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Welcome to Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘villain scene’. Here’s a small little snippet of my villain (or one of them!) from my new book Take Me. Read mine, and then blog hop to see many others!

* * * *

“You idiot, surely you cannot be that naïve,” Franklin snarled.

Gods, he regretted the day he’d signed on as one of three members in the Governing Council. Victor was often too soft, and Ramirez was growing weak as the years passed. His eyes narrowed. But that would all change soon. Being one third of the highest power just wouldn’t do anymore.

“Franklin may have a point.” Ramirez sighed and stroked his chin. “Worthington did tell us we may come get him if the transfer had not gone through.”

Franklin strode to the middle of the room. “Yes, he did. And as we speak that filthy Earthling is probably tainting our Rosabelle.”

Having to share Natalia with Victor and Ramirez was maddening as it was, but to have given her over to some filthy Earth pig brought his blood to boiling point. Natalia was his, and when the day came when he became the absolute power she would be touched by no one save him.

Already, he intended to bring her to his chamber tonight and spend time alone with her. He had not missed her reaction to the foreigner—she had been attracted to him. His fists clenched at his side. That was completely unacceptable and she needed to be punished. The blood in his cock stirred as he imagined the marks he would leave on her skin, right before he fucked her sweet ass.

Cynthia Eden
Shelley Munro
Moira Rogers
TJ Michaels
Jody Wallace
Eliza Gayle
Kelly Maher
Taige Crenshaw
Mandy Roth
McKenna Jeffries
SJ Day

First, drop by Naughty and Spice where Elisabeth Naughton is guest blogging and giving away a book!

All month long I’m ‘Sharing the Love’ and giving away other people’s books. (I’ll mail out books once a week to the winners!) Today is the last book giveaway, and I’m giving away Immortal Danger by my friend Cynthia Eden. Seriously, I adore Cynthia. We bonded in D.C. and became sister’s in sightseeing together!  IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK BACK TOMORROW TO SEE IF YOU WON, WINNERS ARE NOT EMAILED. I’LL PUT IT IN THIS POST’S COMMENTS SECTION!

immortal-dangerOnce, Maya Black was a kick-ass cop patrolling the streets of L.A. She still keeps the city safe, but nowadays her bad guys of choice include demons, werewolves, and assorted nocturnal scum. Something Maya knows a thing or two about. She’s a vampire – and not thrilled about it. Payback meet bitch. Adam Brody hopes Maya is as dangerous as they say she is. He needs her to help rescue his niece Cammie from a ruthless band of vamps, and he’s willing to pay – in blood. Trusting her is another matter. Adam has never met a vampire who doesn’t lie. Then again, he’s never met anyone like Maya, who fills him with a desperate need that ignites into explosive, no-holds-barred encounters.

To win Cynthia’s book, just leave a comment and answer this question: Why do you think vampires are so sexy?

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And today is the last day to enter my Take Me Away contest here! Winners are announced tomorrow on my blog!

I’m in two different spots today, giving away two different books!

Come on by I do not want to wait i want the book now to see my interview and for a chance to win a copy of my book Anybody but Justin!

then you can also drop by

Elisabeth Naughton’s blog where I’ve also been interviewed and am giving away a signed copy of Take Me!

And just on a blogging note, I had a GREAT night last night and was able to see a bunch of old friends. We went to a jazz club type thing that has an open mic. I had the chance to pretend I could still sing–like actually counting off, counting bars, and having solo sections and such. I’m so kariokesized now where they basically hold your hand and you follow the bouncing ball over the words!! LOL. Anyway, it was a great night, with great friends, even in this awful heat wave we’re having. Topping 100+ degrees with no AC out here! ACK!

Shelli :)

If you want to hop on over to Leah Braemel’s blog, I’m discussing a hairy topic and giving away a book! Come on by!

I’m squeeing all day in every way! Why? Because my first NY release, Take Me, from Kensington Aphrodisia is officially available! It’s shipping from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and you should be able to find it in stores (though some are saying August 1st!).

