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With her life on the line, can she protect her heart?

A Chances Are story.

Phoebe’s work at Second Chances, a women’s shelter, has gone a long way toward her own healing after surviving an abusive relationship in college. She’s moved on in every sense—except when it comes to dating.

Everything changes when Craig visits the shelter. The hot, young cop sets her pulse racing in a way that makes her consider making a move—and moving him into her bed for a casual fling. The first step: ask him out. Subtly, of course.

Craig has been attracted to Phoebe for months, so he’s more than happy for the chance to get to know her better, in bed and out. His interest goes way beyond casual, but convincing her to think long term is going to take some time.

When it becomes clear her violent ex has come out of the woodwork, though, time is the one thing they don’t have…

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He lifted his head with a groan and pressed her head back against his shoulder.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

“Don’t you dare apologize.”

He laughed and the hot rush of air from his mouth against her ear almost made her legs weak.

“Okay. Then I won’t.”

His tongue slid along the curve of her ear and she stumbled with a gasp.

He gave a husky laugh and she flushed. He knew exactly what he’d done to her with that little tongue trick.

“Easy, baby,” he murmured and then lifted his head a bit.

Disappointment stabbed that he’d put another inch between them. Just when things were getting good.

She was at the point where she didn’t care. She’d gone far too long without a man, and here was Craig, ready to make her feel like a woman again. Make her feel alive.

Maybe it was because he was a cop, and it made her more inclined to trust him. That he wouldn’t hurt her and he’d never be the type to abuse a woman—even as her logical side knew that theory was crap. Statistics had long proven that police officers had a high rate of abusive behavior. But somehow, on a gut level, she knew she had nothing to worry about with Craig.

She trusted him. Even if she had no reason to, she did. And it scared the hell out of her. But at the same time, she wanted him. Wanted to do spontaneous, crazy things she’d never done in her life. Had been afraid to do after Rick.

Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that Craig was younger. He was sexy, confident, and endearing. Plain and simple, he made all the bells and whistles in her body come to life. So why the hell shouldn’t she take this step? It didn’t have to be serious. It didn’t even have to be a relationship. It could just be one night of sex if she wanted. And right now? She wanted.

She lifted her head from the curve of his neck and leaned back a bit, meeting his heated gaze.

“Come home with me tonight.”

Surprise flickered in his eyes before they burned even hotter and his nostrils flared.

“You sure you know what you’re asking, Phoebe?”

“I know damn well what I’m asking,” she fired back and gave him a slow smile. “Do you know what your answer will be?”

His gaze lowered to her mouth. “My answer would be…whose place is closer?”


Anne Rainey
TJ Michaels
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Myla Jackson
Taige Crenshaw
Lauren Dane

Vivian Arend
Shelli Stevens
TJ Michaels
Jody Wallace
Eliza Gayle
Denise A. Agnew
Beth-Ann Mason

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When lingerie heiress Brandy Summer gets cold feet and runs out on her Vegas wedding, she has nowhere to turn—so she hijacks a hunky biker waiting for a red light and begs him for help. What she doesn’t know is that her instincts are right: the groom has a hidden agenda. He needs her money to pay off his gambling debts and she’s his ticket to the good life.

Marco Vargas isn’t sure what he’s getting himself into when he rescues Brandy, but figures he’ll do the chivalrous thing. He offers her a job in his bar and the chance to sort out her feelings. But it seems that keeping Brandy hidden is easier than keeping his hands off her—and what will happen when Brandy discovers that Marco has secrets of his own?

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Brandy woke alone in Marco’s bed. She pushed the sheet off and sat up. Looking around, she let out a slow yawn.

Her mind was still foggy, but something pricked in the back of her head. Something she should be remembering. The fog cleared and she leaned back against the pillows, staring at the ceiling.

Today was her birthday. The big 3-0. She waited for the panic and disappointment to sweep through her. The near desperation she’d always felt when she thought about hitting that landmark age and not being married.

