I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend (or to those of us in the States!) Over the weekend I was crazy and took on not just my own kid, but two more! I’m telling you I could barely form a thought with those girls running around. And somewhere in all the chaos I got a message on my phone telling me that my book Take Me had finaled in the Greater Detroit’s Booksellers’ Best awards! I was absolutely thrilled to hear that message and kept thinking…oh dear, they’ve made a mistake ::blushie:: I posted the complete list of finalists at the end of this blog. I’m in some stellar company!

In other news, I have a book coming out on Friday! My short but oh so naughty story Bad Girls Do is coming out from Cobblestone Press! Cobblestone Press is celebrating four years of being open! Yay! You can sneak a peak at an excerpt here.

Greater Detroit’s Booksellers’ Best Contest


Helen Brenna, From The Outside
Lucy Gordon, Italian Tycoon, Secret Son
Fiona Harper, Invitation to the Boss’s Ball
Glynna Kate, Dreaming Of Home
Joselyn Vaughn, CEO’s Don’t Cry


Christine Columbus, The Perfect Country and Western Story
Robyn Grady, The Billionaire’s Fake Engagement
Sandra Hyatt, Having The Billionaire’s Baby
Geri Krotow, What Family Means
Lynne Marshall, Temporary Doctor, Surprise Father
Cara Summers, Twin Temptation
Cara Summers, Christmas Male


Lisa Dale, Simple WIshes
Susan Gable, A Kid To The Rescue
Elaine Grant, No Hero Like Him
Janice Maynard, Hot Mail
Terry McLaughlin, A Small Town Reunion
Kay Stockham, Simon Says Mommy
Linda Warren, Caitlyn’s Prize


Toni Blake, One Reckless Summer
Marilyn Brant, According To Jane
Robin Kaye, Breakfast in Bed
Susan Mallery, Hot On Her Heels
Karen White, The Lost Hours


Kylie Brant, Waking The Dead
Marilee Brothers, Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam
Ava Gray, Skin Game
Sandy James, Free Falling


Jaci Burton, Riding On Instinct
Red Garnier, The Satin Sash
Lara Santiago, Rogue’s Run
Shelli Stevens, Take Me
Tracy Wolff, Full Exposure


Jennifer Ashley, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
Caroline Fyffe, Where The Wind Blows
Carolyn Jewel, Indiscreet
Margaret Mallory, Knight of Pleasure
Elizabeth Rolls, Lord Braybrook’s Penniless Bride
Christine Wells, Wicked Little Game


Anna Campbell, Captive of Sin
Hannah Howell, If He’s Wicked
Hannah Howell, If He’s Sinful
Regina Jeffers, Darcy’s Temptation


Sharon Ashwood, Ravenous: The Dark Forgotten
Maureen Child, Vanished
Lisa Childs, Immortal bride
Gail Dayton, New Blood
Cynthia Eden, Midnight’s Master
Ann Hinnenkamp, Dyad Dreams
Sharon Sala, The Warrior


Sandra Bricker, Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida
Amanda Cabot, Paper Roses
Irene Hannon, An Eye for an Eye
Trish Perry, Sunset Beach
Marlo Schalesky, If Tomorrow Never Comes
Missy Tippens, His Forever Love


Marilyn Brant, According To Jane
Red Garnier, The Satin Sash
Ann Hinnenkamp, Dyad Dreams
Glynna Kate, Dreaming Of Home

Have a great week everyone! And once again, happy Memorial Day!

Brrr! You know I think this has to be the chilliest Memorial Day weekend I can remember in a long time. It’s raining non-stop, I’m not sure we’ve even hit 55 degrees. It’s just definitely NOT bbq and swimming pool weather. I’m more in the mood for hot apple cider and Christmas carols.

Well I’m all caught up on True Blood and think I’ll become a watcher. Yeah! Or wait. No! I really don’t like the idea of shelling out for HBO, but what can you do when you’re hooked?

Anyway, back to enjoying my weekend. I just wanted to post a quick blog to thank all those who’ve given their time and sometimes their lives for our country. Words of thanks can never be enough.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! (here’s a pic from my D.C. trip last year)

Thanks to Vivi Andrews who nominated me for the Bald Faced Liar game! How does this work? I’ve posted seven statements about myself below. At least one is true and all the rest are lies. Anyone want to take a guess on which is true?

