Welcome to another Snippet Saturday! Today’s topic is ‘Humorous’ scenes. I’ll be sharing a scene from my book Trust and Dare. Now it’s not like outright LOL necessarily, but it’s on the lighter side. Check out my excerpt and then hop on by the other blogs!

Trust and Dare

One weekend. His rules. Inhibitions left at the door.

Angry that yet another military man has done her family wrong, Abby Cook plots sweet revenge. But when her plan goes awry, she discovers that she’s targeted the wrong military man.

Mason Tyler is not used to being disobeyed. Yet the curvy blonde has rejected his advances at every turn. When he catches her in the middle of a very destructive—not to mention illegal—prank, he offers her a deal. A deal that will keep her out of jail. And let him exact a little revenge of his own.

One weekend in his bed…no inhibitions, no refusals. But when the weekend is up, will Mason be ready to let Abby go?

Available at Samhain.


“Look,” she squirmed underneath him, avoiding his gaze. “Can you get off me, please?”

“Now why would I do that?” He smiled, starting to enjoy their positions. “I’ve been waiting a long time to get you on your back, baby.”

Her mouth opened on a gasp. “Listen, buddy—”

“I’m not your buddy,” he murmured. “You wouldn’t even give me your name, remember? And right about now, you’re lucky if I don’t call the police on your ass.”

That last part had been a bluff, but it was a good way to keep her with him for a few minutes longer.

“Oh! There’s no need for that. Look, I’m not sure what you think you saw.” She ran her tongue over her lips and the small gesture had him biting back a groan and his jeans fitting tighter. “But, umm, it’s not what it looked like. So, would you mind letting me up?”

He shifted, trying to ease the discomfort of his throbbing dick pressed tight inside his jeans. “And what did it look like?”

She struggled to free herself again, gave up, and then sighed. “I don’t know, what do you think it looked like?”

He frowned. Good question. What had he seen? Whatever it was, it hadn’t looked legal. “It looked like you were dumping something from a bottle onto a towel and rubbing it on my truck.”

“Oh. Well, then it is what it looked like. But it was no less than he—” Her eyes opened even wider. “Wait, did you just say your truck?”

“Yeah, I did.” He cocked his head, his gut clenching. “What was on the towel?”

Her head shook back and forth. “No. No. It can’t be your truck. Kelly said there’s only one black Ford truck at this complex.”

“My truck’s dark blue.” So a case of mistaken truck identity. But what had she been doing to it?

“Dark blue…? Oh, no. It’s night out and I must have mistaken…” She went limp underneath him, her head falling back onto the ground. “So that was your truck? Oh, God.”

“What was on the towel, baby?” The tingling on the back of his neck warned him he wouldn’t like the answer.

“Brake fluid.” Her voice was a little squeak, and about half the volume it had been a minute ago.

His vision went red, his desire for her diminished slightly to make room for the sudden anger that ripped through him. Brake fluid? Did she realize what that did to the car? Stripped the paint and corroded the metal frame? Of course she realizes. That’s why she did it, dumb shit.

He kept his voice deliberately calm as he asked, “You put brake fluid on my truck?”

She nodded and bit her lip. “I didn’t think it was your truck when I was doing it.”

“Yeah, I got that part. What did you do? Take the towel and wipe it over the door?” The door could be replaced. She’d pay for it, and God knows how long it’d take, but a door was fixable.

“Umm, not exactly.” She took a deep breath and mumbled something about crabs.


“I said that I wrote I have crabs on the side of your truck!” She lowered her gaze. “You caught me before I could finish the other side.”

His mouth opened but no words came out. There was a rushing in his ears. The truck was two months old. And she’d just destroyed it. Destroyed it by writing the words I have crabs on the side.

“I promise I can have it fixed, um…what’s your name?”

“Now you want to know my name? Right after you defiled my damn truck?”

She squirmed again, pulling her leg up and twisting their bodies until he slid down her body a little. Was she trying to flee again? Get away without being held accountable for her actions? No way was she leaving without him getting her number. But this time he wasn’t so much interested in a date, as making sure she fixed his truck.

