Well the Romantic Times convention is NEXT WEEK!! AH! Are you going? Will I get to see you? If you are, please come say hi and don’t be offended if it takes me a minute. I can be bad with faces. I’m so used to names and avatars now :P But I am SO ready for hot weather and to see/meet friends, authors, readers, industry professionals, ANYONE who will say hi to me :D

Also If you haven’t dropped by Operation Auction, there’s still a small amount of time left to get some very cool items! This is an auction for Fatin, a women very active/supportive of the romance writing community. She recently lost her husband to a senseless act of violence, and the romance community is rallying to raise money for her and her children. All items remaining are listed here on Ebay.

Which, not to be a downer, I’ve also had another death that touched my life recently. While I’m primping and packing for RT, I’m also attending a funeral for the mother of a close friend tomorrow. She was a family friend as well (friend’s with my mom), and it was a shocking, sudden death.

So really, I’ve had many reminders lately that every day is a gift. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Because so often we get caught up on the little things. Tell your loved ones you love them–often.

Anyway… off my ‘getting deep soapbox’. I hope you all have a great upcoming weekend and I really hope to see many of you in L.A.! I’m sure I’ll be tweeting/Facebooking my way through the week.

I’m still in shock! Was out walking before picking up the kid at school, when my good friend Karen Erickson called and asked if I was sitting down. Told her nope, was walking. But she told me anyway. And I about fainted! SERIOUSLY!?

My book Flash Point from Samhain Publishing hit #32 on the New York Times Extended Ebook Bestseller list! I know I’ve said it before, but thank you so much to everyone who invested their reading time into this series. I love each brother who had a story, and had such a blast writing them. I never could’ve predicted it would have been this popular…but I’m thrilled and freaking humbled. And so teary eyed and emotional. Maybe this is TMI, but I’m a single mom and this is my job. And you’ve helped MAKE this my job.

I have to share with you all my excitement, because I told my seven-year-old and all I got was a, “Cool, can I play outside?” and my mother said, “What are ebooks again?”

So here’s another: I love you all, and I love Samhain Publishing! Thanks so much again! How about a few more !!!!!!! for the heck of it?

On a P.S. note: I hope to see readers/authors in two weeks at the Romantic Times convention!

I’m so happy that people seem to enjoy the brothers in my Holding out for a Hero series as much as I do! It’s holding strong on Amazon.

I peeked at my Amazon stats and let out a big happy squee!

  • Going Down: #23 in Books > Romance >Contemporary
  • Command and Control: #26 in Books > Romance > Contemporary
  • Flash Point: #11 in Books > Romance > Contemporary

Thanks again to my wonderful readers, I really do hope you’ve enjoyed it (and yes, I’m working on a short story for the cousin Ryan! It will go up on Amazon and other ebook retailers for .99)

First, thanks to all who picked up Flash Point! It’s been #1 at Samhain for the past week (AND Command and Control even jumped back on the best seller list!). I’m sure both books will get the boot soon, though, because there’s some amazing books that just came out! ;) But thanks again for reading me, and I really hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did writing it!

So I woke up to find a great review for Command and Control in my inbox! It was a fantastic review and I’m thrilled the reviewer enjoyed my story so much. Thanks, Romance Junkies!

“COMMAND AND CONTROL was a really powerful and engaging read. Author Shelli Stevens delves right into the emotional costs that returning home from war can play, not just on soldiers, but also their loved ones… COMMAND AND CONTROL was a deeply rich and satisfying story about two people who have to overcome a lot of pain in order to reunite and have a happy ending.” Cheryl, Romance Junkies

Finally….three weeks until the Romantic Times Convention! Are you going?


Thanks to everyone who’s bought Flash Point! I hope you enjoyed, are enjoying, or do enjoy it when you read it!

Flash Point hit #1 at Samhain’s bookstore last night and seems to be doing fabulously around the net. And it’s all because I have such fabulous readers! I loved this series and I’m so glad to see many people did too! I had to take a few screen shots that made me all kinds of giddy! I have the best readers and I really hope to meet some of you at RT next month!



Flash Point is now available!! I’m so excited! This is the third, and final, book in the Holding out for a Hero series (which will then roll into a print book in the future!). This book has only just released, but already has some great reviews under its belt!

