That’s right! My book Silk Hauntings is now available on the Kindle! And let me tell ya, more than one thing can go bump in the night ::blink::

This is the book that I mentioned briefly in my post a couple weeks back when I blogged about my ghost hunting weekend. It’s a super sexy novella ::whipitgood:: that throws in bit of paranormal activity.


Here’s a peek!

Gavin Mackenzie is a best selling horror author and amateur ghost hunter. His plans to investigate paranormal activity at a local mansion are denied by the sexy new owner; even as she makes it clear she’d welcome him in her bed.

Taylor Ammons is using the mansion for her new business: holding educational sexual retreats for women. She’s not prepared for her attraction to her quiet neighbor, or his determination to convince her that the mansion is haunted.

When strange things start happening, Taylor has to bring Gavin in for explorations that go beyond the bedroom.

Available on Amazon Kindle.


“Silk Hauntings has all of the items that I deem necessary for a great book-sex, ghosts, sex, women learning about their bodies, oh, and did I mention sex? …Ms. Stevens is an author that I plan to read again and again.” 5 stars, (JERR) Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Shelli Stevens has created the perfect ghost, mystery, and love story that will keep you glued to your seat yet make you squirm at the same time.” TwoLips Reviews


Taylor’s heart pounded, even after she’d ended the phone call with her client. Her nerves had nothing to do with the client and everything to do with the man sitting at her kitchen table.

He’d come to apologize. How sweet. His gaze had been following her since he’d arrived. Even when she’d been at the stove, she could feel it boring into her back. He still wanted her. Which was a good thing, because the plans she had for him were going to be fabulous.

Why she had a thing for her geeky writer neighbor was a little strange in the first place. Totally out of par with her normal choice in men.

But now that she’d seen what he was like when the sexual beast was unleashed…mmm. She got wet just thinking about it. Maybe after breakfast they could do a little dessert, so to speak.

She returned to the kitchen. “That was just a client saying she was going to be late.” She cocked her head. “What are you doing?”

Gavin was wandering around the room with some kind of device in his hand. He turned around, a sheepish smile on his face.

“It’s an EMF detector. It picks up disruptions in electronic fields. Look, I know you said you didn’t want me to run any tests. But this isn’t really a—”

“You’re checking for ghosts?” Her eyes widened and she shook her head. Then it hit her, and her stomach dropped. “Oh, my God, I’m such an idiot. You didn’t come here to apologize. You snuck in here to run some of those ridiculous tests.”

He froze, his expression shocked. “No. No, Taylor. That’s not it at all—”

“And I even fed you breakfast.” She laughed, feeling stupider with every passing second. Man, she’d been an idiot. Deciding to let him in this morning and taking his apology at face value. “You had me going.”


“I’m sorry, but I have clients arriving tomorrow and a house to prepare. Run your damn tests, Gavin, and then leave.”

Stupid! She was so stupid. Before he could respond, she turned and stalked away. She’d barely taken two steps when his arm wrapped around her waist and jerked her to a halt, then spun her around.

His gaze, hard and determined, caught hers.

“Let go of m—”

Gavin’s mouth closed over hers, cutting off her protest.

Taylor slammed her hands against his chest in an attempt to push him away, but it was like trying to move a brick wall.

His tongue thrust past her lips to take control of hers, his hands gripped her hips and he jerked her tight against his erection. His cock ground into her stomach and her damp arousal coated her panties. She stopped trying to push him away and instead, slid her hands up to wrap around his neck, pulling him closer.

He backed her up, not breaking the kiss, until she was against the wall.

“I want you,” he ground out, untying the strings of her apron.

We’re getting pummeled in the Puget Sound area with snow. It’s fantastic! After a cold summer, and no snow last year, finally we’re having some fun weather! A few inches already. Wheee!

The bad news is the kid is sick with that hacking cough and 101 fever, so she doesn’t get to experience sledding or snowman building (sigh). She’s currently curled up, asleep in the recliner. So I’ve been getting in a bit of writing, copyedits, cover discussion…good times!

For anyone in the area, hope you’re enjoying the pre-winter blast and not too ensnared in the awful traffic it’s causing!

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘Make Me Laugh’. Check out my excerpt and then visit other sites!

The man she wants is the one she must deceive.

