Welcome back to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s snippets are ‘humorous’ scenes! My excerpt is from my book Love for Sale! Enjoy my snippet and then blog hop to read others!

After her oversexed grandma talks her into signing up for the ‘Buy a Dame’ fundraiser, Jessica Davis gets a makeover and goes on the auction block. She never expected the roughly sexy man who’d buy her, or the plans he had in store.

Josh Thomas came to Leaf Island after his grandpa died to do some hard core thinking. He hadn’t planned on buying a woman for the weekend and then falling hard for her. She seems equally enamored, but will she still want him when she finds out the one thing he’s been hiding?


“And last, we have Jessica Davis, my lovely granddaughter.”

Ah, finally my turn. Placing a hand on my hip, I stepped forward with an ‘I’m the next Miss America’ grin, and waited to hear the bids shouted out. This was it. This was my moment of glory. This was…dead silence.

My smile froze a bit, my glance moved around the room. Had I suddenly lost my hearing? Most of the men were looking at me like I was the horse that might have to be put down. A handful of guys even got up and left.

Cold sweat broke out over my body, as panic caused my pulse to skyrocket. Oh God. It was actually happening. The reason I’d never bothered to sign up for this auction before. The fear that nobody would bid on me.

There was literally nobody bidding on me.

Grams cleared her throat. “Jessie makes a wonderful apple pie from scratch. Don’t you, Jess?”

I’d never made a pie in my life. I could barely manage to push a frozen Sara Lee in the oven.

“Sure,” I mumbled, my lips numb even though I kept smiling. A few of the girls behind me snickered and my cheeks burned. I wanted the stage to just crack and swallow me whole.

“Four dollars and fifty cents.” A shaky voice finally rang out.

Grams sighed. “Oh, dear. Mr. Smith, this isn’t a bargaining auction. Bidding must actually start at five dollars.”

“All right, fine. Five dollars then,” he grumbled. More giggling came from behind me.

Waldo Smith? My stomach dropped and I wanted to jump off the stage to end my misery. Heck, I’d risk a broken leg over escaping him any day.

Waldo Smith was, like, eighty years old. I’d heard the horrific stories from the girls in the dressing room. Waldo’s soul purpose of buying a girl was to have her read him stories in dirty magazines, and wash down his urine saturated bathroom.

“Wonderful. Do I hear five dollars and fifty cents?”

Dead silence. It was so quiet you could hear the ticking from the grandfather clock in the back. Somebody sneezed. This was it. I was going to spend my next two days mopping up piss when I wasn’t busy narrating porn.

“Come on boys, do it for the children!” Grams begged. “Or there’ll be no new books next year.” A few more men got up and left, rather than face the guilt trip from Grams.

I lowered my head. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel so pretty anymore.

Obviously, a makeover and a nice dress hadn’t done an ounce of good. Nobody wanted me except a dirty old man that couldn’t hit the toilet.

“One thousand‐dollars.” A voice ripped through the silence, reverberating in the room.

“Sold!” Grams yelled.

My chin jerked up as my jaw dropped and my eyes went wide.

Who the hell had just paid one‐thousand‐dollars for me? For me! I looked around the room, desperate to find the voice. The whispers behind me went rampant.

“Did he just say one thousand dollars?”

“Do you see him? Oh my God! He looks like a Hell’s Angel.”

“I’d rather have Mr. Smith.”

I finally found him, leaning against the wall in the back. The same lazy smile on his face that he’d had in the hallway a short time ago.

Mr. Tattoo had just bought me.

Vivian Arend
McKenna Jeffries
Ashley Ladd
Kelly Maher
Shelley Munro
Taige Crenshaw
Lauren Dane
Shelli Stevens
TJ Michaels

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Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is Mistaken identity. The scene I’m sharing is from my book Cabin Fever. Enjoy my excerpt and then blog hop to see others!

When her roommate, needing a romantic weekend with her boyfriend, bribes her out of the house with use of an isolated cabin, Nikki reluctantly agrees. She didn’t realize the cabin came fully equipped with an uptight, yet incredibly sexy, man.

Chase is looking forward to a quiet weekend alone at his cabin. When he tackles someone who he believes to be an intruder, he’s surprised to find the unusual and sensual woman was given a key to his place.

Stuck together during a snowstorm, the heat from the fire isn’t the only thing heating up the cabin.

Available here


Slowing the car, she looked for the unmarked turn-off that should appear after an old wooden fence.

Twenty more minutes passed, and her eyes were starting to drift shut. She was sleepy, and there was virtually no light except for her headlights. She hadn’t passed another car in God knew how long.

She hit the brakes as a squirrel darted across the road.

“Damn, stupid—” her eyes widened. “Oh. The fence.”

It was so thin and run down, she’d almost missed it. Spotting the narrow dirt road beyond it, she turned in. That was fate for you; the squirrel had been her sign.

The crunching of her tires seemed obscenely loud in the quiet of the night. Her lights bounced down the road, finally locking on a small cabin at the end.

