Okay, so I’m looking for affordable ways to keep myself beautified, right? And I’m Googling around for ‘natural’ exfoliates. And what do I find?

Coffee grounds! That’s right. When you’re done with your morning cup of java, don’t toss it, use it. The past couple of days I’ve been scooping out a spoonful of used coffee grounds and washing my face with it (mixing it with a little Cetaphil face wash!). My skin feels awesome! It sloughs off dead cells and supposedly helps regenerate the growth of new ones. The caffeine energizes your skin!

You can ALSO (and I haven’t tried this!) use it as a cellulite fighter by using it as a body scrub. I remember some celebrity saying she did this, can’t remember who. I foresee myself drinking much more coffee ::yesyes::

Other things I found you can use your coffee grounds for…

Composting: Makes the ground richer & more acidic
Highlights: Adds subtle highlights for brunettes!

Seriously, Google for more ideas with used coffee grounds. So much fun!

And now back to my novella writing, which should already be in progress. I’m getting closer to finishing Command and Control, the second novella in my Holding out for a Hero series. Check out the blurb for Going Down which I just posted!

Welcome to another Snippet Saturday. Today’s theme is fight scene. I decided to go for the verbal fight instead of the physical one today :P

Check out my excerpt from Luck be Delanie and then blog hop to the links below to read more.

Long ago, Delanie made one gigantic mistake. Or committed one small felony, depending on how you look at it. Stealing a coin from a sexy stranger was just a prank to help a sorority sister get revenge. The sleeping with him part was totally unplanned. Yet she holds the memory of that one intense, passionate connection close to her heart—like the coin she still wears around her neck.

Six years later, she’s invited to a beautiful resort in the San Juan Islands to not only accept a donation for an abused women’s shelter, but to consider a job opportunity as well.

Instead, she finds herself face-to-face with her past.

Grant has always suspected Delanie stole his rare, lucky coin. He just never knew why—or why she disappeared the morning after their hot night together. After spending years looking for her, he’s lured her right where he wants her. He’ll have his answers, come hell or high water.

And, if things go his way, he’ll have Delanie, too.

Available here.


“So, who’s the boyfriend?”

His words made her stomach drop and all her ridiculous notions evaporate. So he had overheard her and Roberta back at the resort.

“You don’t know him,” she murmured. Chances were he’d probably heard of him, but having the my boyfriend is a senator talk wasn’t one she wanted to delve into right now.

“No, I probably don’t.” She wasn’t deceived by his casual shrug. “But speaking as another guy, I know he wouldn’t be too happy if he found out you were screwing around with someone else.”

He slowed the boat and she looked over the edge to see several groups of rocks protruding under the water.

“If he found out?” she repeated, annoyance pricking. “Is that some kind of threat?”

“No.” He met her gaze, his expression not so heated anymore. “The only accountability you have is to your own conscience. I have no guilt for what happened between us, though I’m not sure you can say the same.”

Her nostrils flared. “What gives you the right to judge me? You have no idea what kind of relationship I have with him.”

The boat jolted as he put them ashore. He stood up and killed the motor, stepping towards her.

“No. I don’t. So why don’t you enlighten me?”

She opened her mouth to reply, but he stepped past her. He grabbed the blankets and cooler, and climbed out of the boat.

Scrambling up from the bench seat, she put her hat back on and jumped out of the boat after him. The rocky beach crunched under her sandaled feet as she ran to catch up.

“Why don’t you stick around for a second so I can?” she yelled. “Besides, it’s not like we actually had sex. We just fooled around.”

She winced. Now there was an illogical teenager defense if she’d ever heard one. She didn’t blame Grant one bit when he turned around with a look of complete disbelief.

“I could have had you in the cabin, Lanie. You would have been getting your brains fucked out and liking it right about now if your phone hadn’t rung.”

Her jaw tightened. “That’s a little crude, but then I guess I should’ve expected that coming from y—”

“Was that him?” he asked suddenly, cocking his head as he walked back towards her, his eyes lit with anger and frustration. “Was that him calling?”

She folded her arms across her chest. Why lie? “Yes.”

His body went rigid and his mouth became a tight, straight line.

“You know, you seemed so damn innocent that night we met at the bar.” He shook his head.