He adjusted his body so he could slide a knee between her legs, pushing her thighs apart as he transferred both her wrists to one hand. Her eyes widened.

“There’s no reason we can’t handle this like friends, right?”

“Friends? How can we be friends? You’ve never even given me your name and now you’ve trashed my truck.” He laughed, but not because he was amused. “Right now I can’t decide whether to convince you to come home with me, or have you arrested.”

Jody Wallace
Lauren Dane
McKenna Jeffries
Moira Rogers
Shelley Munro
Taige Crenshaw
Victoria Janssen

Vivian Arend
Leah Braemel
TJ Michaels
Shelli Stevens
Mark Henry
Shelley Munro
Kelly Maher
Juliana Stone
Elisabeth Naughton
Michelle Rowen
Ashley Ladd

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First off, I’m blogging at the Aphrodisia blog today and giving away a copy of Sexy Beast VII. Drop by and comment for a chance to win!

Second! Big congrats to my editor at Samhain, Laurie Rauch (aka: Grammargeek!) who’s just been promoted to executive editor! ::rockon:: ::nanadance:: ::rockon:: ::nanadance:: Congrats, Laurie, you’ll do great!

Yay! I’m happy to say that Sexy Beast VII is out today! This is an anthology with Kate Douglas, Anitra Lynn Mcleod and myself. This series has been wildly popular!


Big and bold, primal and powerful, these men have a seductive sensuality that no woman can resist. Come enter their world of carnal desires and wanton sexuality…if you dare…

Sexy Beast
“Chanku Challenge” by Kate Douglas

When Beth and Nick first discovered the amazingly sensual power of their Chanku birthright, the desire to mate was fierce and uncontrollable. But Beth remains haunted by an event from her past, and she must confront it in order to accept her new life and find the happiness she so desperately seeks…

“Eye of the Beholder” by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Terrified at the rumors of her new husband’s hideous disfigurement, Larra of Rellmon fears the night and his approach. But as the hooded Dauer caresses her body Larra’s shivers of terror become quivers of ecstasy, and under cover of darkness she willingly submits to complete sexual surrender…

“His To Reclaim” by Shelli Stevens

Five years ago Gemma gave her heart and soul to a fellow werejaguar only to have him disappear. Now Hunter has come back and kidnapped her on her wedding day in order to make her his again, and he will tempt, tease and taunt her body to the heights of hedonistic pleasure to get exactly what he wants…

Order from Amazon.


Romantic Times gives it 4 stars and says: With three hot stories about shapeshifters by three talented writers, this book is a winner! The sex scenes vary from tender seduction to intense BDSM, and there’s something for everyone. Each story is perfectly paced; the reader will not close the book thinking any of the stories should have been expanded into a full-length novel. Each author writes believable, scintillating erotica and can also pen thrilling non-bedroom scenes that engage the senses and keep the reader’s interest to the last page.

Summary: In Douglas’ “Chanku Challenge,” Beth has only recently discovered her Chanku heritage and must now confront an abusive past in order to fully bond with her mate, Nick. Fortunately, her new sisters are there to help her reconnect with her healthy sexual nature and heal the wounded child within.

Newcomer McLeod tells the Beauty and the Beast story in “Eye of the Beholder” — but with a twist. When is the Beast not a beast? Stevens combines erotic lovemaking with a crime-fighting hero in “His to Reclaim.” A hint of danger adds spice to this sexy story.

EXCERPT from His to Reclaim

“Gemma!” The shrill scream pierced through the woods, filtering past the aged walls of the log cabin. “Oh my God! I can’t believe this. Gemma!”

The sound of feet pounding down the path mingled with the alarmed whimpers and short breaths of the approaching woman.

Gemma’s fingers clenched around the brush in her hand, her pulse quickening as she turned to face the door. Was it too much to hope that it was nothing more than the caterer having encountered a problem?

The door flung open, smashing into the wall. Her younger cousin Megan stepped into the room, eyes wild with panic.

“He’s really coming.”

They were just three words, but they were enough. The brush dropped from Gemma’s hand, and her body went numb with shock.