She waited for the familiar emotions to come, but they didn’t. In their place was a strange sense of relief. An unusual calm. Thirty. It was just a number. So what?

When she thought about her options—being married to Gordon, or having what she had right now with Marco, it was all too clear which side of the coin she preferred.

She climbed out of bed, more resolute with every passing second. Everyone said that thirty was the new twenty, so why should she act like she was a decrepit old spinster?

“From now on everything changes,” she muttered. “How I view myself, and my life. If I want to have a little fun, then, darn it, I will.”

“Are you talking to yourself?”

Marco came down the hall, a tray in his hand and an amused grin on his face.

“Yes, and I do it quite often.” She stretched her arms above her head and eyed the tray curiously. “What have you got there?”

“Breakfast.” He closed the distance between them and dropped a kiss on her mouth. “But not just any breakfast, your birthday breakfast.”

Light headed from his kiss, it took a second for his words to penetrate. She stepped back in surprise.

“You knew it was my birthday?”

He opened his mouth and then shut it again, giving her a rueful smile. “I remembered you said it was coming up, but I admit, Val had to remind me that it was today.”

“I’d hardly expected you to know the date.” She looked down at the tray in his hands and grinned. “What is all this?”

He shrugged. “Some of the foods that I know you like. Now back in bed, princess. That’s part of the deal.”

Brandy giggled and hurried back to bed, sitting up against the headboard and putting a pillow on her lap.

Marco set the tray on her lap and her breath hitched as she noted the single rose on the tray, and the card beneath it.

She hadn’t heard him leave, but Marco had to have left the house to get this. She found herself momentarily choking up at the gesture. The simplicity in it. She picked up the rose and breathed in the sweet scent, closing her eyes.

“I know the food is a little random…”

Food? She hadn’t noticed the food with the rose and card. She opened her eyes again and took note of what was on her plate.

“Bratwurst and a waffle. Yummy. You’ve been busy.” She laughed and reached for the card, pulling it from the envelope.

She scanned it and then giggled, glancing up at him again. “Happy Birthday, Mom?”

He gave a guilty grin and pointed to the card. “No, you see what I did there? I crossed out the mom part and put your name.” He gave a chagrined laugh. “Sorry, it was the only birthday card they had left at the mini-mart.”

But still, he’d bought it for her and had made her breakfast. Over the years she’d been given just about any gift possible for her birthday. There was nothing she hadn’t been offered, nothing she couldn’t have had.

And yet this…this beat it all. Tears pricked behind her eyes. She blinked rapidly and drew in an unsteady breath.

“Don’t you dare apologize. I’m so…touched. Thank you, Marco.”

“I know it’s not much—”

“Stop it.” She lifted her head and met his hesitant gaze. “It’s perfect.”

Pleasure and relief flickered across his face and then he leaned down to cup her cheek.

“Happy Birthday, Brandy.”

Anne Rainey
TJ Michaels
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Myla Jackson
Taige Crenshaw
Lauren Dane

Vivian Arend
Shelli Stevens
Shiloh Walker

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is color. Check out my excerpt from Tourist Attraction and then blog hop to the other blogs listed below!

Melanie Kemble goes to Hawaii with two major goals. To get a tan, and to have a fling.

Then things take a twist–or at least her ankle does–and she finds herself in the care of a sexy doctor. One who’s more than willing to show her his bedside manner. 
When she realizes her feelings for Brian go way beyond the boundaries of a fling, Melanie panics and flees.
But Brian isn’t finished with her just yet, and just how far will he go to get his sexy little tourist back?
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Melanie Kemble took a sip of her Daiquiri and watched the Hawaiian sunset. The dramatic swirls of orange and purple clouds hypnotized her. Even after the sun melted into the water and the sky began filling with stars, the heat barely dissipated.

This was paradise. No doubt about it. Almost every item had been scratched off her To Do List. Parasailing, snorkeling, a helicopter tour, and ingesting enough alcohol to maintain a decent buzz throughout the entire trip.

