So I’m super thrilled to have been invited to be a part of the Romance Extravaganza put on by the King County Library system! I’ve pasted the info below, would love to see you if you can make it!

Romance Extravaganza
Saturday, May 7, 11:30am–3pm
Covington Library

Meet some of your favorite best-selling romance authors and new rising stars of on a day dedicated to romance readers and book lovers.

Meet the Authors


Susan Wiggs, NY Times Best-selling Author


Book Signing Party with all participating authors


Women’s Fiction and Contemporary Romance Panel – Susan Wiggs, Susan Mallery and Cherry Adair


Rising Stars of Romance including Delilah Marvelle, Jessa Slade, Shelli Stevens and Theresa Meyers

Books will be available for purchase.

Tea with Cherry–special refreshments and loveliness provided by Cherry Adair.

Refreshments also provided by Covington Friends of the Library and the Greater Seattle Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Susan Mallery Vowed in Shadows The Truth About VampiresDelilah Marvelle Susan Wiggs Cherry AdairShelli Stevens

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘Humor’. Check out my excerpt from the beginning of my upcoming book Negligee Behavior, and then surf the links below!

When lingerie heiress Brandy Summer gets cold feet and runs out on her Vegas wedding, she has nowhere to turn—so she hijacks a hunky biker waiting for a red light and begs him for help. What she doesn’t know is that her instincts are right: the groom has a hidden agenda. He needs her money to pay off his gambling debts and she’s his ticket to the good life.

Marco Vargas isn’t sure what he’s getting himself into when he rescues Brandy, but figures he’ll do the chivalrous thing. He offers her a job in his bar and the chance to sort out her feelings. But it seems that keeping Brandy hidden is easier than keeping his hands off her—and what will happen when Brandy discovers that Marco has secrets of his own?

Coming May 23rd from Carina Press


The Hunk-A-Hunk-A Burning Love Chapel smelled like stale beer and BO. The only light source came from the afternoon sun streaming through the stained glass shrine to Elvis. Instead of it inspiring any spiritual feelings, it simply reminded her of the plastic shapes she’d painted and baked as a child.

Brandy Summers shuddered and wiped damp hands down the front of her wedding dress, trying to keep the god-awful stench out of her nose.

She dropped her gaze to the floor. The carpet, shaggy and orange, had probably been purchased from some clearance room back in the seventies. The fan in the room barely circulated the stagnant air, but did cause the inflatable arch over the altar to lean to the right.

Be happy, this is your wedding day for goodness’ sake. And it wasn’t so bad. It could’ve been worse.

The fluorescent neon guitar behind the altar crackled and then flickered out.

Okay, it was officially worse.

“Brandy? Is everything all right?” Gordon whispered as the Elvis minister, who’d stopped midvows, flipped through his notes and muttered to himself.

Was everything all right? Talk about a loaded question. She’d barely had time to even think since Gordon had walked into their hotel room five hours ago after his seminar. He’d dropped to his knees in front of her, clutching a wedding dress as he declared they should be spontaneous and get married.

What just might be stranger was the fact she’d decided it was a good idea.

“Everything’s fine.” The two words took a heck of a lot of energy to get out. Which was a little bizarre, seeing as this should’ve been the happiest day of her life.

“Wonderful.” For a moment she thought she saw the flash of irritation in Gordon’s eyes, but then his grin widened.

Was it wrong to compare his glaringly white teeth to the minister’s white polyester jumpsuit?

Lord, her parents were going to have a conniption when they discovered she’d gotten married in some rat-infested Elvis chapel in Vegas. No matter how often they told her to let loose and enjoy life, the wedding of the only Summers heir should’ve come with at least a six-figure price tag.

Sweat beaded on the back of her neck. Heavens, her career choice alone had already drawn severe disapproval.

Wait. What was that in the corner? Oh dear God. A rat trap. She groaned, the sound barely audible behind her compressed lips.

Why? The question finally erupted in her head. Okay. She understood the wanting to be spontaneous part, but why did he choose this place? This was the Las Vegas Strip, it was loaded with places to get hitched. This chapel—and only a mental case would even consider it one—was beyond gross.

“You know how much I love you, right, love muffin?”

She winced at Gordon’s endearment. Love muffin. Why on God’s green earth did he insist on calling her that? She hated it and had told him as much on more than one occasion. It made her feel like an amorous Twinkie. How was that remotely sexy? She bit back a sigh. Not that she’d ever been mistaken as sexy.

You should be concentrating on the fact that he said he loves you, not his tacky pet name for you.