Finally! And it was exactly as Shaylee had described it. Quaint, surrounded by trees, with a creek she could hear flowing in the back.

Nikki pulled the car forward and parked it in front of the cabin. She climbed out, dragging the suitcase after her, and stomped up the wooden steps to the door.

Fumbling in her purse, she tried to find the key Shaylee had given her. Damn. It sure was dark. Didn’t people in the boondocks believe in porch lights?

Her fingers closed around the cold metal key, just as a yawn popped her jaw. Bed. That was the only thing on her mind. Screw the s’mores. Those could wait until breakfast.

She unlocked the door and swung it inward, reaching inside the door to find a light switch. Nothing.

Swearing under her breath, she stepped inside and kicked the door shut behind her. There had to be at least one light in this cabin.

Stretching her arms out and squinting—as if narrowed eyes would give her a better chance of seeing anything in the pitch black—she ran her hands over the smooth wooden walls.

No light switch, just more wall. Wall. More wall. Wait, what was that? Something warm, and…hairy?

“What the—” She jerked her hand back, just as arms wrapped around her waist and lifted her off her feet.

The war cry that erupted from whoever was behind her mixed with her terrified screams. The person—a man, it felt like—held her high against his chest as he crossed the cabin.

“Don’t hurt me! Oh, fuck, please don’t hurt me!” The air rushed from her lungs as she was flung onto a bed or couch. Fear clogged in her throat, and her blood pounded.

She rolled away in an attempt to escape from whoever it was, but he was already on top of her, pinning her hands above her head with a knee on each side of her waist.

Shit! If she got out of this alive, she would beat the crap out of Shaylee. Who the hell sends her friend up to an isolated cabin to get raped?

He transferred her wrists to one hand and lifted himself away a tiny bit. She heard him click on a lamp, and bright light filled the room. She squinted her eyes shut, crying out in pain.

“Who are you? Breaking and entering is illegal in case you didn’t know.”

His voice was rough, raspy, and—God, she was stupid for thinking it—damn sexy.

“Who am I?” she peeked at him through one eye, wondering if the man would match the voice. Yes, unfortunately. “I’m the bitch who’s about to have you arrested.”

Arrested? Was the woman nuts? Chase eyed the woman beneath him warily. She certainly looked a little…different.

Her black hair was in two braids, each one coming to rest just below her chin. Green eyes, rimmed in dark black eyeliner, glared up at him. Her tongue darted out across the lush mouth, tracing over the faded red lipstick stain.

His gaze moved lower to the tight black sweater that hugged full breasts. His cock stirred slightly, and he bit back a groan. Stop looking at her tits. He glanced lower, noting the obscenely tiny black and white plaid skirt that revealed pale white thighs below. Thighs which soon disappeared into knee-high, laced-up black boots.

He shook his head. Christ. Only he would catch a kinky gothic chick trying to break into the cabin he was using for the weekend.

“I think you’ve got that backwards, lady.” He reached down and grabbed his belt off the floor, wrapping it around her wrists.

“Oh, hell no. I’m into some freaky shit, but not with a complete stranger dressed like Mr. Rogers.”

Mr. Rogers? His eyebrows rose, and he glanced down at his brown slacks and blue sweater. He was not dressed like an old guy who’d done children’s shows. His attire was completely normal for a dentist just off from work.

“And I wasn’t breaking and entering, I had a key. Or did you miss that fact while you were tackling me like some football freak.” She glared at him. “What, didn’t make the team in high school, buddy? Living out your fantasy now on some poor, defenseless woman?”

“Defenseless? Ha.” Scowling, he tightened the notch a little and secured her to the bed. Too bad he didn’t have a gag, too.

“Where did you get the key? Did you find it in a purse you stole?” He glanced at her again, hoping she was sufficiently restrained while he grabbed his cell phone.

“Purse I stole?” Her eyes widened, and her mouth twisted into a scowl. She started jerking on the belt and kicking the air toward him. “You jackass. I don’t steal purses, despite you having already condemned me to be some druggy thief. I was given a key, Roger.”

“My name isn’t Roger,” he snapped.

She made a face and looked away from him. “Well, it suits you.”

“Fine. Say I believe you. Who on earth would give you a key to my cabin?”

“Your cabin?” Her gaze snapped back to him, the green eyes seeming a little more uncertain now. “No. This is Justin’s cabin.”

He stopped before he could dial the police. Justin? His blood pressure rose, and he pressed his palm against his forehead. Was she one of Justin’s latest women? It would certainly make sense. The man slept with anything with breasts and a pulse.

Snapping his cell shut, he walked back toward the bed.

“You know Justin?”

“Do I know Justin? Of course, I know him. Do you?” She looked downright irritated now.

“I should know him. He’s my brother.”