This was really happening…. No! The room spun and she gripped the vanity table to keep from falling to her knees. No. Was he insane?

“There’s no time.” Megan closed the door, hands shaking. “Shift and then run. Run fast. It’s the only way you can possibly escape him.”

“How far away is he?” Gemma’s voice came out remarkably calm as she fumbled to undo the buttons on her wedding dress.

The cold fear began to subside, and a hot burn of rage blazed through her. How dare he? After five years, how dare he?

Megan grabbed her arm and tugged her toward the door. “A mile. Maybe. And he’s not alone, Gemma. He’s brought friends. You must hurry! There’s no time to change out of your dress. Run, and I’ll find Jeffrey and tell him what’s happened.”

“My dress will be ruined during transition—”


The door broke in half, and splinters of wood shot into the interior of the cabin like tiny missiles.

Heart in her throat, Gemma retreated, her body trembling as she stared at the man who now filled the doorway.

The man who’d just made good on the appallingly dark promise he’d made just days ago in an e-mail. She’d been half convinced it was a joke—someone toying with her heart—and had told Megan as much.

But it wasn’t a joke. The proof was standing in front of her eyes. Maybe a couple of years ago she would have wished for this, but not now. Dammit, not now!

Sweat clung to the hard muscles of Hunter’s nude body—it was clear he’d just shifted back to human form.  A familiar heat crept through her body, and she hardened her jaw, refusing to acknowledge it. The same way she’d refused to acknowledge it for the last five years.

It was hard not to, though, with his dark hair and tan body. He was tall and broad, a mass of muscles and ridges.
Her gaze dropped, and her cheeks burned hot. She swallowed hard, unable to tear her gaze from his hard thighs and the thick cock that rested between them.

The blood raged through her veins, and she closed her eyes to count to ten. When she opened them again, her gaze was firmly back to his face, unwilling to let her eyes shift any lower than his shoulders this time, for that would be a guaranteed diversion from finding a way out of this situation.

Unfortunately, five years had done nothing but enhance Hunter’s raw sex appeal.

His eyes, burning like dark blue crystals, met hers. And like the devil come to collect his due, he advanced into the room, his face a mask of fierce determination.

Oh, God. She needed to act. Now. Swallowing against the thickness in her throat, Gemma glanced around the room, looking for anything that might be used as a weapon. She grabbed the chair from her vanity table and lifted it above her head with a grunt.

Hunter lunged forward and knocked it from her grasp, sending it crashing to the ground behind her. Before she could draw in a startled breath, he’d circled her wrists with one of his massive hands and pulled her body firmly against the rock hard wall of his chest.

“No!” She growled and lifted her knee to tag him in the groin, but he blocked the shot.

Instead, he pulled her tighter against him and forced his thigh between hers. His thick cock brushed her hip and she stilled, barely able to breathe as her heart slammed against her ribcage.

His soft laugh feathered warmth against her cheek. “You should have listened to your cousin, angel.” He leaned forward and said softly against her ear, “You should have run.”

Order from Amazon.

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I need school to start for my kid! Like yesterday! Last week! A month ago! My butt has not been in a gym in a looong time. And let me tell you, it’s spreading. School doesn’t start for a couple more more weeks though, and now word on the street is the teachers are talking…strike.  ::whatEVA:: Please. Oh, please, teachers. Take mercy on me and go back to work!

Because here’s my goal. Or not really a goal, but maybe plan. When school starts? I’m being uber healthy. We’re talking 5 days a week of school (kid is starting kindergarten, this is a novelty to me!). I’m going to hit the gym at least 3 out of 5 of those days and be eating healthy as heck!


So in other news, not about my blooming butt, I have put up an excerpt and blurb for the third book in my Chances Are series, Protecting Phoebe! You can check it out here.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I’ve got some fun plans! Might get to send the kid on an overnight, and then Sunday I’m going to a BBQ to see friends I haven’t see in way too long!