Gordon was a good man. He was. Nice in appearance, charming, kind and even volunteered with a handful of charities. Any woman would be thrilled to marry him. So what was wrong with her?

Doubt prickled in her gut, and not for the first time since she’d put on the wedding dress an hour ago. But then, the dress itself had been enough to make her hesitate. Apparently Gordon had picked it up at a thrift shop off the Strip. It was a huge white creation that screamed 1980 and had more ruffles than a bag of chips.

So why was she doing this again? Because I’m in love. Right? Maybe? Or maybe it had a lot to do with the fact that she was turning thirty next week. Thirty. Sure maybe Cosmo could make it look trendy to be single in your thirties, but she wasn’t a Cosmo kind of woman. She was a Good Housekeeping kind of woman, and had been since she’d started pilfering her aunt’s subscription in the sixth grade.

She’d been with Gordon for a year. Not too long, but it wasn’t like they were rushing into this. And at least she knew he wasn’t after her money. The man was a dentist for a reality TV show. He had an impressive bank account.

“Look, we can do a formal ceremony for everyone when we return to L.A.,” Gordon said, his tone taking on an edge, or was she imagining it?

She gave a wan nod. That still wouldn’t appease her parents. And then when the media got wind of this…

“Oh, okay, I see where we are. Sorry about that, young lovers.” The Elvis looked up from his notes and grinned. “Do you, Candy, take Gordon—”

“Her name is Brandy,” Gordon corrected.

This just wasn’t right. Any of it. She shook her head and took a small step backward.

“Right. Brandy. Thank you. Thank you very much.” The minister did the Elvis lip thing. “Do you, Brandy, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

The nauseating smell inside the chapel seemed to grow stronger, the walls closing in on her. Oh God. I have to get out of here.

She took another step backward and stumbled over the hem of her wedding dress.

“Brandy?” Gordon’s tone turned impatient and he took a step toward her. Something hard flickered in his eyes as he reached out and manacled her wrist with long fingers.

Ouch. That kind of hurt. She blinked in surprise and tugged at her wrist, but he didn’t seem to want to let her go.

“Now’s the part where you say I do, love muffin.” His words held a steely threat that she knew she wasn’t imagining this time.

Say I do? It should’ve been easy enough, but her head twisted from side to side in denial. No. No. No.

“I’m sorry,” Brandy whispered and pulled free her hand from his grip. She grabbed the bottom of her dress and the acres of tulle that surrounded it. “But I don’t think I can.”

She spun around, drew in a quick breath and then ran out on her wedding.

“Brandy!” Gordon cried. His tone was reminiscent of Marlon Brando’s Stella yowl in A Street Car Named Desire. Then came the sound of his footsteps pounding down the aisle.

Great. As if her fleeing her wedding wasn’t bad enough, he was actually going to chase her? Brandy pulled her skirts higher and increased her pace, knees pumping with the extra effort.

“We don’t do refunds!” the Elvis yelled and she knew luck was on her side, because Gordon was such a tightwad he would surely stop to argue.

She burst out of the chapel, momentarily disorientated by the brightness of the sun and noise of the Las Vegas Strip. She needed to get away from here. Maybe she could catch a cab.

The boulevard was crowded with rush hour traffic. Shoot. Not a cab in sight. Her attention caught on the big, wide, black-and-silver Harley idling beside her at the light.

A very nice bike indeed, and not a bad looking rider either. She took in the muscled forearm with a dragon tattoo. The man had a dangerous sexy vibe. Not that she could tell his sexiness level with his helmet covering his face.

“Love muffin!” Gordon burst out the chapel doors. “You don’t want to do this!”

Brandy pulled her attention away from the hot biker and scanned the boulevard again for a cab. Still none in sight.

She looked back at the biker, her pulse skipping. Was she bold enough?

Desperate times called for desperate measures…besides, it gave her an excuse to ride a motorcycle.


Jody Wallace
Emma Petersen
Shelli Stevens
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
HelenKay Dimon
Taige Crenshaw
Delilah Devlin
Lauren Dane
T.J. Michaels

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘Active’. Check out my excerpt and then surf the links below!

Christy Wallace may be a respectable Seattle Spanish teacher, but she’s got a sultry side. She lets it come out to play during the summer, when she moonlights as a Salsa dancing instructor.

Sexy, cowboy Adam wants more time with her than just a fleeting cup of coffee, but she makes it clear that if he wants her, he’ll have to sign up for dance class.