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After years as a slave to the pleasures of the powerful, Talia knows how to make a man mad with lust. But her pleasure counts for nothing—until a handsome, ruthless stranger appears. Ryder dares to look at her… to touch her… to awake in her a desire she’s never imagined. When he kidnaps her to learn her secrets, Talia vows not to let her passion take control. But soon she discovers that her captor’s intense gaze and searching hands can perform their own kind of interrogation, a sweet torture she finds impossible to resist…

Author Quotes

“Stevens is a provocative new voice in erotic romance. Take Me will leave you breathless.” – USA Best Selling author Jaid Black

“Shelli Stevens’ vision of future worlds is powerful and sexy. Hang on! This is a scorcher.” Author, Bonnie Edwards

“A sizzling and emotional tale of a woman’s journey from captivity to strength, freedom and love. Couldn’t put it down!” Author, Susan Lyons

“Enter the lush erotic world of ‘Take Me’ by Shelli Stevens-you’ll be instantly hooked.” Author, Kate Pearce

Excerpt (18+ only please!)

“Don’t call me Talia,” she muttered, attempting to pull away but his grip simply tightened.

“In the corridor you told me that was your name.”

Her laugh rose to semi hysterical. “In the corridor I was out of my mind.”

“Perhaps you were in the state of mind you have always deserved to be in.”

What did he mean? And yes. The accent was gone, and his words were more formal now than that bizarre slang he’d been speaking to the Council with.

They arrived outside her chamber and she turned to him, her brows drawn together in a frown. When she hesitated to open the door, he grabbed her hand and placed it on the palm recognition security box. A few men passed by them in the corridor casting curious glances their way.

The door slid open and he pushed her inside.

She stumbled to the middle of the chamber, swinging around to face him. Her breasts rose and fell beneath the fabric. “You need to explain.”

A predatory smile crossed his face and he reached for the tie around his neck. “I don’t need to explain anything, princess.”

His voice was cold, not even a trace of the accent. Who was he? A shiver ran down her spine and she took a few steps backwards.

He pulled off his suit jacket and dropped it to the floor. “Take off your dress.”

Her pulse slowed and then accelerated right back up into double time. The heat that spread throughout her brought a flush to her body.

She ran her tongue across her lips. “No. I will not.”

“Agreeable indeed.” He raised an eyebrow. “All right. If you will not remove it, then I will do so for you.”

He lunged and her scream reverberated through the chamber. Her dress ripped as he caught the hem and jerked.

“No!” She twisted away, causing the dress to split halfway up her hip.

He jerked hard on the fabric he held in his fist, catching her off balance and sending her sprawling to the floor.

“Barbarian!” she screamed trying to scurry away.

He fell to his knees and straddled her, grabbing her wrists in one hand and forcing them above her head. With his other hand free, he grabbed the bodice of her dress and ripped hard. Her breasts spilled free and she closed her eyes with a groan.

The room went quiet, with only the sounds of their ragged breathing to break the silence.

“By gods, Talia,” he rasped. “You’re more beautiful than I imagined.”

She shook her head and tugged at her wrists. She tried to hold onto the anger inside her, but there was a more dominant emotion fighting to take hold. Hot fire spread through her body, locking the breath in her throat and hardening her nipples.

“Oh gods. This makes no sense,” she confessed huskily. “I should not want this.”

His eyes darkened. “But you do.” The calloused pad of his thumb smoothed over one nipple and she gasped, heat moving between her legs. “You do, princess.”

He lowered his head and nuzzled her throat, kissed the pulse that beat there before sliding up toward her ear. His palm, wide and rough, cupped her breast. He caught her earlobe between his teeth and bit gently.

Talia’s hips arched off the floor, a guttural cry escaping past her lips. It was back, this strange heat and almost drunken state of arousal she got when he got near her.

He rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb. Another tremble rocked through her body and hot cream gathered in her pussy.

“I can smell your desire for me.” His fingers moved between her legs and rubbed lightly between the folds—the sensation so intense the muscles of her cunt clenched. “Unfortunately, fucking you will have to wait.”

“I…I don’t understand.” She squirmed, desperate with the need for him to press his fingers inside her. “Alan…please.”

His lips moved against her ear, his words just a whisper. “My name’s not Alan.”

The odd response brought her up from the thick depths of desire. “W-what?”

His hand moved away from her pussy and slid over to wrap around her right thigh. His expression turned somber, hard. “I’m sorry, princess.”

She saw the flash of the needle, just before it swung down and jabbed painfully into her thigh.

“No!” She struggled again, panic slicing through the fog of desire, but it was too late. Her flesh burned from whatever he was injecting into her.

Oh Gods! What had he just done? She struggled harder, managing to free one wrist because of the terror—induced adrenaline.