“Why do you keep bringing up that night?” she muttered and turned away, staring back out at the water.

“Because I’m trying to merge the girl I knew that night and the woman you are now. You were so genuine that night.” His voice softened. “You laughed at my jokes and acted as if I were the only guy in the bar. We had so much in common. We went to the same university, had some of the same teachers…”

His voice trailed off abruptly and he didn’t speak for a moment. Then, “It wasn’t random, was it? You meeting me at the bar that night? You were looking for me.”

She clenched her teeth, refusing to answer. Her stomach rolled with the shock that he’d put it together.

“Was it part of your plan? Flirt with me at the bar. Go to bed with me. And then steal the coin in the morning?”

She spun around and snapped harshly, “Going to bed with you was never part of the plan!”

Grant’s head jerked back like he’d been slapped, his eyes widening.

The color drained from her face. How easily he’d maneuvered that confession.

“But stealing the coin was.” His words were low and icy. “You were a good fuck, but you weren’t that good. I want it back.”

Emma Petersen
TJ Michaels
Ashley Ladd
Lissa Matthews
McKenna Jeffries
Eliza Gayle
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Lauren Dane
Shelley Munro
Juliana Stone
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Juliana Stone

I have an article up at 1st Turning Point about coming out of the closet. Drop on by!
1st Turning Point

Welcome to another week of Snippet Saturday, today’s theme is ‘Family’. Read through my excerpt from my book Trust and Dare and then blog hop to the other links below!

One weekend. His rules. Inhibitions left at the door.

Angry that yet another military man has done her family wrong, Abby Cook plots sweet revenge. But when her plan goes awry, she discovers that she’s targeted the wrong military man.

Mason Tyler is not used to being disobeyed. Yet the curvy blonde has rejected his advances at every turn. When he catches her in the middle of a very destructive—not to mention illegal—prank, he offers her a deal. A deal that will keep her out of jail. And let him exact a little revenge of his own.

One weekend in his bed…no inhibitions, no refusals. But when the weekend is up, will Mason be ready to let Abby go?

Available here.


She drew her lip between her teeth. Maybe it was time to re-evaluate that whole not dating military thing. Maybe her experiences had been circumstantial. Maybe Mason was different. Her stomach twisted at the thought. Oh, but that was a lot of trust. And they were only just getting to know each other.

She lay in bed for a while longer, inhaling the yummy smell of bacon cooking.

Finally, she glanced at the clock. Damn! They’d slept until noon! She grabbed the phone that was on the bedside table and called her brother’s shop.

He answered on the second ring. “Daniel’s Auto. What can I do for you?”

“Danny, it’s Abby.” She sighed.

“Hey, sis. What’s up?” She could hear the sounds of the shop in the background, and he paused to yell something to one of his employees.

“Umm. Well, I screwed up kind of bad.”

“Not liking the tone of your voice. How bad? What’d you do this time?”

“I did that brake fluid thing you told me about on this truck—”

What? Tell me you didn’t.”

“I did, sorry. And it gets worse. When I did it, it was nighttime. And I, well, I accidentally did it to the wrong truck.”

“Oh God. Abby! You can’t be serious? Is he pressing charges?”

“Well, no… We actually worked out an arrangement.” Her cheeks warmed. Hopefully she didn’t sound as obvious as she felt. “Will you cut me a deal so I can get it fixed?”

“Shit, Abby. You get in more trouble than your high school students.” He sighed. “Yeah, bring it by today and I’ll see what we can do.”

She glanced up as Mason came back into the room with two plates in his hand. He paused in the doorway, watching her closely.

“Look, I’ll call you later, Danny. You’re the best. Love you.” She hung up the phone and smiled. “Hey.”

“Hey. Who were you on the phone with?” He crossed the room and set the plates of food on the nightstand. Then he sat down on the bed and ran his thumb over her mouth.

The gesture sent a tremble through her body. “M-my brother. I was arranging to have your truck fixed.”

He was silent a moment, but cupped the back of her neck in a hard grasp, dragging her head close.

“Ah. For a minute, I thought you might have had another guy.” He stared at her. “And I didn’t like the way it made me feel.”

“There’s no one else,” she whispered, her pulse raced at the intensity in his gaze. Was he jealous? And would it be wrong of her to like it if he was?

