So today was picture day for my kid at school. I brushed her hair, picked the perfect outfit and now just have to cross my fingers she didn’t get all mussed up by the time pics happened an hour later.

It’s also picture day in the sense that I’m going to share some of MY pics! This weekend I got out and did some bonding with nature on Whidbey Island in Washington State. I took my kid and her half sis hiking up Goose Summit by Deception Pass which overlooks the San Juan Islands and the Navy Base (and other cool things!)

Me at the summit


San Juan Islands


Oak Harbor Navy Base off in the distance


Deception Pass Bridge


Sunset over the Olympic Peninsula/Puget Sound


Sunset over the Olympic Peninsula/Puget Sound


Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘First Paragraph’. Check out my excerpt, and then click on the links below to read others! How can you not? They’re so short today! :D

This snippet is from my book The Pirate’s Booty.

* * *

God what a night. Renee Hawkins squinted into the darkness and tried to ignore the heavy gusts of wind that rocked her compact car. The weather was an eerie backdrop for what she was about to do—crash a party thrown by a pirate and steal a priceless brooch right out from under his nose.

* * *


When her doggy daycare business is threatened with foreclosure, Renee is at a loss of how to raise the money. Then she remembers something from a diary that has been passed down through her family for generations.

With renewed hope and a slightly crazy plan, Renee decides to crash a party thrown by the descendant of a pirate. She intends to steal back a brooch taken from her ancestor centuries ago. But what she doesn’t realize is that it’s a sex party, and Devon Murray is as notorious as his pirate ancestor.

Buy or read an excerpt here.

Kelly Maher
Jody Wallace
Shelli Stevens
Michelle Pillow
Lauren Dane
Leah Braemel
Jaci Burton
Elisabeth Naughton
McKenna Jeffries
Moira Rogers
Taige Crenshaw
Vivian Arend
Juliana Stone
Anya Bast
Lacey Savage
Shelley Munro
Sasha White
Ashley Ladd

I’m blogging about reviews over at 1st Turning Point! Come on by!

I’m blogging at Naughty and Spice about what shows are hooking people this fall! Like OMFG GLEEEEE. ::whattha?::


Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘Heroine Kicking Ass’. Now I don’t usually do this, but I have the PERFECT scene for this. I’m sharing an unedited excerpt from my next contracted Aphrodisia book ‘Need Me’ which comes out July 2010 (yes, it’s a ways away!). I don’t even have a blurb yet, so here’s a raw sneak peek! But basically my heroine has been sent on a mission to the hero’s planet to steal something. And in this scene, it’s her kicking the hero’s ass (lol, yes, really!). Check out my excerpt, and then click on the links below to read others!


Her pulse quickened and she licked her lips. By the Gods, she’d done it. Gripping the key she’d lifted from the guard, she pressed it into the hole.

A series of beeps sounded in the lab, almost jarring in the quiet. And then another whine of noise came, signaling the door to the lab was opening.

She froze, realizing something was off. If the second whine of noise was the lab opening, what had the first beeps been from?

“Yates, where are you?” Footsteps sounded. “It’s damn quiet in here.”

No! Gods, what was he doing here?

Nika rushed to her feet just as Brendon rounded the corner. She only had a moment as his eyes narrowed and he reached for his weapon.

She charged him with a growl and launched into a sidekick, knocking his weapon down before he could activate his electro-mace.

“Son of a bitch,” he cursed and crouched down into fighting position. “What did you do to that soldier back there?”

She didn’t reply, dared not use her voice in any manner except the guttural roars she made while on the attack.

Brendon lurched forward swinging his fist hard at her head. She ducked and planted her foot in his ribs, sending him stumbling backward.

“Nice move, boy,” Brendon taunted, gripping his side. “Did you learn that from your nursery instructor?”

He made fun of her size. Anger sparked in her gut, even as she tried to remind herself it was a good thing that he believed her to be a man.

She wished she could talk with him. Taunt him that he must have the stamina of a teenager to have finished so quickly with that girl to be here now.

But if she gave herself away, then she’d have to kill the asshole. And though the idea certainly held a small amount of appeal, she had no intention of taking a life unless it was absolutely necessary.

“What’s the matter, kid,” Brendon goaded, circling her. “Can’t produce enough spunk of your own, so you have to steal someone else’s?”

Oh Gods, he had no idea how close he was. Her lips quirked beneath the mask.

Brendon swung at her head again, and when she went to block it he kicked her leg out from under her.

She fell to the ground, rolling to the right when he made an attempt to straddle her and pin her to the ground. From a distance she could pass as a skinny man, but hands on was stretching it.

“If you killed that soldier in the hallway, I will kill you.” His words were perfectly calm as he advanced upon her again. “To hell with the orders to bring you in alive.”

Bring her in alive? Had they been anticipating this mission? A shiver of unease ran down her spine. How come her instructor had not warned her of the possibility? Had Rachel known?

“You’re worried now. Aren’t you, boy?” Brendon gave a soft laugh and lunged at her. “You should be.”