Well, I’m back from girls weekend camping! It went fabulous! I started the fire myself (though I will say starting fires aren’t my strong point!). We found the perfect spot and pitched the tent. And my niece who is a total Twilight fan (or was, she says it’s overrated now–she loved the books!) made us tour all things Twilight. Like Forks (talk about a tourist trap now!) and La Push! We also did some hiking in the Hoh rainforest!

All in all it was a great camping trip. Here’s some pics! But first, thanks to all who’ve bought Luck be Delanie! It’s hit the MBAM best seller list already!

Lake Crescent where we camped
Hoh Rainforest
View from our tent!


Well, I’m actually out of town while you’re reading this. I’m camping! Hunting vampires or something along those lines ;)

I did a big guest blog yesterday all about how my big brother thought girls can’t camp alone without boys. My response. Pfft. My niece’s was to slap her daddy on the back and call him sexist (love the niece!).

So the past weekend I went on a trial run camping trip with friends. Two guys and girl. And I insisted on building a fire at one point and the men weren’t to intervene no matter how much I begged. And it only took a bunch of tries (and one failed begging!) to get a fire going! Anyway, these are some pics of my camping trip. It was fantastic!

First, drop on by Cindy Procter-King’s blog if you get a chance! I’m over there blogging and giving away a book!

And next, the second book, Luck be Delanie, in my Chances Are series is out TODAY!! Yay! Buy it here.

He’s lured her to paradise…and she’s about to discover the price.

luck_be_delanie_72_webA Chances Are story.

Long ago, Delanie made one gigantic mistake. Or committed one small felony, depending on how you look at it. Stealing a coin from a sexy stranger was just a prank to help a sorority sister get revenge. The sleeping with him part was totally unplanned. Yet she holds the memory of that one intense, passionate connection close to her heart—like the coin she still wears around her neck.

Six years later, she’s invited to a beautiful resort in the San Juan Islands to not only accept a donation for an abused women’s shelter, but to consider a job opportunity as well. Instead, she finds herself face-to-face with her past.

Grant has always suspected Delanie stole his rare, lucky coin. He just never knew why—or why she disappeared the morning after their hot night together. After spending years looking for her, he’s lured her right where he wants her. He’ll have his answers, come hell or high water.

And, if things go his way, he’ll have Delanie, too.


“I like your tattoo,” a deep voice came from behind her. “The last time I saw it I was taking you from behind.”

Delanie choked on the wine she’d just taken a sip of, her fingers almost crushing the stem of the glass.

No. It wasn’t possible. Goosebumps broke out over her body even as quick heat spread inside her. She could feel the owl tattoo on her shoulder blade tingle under his gaze.

What was more shocking? His words or the man who had just spoken them? God, it was a toss-up.

She drew in a slow breath, afraid to turn around. Her heart pounded furiously beneath her breasts and her palms dampened.

The coin she’d stolen from him six years ago hung on a pendant around her neck like a beacon. Thank God it was beneath the neckline of her sundress and well out of his view.

“Do you remember that night?” His warm breath tickled her ear.

Hot shivers raced down her spine as his words evoked images of the night they’d spent together. The air locked in her throat and she bit her lip, trying to halt the bombardment of erotic images.

Of course she remembered. That night was a firebrand on her mind. But admitting she hadn’t forgotten could only bring trouble. It couldn’t possibly be him standing behind me, the silly voice of denial screamed in her head.

Without turning around, she could sense the tall, hardness of his body just inches from her. Could feel his blue eyes burning a trail over her.

Another tremble wracked her body.

Get yourself together, Delanie. You’re not a silly co-ed anymore. And he has no idea what you did the morning after your night together.

She focused hard on the sparkling blue water that lay beyond the trees. She’d always heard Washington State was beautiful, and this island and resort in the San Juan Islands was a genuine paradise.

Funny how she’d considered herself a lucky woman getting invited to such a posh resort. How wonderful that not only was she here to accept a donation to the Second Chances shelter, but to also consider an offer as the resort’s marketing director.

Her lips twisted. She should have known. Paradise always had a price.

“Still thinking about that night?”

Annoyance pricked at his mocking tone. Knowing she couldn’t very well keep her back to him forever, she forced a bland expression onto her face and turned around.