McKenna Jeffries
Vivian Arend
Ashley Ladd
Shelley Munro
Taige Crenshaw
Mari Carr
Shelli Stevens
Elisabeth Naughton

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In the mood for a hero? Or three? You know, if one guy doesn’t grab you, the other might. Or they all could. At once. :D  Today is the release of my book Four Play! This is my futuristic, super hot, erotic romance! Available here.

This was a lot of fun to write! Each guy is different and I loved showing how each went about winning Mikayla’s heart. Here’s some more info about the book, and don’t forget to drop by Naughty in the Back Seat where there’ll be an interview with me and a review of my book. Come on by!

Duty required she choose one life mate. Her heart wants all three.

Mikayla knew this day was coming. News has come down from the planetary elders—now that she’s twenty-five, the law requires she pick her lifemate. She may be the planetary secretary, but when it comes to trying out potential mates, she’s inexperienced and nervous.
She only needs one man with whom she can trust her life. Luckily she knows three—all friends since childhood. Even if they’re not thrilled to be her potential lifemate, it’s the only way she can get through this process.

Mikayla couldn’t be more wrong about Cedric, Kyle, and Brett. They’re eager, yet resentful about the situation. Each one would kill to claim her, but they’re not too happy about having to risk their friendship to win her love. Yet, one by one, they set out to do just that.

Mikayla is stunned to learn all three men drive her mad with desire—and make her feel cherished. Loved. Choosing one seems impossible, until the one man she doesn’t want forces her hand…

Warning: This book contains one female being thoroughly tempted by three very different males—sometimes at the same time! It contains m/m and m/m/m/f scenes, rough lovin’, gentle lovin’, and all of the above lovin’.
Available here.


“That dress looks lovely on you,” Kyle murmured.

She flushed, even knowing he had always been skilled with flattery. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. It makes you look taller.”

Mikayla threw back her head and laughed, a habit she was well used to when spending time with Kyle. “You lie. I’m petite at best.”

“Yes, you are, and always have been. It’s no wonder we always had difficulty finding you during our hiding games as a child.”

“Gods, stop it!” she laughed harder and slapped his leg lightly. “You make fun.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Kyle grinned and sank down next to her, then leaned back on his elbows, crossing one leg over another. The action drew his shirt taut over his abdomen, highlighting the muscles beneath.

A flutter occurred low in her belly and she bit her lip, shifting her gaze away. What was the matter with her? He was fully clothed and this was hardly the first occasion she’d spent time with him alone.

“Mikayla,” Kyle said softly and caught her hand. “What made you choose us?”

Her cheeks warmed and she shrugged. “Well, basically it was like I said. I suppose I hate the idea of making a strange man my lifemate. I know you three. I adore you and would trust each one of you with my life.” She lifted her gaze and searched his eyes. The unease hit again—was she forcing them into this? She whispered, “Am I being terribly selfish?”

His blue gaze darkened, flickered with heat. “No, kitten. Not selfish at all. Though you’ve put us in one hell of a predicament.”

“Have I? How so?” Her heart skipped and she ran her tongue across her mouth.

Kyle’s gaze dropped to observe the movement.

“Because all three of us would give our souls to possess you,” he said roughly and, with a light tug of his hand, pulled her so that she fell across his chest. He reclined fully onto the blanket and slid his hands up her waist. “To win your love.”

Surprise rushed through her. Truly? They all wanted more than just friendship from her?

Her pulse quickened and she wondered if she should feel guilty for acting so wantonly. But dear Gods it felt wonderful to lie across his hard body like this. Across Kyle. How strange…

“All of you? But Brett didn’t seem happy in the least.”

Kyle laughed. “He’s just infuriated that I was chosen to court you first. The man is more competitive than he likes to let on.” He slid his hand down to her ass, cupping her through the thin cotton. “But fortunately I am too, kitten. Do I have your permission to continue?”

Continue. Oh Gods, she could not even begin to comprehend what that entailed, but she wanted it.

Not trusting her voice, she gave a slight nod.

Triumph flickered in his gaze as he slid one hand up to cradle the back of her head, pulling her mouth down to his. His mouth was entirely too skilled, coaxing her lips apart before his tongue slipped inside.

She met his commanding touch, hesitantly flicking her tongue against his. Heat bloomed in her body as she let her weight rest fully on him. He threaded his fingers through her hair and tilted her head, deepening the kiss.

Warmth slid through Mikayla’s body, gathering heavily between her legs. She squirmed against him, needing more than the kiss, but not sure how to ask for it.

But Kyle seemed to know exactly what she needed, because he lifted one leg between her thighs so that she straddled him. His knee wedged against her pussy, sending all kinds of sparks of pleasure through her.

She cried out and lifted her head, bracing her hands on either side of his body, rocking back and forth on his knee in search of that ultimate pleasure.

“You need to slow down, kitten,” he murmured and slid his hands up her ribcage to cup her breasts.

“This is just the beginning.”

Oh Gods! Mikayla closed her eyes. If this was just the beginning of pleasure, then she was in a heap of trouble.

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