She stepped to the right, spinning into a kick that connected with his back.

He didn’t stumble this time, didn’t even make a sound of pain. Instead he was ready, bouncing back from the kick and landing one in of his own against her ribs.

“Oomph.” She stumbled back and grasped her side.

Pain ricocheted through her body, but she ignored it, adrenaline forcing her to remain in fight mode.

“Surrender,” Brendon said softly and she saw the regret in his eyes. “I have no wish to hurt you, kid.”

Nika could not say the same. She ground her teeth together. Gods, she wished she could grab another syringe and plunge it into him. Knock him out and good. But that would mean baring her leg for him to see. And he would not mistake her for a man after that.

She needed to get out of the lab. Get back to the lodge and recoup. Try for another night. Likely several nights, for she would need to discover a new plan of attack now that they were aware of her presence.

“Surrender. This is your last warning.”

She shook her head slowly, knowing she had to fight dirty if she was going to escape.

He came at her again and she slammed her elbow into his face. When he roared in surprise covering his eyes, she took the moment to jam her foot into his chest and sent him flying back against the edge of the doorway.

His head connected with a unhealthy thud and he slumped to the ground.

Jody Wallace
Jaci Burton
Elisabeth Naughton
Ashley Ladd
Moira Rogers
Taige Crenshaw
Lauren Dane
Victoria Janssen
Vivian Arend
TJ Michaels
Juliana Stone
Lacey Savage
Eliza Gayle
Sasha White
Shelli Stevens
Shelley Munro

Sexy Beast VII just got a wonderful review from Coffee Time Romance! Thought I’d share ::sisboomba::

About the book the reviewer (Maura) says: SBVII-lo-res1-201x300

“Overall, this is a really enjoyable collection of paranormal stories. They are similar enough to fit together and different enough to provide variety. The love scenes are very erotic and creative. The stories have strong plots and vivid characters and will definitely appeal to fans of paranormal erotic romance.”

About my story His to Reclaim she says:

“This was my favorite of the three stories. Gemma and Hunter are especially strong characters and the plot is very exciting. The love scenes between the two almost set the book on fire.”

Thank you so much, Coffee Time Romance! And to those who’ve read this book, I hope you enjoyed it! I’m in great company with Kate and Anitra! So honored to be a part of this.

If you haven’t read it and would like to, you can buy at Amazon or in major bookstores!

Can I just say what a douche Kanye West is? Course, I’ve always thought that. It wasn’t like the VMA’s made me change my mind. But here’s a reminder of just how much of a dick he is in case you missed it.

And now, please drop by Naughty and Spice where Tracy Wolff is guest blogging! (plus she’s giving away a book!)

My apologies for being scarce! I’ve been sidetracked with a bit of a new writing project for myself. It’s something I’m hoping to finish by the end of the month, but in the meantime I’ve been a little head in the sand!

So what’s new with you? On my front I’m thrilled to say that my kid has gone back to school and I’m again being uber healthy! I kicked it off this morning with an hour on the elliptical and eating healthy. I mean, yeah I’m a little hungry, but hopefully this phase passes. Or I know it does–I’ve done this enough.

I put together my new workout list this morning before hitting the gym, and thought I’d share. I’m always looking for great workout songs, so let me know if you know any!

  1. Ray of Light by Madonna
  2. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive
  3. I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas
  4. Push It by Garbage
  5. Crush, crush, crush by Paramore
  6. Because We Can by Fatboy Slim
  7. Forever by Chris Brown
  8. Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears
  9. Judith by A Perfect Circle
  10. Womanizer by Britney Spears
  11. Disturbia by Rihanna
  12. Learn To Fly by Foo Fighters
  13. Just Dance by Lady GaGa & Colby O’Donis
  14. The Way I Are by Timbaland
  15. Go all the way into the Twilight by Perry Farrell
  16. Everybody Got Their Something by Nikka Costa

I judged two that finaled (though I won’t say which!) ;)

** Permission to forward **

Greater Seattle Chapter RWA is pleased to announce the finalists in the 2009 Emerald City Opener Contest —

Historical Romance –

Deception, Jennifer Ramirez

Her Poor Dead Husband, Susan Shellabarger

Past Redemption, Mary Delahanty

Romantic Suspense –

From Baghdad with Love, Gail Zerrade

Illusions, Cathy Perkins

Inner Eye, Michelle Miller

Paranormal Romance –

A Soul for Trouble, Christy Gibson

Fugue, Christine M. Schneider

Her Dark Assassin, Laurie Thompson

Single Title Contemporary Romance –

February Trust, Tami Schlies

Getting Lucky, Katie Graykowski

Too Much Information, Erin Eisenberg

Series Romance –

Falling For Nick, Joleen Wieser

Revising Mr. Right, Kate Diamond

Shot in the Dark, Jennifer Conner

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

Almost Perfect, Jodie Esch

Director’s Cuts, Kate Diamond

The Boy Not Taken, Tammy Patton

Congratulations to all the finalists!