Seattle Steam Book 2

Christy Wallace may be a respectable Seattle Spanish teacher, but she’s got a sultry side. She lets it come out to play during the summer, when she moonlights as a Salsa dancing instructor.

Sexy, cowboy Adam wants more time with her than just a fleeting cup of coffee, but she makes it clear that if he wants her, he’ll have to sign up for dance class. Amazingly enough, he does. And Christy finds herself falling for a charming country hick with hands as fast as his feet.

Adam’s no hick, though. He’s the owner of Adam’s Apples, the fastest-growing cider business in eastern Washington. To his own surprise, one night with her has him thinking in terms of forever. That is, until he walks into a restaurant for a family lunch—and finds Christy on the arm of his brother.

Is there a logical explanation? Or is something rotten in Seattle?

Buy Tempting Adam at Amazon


“I’d offer to buy you a beer, but they’re free.”

Christy glanced up at the man who’d just come to stand beside her.

“And the fact that I already have one?” She tilted the neck of her bottle at him.

He wasn’t too bad-looking—a little more beefy than she was used to. Kind of had that whole football linebacker bulk going on, and maybe the mentality of one who’d taken too many hits to the head.

“Yeah, but you’re almost done with it.”

“So I am.” She downed the rest and tossed the bottle in a nearby barrel full of other empty bottles.

“Tell you what, little lady.” He giggled—actually giggled. “And you are little. I can get you another beer, or we can dance. Do either of those sound good to you?”

Not really. But then watching Mandy Lou and Adam circle the floor like freaking homecoming royalty wasn’t a much better option.

“We can dance.”

So, how much was she going to regret this? He grabbed her wrist, almost dragging her onto the dance floor. If he lifted her off the ground at any time and attempted to carry her, it was over.

“So, you’re not from around here, are you?”

“I’m from Seattle,” she replied as they found a place in-between couples.

He draped a meaty arm around her waist and held her hand with his free one. When his fingers started moving up her ribs, she accidentally stepped on his foot with her high heel.

“Sorry.” Yeah right.

“About what?”

God, was his foot so big that he hadn’t even felt that? She’d have to try harder next time.

“What’s your name, little lady?”

“Not little lady, that’s for sure.”

“I like you, you’re kind of funny.”

When Christy looked up at him, he was smiling and she noticed he was missing a few important teeth. Score one for the too many hits in football theory.

“You got a boyfriend?”

“No. And I’m not looking, thanks.”

“So are you one of them girls just looking for sex then?”

“Uh, tempting as that may be, I’m gonna have to say no.” She gave a shudder of disgust. Weren’t country boys supposed to be all polite and gentleman-like?

“Well, I guess we can just dance then.”

“I guess so.” Christy shot another loathing glance at Adam and Mandy Lou.

Good Lord, could Mandy Lou get any closer to Adam? They didn’t need to be that close. It was like they were lovers or something.

The thought stuck. Had they been lovers?

The way the other woman was gazing up at him, and giggling as they danced around the barn…it wouldn’t surprise her if they had. Maybe at one point at least. Interesting. She would have to keep a closer eye on those two.

Leah Braemel
Mari Carr
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
Vivian Arend
Ashley Ladd
Delilah Devlin
HelenKay Dimon
Lauren Dane
Sasha White
Shelley Munro
TJ Michaels
Shelli Stevens
Jody Wallace

I want to take a moment (or blog post) to thank all the veterans out there. To those who’ve served our country, those who continue to, and those who lost their lives serving our country. What you do is amazing and please don’t every think we don’t appreciate you!

Today I learned I lost an amazing person in my life. She was 93 and lived a long, exciting life. For years after my daughter was born, I would grandmasit her a couple days a week. This would mean spending time with her, taking her to lunch, helping her shop. Keeping an eye on her as her dementia grew progressively worse and consuming.

Toshie, or Phylis as she often went by, was the the mother-in-law of my aunt. She was an American born Japanese woman, born in the early twentieth century. She would often tell me stories of her life and travels. How her mother had taught her the Japanese harp. The years she lived in Hawaii, studied hula, and the husband she lost decades ago to cancer. How she worked with the military during World War II, and her husband was a Japanese translator for Army intelligence. And sometimes she would talk of the darker stories moments of her life in a Japanese Concentration camp here in the northwest, and how her son (my uncle through marriage) was born there. But there was never any bitterness when she spoke of those times….