There was just one item left. The one with a big honking question mark by it. A symbol in itself an admission that she wasn’t sure she had the nerve to go through with it.

“Mel, you kinky broad!” a voice rang out, followed by a high‐pitched giggle. “What the hell are you doing out here alone?”

Melanie tossed back the rest of her drink before turning to face her friend. Unlike her, Piper had absolutely no problem completing that last item. It showed in the glow in her face—not to mention the sexy Greek arm candy.

“You remember Nikolos, right?” Piper clutched the bulky arm of the man next to her.

“Mmm hmm.” Melanie glanced over the couple. God, they were disgustingly perfect. Piper was tall, blonde, and gorgeous. Nikolos was taller, dark and just as pretty.
Piper leaned forward, and in a bad attempt at a stage whisper asked, “You find someone to have sex with yet?”

Melanie’s cheeks warmed. “Yeah, about that. I don’t know if I will.”

“Excuse me?” Piper’s eyebrows shot up, and then she turned to Nikolos. “Baby, will you please get me another piña colada?”

He nodded and gave her an intimate smile. “Of course.”

After the sexy Greek had left them alone, Piper spun back to face her. “We had a deal.”

“I know.” Melanie groaned and crossed her arms across her chest.

She should’ve known it would come to this. “And I’ve been thinking about it, and well, I just don’t know if—”

“No,” Piper interrupted. “No, no and no. We booked this vacation with two intentions. One: to have fun and get a great tan. Two: we each have a fabulous fling that we remember when we’re old, shriveled, and surviving on hormone pills.”

“I know,” Melanie conceded. Piper had every right to be mad. They’d made a pact. A pact she was trying to weasel out of. “I just haven’t seen anyone worth flinging with.”

“Hello there, beautiful.”

Melanie turned to appraise the beefy blond surfer who’d come up to hit on her. He was pretty cute, but probably more bronze than brains.

“Not interested, thanks.”

After he’d wandered off, Piper shook her head. “You’re too picky.He had a great ass.”
“I saw that, but I’m looking for more than a great ass.”

“For a fling? Why?”

Good Question. Melanie shrugged. When they’d made the pact, it had sounded so exciting and spontaneous. But now that she was here and actually contemplating the idea of throwing herself into bed with some stranger—

“We have two days left, Melanie. Two days for you to find some yummy guy to hook up with.”

Melanie nodded, drawing her bottom lip between her teeth. What should she do? Just say screw it? That guy a minute ago would have been perfect to have a fling with. Hell, he’d been a walking sex symbol. Her gaze drifted back to the surfer who was now walking down the beach away from the resort.

“You’re going to back out on me.” Piper sighed. “I should have known. You’re way too straight‐laced for this.”

“I’m not straight‐laced,” Melanie protested. Who was she trying to convince, though, Piper or herself?

Tons of people had flings. There was no reason she shouldn’t do it too. Just as long as she took precautions and made sure it stayed purely sexual. Would it be so bad to let her hair down and have some fun?

“Go after the surfer, Mel. Come on, you’ve got to admit he was hot.”

“He was a little hot.” Piper was right. She needed to loosen up. This wasn’t about finding a soul mate; this was about having some good vacation sex. “Okay. I’ll do it. I need to lose my born again virginity anyway.”

“Mel’s gonna get some,” Piper sang, and then squeezed her hand.

“Hurry, before he’s gone.”

Piper’s excitement for her made Melanie’s enthusiasm kick up a notch. “All right, here I go. Wait!” Melanie hesitated. “What if he says no?”

“To a cute, busty, redhead? Shut up and get going.”

“You’re just saying that so I’ll go have sex. But its okay, I expect no less from you.” Melanie grinned. “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck. I’ll stay with Nikolos tonight. You can have the room.”

Melanie barely heard her. She was too busy running. Shit! She was actually doing it. Her blood pumped through her veins with the adrenaline rush.

“Hey,” she shouted, trying to catch up with the surfer.

