So I went out of town yesterday. Kind of a last little overnight to the parents’ cabin before the kid starts school. There’s no internet, so I get lots of writing in and the kid gets some fishing and beach time in. I hit a bunch of YES!! moments in the book I’m working on. So excited for it. Plus I’ve got a couple projects in mind to work on next. All are so different that it’s a bit exciting. Fortunately I write at a decent pace.

Anyway, I came home and was inspired to check my Amazon statistics. I found myself in a very lovely Lora Leigh/Jaci Burton and Nora Roberts sandwich in the top 100 romance best sellers. Amazon is fickle and changes pretty quick, so why yes, I did take a screen shot (you can click to make it big!). I’m still bouncing.

This is my cat Neo.

This is my cat Neo after the kidlet has play time with him…

I’d say I have a pretty patient cat. :P

My friend and chaptermate Susanna Fraser has her very first book out with Carina Press! I’m so excited for her because I know how talented she is and how awesome this book will be! So here’s a peek at her release and the info on where you can buy it! I’m hearing lots of buzz on it and it’s downloading to my Kindle right now! There’s also a lot of buzz on her website ;) Anna Arrington has been “following the drum,” obeying the wishes of her cold, controlling cavalry officer husband. When he dies, all she wants is to leave life with Wellington’s army in Spain behind her and go home to her family’s castle in Scotland.

Sergeant Will Atkins ran away from home to join the army in a fit of boyish enthusiasm. He is a natural born soldier, popular with officers and men alike, uncommonly brave and chivalrous, and educated and well-read despite his common birth.

As Anna journeys home with a convoy of wounded soldiers, she forms an unlikely friendship with Will. When the convoy is ambushed and their fellow soldiers captured, they become fugitives—together. The attraction between them is strong—but even if they can escape the threat of death at the hands of the French, is love strong enough to bridge the gap between a viscount’s daughter and an innkeeper’s son?

Buy links:

Direct from Carina Press

Amazon Kindle Store

I’m really excited to say I’ve accepted an offer from Carina Press for my book Negligee Behavior. I absolutely love this book. Love! And I’m so glad it’s found a great home.

Though the contract isn’t signed yet and there will likely be some changes, I posted a peek at the premise of my book (or the blurb I sent when I submitted!). Of course I’ll keep you updated on when this’ll come out and all that good stuff!

“Lingerie heiress” Brandy Summers is trying to live the simple life. But when her boyfriend Gordon suggests a quickie wedding while they’re in Vegas, complete with Elvis impersonator and inflatable arch, Brandy has second—and third—thoughts. Being thirty and single has to be better than marrying a reality show dentist who only loves her for her perfect teeth.

Kyle Vargas has given up the rat race to open a bar with his friend—determined to live a more uncomplicated life. Until he’s hijacked by a runaway bride who takes over his motorcycle…and starts to take over his life. He swore he wasn’t going to get involved, especially with a good girl wanting to turn bad, but he’s finding Brandy harder and harder to resist.

Now they’re both on the run from Gordon, who’s become surprisingly aggressive in his pursuit. As Brandy starts to let loose, she realizes that maybe being a bit naughty isn’t as horrible as she thought. But how long can a good girl be bad? And is Kyle really all he seems?

I’m blogging at the Bradford Bunch doing a summer wrap up and giving away a book off my backlist! Hop on over to comment for a chance to win!

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘Characters Interacting’. My snippet is from my most recent book Going Down. Check out my excerpt and then hop on by to the blogs listed below.

Holding Out for a Hero, Book 1

Eleanor Owen needs to get out of Chicago and quick. It’s not that she doesn’t want to obey the subpoena to testify against her drug-trafficking ex-boyfriend. It’s making it to the witness stand alive, should a dirty cop make good on his threats.

Tiny, remote Wyattsville, Oregon looks like the perfect place to disappear, but it’s hard to blend into the woodwork when one of the town’s infamous namesakes sends her heart racing. Worse, Mr. Tall, Hot and Packing is the town sheriff, which means she should stay as far away from him as possible.

Tyson Wyatt is positive the sexy new girl in town is hiding something. Question is, what? He vows to feel out her secrets—including what she feels like beneath him. Preferably naked. Until then, he’s not buying the story she’s selling.

Their chemistry is sheet-melting hot, and Ellie realizes much too late that the man with the badge is as dangerous to her heart as her ex is to her life…

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After climbing out of the patrol car, Tyson headed to the shop and then ducked slightly to get his tall frame under the pink overhang that was supposed to resemble the frosting on a cupcake. He entered just in time to hear his brother begging for food.

“Come on, Kate, just one chocolate cupcake,” Todd pleaded with his most charming grin. “Besides, have you supported your local firefighter today?”

Tyson rolled his eyes and approached the counter, wondering how many times his brother had used that line to get free food from Kate. Although, it probably didn’t help that Kate had been nursing a crush on the youngest Wyatt brother for years now.

And Kate’s scowl wasn’t convincing, because her cheeks were flushed as she muttered, “I support my local firefighter every day of the week! If I give you cupcakes all the time, Todd, I swear to God, I’ll be working for free.” Still, a moment later, she reached for one of the frosted treats.

“I’ll support the firefighters today,” Tyson intervened with a grimace. “Just put it on my tab, Kate.”

“Ty, when did you get here?” Todd turned away from the counter, cupcake in hand and flirting with Kate forgotten.

“Just dropping in for a few,” Tyson murmured, feeling a twinge of sympathy for Kate when disappointment flashed in her gaze. But then she lowered her head and busied herself with something behind the counter.

“Coming in for breakfast?” Trevor, the oldest Wyatt brother, called out from where he sat by the window, reading the paper. He’d driven down for the weekend from Fort Lewis in Washington State, where he was currently stationed in the Army.

“I would, but some of us work for a living.” Tyson grinned and scratched the back of his neck. “Got a question for you guys, though. Anyone know anything about the new gal renting the Bakemans’ place?”

Trevor shrugged, but didn’t lift his gaze from the paper. “Heard she’s hot.”

“Wait, what’s this about a new hot chick in town?” Todd asked, pulling out a chair at the table.

Annoyance had Tyson’s smile tightening. Usually the fact that Todd flirted with anyone with breasts amused him, but thinking about his younger brother dropping by Ellie’s place wasn’t quite as funny this time.

“Don’t know much about her. But I’m planning on remedying that,” Tyson admitted.

Trevor lowered his coffee mug as his brows rose. “Interesting. I do believe our brother just staked claim on the new chick.”

“Suck it, Trevor. I’m just saying—”

“That you think she’s hot and we should back the hell off. We got it, bro,” Todd inserted before taking a huge bite of his cupcake.

Tyson stared at them in disbelief, heat stealing up his neck. Staking his claim on Ellie? Hell, he didn’t even know her. All he knew was she was a stranger in town who ran from law enforcement. Which was not a good sign.

“Shit, you guys are impossible,” he grumbled. “Let me know if you hear anything about her.”

Then he turned to leave the shop and head back to his patrol car to see what dispatch had discovered.

Lauren Dane
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McKenna Jeffries
Shelley Munro
Taige Crenshaw
Vivian Arend
HelenKay Dimon
Jody Wallace
Shelli Stevens

I’m off again. I only have a quick second to check in and say… see ya! Off to Disneyland with the kid. Hope everyone’s having a great summer!