“Good.” His mouth brushed over hers and she melted, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Leah Braemel
Emma Petersen
TJ Michaels
Ashley Ladd
Lissa Matthews
McKenna Jeffries
Eliza Gayle
Shelli Stevens
Lauren Dane
Shelley Munro
Jody Wallace
Taige Crenshaw
Eliza Gayle
Mari Carr
Elisabeth Naughton
Juliana Stone

Okay, so life has gotten busy and I’m being a sucky little blogger again! My apologies.

So I’m working on finishing a manuscript for my agent to shop, and a novella for Samhain. Did I mention I have a new novella series coming out with Samhain? Loving it! The series is called Holding out for a Hero. It follows three brothers who are from a small town (that their ancestors founded!) and each of them went into different heroic careers. I’m having a lot of fun writing their stories! Look for the first one (Going Down–cop term of course ;) to come out this summer.

Also, I’ve been indulging my creative side and experimenting with making bath melts (with cocoa and shea butter). I’ve been buying them online and realizing…hey, I could probably make these. So I experimented today, and this is the result. I must say I’m pretty proud! And I added so much cocoa butter they smell like chocolate! Crazy!

It’s a busy week. I’ve been meeting friends and going out with family because it’s my birthday week. And I come from a family where when it’s your birthday, you get to celebrate for at least a week or two (killer on the healthy eating though! GAHR! I’m trying, though.

Anyway, if I’m a little MIA now you know why. Keep having fun and behaving yourself!

I’m at the Bradford Bunch confessing my guilty pleasure movie! Come on by and share yours!

Well, my weekend and Monday had a lot to do with guns. And I thought I’d blog about it!

On Saturday the GSRWA brought in someone to speak on guns. I learned a ton and took lots of notes (not sure it was cute or pathetic that I compared loading a magazine to filling a Pez dispenser?) It was a lot of fun and interactive. We had members turn out whom I haven’t seen in awhile, so that made it even better!

Then this morning I woke up bright and early to go meet Dennis (the speaker) as his first guest to be taken out to the shooting range. The drive out there was so pretty, and when we arrived there were police officers doing some kind of practice drills (or something). So it didn’t feel quite as B.F.E.  So we picked a little range section to get off some shots. And Dennis was so great, he let ME do all the shooting.

I was a bit nervous to take my first shot. I mean, how do you hold a gun (and seriously I think I got close to getting it ‘right’ around the 1.5 hour mark!). I was afraid of the recoil everyone warned me about. That my hands would hurt. But after I got set up (he helped me adjust my hands) I took my first shot. And I was addicted. It was way better (and yet oddly similar?) to those little firework gun poppers that shoot out streamers. :P

So then I began to focus on things like my stance and trying to keep my arms from flying up after I pull the trigger. I actually HIT within the circles I was aiming at on the paper target, sometimes really close to the bulls eye. I tried out all kinds of guns (and I KNOW my ‘gun speak’ in this blog will not likely be correct). I used two different Glocks, a Lady Smith and Wesson, a bigger Smith and Wesson, and a…ugh, not sure but it shot .22? I kept the gold casings of each one I shot as a souvenir. I’ve got a .45, .40, .38, .22, 9mm. Shooting the .45 was pretty impressive. I’ll say the larger Smith and Wesson had the most painful/aggressive recoil. I didn’t shoot that more than a handful of times.

So overall, I think using the .40 with the Glock was my fave. Not too heavy and feel pretty awesome. The .22 (can’t remember the gun name) was super smooth and easy, but probably not as impactful. I have to confess, before today I was always a bit anti-gun. They scare me. But holding one, firing with them, and hearing more about them in the chapter meeting really took away some of the fear. It made them NOT so unknown.

I had a BLAST! Thanks, Dennis!

First, I’m up for best book of the week at Whipped Cream reviews! Protecting Phoebe received a WONDERFUL review that made me all teary. Come by and vote!

Welcome to Snippet Saturday. Today’s theme is for ‘Lost Loves’. My excerpt is from my novella in Sexy Beast VII. Read the excerpt below and then hop to the other blogs to enjoy more!

