So I just realized that my publisher Cobblestone Press put some of my older backlist books up on Amazon!

If you’re interested, you can can now find my books Cabin Fever , Dating Season, Primal Attraction, and Love for Sale on the Kindle!


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Not a whole lot going on in my neck of the woods. On the writing front I’m working on a follow up to Negligee Behavior. Well, not necessarily a follow up, but a follow up for one of the characters in that book ;) Speaking of Negligee Behavior though, I’m excited to say that SOON I’ll have a cover and blurb to share! This is my Carina Press book and comes out at the end of May. Yay! And the project I have out with beta/critiquers should be coming back soon, which means off to the agent! Which means my agent will have two projects of mine to send out! I’m super excited.

On the non-writing front, the kid is off school again. Mid-winter break. Seriously. Did you hear that? That was the sound of my productivity coming to a crashing halt. I swear they give kids WAY more days off now than they ever did before. Oh well. It’s good to have her home and be able to sleep in. Not that she’s a sleeper inner. Though of course I’m wishing I had the money to fly us off to somewhere fun and tropical. Oh well, a pic is worth a thousand wishes?

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday. Today’s theme is ‘love scenes’. Feel free to read my excerpt (WARNING IT’S HOT!) and then skip to the other links below!

The line between friends and lovers can get a little blurry…especially when you add tequila.

A Chances Are story.

Gabby is serious about her search for Mr. Right, but no one can say she hasn’t had a good time looking. She enjoys her numerous dates and the sex that comes with them. Until she finds herself falling for the one man she vows to never love. Her best friend and roommate, Justin. A player in every sense of the word—and a reminder of her awful past.

One night, with the help of a bottle of tequila, things get a little too hot for comfort. She moves out, intent on removing him from the line of temptation.

Justin has different plans. The tequila did more than just change how he sees his good friend. It made him realize he doesn’t want to be just friends any more. He’s ready for something more intimate, and he’ll do whatever it takes to find out why she’s running. And convince her to stay.

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Justin’s heart thundered in his chest as the almost crippling desire he had for Gabby consumed him. She was going to let him make love to her. She’d given him the green light.

He slid his hands down to her ass, lifting her, and she immediately wrapped her legs around his hips. His tongue plunged deep into the warmth of her mouth to explore the hot and moist interior.

The rub of her breasts against his chest had his cock hardening further, nestling snug against the softness of her bottom.

He moved them toward the bedroom, groaning when she sucked his tongue into her mouth and squeezed her thighs tighter around him. He kicked open the half-closed door to his bedroom, then kicked it shut again. He moved them toward his bed, stumbling over his work boots.

He fell onto the bed, rolling to take the brunt of the fall, which brought Gabby on top of him.

Straddling him, she tore her mouth off him and sat up. She reached for the hem of her shirt, jerking it above her head.

The V of her black satin bra pushed her breasts together to display an impressive amount of cleavage.

His mouth watered and he lifted his hands to tug away the cups of the bra.

Her pert breasts fell free, the light pink tips already textured and hard for his mouth. She was so damn pretty, sensual in a subtle way. A way most men probably wouldn’t discover until they had her naked.

He opened his mouth, needing to tell her how sexy she was.

“What about Steven?” How the hell had he allowed himself to ask that instead?

She gave a soft laugh as she reached up to pinch her nipples lightly. His cock twitched and he drew in a harsh breath at the sight.

“I broke up with him.”

“You did? When? Why didn’t you say something?” he choked out.

“Last night.” She lowered her body downward, until her breasts were just above his face. “At dinner—”

He captured one pink tip between his lips, causing her to break off as he suckled her deep. Christ, she tasted sweet. He smiled, loving the way she gasped and writhed above him.

“At dinner,” she continued breathily. “Oh…told me why…oh God…oral sex could never be part of our relationship. He has a clitoris phobia.”

Her nipple popped from his mouth with a loud suctioning sound. He stared at her for a moment, astounded by her statement.

“Are you shitting me?”

She sighed and drew a finger down the center of his chest. “You think someone can make this stuff up?”

“What an idiot,” he growled and grasped her hips, rolling her again until she was beneath him.

Her green eyes narrowed slightly as she stared up at him and her tongue swept across swollen lips.

“My sentiments exactly. So I immediately ended it.”

Justin drew in an unsteady breath, his chest tightening at the playfulness and desire in her gaze.

He ran the palm of his hand over her stomach, taking a moment to dip his finger into her navel.

“You should know that I’m nothing like The Suit, and am actually quite fond of the clitoris.” He skimmed his hand across the waistband of the jeans riding low on her hips.

Her stomach rose as she sucked in a breath, her lips curling into a challenging smile. “I know you are.”

“You do?” He dipped a finger below the waistband, smoothing it back and forth against her silky skin.

Her hips lifted slightly against his light touch. Further aroused and amused by her response, he moved his hand to cup her pussy through her jeans.

“Mmm. You told me.” Her lashes lowered, veiling her gaze. “And I heard you once or twice…with
other women. It certainly sounded like you knew what you were doing.”

She’d heard him. The idea of it both intrigued him, and yet sent a rush of regret through him.

“Yeah? You didn’t get weirded out?”

