Welcome to another Snippet Saturday. Today’s theme is ‘Author’s Choice’. Yay! So here’s an excerpt from my book Negligee Behavior . Check it out, and then hop over to the other blogs participating.

When lingerie heiress Brandy Summer gets cold feet and runs out on her Vegas wedding, she has nowhere to turn—so she hijacks a hunky biker waiting for a red light and begs him for help. What she doesn’t know is that her instincts are right: the groom has a hidden agenda. He needs her money to pay off his gambling debts and she’s his ticket to the good life.

Marco Vargas isn’t sure what he’s getting himself into when he rescues Brandy, but figures he’ll do the chivalrous thing. He offers her a job in his bar and the chance to sort out her feelings. But it seems that keeping Brandy hidden is easier than keeping his hands off her—and what will happen when Brandy discovers that Marco has secrets of his own?

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“I’ll go cash out. Be back in a few.” He grabbed the till and snuck one last look at Brandy before heading into the back.

Hell, he couldn’t send her to a motel. His conscience wouldn’t let him—actually, there were probably other reasons, but he hesitated to acknowledge them. He counted down the till in record time and locked the deposit in the safe to be dropped off in the morning.

When he headed back up front, he found Sebastian sweeping the floor as he chatted with Brandy. He turned the lights off in the kitchen and then walked out to where they were.

“Hey, we all about ready to head out?”

“I think we’re set.” Sebastian went to return the broom. “So what do you say, Brandy?”

The hairs on the back of Marco’s neck rose. “Say to what?”

Brandy looked away from Sebastian and smiled hesitantly. “Sebastian offered me his couch tonight. That way I wouldn’t have to check into a motel this late at night.”

Marco’s vision blurred as the blood pounded faster through his veins. “What?”

Sebastian’s innocent look didn’t fool him for a second. “That’s right, mate. I have that big living room with the comfy couch. Tomorrow we can—”

“No.” Marco folded his arms across his chest.

Sebastian and Brandy both turned to look at him.

“Marco, there’s no need for her to waste money on a motel room this late at night.”

“She’s staying with me.” The words were out and he wasn’t sure he’d take them back even if he could.

Sebastian’s expression turned to pure satisfaction.

Damn it. Marco had walked right into that little setup.

The muscles in the back of his neck bunched with tension as he glanced back at Brandy. She seemed hesitant, and maybe a little relieved by his statement.

“Really, mate, are you sure?” Sebastian persisted.

“I don’t mind her staying with me.”

“Her stuff is already at my house.”

“Oh.” She patted her smiley face tote bag. “But I only have my purse—”

“You’re staying with me.”

Her eyes widened. “Okay…if you think that’s best.”

Sebastian lifted his palms in the air, his grin broadening. “Well, now that that’s settled, shall we call it a night?”

Eliza Gayle
Rhian Cahill
Anne Rainey
Jody Wallace
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
Alison Kent
Delilah Devlin
HelenKay Dimon
Shiloh Walker
TJ Michaels
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Zoë Archer
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Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is Cold Places. My excerpt is from my book Seducing Allie. Check it out and then blog hop to the other peeps listed below! Have a great weekend!

He’s going to show this wedding crasher just how dirty the outdoors can be.

/Seattle Steam, Book 3

Allison Siegel is out to stop a wedding. With one of her best childhood friends about to marry a gold-digger, who wouldn’t at least try to stage an intervention? Apparently, her other childhood bestie, Clint.The minute Allie grew out of her sneakers and into her curves, Clint’s hormones went ballistic. But she had eyes only for Ken, so Clint made himself scarce, even after the relationship fizzled. Now she’s back, looking better than ever—and hell-bent on sabotaging Ken’s wedding. So Clint knows he needs to do whatever it takes to head her off at the pass.

Kidnapped! Allison can’t believe it. Now she’s stuck in the Montana backwoods fending off nature’s friends, and fighting a losing battle to resist Clint—the sexiest forest ranger on the planet.

Clint has big plans for Allie. Not only will he convince a city girl that she needs to embrace her inner nature freak, but he’s going to prove there’s sparks flying in more places than just the campfire.

Now available Samhain Publishing |  Kindle | Nook


This book contains a city girl out of her element, a forest ranger determined to keep her there, and a campfire seduction hot enough to melt more than just marshmallows.