Her bravado slipped a notch the moment she saw him, but she forced it back by lifting her chin higher. “I think you have me mistaken with someone else.”

“Do I?” He lifted an eyebrow, his mouth twitching with obvious amusement.

She swallowed hard.

Grant Thompson looked just as good now as he had six years ago. Scratch that, he looked better. The tall, lean, college athlete had turned into a sexy grown man. His face was harder now, more angular with the loss of the boyish roundness.

His hair, once more red than blond, had settled into something in between. But those eyes…those eyes were just as blue and piercing as they had been all those years ago. On that night she’d been stupid enough to bounce the bed springs with him.

She felt the warming of a blush and bit her cheek.

“Excuse me.” She stepped past him, but he reached out and caught her elbow, swinging her back around. Hot tingles raced up her arm where his fingers touched.

“Wait, Lanie—”

“Well at least you got my name right this time.” Her voice shook as she tugged herself free from his grip. She stumbled backward and eyed him warily.

That heart-crushing moment would remain engraved in her mind forever. Right after bringing her to a sweet morning-after orgasm, the jerk had called her Janie. Janie! And then to add insult to injury, he’d fallen back asleep before they could even finish making love. Wait, sex. Of course a guy like Grant wouldn’t consider it making love.

“I’m sorry about that.” Grant’s jaw hardened, all amusement vanishing. “That mistake caused a helluva delay in finding you.”

“Sorry? As if that—” She broke off and narrowed her eyes. “In finding me?”

He tilted his head and gave her a considering look. “Is that why you left so suddenly that morning?”

Guilt stabbed low in her gut, and she reached to touch the pendant under her dress. Before her fingers connected, she jerked her hand away and tucked a strand of short blonde hair behind her ear instead.

Careful, girl. You’re on dangerous grounds right now.

“Look.” She let her gaze slip away from his. “I don’t know what kind of twist of fate brought us together, but I’ll catch the first ferry back to Anacortes.”

“It was me.” He stepped closer, blocking her path back into the building.

Her heart almost stopped at the three words. “Excuse me?”

“I’m the twist of fate.” His mouth tightened. “Finding you was the first piece of good luck I’ve had in years.”

She almost dwelled on the luck comment, but the fact that he was claiming to be the twist of fate resonated louder.

The urge to flee increased and she shook her head, glancing around the patio. Her stomach clenched as she realized they were alone now.

“Grant…” She ran her tongue over suddenly dry lips and his gaze darkened as he observed the small movement.

“Lanie.” He stepped forward and she took a step back, her pulse jumping.

“Delanie,” she muttered without thinking. “I haven’t been called Lanie since college.”

“Fine. Delanie.”

The waves crashed against the rocks below as he backed her up against the guard railing.

“When does the next boat leave?” she queried, her heart fluttering harder in her chest. “I can arrange to be on it.”

“You don’t understand. I don’t want you to leave.” His hands curled around the rail on each side of her body.

The faint smell of soap and cologne tickled her nostrils and the heat of his hard body mingled with hers.

“It took me six years to find you.”

Six years faded to nothing with him standing so close. A tremble rocked her body, and her nipples tightened, chafing against the lace of her bra.

She bit back a groan. “Please…”

“The last thing I’m going to do is put you on a boat home, Delanie. We have a lot to talk about.”

Her stomach dropped and her mouth went dry. Oh. God. He knew.

It’s available here!

First, I’m over at Naughty and Spice if you wanna drop on by!

So my friend  C.L. Casey has her very first release out! I just finished it and it was a sexy, exciting novella! You should check it out! Here’s a little teaser!

scarlettswolf-125x190Ashling Scarlett hates werewolves. She also has a secret. She uses this secret to find the victims of sadistic werewolf Lynette Barber, so she can perform a ritual to reverse their curse. When she meets a handsome guitar player, her secret becomes a curse of its own.

Blake de Marco is a waiter, guitar player and a werewolf. Hating his curse and Lynette, he sets out to find a way to stop her only to find he is drawn by the scent of a beautiful woman.

Can their love withstand the truth or will Lynette’s destructive plan separate them forever?

Available here.