“Hold still.” He recaptured her wrist and held her down, kissing the tears that rolled down her cheek. “Just relax.”

She shook her head, but the movement made her dizzy. The lights above her head left tracers. Opening her mouth to speak, she found her tongue thick and the words stuck in her throat. Why? Why had he done it?

“That’s it, princess. Close your eyes,” he whispered and smoothed his thumb over her lips.

Her eyelids grew heavy, too heavy, and finally she closed them, almost certain she would never wake up.

Buy Take Me at Barnes & Noble
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First, come visit me at the Aphrodisia blog, where I’m giving away a copy of Take Me, the day before it releases!!

All month long I’m ‘Sharing the Love’ and giving away other people’s books. (I’ll mail out books once a week to the winners!) My friend Beth Kery is still celebrating the release of her newest book Sweet Restraint, which you need to check out! If you haven’t read her, you’re missing out. So today I’m giving away a book off her backlist, Daring Timel. IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK BACK TOMORROW TO SEE IF YOU WON, WINNERS ARE NOT EMAILED. I’LL PUT IT IN THIS POST’S COMMENTS SECTION!

He sees her, wants her, needs her—now he has to have her.

0425227960.01.LZZZZZZZChicago Detective Ryan Daire has many secrets: a love for Shakespeare, an appreciation for all the finer things in life, and an absolute lack of restraint in the bedroom. Now he has an even bigger secret. In every shadow of the sprawling mansion he’s recently inherited he can see her—tempting, ethereal, and untouchable. Hope Stillwater inhabited that mansion in 1906. Raw desire has formed a conduit between these two passionate souls who are separated by the barrier of time. Intoxicated by each other’s presence, Ryan and Hope come close to crossing that inviting boundary between two worlds. But there is danger: Ryan’s job has put him on the trail of a depraved criminal in an investigation that’s risking Hope’s eternal fate. Now he must do whatever it takes to change history, protect Hope from harm, and set his desires free.

To win Beth’s book, just leave a comment and answer this question: If you could time travel to any time, when would it be?

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Welcome to Snippet Saturday! Today’s theme is ‘opening scene’. Check out my excerpt from Anybody but Justin (which you can get free on the Kindle right now or buy at Samhain in other formats!). When you’re done reading my excerpts, go visit other blogs below!

Opening Scene from Anybody but Justin

Oh shit!

Gabby dove behind a display of cereal boxes and nibbled her bottom lip. She eyed the exit some thirty feet away and wondered if she could ditch her groceries and make it out the door without him spotting her.

Her pulse quickened and she counted to ten before leaning forward just enough to peek around a box of Lucky Charms.


She snapped back and winced, glaring at the floor of the market. Damn. He’d seen her. So much for

Dusty brown leather shoes appeared in her line of vision as he rounded the corner. She lifted her gaze up the length of his tall body, lingering on the broad shoulders beneath his faded flannel shirt.

Her heart fluttered in her chest and she swallowed hard before tilting her head that last inch to meet the blue gaze of her old roommate.

“Justin.” She forced a bright smile and switched the basket of food to her other hand. “Hey. How’ve you been?”

“Been all right.”

His gaze, warm and knowing slid from her head to her toes in a lazy caress that made every damn inch of her body tingle. Irritation pricked and her smile grew more brittle.

And this was why she avoided him, didn’t answer his calls and had basically tried like mad to forget he even existed. If she got within two feet of him, her hormones went on the fritz and her mind went spongy. Which would be fine if it were with any other guy. Anybody but Justin.

“Did you get my messages?”

“I did.” Her gaze slid away again and she felt her cheeks warm in a telltale sign of guilt. “Umm. Sorry, I’ve been crazy busy. I recently stepped up in my position at Second Chances.”

“So I heard.”

The note of admiration in his deep voice had her snapping her focus back to his face.

“You heard?”

“Yeah. I’m proud of you.” He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and the shirt tightened across his chest as a result.

His words sent a rush of pleasure through her, but with her focus once again on his chest, she barely managed an obscure, “You are?”

“Yeah. I keep up on you, Gabby. Even if you don’t pick up the phone when I call.”

“Oh. No. It’s not…” Her blush deepened and she bit her cheek.

“No?” He leaned forward, stretching a hand past her to snag a box of cereal off the shelf behind her.

Her gaze locked on the hint of brown stubble on his chin and for a brief second he was so close that she could smell the mixture of soap and man. Not just any man. Justin man.