Phylis was a fascinating, lovely woman and it was tragic when dementia eventually ripped those stories and memories from her mind. And ultimately the recognition of her family and who I was. She wasn’t my biological grandma, but I adopted her so to speak. I have no living grandparents and always adored her.

She will be deeply missed, and yet I’m so happy she’s free of the prison that her body became, and can finally reunite with her husband.

I have been a terrible, terrible blogger. Been helping out with my dad in his triple bypass recovery (which is  long and painful process for those who know!), getting stung by a bee (when I’m allergic), and dealing with other not so fun things. BUT! I have a fabulous recap of my ghost hunting conference I’ve been meaning to share. A week over due! I’m so so sorry! So here it is:

I took a Halloween weekend break to attend a ghost hunting conference with other author friends. It was held in the charming, fascinating, TINY town of Port Gamble. Now I’d never ghost hunted, but I have always been fascinated by the idea of it. I’ve done some research and even have a sexy romantic novella about a ghost hunter and a woman who owns a haunted house (previously published, and I will likely put up on Amazon when I have time!).

There were all levels of ghost hunters, some much more ‘equipped’ than others. My friends and I being the others. ::blushie:: Who knew I needed more than wine and chocolate? At night was when the ghost hunts/walks were held, but during the day there were fabulous workshops and speakers such as Neil McNeil who works in parapsychology, spiritual advisor Ankhasha Amenti, and many other fascinating people with fascinating info/stories.

So here’s the pics and scoop of what happened. Be sure to read the captions for the scoop!

Here’s a group of us (most writers I won’t call out!) at lunch together at a tea room. The restaurant was in an old house (as is much of the town) and was super charming. I’m a happy, upbeat person, but in here I started to feel kind of a heaviness, sadness, and the beginning of a headache. (Which I’ve learned can be picking up on a presence or history of place. I’m still not sure on it all. This was the only place I had this reaction though).

This is the Walker-Ames house, apparently one of the most haunted houses in Washington state. This is one of the places I was able to ‘ghost hunt’ at night. Which really (since I had no equipment) was using my senses. Kind of like the tea shop where it was all senses and I felt something.

The attic of this house gave me a creepy vibe, a bit uneasy, and my stomach started to hurt. They say this is where the where the nanny lived. I really couldn’t wait to get out of there. Then there’s just me posing next to the beautiful stairwell (house was seriously beautiful!).

::dontdoit:: This is in the basement, where we were warned was a lot of activity. AND that the ghost liked women (especially single ones) okay that freaked me out a little. But I went downstairs and didn’t feel much. Actually, I found it easier to laugh and joke. Except one corner of the room made me a little nervous. So I took some pics, hoping to see something. Nothing showed up. Then I did that ‘hold my camera in front of me and take my own pic’ thing and look what showed up. That white line or thing in front of my face was NOT right in front of my face. No idea what that is. Or that mist to my left.
Here’s another pic that I took of myself in the basement. At first I noted nothing unusual. Until I remembered one of the guide’s saying the ghost/spirit or such liked to pull on girls hair. Do you see that strand of hair lifting off my head in a perfect curve upward? Like someone taller than me is pulling it? Again a little creepy. You can see the static on top of my hair, it doesn’t look like the hair going up.

Here’s a church we visited. I didn’t feel much in here. It was very charming and pretty. I took this pic outside. Could be a fluke on the way I took the picture. But here’s what I got. I retook it a second later and it was gone. So who knows.

Here’s the cemetery we also toured at night. This is the place I’d be most scared. Wasn’t bothered in the least. Found it very peaceful and fascinating.

But over all this was a fabulous, fascinating weekend with friends and adventures. And OMG the best breakfast EVER at the General Store.

Edited to add:

People asked if anything weird has happened since I returned? And I say.. maybe? Could be weird flukey things, but I keep a list now:

-Hat has fallen off the shelf into hamper.

-a light that I was sure had just been off was on

-went to bed with 3 bars of battery life on cell, woke up to it beeping low (can’t remember that ever happening!)

-went to bed with that psychic lady’s card on my bedside table, woke up to it bent and on the floor

-my blue tooth (which was in my purse in the other room) turned on in the middle of a phone call on my cell phone

-phone turns on and off quite a bit recently

-I’ll Be Watching You by Sting was on my car radio every day at least once for three days, until I said ‘why is this song always on?’ then it hasn’t returned.