Amazingly enough, he does. And Christy finds herself falling for a charming country hick with hands as fast as his feet. Adam’s no hick, though. He’s the owner of Adam’s Apples, the fastest-growing cider business in eastern Washington. To his own surprise, one night with her has him thinking in terms of forever. That is, until he walks into a restaurant for a family lunch-and finds Christy on the arm of his brother. Is there a logical explanation? Or is something rotten in Seattle?


Adam shook his head when he saw Christy striding purposefully towards the bull. Damn, she better know what she was doing.

Jason approached him from the side and sat down in an empty chair. “Do you mind if I ask what’s going on with you and that pretty lady?”

“Yes, I do,” Adam answered, not even trying to be polite.

“I just think it was a little harsh the way you were flirting with Mandy Lou,” Jason said hesitantly. “Christy seemed a little upset.”

“I wasn’t flirting with Mandy, she just called me on a beer I owed her. And Christy’s a big girl, she can handle herself.”

“Hell, I know that.” Jason scowled. “She held her own with Mandy Lou, which isn’t for the tender-hearted.”

“Trust me. You were right when you said she was trouble. The girl can’t seem to stay out of it.”

Adam left him and went to the roped-off area where the bull riding took place.

He arrived just in time to see Christy getting helped onto the bull by one of the local men. The man’s hand lingered on her butt a little longer than necessary, and Adam’s eyes narrowed and his stomach burned with jealousy.

Christy got seated and then winked down at the man, her lips moving in an inaudible thank you.

Adam’s grip on the beer tightened and he barely noticed when Mandy Lou came to stand next to him again.

“Did you like the way I rode that bull?”

“What?” He didn’t look away from Christy who was giggling and prompting the controller to start the bull.

“The bull. Did you like the way I rode it?” Mandy Lou repeated, her tone impatient now. “That little show was for you, Adam. Did you like it?”


Christy began to move back and forth as the bull started up. Damn, hopefully she could hold on. But then she had experience in a saddle from riding a horse, so maybe she’d be able to stay up for awhile.

“Thanks a lot.”

Adam glanced away from Christy for a moment. Mandy Lou obviously hadn’t liked his response, and walked away from him. Thank God. He didn’t have time for Mandy’s spoiled antics.

His gaze shot back to Christy. The operator of the bull slowly adjusted the speed to go faster, but still she held her own. And she looked damn sexy bouncing, arching, and gyrating up there.

Every man in the bar had his eyes glued to her petite body, which was riding the hell out of that mechanical bull.

Her cheeks were flushed. She looked excited and even aroused as she flowed with jerky movements. Every man in the bar was probably imagining what it would be like to have Christy riding him that way.

“Yee-haw!” she yelled and then laughed. “Cowgirl up!”

Adam’s breathing grew more labored as he watched her, the crotch of his jeans started to feel a little too tight as his erection rubbed against it.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of red at the control table. He glanced over just in time to see Mandy Lou take over the controls.

“Holy hell!” He broke into a full run to stop what he knew was about to happen. He was too far away. There was no way he could get to the controls in time.

Sure enough, Mandy Lou had turned the bull up to its full speed. Christy’s scream of excitement turned to pure terror as she went flying off and over the bull. She landed flat on her stomach, with her skirt up around her waist.

Every man in the bar ran to help her—once they got over the sight of her pink panties with the ruffles on her ass.

“Back off. Everyone just back off.”

Adam pushed the horde of men aside and helped Christy up, smoothing the skirt back down over the blatantly sexy sight.

“You okay, darlin’?” His gaze and hands ran over her body, checking for cuts or anything that might have been broken.

“I’m great!” she cried in excitement, wobbling a little on her feet. She glanced back at the bull. “That was so much fun. Can I do it again?”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Mandy Lou smirked, coming up beside them.

Adam pushed Christy gently behind him and turned to give Mandy Lou a fierce glare.

“That was out of line, Mandy.”

“Oh, jeez, Adam. You’re no fun. Lighten up a little.” Mandy Lou shrugged and walked off, obviously tired of trying to get his attention and moving on to someone who would appreciate her.

“Come on.” He grabbed Christy’s hand and tugged her out of the ring.

“Hey, I wanted to go again,” Christy protested as he led her down a hallway, and then into the empty bathroom.

His blood pounding, the adrenaline and lust running through him made him irrational.

He locked the door and turned to face her. It was insane how much he wanted her. Even though he knew his brother was back in Seattle nursing a broken heart because she’d dumped him, Adam wanted her.

He looked down at her breasts, rising and falling under the pitiful excuse for a top. It was no bigger than one of his grandma’s doilies and had just as many holes.

“Wow, what’s gotten into you?” she asked breathlessly.

