glass again and again. “Maybe you should have taken that into account when you abducted me, Clint.”

She nearly fell out of her seat as he swerved the car to the side of the road.

Was he going to let her go? Leave her stuck on some random back road? Hell, she didn’t care, she’d hike her way back to her car if she had to.

He climbed out of the vehicle and came around her side, wrenching open the door.

“Get out.”

Relief flooded through her. He was letting her go. Finally. She scooted out the door, making the jump down to the ground and smoothing her dress back down her thighs.

“Well, it’s about time you came to your senses—oh!”

He jerked her hard against him, both of her wrists in one of his massive hands.

“Maybe I didn’t make myself clear,” he murmured, his gaze full of determination and something else…something hot. Something that sent a jolt of heat straight from her stomach to between her legs.

Her pulse quickened and she dragged in a shuddering breath, tugging at her hands.

“Have you gone completely insane?” she whispered.

“Maybe.” His lips twisted, his gaze roving over her face. “Or maybe I’m just willing to go to any lengths to make sure you don’t break up Kenneth’s wedding.”

“I’m not…” She ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lips. “Wait, Kenneth’s wedding isn’t until next week.”

“Exactly. And that means we’ll have one whole week to catch up, kitten.”


Clint watched her eyes widen with shock and he almost felt sorry for her—almost. Except he’d warned her multiple times and she needed to be stopped.

Taking her out of the equation had been an idea he’d been playing with since she’d threatened to show up at the house this morning. And the more he thought about it, the better the idea had seemed.

He’d been ready, sitting in his SUV parked down the street and drinking coffee, waiting to see if she really had the balls to show up again. Not really thinking she would, but somewhat excited when she did.

“Clint, you can’t do this,” she choked, her body beginning to tremble. “This is kidnapping!”

“Yeah, you said that already.”

“You can’t take me away for a week!” She tugged at her wrists again, and he tightened his hold. “Oh my God. You’ve gone loony, Clint. You’re—argh!”

Her knee connected with his shin and he winced, pushing her back against his SUV.

“Stop it,” he said, irritated now. He tried not to think about how soft her body was against him and how her breasts pressed against his chest. “I’m not the one trying to break up a wedding.”

Her eyes flashed with frustration and fury. “You can’t play God, Clint.”

“And neither will you, Allie. Even if I have to see to it.”

She lowered her gaze and he watched her small pink tongue sweep across her lush mouth again. He bit back a groan. Man, she looked sexy when she did that. And she did it a lot.

“Okay,” her tone calmed significantly. “You’re right. Of course you’re right. Why don’t you just take me back to my car and I’ll just drive home. Deal?”

His chest shook with laughter and he shook his head. How stupid did she think he was? Did she honestly think she could pull out that docile act to convince him she’d changed her mind? He knew her way too well for that.

“No deal. I can’t take that risk. I don’t trust you any further than I can spit, kitten.”

“Stop calling me kitten,” she yelled and tried to—oh hell no she didn’t—knee him in the groin.

He pressed his body harder against her, making sure she couldn’t move. She glared at him, her mouth drawn tight and her breasts rising and falling with each breath she jerked in.

“Besides,” he continued softly, and gave her a slow smile. “A week together means we can take up where we left off last night.”

“If you think I would ever go to bed with you after—”

“I don’t think, I know, Allie. And I’m pretty sure you know it too.”

He reached out and ran a finger down the side of her soft cheek, and she sucked in a swift breath. He watched the heat flicker in her eyes and knew she could—and probably would—deny it until she was blue in the face, but Allison wanted him.

“I repeat. You’re loony.”

He laughed again. “I will bring you back here, but not until Ashley and Ken have exchanged their vows.”

“That’s not until next week,” she said again in a rush. “I have to be at work.”

“No, you don’t, teachers have summers off.” He watched her eyes round with shock.

What, did she think he’d forgotten about the teaching job at a private school Kenneth had gotten her a couple years ago? Whether she was the most qualified candidate or not, just the recommendation from a Williams’ family member—and money donated—was enough to guarantee her the position.

His thumb slid inward to stroke over her bottom lip. Her body trembled in the response. God, he wanted her.

“You have no right to do this to me, Clint. None. You’re being a total jerk. This is just—”

He pulled his thumb away and replaced it with his mouth. Crushing his lips down on hers in a kiss to stop her tirade, and because he couldn’t resist her any longer.

Her angry gasp parted her lips enough to let him slide is tongue into the moist cavern of her mouth. He tasted her. Warm, succulent and the spicy taste of cinnamon gum.

She struggled against him, each twist of her body brushed her breasts into contact with his chest. He slowed the kiss, rubbing his tongue against hers. The friction had his dick pulsing against his jeans and he ground himself against her stomach.

The fight in her seemed to disappear and she went slack in his arms. Her small moan sent a jolt of triumph through him and he released her wrists so he could grab her ass.

The swell of her bottom spilled over into his palms, and he squeezed the soft flesh, pulling her harder against him.

Allison. God he wanted her. Had been wanting her for so many years now. He was tempted to take her here on the side of the damn road.

Crack. The sound reached him before the sting of her palm glancing across his cheek.

She wrenched her mouth away from his, and glared up at him, her gaze both hot and skittish.

His fingers dug into her ass cheeks and his jaw clenched. Okay, maybe you deserved that. Taking a deep breath, he counted to ten.

“You know what, Allie?”

“You’re going to come to your senses and let me go?” she suggested with tight sarcasm.