One taste of her lips, and friendship is off the menu

Holding Out for a Hero, Book 3

Kate has always been everybody’s friend and the de-facto little sister to the Wyatt brothers. But her feelings for Todd Wyatt, the town’s hottest firefighter, run far beyond the sibling variety. Not that he’s ever noticed.

After years of nursing her crush, Kate decides it’s time to take action. Except she has one awkward little secret: she’s still a virgin. She hopes she can seduce Todd without him realizing just how inexperienced she is.

In Todd’s mind, Kate’s the sweet girl he teases and hits up for free cupcakes. One surprise kiss over the summer, though, and suddenly she’s jumped from the platonic side of his brain to the want-her-in-my-bed side. Even though the last thing he wants is to lose her friendship, his resistance to her determined seduction is slipping. Fast.

When malicious attacks on her bakery escalate, it soon becomes clear that for all Kate’s friends, she’s made at least one big enemy. And if they don’t figure it out soon, things could take a deadly turn.


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“Ms. Stevens takes a couple who has been friends their whole lives, adds a bit of spice and turns it into a grab a fan and ice water because this one is a HOT story. She also adds just the right amount of suspense combined with a knock out romance and made this the kind of book that I will read again and again.” Fallen Angel Reviews, Recommended Read

“I would definitely recommend to any fan of contemporary romance.” Whipped Cream Reviews

Flash Point is a delightful story centering around Kate who is a great friend and Todd who is slowly realizing that she maybe more.” Sensual Reads


Silence fell between them, heavy and awkward, and the longer she kept quiet, the more she just wanted to scream. She could barely deal with Todd talking to her about the women in his life, seeing them was bad enough, but having to help him with it?

Todd seemed to sense her mood change, because any further attempts at conversation stayed firmly away from the topic of women and dating.

When the check arrived, he handled it despite her insisting that she pay half. The entire ride home, the hot ball of anger in her belly just kept expanding, until her vision was tinted with red and her hands were clenched into fists.

When they pulled up outside her house, she didn’t trust herself to say anything more than a terse, “Goodnight.”

She climbed out of the truck, slamming the door behind her as she strode toward her front door. She’d just blown any pretense of playing it cool, but so what? She heard the truck door slam again, and she flinched, increasing her pace.

Todd’s fingers curled around her elbow, spinning her around and off balance. She reached out to catch herself, just like she’d done earlier today with Walt. Only this time, there was no urge to pull away when her palms flattened against Todd’s hard, broad chest. But the fact that she was pissed, not just angry, downright pissed at Todd, had her jerking away regardless.

Todd didn’t let her go though, instead slid his hands up her arm to pull her closer to him.

Her heart lurched in her chest and her mouth went dry.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered.

She lifted her gaze to his and from the light of her porch saw the regret in his eyes.

“There isn’t a woman I’m trying to impress with baking. I made that up.”

Kate frowned, stilling in her efforts to free herself. “Why did you say that then?”

“Damn it, to keep this from happening.” His head blocked out the light as it dipped, and then his mouth crashed down on hers.

Shock ripped through her as his lips masterfully parted hers, his tongue plunging inside to taste her. She couldn’t move, couldn’t even respond for a moment. Until the tingling began and a liquid heat seeped through her veins, pooling heavily between her thighs.

She was in Todd’s arms and he was kissing the hell out of her? How long had she fantasized about this?

I know this is my blog and I should blog here, but, well, I’ve discovered Tumblr. And it’s so pretty, shiny and new, that I may end up blogging over there more often than not. I’ll still post Snippet Saturday’s here and book news though! But if you want the fun blogs, you may want to hop over and visit me on Tumblr (and if you’re on there, follow me and I can follow you! I’m still so new!). http://shellistevens.tumblr.com/

And a big old squee! Flash Point is out tomorrow! You can pretty much pre-order it everywhere at this point. It’s received great reviews already and is #18 on pre-order of ALL KINDLE books. How cool is that?

Pre-order at Samhain
Pre-order at Amazon
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“Ms. Stevens takes a couple who has been friends their whole lives, adds a bit of spice and turns it into a grab a fan and ice water because this one is a HOT story. She also adds just the right amount of suspense combined with a knock out romance and made this the kind of book that I will read again and again.” Fallen Angel Reviews, Recommended Read

“I would definitely recommend to any fan of contemporary romance.” Whipped Cream Reviews

Flash Point is a delightful story centering around Kate who is a great friend and Todd who is slowly realizing that she maybe more.” Sensual Reads

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday. Today’s theme is openers! Here’s the beginning of my book Tempting Adam. Check it out and then hop on over to the other blogs listed below!