“You got that backwards, darlin’.” He walked towards her, narrowing his eyes and giving her a predatory smile. “What’s gotten into you? And the answer is me


Jody Wallace
Leah Braemel
Shelli Stevens
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Selena Blake
Taige Crenshaw
Delilah Devlin
T.J. Michaels

What? You didn’t know I’d gone? That’s because I’ve been a slacker blogger lately. My apologies. Can I make it up to you with some fun and fabulous pics of the week? I hope so! I tried to post them in here, my sweet little blog, but it’s being terribly difficult.

I had a great week meeting/reuniting with friends and readers and industry professionals. I mean SUCH a blast. I love this community!

Here’s a few pics, and if you’d like to see more you can hop on over to my Facebook page where I’ve loaded up a bunch!














This week’s Snippet Saturday is author’s choice! I thought I’d post an excerpt from Flash Point! So check out my excerpt and then hop around to the blogs listed below!

One taste of her lips, and friendship is off the menu

Kate has always been everybody’s friend and the de-facto little sister to the Wyatt brothers. But her feelings for Todd Wyatt, the town’s hottest firefighter, run far beyond the sibling variety. Not that he’s ever noticed.

After years of nursing her crush, Kate decides it’s time to take action. Except she has one awkward little secret: she’s still a virgin. She hopes she can seduce Todd without him realizing just how inexperienced she is.

In Todd’s mind, Kate’s the sweet girl he teases and hits up for free cupcakes. One surprise kiss over the summer, though, and suddenly she’s jumped from the platonic side of his brain to the want-her-in-my-bed side. Even though the last thing he wants is to lose her friendship, his resistance to her determined seduction is slipping. Fast.

When malicious attacks on her bakery escalate, it soon becomes clear that for all Kate’s friends, she’s made at least one big enemy. And if they don’t figure it out soon, things could take a deadly turn.

Order at Samhain
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For a moment, he might’ve convinced himself it wasn’t Kate. That it was just someone who looked a helluva lot like her. But then he saw the quick flash of nerves in her eyes, before she was again poised and confident.

Oh, it was Kate all right. But just what in the hell was she trying to pull off?

He bit back a growl and glanced around the room, curious to see if they had an audience. Sure enough, Ellie stood in the corner, watching them intently. But she spun away the moment she noticed him watching her, looking a little too innocent as she took a swig of her beer.

She was in on it. Whatever it was. But whatever game they were playing, he wanted no part of it.

Or maybe he did, which was going to be a big fucking problem.

“Outside,” he rasped, grabbing Kate’s elbow. “Now.”

She struggled to keep up with him in her heels, but murmured a coy, “You sure don’t waste any time, do you, jungle man?”

Todd cursed under his breath as he maneuvered them through the throng of people and outside the front door. He kept them moving until they were buried in the shadows of the front yard and then came to a halt.

Kate stumbled into him. It was cold as hell this time of year, but he didn’t feel it. Not with Kate’s lush, inferno of a body smashed against his bare chest.

“What the hell are you up to, Kate,” he demanded harshly, meaning to push her aside. But the moment his hands closed around her bare shoulders beneath the red cape, his fingers curled around the satiny flesh instead.

“Call me Red,” she said firmly.

“Why the hell do you want me to call you Red?” he muttered, his ability to think draining by the second as she rubbed herself against him.

Like a fucking cat in heat. Jesus, he needed to get out of here. And quick.

“Because you don’t look at Kate this way,” she said breathlessly. “And because you’ll feel a lot less guilty if you’re fucking Red tonight, won’t you?”

Lust detonated inside him. Todd’s cock pressed hard beneath his black briefs, raising the leopard-print loincloth that barely covered him. He slid his fingers over her collarbone and watched the way her breasts rose against the thin white shirt.

“You’re in way over your head,” he warned darkly, knowing he should leave, but completely ensnarled in her kinky little game.

This wasn’t the Kate he knew, this was some sex kitten who’d possessed the sweet little bakery owner. The Kate he knew would’ve shown up in a clown costume or something equally nonsexual. Not this slutty little outfit that had him imagining the dirtiest, most vulgar thoughts of what he wanted to do to her.

What he would do to her if she didn’t come to her senses and run.

“Walk away, little Red,” he muttered. “Now.”

“The only place I’m walking is to your truck, jungle man,” she whispered and slid her hands over his chest, her nails dragging against his muscles. “All you have to do is say the word.”

Jody Wallace
Emma Petersen
Leah Braemel
Shelli Stevens
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
HelenKay Dimon
Selena Blake
Taige Crenshaw
Delilah Devlin
Lauren Dane
T.J. Michaels