“Oh, hell no, I’m gonna keep you.” He slid one hand up her back and pushed her close, until her tight nipples rubbed against his chest. “And I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together this week.”
Megan Hart:Read in bed!
Leah Braemel
Jody Wallace
Eliza Gayle
Mandy M Roth
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Myla Jackson
Taige Crenshaw
Shiloh Walker
Delilah Devlin
HelenKay Dimon
Lauren Dane
Shelli Stevens
TJ Michaels

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Revenge can be sweet…and oh so sexy.

Lena Richards’s whirlwind vacation to Europe with a friend is a welcome chance to shake her pre-wedding jitters—until she learns her high-school sweetheart is cheating on her, Hawaiian-style. Figuring all’s fair, she indulges in a fling of her own with a sexy New Yorker she meets in Amsterdam whose kiss blows her mind—and the lid off her hormones.

Tyler Bentz is wary that the petite bombshell, who only a short time ago insisted their one kiss must never happen again, has done a complete 180. His questions only make it clear she’s interested in probing of the sexual kind. Who is he to turn her down?

As they burn their way across Europe, something shifts, and it’s not just the earth moving with their exploding passion. Lena begins to realize what it really means to fall in love. And Tyler finds himself tumbling hard and fast.

Reality catches up with them in Paris, leaving Tyler to wonder if Lena’s really the one, or if he’s nothing more to her than a pawn in her game of revenge.

Product Warnings
Americans misbehaving in Europe. An attraction more potent than any drug Amsterdam has to offer. A fling that breaks all the rules. And the creative, sensual use of Chinese takeout.


The crash woke her. Then came the sound of breaking glass. Lena’s eyes snapped open, and her body froze after she’d jerked the blankets up to her chin.

It all came rushing back. Tyler was in the cabin.

Daylight had not yet broken, but she could hear the twitter of birds and the faintest light that suggested dawn fast approached.

She held her breath and stared at the closed door of the bedroom. Tyler was most definitely awake. His curses and footsteps filled the cabin.

“Where the hell am I?” His yell resonated.

Lena flinched, wishing that there were a lock on the bedroom door. Why hadn’t she barricaded herself in? Or put the dresser in front of the door as a way to slow him down?

“Where are the damn lights?” He let out a yelp of pain. “Damn it.”

Great, he must have stubbed his toe or something. Oh, yes, he was awake and as ornery as a bear.

“There’s gotta be a light around here,” he muttered. “Wherever here is.”

Light appeared through the crack of the doorway, signaling he’d found the switch for the living room. His footsteps echoed in the hallway.

Lena watched the doorknob twist and gave a silent prayer, tugging the blanket all the way up to her nose. Maybe he’ll be too out of it to see me.

The door swung open, and she bit her lip to keep from groaning. Tyler poked his head in and glanced around. It was silent for a moment, and then he shut the door.

Lena blinked and lowered the blanket and then sat up. He hadn’t noticed—

The door burst back open, and she screamed, scrambling to get out off the bed.

Tyler bolted across the room and jumped on the bed, sending her bouncing across to the other side of the mattress.

He grabbed her leg before she could fall off. His hands jerked her back onto the bed as he pinned her down flat on her back, her arms held above her head.

“I’m going to kill you, Stephanie,” he growled and then went still. “Lena.”

“Umm…yeah. Surprise.” She attempted a light laugh. Oh, Lord. He was lying on top of her. She couldn’t think with him on top of her. “You’re kind of heavy. Would you mind getting off me, please?”

Tyler paused a moment before lifting his body from hers. He swung his legs off the bed and groaned.


“I don’t even want to know right now,” he mumbled. “Don’t try to explain, and don’t tell me anything. I just really need something for this headache.”

“Headache?” Maybe he had been drinking last night. “Are you hung over?”

His head turned and the look he gave her could have frozen boiling water.

Her eyes widened, and she scurried off the bed. “Right. Let me go see if I can find something for you.”

She hurried into the bathroom and came back a minute later with two aspirin and a paper cup of water. She sat down on the edge of the bed and handed them to him.

“Thanks.” He swallowed the pills and water. Pulling his legs back up on the bed, he stretched his body out and pulled a blanket over himself.

Her breath caught. No way. There was no way she would sleep in the same bed with him.

“Umm, Tyler, this is actually my bed. If you could—” He opened one eye to stare at her, and she broke off.

“Lena, I feel like I got hit by a train. This is a double bed that can fit two, so I’m not moving. If you’ve got a problem, you go sleep on the stupid couch.”


He reached up and closed a hand over her mouth. “We will talk in the morning. Now be quiet.”

Annoyance sparked in her belly, and she thrust his hand aside. She glared at him, hoping it would inspire him to change his mind. But he’d already shut his eyes and seemed oblivious to her telepathically yelling at him to get the hell out of her bed.

Her gaze drifted toward the living room and her second option, the couch. The idea of padding across the cool floor and sleeping on the couch with just an afghan held little appeal.

She sighed and lay down next to him, scooting as close to the edge of the bed as possible so their bodies wouldn’t touch.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she focused on the image of what she’d say to Stephanie when she came back to pick them up.

Megan Hart:Read in bed!
Leah Braemel
Jody Wallace
Eliza Gayle
Mandy M Roth
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Myla Jackson
Taige Crenshaw
Shiloh Walker
Delilah Devlin
HelenKay Dimon
Lauren Dane
Shelli Stevens