She emerged from the palm trees onto the sandy beach and tried to pick up her pace, but her feet kept sinking and slipping in the sand.

“Hey!” she yelled again, gaining on him.

He started to turn around. Bingo. He’s mine. Her heel twisted in the sand and she yelped, flailed her arms, and fell flat on her face.

Of course. Of course I would fall. And why wouldn’t I? When she looked up, the surfer had turned and walked away.

How embarrassing. What the hell had she been doing? Chasing after a surfer to convince him to have sex with her? This was a whole new low for her.

Screw the pact with Piper. The whole idea had been ridiculous anyway. She wasn’t that desperate for sex.

“Are you okay?”

Oh God, someone had actually witnessed her tumble to the ground? Melanie looked up.

“I’m…” she trailed off, dazed by the man who knelt beside her. He was… “Fine.”

Anne Rainey
Eliza Gayle
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Myla Jackson
Taige Crenshaw
Lauren Dane
Beth-Ann Mason

Lacey Savage
Shelli Stevens

Shiloh Walker

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘weather’. Check out my snippet from Love Me Knot, and then blog hop to the other blogs below!

Ciara came to Wyattville to reconnect with her half-brother, and use up extra vacation time in the small beach community. What she didn’t planned on was throwing her inhibitions to the wind and falling for a complete stranger.

Ryan Wyatt spends his days serving in the Coast Guard, and his nights flirting with the ladies. He’s the last Wyatt bachelor standing now that his cousins are married. When he meets Ciara he wonders if that’s about to change. Until he discovers she’s the sister of his enemy and then his plan for seduction becomes tinted with vengeance.

*Ryan’s story was written after readers requested it! It’s a short ebook available for .99*

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Ryan glanced out the window of the Coast Guard station and stared out at the ocean. The storm outside was full on raging. It was dangerous. Unpredictable. Kind of like his own mood.

It wouldn’t be long before a call came in. They inevitably did on days like this. He was mid-conversation with the Chief when the alarm sounded, followed by the familiar crackle of the station’s PA system.

“Now put the ready Helo on the line. Put the ready Helo on the line. There is a 28-foot pleasure craft taking on water eight miles southeast from Lincoln inlet.  Three crew, one is a minor. Now put the ready Helo on the line. Put the ready Helo on the line.”

A short time later he sat in the chopper, staring out at the disappearing shoreline as they flew low over the Pacific—just out of reach from the turbulent ocean swells.

His focus was mostly with the vessel holding a small family that was taking on water. But every once in awhile, under the hypnotic whoop whoop of helicopter blades, Tyson’s words from last night slipped through his mind.

You don’t set out to break their hearts.

The guilt over Ciara was almost a distraction to the tightness in his gut over the upcoming rescue. Almost.

They were almost out to location. Fuck, it was always so much harder when children were involved. But you couldn’t think that way. You couldn’t let it debilitate you or compromise your ability to do your job.

“Sinking vessel up ahead.”

Ryan blinked at the pilot’s words and prepared himself.

All eyes were focused and searching the ocean. Ryan spotted the child first. Wearing a life jacket, waving anxiously and bobbing in the swells.  He slid his gaze around to search for the other victims, and spotted one who seemed to be attempting to climb back into the sinking vessel.

What the fuck? Get your ass away from the sinking boat.

There was no sign of the third victim.

Ryan positioned the sling around him to ready for descent. The cabin door opened and a second later the flight mechanic began to lower him out of the helicopter.

“Swimmer going down!”

While going down he studied the waves, concentrating on direction and keeping his eyes on the targets just ahead of him.

Ryan mentally said a quick prayer. A second later he hit the water and unhooked himself from the harness, then began cutting through the water toward the victims.


Anne Rainey
Jody Wallace
Eliza Gayle
McKenna Jeffries
Myla Jackson
Taige Crenshaw
Alison Kent
Denise A. Agnew
Lacey Savage
Shelli Stevens
Shiloh Walker
TJ Michaels