I’ve tagged a few bloggers of my own, but who knows if they’ll be up for the challenge!

Lacy Danes
Karen Erickson
Casey Sheridan
Emma Petersen
Damned Scribbling Women
Crystal Jordan

* * * * * * * * *
1. I’m f*cking Matt Damon.
2. I once had lunch with a former president.
3. I love the taste of blood so much I fantasize about becoming a vampire.
4. I’ve traveled around the world on a sail boat.
5. I’ve been offered the chance to become a prostitute.
6. I can hold my breath for two minutes and twelve seconds.
7. My cat is a shapeshifter from the future.

Yesterday I was supposed to chaperone twenty-five kindergartners to the zoo. I was all psyched up and prepared with my Starbucks. And then I stepped wrong and my back went all kinds of nuts. Like hunched over, twisted, crying mama pain. So the chaperoning gig was canceled and I was looking at a day in bed.

So with all day in bed, plenty of painkillers and anti-inflams in my system, I decided to watch some tv/movies. First I rented Valentine’s Day on Itunes. I thought it was cute, but obviously they were trying to copy Love Actually’s multi cast/relationship formula (right down to the little blond kid who’s supposed to make you go aaah so cute, but whom I actually found mildly annoying). V.D. was a cute, mindless flick, but it doesn’t give me the same deep emotional punch that Love Actually does. Still, it killed a couple hours.

Then, knowing I couldn’t yet get up, I decided to see what the fuss was about. I decided to rent the first episode of True Blood on Amazon. First one didn’t really hook me, but the ending did enough to make me buy the second. And the same thing, somewhat into it, but did I really want to invest in the whole two seasons to catch up? Hmm. After much Twitter debate, I ordered it. And I think I have buyer’s remorse. I mean, when am I’m going to watch it? I still won’t have HBO when season three starts.

Well, it’s Thursday now, and my back is mostly better. So I don’t really have a reason to lie around all day and watch movies/tv shows. Kind of a bummer actually. But I should probably write again (because obviously my True Blood habit is going to cut into that when those puppies arrive), maybe get some exercise. Hmm. Or maybe take it easy on the exercise.

Anyway…happy almost weekend!

So we’ve been having great weather out here lately. YAY! I spent some time at the beach with the kid, and realized that when you’re lacking a sand bucket, you can use your empty Starbucks cup to build castles!

Again, I have to say how much I love the Pacific Northwest. Especially when the sun is out. It’s during the winter I kind of dream of California though :P

Anyway, I’m offline for a weekend with the Cherry Plotters! So excited to get my creative juices flowing full speed and help others do the same! Have a great one everyone!

to the Bradford Bunch blog if you get bored! I did a little post about hometowns!

Brenda Novak’s Diabetes Online Auction is going on now! There’s so many fabulous items to bid on. It’s for readers, writers, and anybody out there! Lots of stuff  like celebrity autographs, trips, baskets, etc.

Check out the basket I donated! And then surf around and see what strikes your fancy.

The money raised goes to a great cause! Drop on by!

Gosh, it’s been awhile since I blogged. But I was gearing up for the Romantic Times Convention and now am back. It was my first time attending RT and I must say, it was FABULOUS! I had such a great time mingling with authors, readers, booksellers, librarians, reviewers, RT staff, cover models *cough*, and more!

It was fantastic for networking and yes, a bit of a party too. I’d been warned, and I’m not going to lie, I had fun. I don’t get out a whole heck of a lot! ;) There were also great workshops to see (one I presented with a few other gals).

The weather wasn’t bad (not that I got out much!). It’s true that lots of networking happen in the bar. And the elevator. And speaking of elevators, we spent lots of time in a restaurant/brewery called The Elevator and it was FABULOUS food. It was inside an old movie theater (or just made to look that way?).

Overall, it was a great experience, fun to hang out with such great people and dress up sometimes! I channeled my inner costume freak!

Here are a few pics! For more, visit my Facebook page.

Bradford Agency dinner
Bradford Agency dinner

At Samhain wine and cheese gathering

Fairy Ball

vampire ball