Sexy Beast VII

Big and bold, primal and powerful, these men have a seductive sensuality that no woman can resist. Come enter their world of carnal desires and wanton sexuality…if you dare…

“Chanku Challenge” by Kate Douglas

When Beth and Nick first discovered the amazingly sensual power of their Chanku birthright, the desire to mate was fierce and uncontrollable. But Beth remains haunted by an event from her past, and she must confront it in order to accept her new life and find the happiness she so desperately seeks…

“Eye of the Beholder” by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Terrified at the rumors of her new husband’s hideous disfigurement, Larra of Rellmon fears the night and his approach. But as the hooded Dauer caresses her body Larra’s shivers of terror become quivers of ecstasy, and under cover of darkness she willingly submits to complete sexual surrender…

“His To Reclaim” by Shelli Stevens

Five years ago Gemma gave her heart and soul to a fellow werejaguar only to have him disappear. Now Hunter has come back and kidnapped her on her wedding day in order to make her his again, and he will tempt, tease and taunt her body to the heights of hedonistic pleasure to get exactly what he wants…


“I’ve come here to talk.” His gaze once again turned unreadable. “I want to explain why I did what I did.”

“I’m sorry, would that be kidnapping me on my wedding day? Or the part where you fucked me five years ago and forgot I existed.”

He was across the floor, pulling her up from the bed before she could blink.

“I never forgot you, angel,” he said thickly, his face pressed close to hers. “Let’s just clear that up right here and now.”

Her heart tripped, but she swallowed the hope that threatened. She couldn’t afford such weakness.

“Forget I said anything. It doesn’t matter anymore.” She swallowed hard, forcing herself to say, “I’m in love with another man, or have you forgotten?”

His nostrils flared, and he shook his head, mouth thinning. “Don’t lie to me, Gemma. I know you better than that.”

Was she really that transparent? Frustration boiled in her belly. It wasn’t right that he could read her so easily!

“Apparently you don’t know me that well.” She lifted her chin, forcing her gaze to be deliberately hard. “You have to let me go at some point, Hunter. So know this. Once you do, I’m going straight back to Jeffrey, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

He blinked, the only indication that she’d gotten to him was the slight tic in his jaw.

“Angel, what makes you think I’ll let you go?” he asked softly. His gaze moved over her body. “You promised me forever, and I don’t take well to people breaking their promises.”

She stopped breathing. Her legs weakened and her mind spun. He was screwing with her head. Of course she knew it. There was no possible way he could literally keep her hidden forever. But it still didn’t stop her gut reaction and desperate panic.

She clenched her fists. She couldn’t love him again. Wouldn’t love him again. Gemma reloaded with the only ammunition she had and then took her shot.

“You were not my only lover, Hunter.”

He flinched, his face tightening as if she’d hit him. But he recovered all too soon, saying stealthily, “But I was your first, Gemma. And I intend to be your last.”

The sheer arrogance of his statement had her reacting without thought, swinging her palm toward his cheek.

He caught her wrist, eyes burning.

She finally broke, everything inside her crumbling. There was no fighting him.

“I hate you, Hunter. Do you have any idea what you’ve done to my life?” she choked out, tugging at her wrist. “I was going to start over today with a decent man. I’d put you behind me. And in one day, you’ve demolished every step I took to get over you.”

“First, Jeffrey is not a decent man by any means.”

“Oh! What gives you any right—”

“And, second,” he ground out. “I don’t want you to get over me. Ever.”

She swung at him with her other hand, but he captured her second wrist just as easily as the first.

He dragged her body fiercely against his until her curves were squashed against every hard inch of his body; his cock jammed fully erect into her belly.

Heat flared in every inch of her body, and tingles of awareness seared her blood.

His mouth hovered above hers, his breath hot against her face. “You haven’t forgotten me any more than I’ve forgotten you, angel. Admit it.”

“But I deserve to,” she whispered. “I have every right.”

“Yes.” His forehead touched hers, his voice unsteady as he said, “But thank God you didn’t.”

He crushed her mouth with his, the ruthless invasion of his tongue leaving no doubt in her mind that he meant to claim her again tonight.

Leah Braemel
Emma Petersen
TJ Micheals
Ashley Ladd
Lissa Matthews
McKenna Jeffries
Shelli Stevens
Taige Crenshaw
Eliza Gayle
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Elisabeth Naughton
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