The next day Clint woke early. Naturally a morning person, it was instinct to leave the tent at the first crack of dawn to wash up quick in the lake and then go build a fire.

He’d slept hard last night. They both had. Allison was still asleep. She hadn’t even stirred when he’d left the tent.

After crunching some newspaper in the fire pit, Clint laid some kindling on top. Crouching down, he lit a match and held it to the paper, watching it catch fire.

The zipper on the tent sounded and he jerked his head up, his blood pounding a little faster in the anticipation of seeing Allison.

It took a moment. He watched her small hands pry back the edges of fabric before her head popped out.

“Is it cold out there?” she asked groggily. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but a few blonde wisps had escaped to fall around her hazel eyes.


She sighed and looked down at the ground, mumbling something.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”

Her head snapped back up, her eyes flashing now. “I said I need to shower.”

“There aren’t showers here.”

“Yes, I realize that.” Her nose wrinkled. “But perhaps you could explain how one would bathe or shower while camping?”

“You bathe the same way you washed your face.” He jerked his thumb toward the lake. “In there.”

He heard the deep breath she drew in as her eyes drifted shut.

“That lake is pretty damn cold.”

“Then don’t bathe.”

“Umm, gross. I need to shower and if freezing my ass off is the only way it’ll happen, then I’ll do it.” She scowled and pulled her head back into the tent.

Clint bit back a laugh and walked over to the SUV, opening it and pulling out the bacon and eggs.

This would probably be the only morning they could eat the good stuff. Once the ice melted in the chest, they’d be stuck with the dry foods unless he decided to make another run into town to grab some more ice.

Slamming the door shut again, he made his way back to the fire, food and a box of cooking supplies in his arms.
He’d just set down the supplies when Allison stepped out of the tent.

“I can’t believe I’m camping,” she grumbled. “Why couldn’t you be a little more civilized and take me somewhere with plumbing? Maybe even a shower?”

“Not as much fun. Then I wouldn’t get to see you naked as you bathe in a lake.” He gave a roguish smile and opened the bacon, tearing off a strip and tossing it into the pan.

Her cheeks turned red. “You’re not going to watch me.”

“Sorry to break it to you,” he gestured toward the lake. “But in case you didn’t notice, there’re no shower curtains around.”

“Jackass,” she muttered and grabbed a bottle out of the duffle bag, then hurried toward the lake. “Does your environmentally safe soap work on hair?”

“You can use it on any part of your body you want.” He set the grate over the fire, then the pan on top of it.

“Don’t look,” she screamed and pulled off her clothes, striding naked into the water.

Good Lord in heaven. She was curvy temptation. The air rushed from between his clenched teeth and despite the fact he’d already bathed, he resisted the urge to strip naked and run in after her. Pick her up and wrap those long legs around his waist, then thrust straight into her hot center.

The smell of burning bacon snapped his attention from his growing hard-on. Not now, buddy. You’re cooking something else besides your hormones.

“Shit, this water is freezing!”

He glanced up from the bacon and caught her rising from beneath the surface, water dripping down her body. His gaze locked on the drop that seemed suspended on the curve of her breast, before rolling down her nipple and falling back into the lake.

Disappointment set in when the erotic vision was blocked. She lifted the bottle of soap in front of her, squirting some into the palm of her hand. She lowered the bottle again and he bit back a groan. She moved her hand over her body, leaving a sudsy film over her upper torso. Her gaze lifted to his and she arched a brow, slipping her hand beneath the water. A second later her lids fluttered shut and she bit her lip.

The little witch. She did that on purpose.

“Bacon’s burning,” she called throatily, a hint of a smile in her tone. “And I don’t like mine burnt.”

He cursed and dragged his focus back to the breakfast. Hell, she was right. The meat was almost black on one side.

Grabbing a pair of tongs from the utensil box, he quickly flipped all the strips.

Another splash sounded and he glanced up to see her disappear under water. She reappeared a moment later and swam toward the shore.

She strode out and he had a moment to drool over her naked dripping body, before she wrapped a towel around her.

“That water is freezing,” she said, teeth chattering.

“Get dressed. You’ll be fine.”

Her face, fresh and clean, scrunched together to display her displeasure.

“Will I? Because I’m pretty sure my nipples have turned to ice and are ready to break off.” She rushed
past him into the tent again.