“No. I got horny,” she admitted bluntly with a soft laugh. Her lashes fluttered upward again. “And then later I got jealous.”

Justin blinked in surprise, the naked vulnerability in her gaze at her admission momentarily robbing him of response. She had no reason to be jealous. Those times with other women had just been an outlet for the one woman he couldn’t have. Gabby.

He hadn’t been with another woman since that night with her. He opened his mouth to tell her, but lost all thought when she covered his hand, pressing his palm harder against her swollen sex.

“But I have you right now,” she whispered. “And that’s all that matters.”

The vulnerability that had slipped over her stunned him. It wasn’t her. Gabby was a rock. Nothing shook her.

The urge to reassure her rushed through him and he lowered his head to drop a kiss on her stomach.

He bracketed her waist with his hands and brushed his lips across her bare flesh.

Her body trembled under his mouth and her fingers slipped into his hair to clutch him.

Dipping his tongue into the crater of her navel, he deftly unsnapped her jeans and tugged down the zipper.

She lifted her hips off the bed and slipped her hands down to help push off her pants.

Justin tugged them the rest of the way down her legs and tossed them to the ground, never taking his gaze off her. How could he? Damn, she was sexy.

Her skin was pale, dotted with freckles in areas that he’d have a good time kissing. Her slim hips were covered by black satin panties cut high on her thighs and her breasts spilled over her bra.

It wasn’t enough. He needed to see all of her. See Gabby completely naked, with no secrets.

Jody Wallace
Emma Petersen
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
Delilah Devlin
Eliza Gayle
Shelli Stevens
TJ Michaels
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I’ve been a little head in the sand, but that’s because I was trying to finish a book. And I did it! I started writing it in December’ish, and just finished. So happy! It’s out/going out to betas right now, then will go out to my agent. And in the mean time…I have a fun proposal/project in mind (rubs hands together).

Last night I took a ferry across the water and went to support fellow author Craig Lancaster during his signing. I enjoyed the chance to finally meet him/hear him read, but also was introduced to the Indie bookstore Liberty Bay Books, and met several nice employees from Amazon!

Speaking of Amazon, did you know my book Flash Point (third book in the Holding out for a Hero series) is on pre-order there? It is! And I was TOTALLY shocked to see it was at #30 in pre-orders for ALL Kindle books (not just romance!) Can you see me happy dancing? No? I’m certainly making enough noise.

Anyway, hope all is well out in the blogosphere, I should probably go work out or something. The Romantic Times conference is in less than two months and that weight loss I’d hoped for isn’t really happening. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t work out and eat out all the time. Sigh.

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday. Today’s theme is Winter Wonderland. Feel free to read my excerpt and then hop around to the other blogs listed below!

When her roommate, needing a romantic weekend with her boyfriend, bribes her out of the house with use of an isolated cabin, Nikki reluctantly agrees. She didn’t realize the cabin came fully equipped with an uptight, yet incredibly sexy, man.

Chase is looking forward to a quiet weekend alone at his cabin. When he tackles someone who he believes to be an intruder, he’s surprised to find the unusual and sensual woman was given a key to his place.

Stuck together during a snowstorm, the heat from the fire isn’t the only thing heating up the cabin.


“Let’s go build a snowman.” Nikki set down her cards, feeling
restless and a bit playful.

They’d had a lazy afternoon. Hanging out in their pajamas, playing
cards and watching random movies on television. But the itch to get
outdoors was hitting hard.

“Build a snowman?” His brow rose with obvious skepticism.

Nikki climbed off the fur rug they were sitting on and stood up.

“Come on. It would be fun.”

He stood up, too, scratching the back of his head. “Do you have
some clothes? Something that covers your legs?”

“I’ve got some jeans. Hang on, let me get dressed.” She turned and
went into the bedroom, grabbing her pants and pulling them on.

Chase followed her into the room and threw on his own clothes as

Ten minutes later they were outside walking around the yard.

“This is great.” Nikki leaned down, grabbed a handful of snow—
yelping at the cold on her bare hands.

“Snowman?” He formed his own ball by rolling it in the snow until
it was triple its original size.

Wow, he was really getting into this. She grinned and followed
suit. Before long they had a full‐fledged snowman.

“Looks good.” She grinned and, on impulse, chucked the lump of
snow in her hand at him.

Chase blinked, looking absolutely stunned. Then his laughter rang
through the trees as he charged her. She barely had time to yelp before
he’d tackled her into the soft snow.

Nikki laughed so hard her stomach ached. She tried to roll away
from him and get the upper hand, but he had one leg thrown across her
while he rubbed snow into her hair.

“You win!” She giggled and finally lay limp in the snow. “Okay.
Now I’m officially freezing.”

“Yeah? Me, too.” He climbed off her and held out his hand.


She took his hand, and he pulled her to her feet. “Mmm. Sex in the

His husky laugh sent a rush of warm heaviness between her thighs.

“I think that could be arranged.”

Jody Wallace
Emma Petersen
Lissa Matthews
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
Delilah Devlin
Eliza Gayle
Shelli Stevens
TJ Michaels
Lauren Dane

I’m the guest blogger at Cynthia Eden’s blog today in her My Deadly Valentine contest. I’m keeping things Short And Sweet & giving away a book!