The man she wants is the one she must deceive.

Seattle Steam Book 2

Christy Wallace may be a respectable Seattle Spanish teacher, but she’s got a sultry side. She lets it come out to play during the summer, when she moonlights as a Salsa dancing instructor.

Sexy, cowboy Adam wants more time with her than just a fleeting cup of coffee, but she makes it clear that if he wants her, he’ll have to sign up for dance class. Amazingly enough, he does. And Christy finds herself falling for a charming country hick with hands as fast as his feet.

Adam’s no hick, though. He’s the owner of Adam’s Apples, the fastest-growing cider business in eastern Washington. To his own surprise, one night with her has him thinking in terms of forever. That is, until he walks into a restaurant for a family lunch—and finds Christy on the arm of his brother.

Is there a logical explanation? Or is something rotten in Seattle?


“Do you want it wet?”

What? Christy Wallace snapped her attention away from the intriguing man standing in front of her, and back to the woman speaking. “I’m sorry?”

“Your cappuccino, Christy. You usually order it wet, but I just wanted to make sure.” Madison, who owned the shop, gave her a patient smile even though there was a line of customers to the door.

“Oh. Yes. Wet, please. Thanks, Madison.” She flushed, her face giving away the direction of her thoughts. Great, now the entire store probably thought she was some tawdry sex fiend.

Normally the question wouldn’t have been such a doozy. She was a regular at Ooo La Latté—had been coming here since shortly after Madison had opened shop—and ordered the same wet cappuccino every day.

But her brain had gone to pot the moment she’d walked through the door and laid eyes on him. The man standing at the end of the line looked like he could’ve been the stunt double in any James Bond film. Well, a blond Bond. Wait, wasn’t Bond blond now anyway? In any case. He had a lean muscular body, hard jaw-line, sensual mouth…and a butt you could bounce a quarter off.

This was the first time she didn’t mind waiting ten minutes in line for coffee. Not with the view standing in front of her. Her imagination had gone into overdrive. Those hands…those hands on her body. His body on her body—in her body. The fantasy had gone on and on—only to be broken when Madison confirmed her usual order.

Christy shifted as she waited for her drink, trying to forget about the man who now stood beside her. But, God, he smelled good. She leaned forward slightly and inhaled again. Even over the intense coffee aroma she could smell his cologne. Something woodsy and oh-so-male.

“What’s the difference?”

She blinked and then blinked again. Oh God. He was actually talking to her? Her nerves jumped to life.

“Difference in what?”

“Between wet and dry cappuccinos?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at her as he accepted his drink from the barista.

She ran her tongue over suddenly dry lips. His gaze dropped to observe the small movement and her nipples tightened under her sweater.

Christy bit back a groan. What the hell was happening here? She’d been attracted to men before, but never this quick. Sex. Ah, there it was. She needed to get laid. Two years without sex turned her into a sex-starved nympho.

“Wet is with more milk and less foam.” She lifted her gaze from his solid chest and up to his amused hazel eyes. Jeez, he was tall. At only five-one, she’d wager he had at least a good foot on her.

“Hmm. I guess I can understand that.”

“One wet cappuccino.” The barista grinned and handed Christy her drink.

“Thank you.” She took it with a grateful smile.

The man next to her looked at her beverage and then gave his a pensive look. “I’m not used to fancy drinks. I just wanted a cup of coffee.”

Fancy drinks? Definitely not a local. Christy offered him a smile. “Espresso drinks really aren’t all that intimidating. And you know, rumor has it they’re even made with coffee.”

“I don’t think I’d have a clue where to begin.”

“Ah.” She walked towards one of the leather couches in the shop, elated when he followed. “See, I think what you need is an espresso tutor.”

He sat down next to her, stretching his long legs out in front of him. The plush couch seemed suddenly inadequate.

“An espresso tutor, huh?” His mouth curved into an answering smile. “You have any idea where a fellow might be able to get one of those?”

Jody Wallace
Emma Petersen
Leah Braemel
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Selena Blake
Taige Crenshaw
Delilah Devlin
Lauren Dane
Shelli Stevens
T.J. Michaels