An amused laughed bounced in his chest and he shook his head. Lord, some of the things Allie said just made him raise his eyebrows. She was so random. A little crazy at times. And, hell, definitely had moments when she was almost offensive. And yet…he’d always loved that about her. And he didn’t really get offended by her swearing, no matter how many times he might chide her on the cursing habit.

He grabbed the tongs again and lifted the cooked bacon onto a plate, then went to crack a half-dozen eggs into the pan.

“Please don’t burn those as well.”

His lips twitched and he lifted his gaze to see her climbing out of the tent again. Attired in the pink sweat suit he’d bought and with her damp hair pulled back in a ponytail again, she was the image of squeaky-clean innocence.

Innocent? Yeah right. His gut twisted and his mouth went tight. That wasn’t exactly a phrase he associated with Allie much.

Eliza Gayle
Rhian Cahill
Anne Rainey
Jody Wallace
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
Alison Kent
Delilah Devlin
HelenKay Dimon
Shiloh Walker
TJ Michaels
Shelli Stevens
Zoë Archer

I’m so excited to announce that my book Foreign Affair is out today!

Revenge can be sweet…and oh so sexy.

Lena Richards’s whirlwind vacation to Europe with a friend is a welcome chance to shake her pre-wedding jitters—until she learns her high-school sweetheart is cheating on her, Hawaiian-style. Figuring all’s fair, she indulges in a fling of her own with a sexy New Yorker she meets in Amsterdam whose kiss blows her mind—and the lid off her hormones.

Tyler Bentz is wary that the petite bombshell, who only a short time ago insisted their one kiss must never happen again, has done a complete 180. His questions only make it clear she’s interested in probing of the sexual kind. Who is he to turn her down?

As they burn their way across Europe, something shifts, and it’s not just the earth moving with their exploding passion. Lena begins to realize what it really means to fall in love. And Tyler finds himself tumbling hard and fast.

Reality catches up with them in Paris, leaving Tyler to wonder if Lena’s really the one, or if he’s nothing more to her than a pawn in her game of revenge.

Product Warnings
Americans misbehaving in Europe. An attraction more potent than any drug Amsterdam has to offer. A fling that breaks all the rules. And the creative, sensual use of Chinese takeout.


“I’m really not very comfortable with the slow songs.” Lena’s voice cracked as his hips pressed tight into hers.

“Relax, Lena. I’ll help you through it.” His hand traveled down to the small of her back.

His words and voice were hypnotic, and Lena closed her eyes. Every nerve in her body tingled when his fingertips started a light massage at the base of her spine. She caught herself just as she started to press herself against him.

Dear God. She had to get away from this man before she made a complete idiot of herself.

She glanced over at the table and noticed Stephanie speaking somewhat anxiously into her cell phone. She looked up at that moment and gave a tight smile and a thumbs-up sign, gesturing at Tyler.

All right, this little moment with Tyler had to end and now. She’d just have to catch him off guard.

“Okay, here’s the deal.” She took a deep breath in and then glanced at a point beyond his shoulder. “You’re incredibly sexy, and you know it. But I don’t feel too great monopolizing you all night. Steph’s been lusting after you since
this afternoon.”

He glanced down at her, his lips twitched in amusement. “Are you saying you’re not lusting after me?”

She froze, the air stranded in her lungs. Her plans at shocking him into letting her go backfired, and she couldn’t have formed a word if she wanted to.

“Because that really hurts a guy’s ego, Lena. Come on. Tell me you haven’t thought about me ripping off that pink silk sweater—”

“It’s cashmere, and I am not interested in you…” Her face burned with a blush. “You’re hell-bent on embarrassing me, aren’t you? I don’t see why you’re even making the effort. Go find Stephanie. She wants you, and you want her.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Well, of course you do,” she argued in exasperation. “Why wouldn’t you want her? She’s beautiful. You couldn’t take your eyes off her when she walked in.”

“Yes, she is beautiful. And I couldn’t take my eyes off her dress. It’s hideous.”

He laughed and shook his head. “But I’m not interested in her. She’s not what I want.”

“Oh, really?” Irritation pricked at her, and she tried to step away, but his arms tightened. “And just what is it you want, Tyler?”

“Someone a little less flashy. Subtly attractive, with sexy brown eyes.”

“Sexy eyes? Please,” she scoffed. “And you sure are particular. Where is this woman? Back in your hotel?”

“Not yet.” His hand trailed up her back and closed around the nape of her neck. “But you’re welcome to join me later.”