Gabby swallowed hard, and she felt her nipples tighten and chafe against the cotton bra she wore.

Not good. So not good.

“Hey, look, I’ll give you a call later.” The lie came out in a husky rush. “We can catch up. I promised Phoebe I’d stop by the Second Chances home in a little bit. I should get going.”

She moved to step around him, but he blocked her path. Her heart thudded faster.

This time when he reached out, it was to touch her. He caught a strawberry blonde braid between his fingers and slid his thumb through the strands.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” he said softly.

It’d be nice if he just held her, period. Her eyelids started to flutter shut and she swayed toward him. Choking on a gasp, she jerked away. What was she thinking? Was she completely out of her mind?

This was Justin. No. No. And hell no!

“Of course I’ll call. I will.” Her head bobbed in an affirmation that contradicted the decision in her heart. There was no way she would dial his number tonight.

His lips twitched and she saw the flicker of doubt in his eyes. Finally, he gave a short nod and stepped back.

“Great. I’ll…talk to you soon then.”

“Definitely.” She bit her lip and stepped around him, hurrying to the cash register to check out.

His gaze burned into her back and tingles of awareness raced through her body. Her palms were damp as she swiped her debit card.

One last glance back into the store showed Justin had likely disappeared down another aisle to finish his shopping.

Thank God. She fished her keys from her purse and rushed to her car.

Beth Williamson
Cynthia Eden
Elisabeth Naughton
Eliza Gayle
Jaci Burton
Jody Wallace
Kelly Maher
Lacey Savage
Lauren Dane
Marissa Scott
McKenna Jeffries
Michelle Pillow
Moira Rogers
Sasha White
Shelley Munro
Sylvia Day
Taige Crenshaw
TJ Michaels
Victoria Janssen
Vivian Arend
Shelli Stevens

First off, a couple of announcements! We have author Dara Girard over at Naughty and Spice blogging and giving away a book today. Also, in case you missed my previous blog, if you have a Kindle or Iphone/Itouch you can download my book Anybody but Justin for FREE right now on Amazon. If you want it, click here.

All month long I’m ‘Sharing the Love’ and giving away other people’s books. (I’ll mail out books once a week to the winners!) So today’s book in my give away is Cherry Adair’s Night Fall. Cherry is freaking awesome and I love her dearly! IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK BACK TOMORROW TO SEE IF YOU WON, WINNERS ARE NOT EMAILED. I’LL PUT IT IN THIS POST’S COMMENTS SECTION!

n262559T-FLAC/psi operative Simon Blackthorne goes to Africa to continue the global war against paranormal terror–never expecting to clash swords with strong-willed Kess Goodall.

Kess struggles in her own desperate battle to unravel a deadly secret that has killed millions in the tiny country of Mallaruza. But Simon proves to be the ultimate distraction: his very presence takes her body to the edge of a pleasure-filled abyss, his touch superbly rapturous. Now, against a backdrop of staggering beauty and horrific violence, with danger at every turn and libidos in overdrive, a spirited woman and an indomitable wizard face a malevolent force more frightening than both can imagine.

With foes strong and numerous, Kess and Simon must forge a bond strong enough to eliminate a sadistic enemy before Mallaruza is lost to terrorist control and the world forever changed.

To win Cherry’s book, just leave a comment and answer this question: Have you ever lusted after military type men/women?

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All month long I’m ‘Sharing the Love’ and giving away other people’s books. (I’ll mail out books once a week to the winners!) So today’s book in my give away is Hot Summer Nights: A Midsummer’s Night Steam which has a novella in it from my wonderful friend (and roomie in D.C.) Karen Erickson! IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK BACK TOMORROW TO SEE IF YOU WON, WINNERS ARE NOT EMAILED. I’LL PUT IT IN THIS POST’S COMMENTS SECTION!

c22660Everyone knows forbidden fruit tastes better. Here are four samples fresh off the press! Full Disclosure by Mary Wine reunites a cautious woman and a man who wont settle for less than forever. In Karen Erickson’s Spontaneous, Sophie has no idea why her hot boss wants from her. But shell have a naked good time figuring it out! Elle Kennedy’s Bad Moon Rising gives a taste of full-moon madness too hot to handle. And in Samantha Lucas One Night on a Balcony, two people try to deny their lust for each other until one hot night that changes everything forever.

To win this book, just leave a comment and answer this question: Doing/Done anything fun with your hot summer nights?

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And don’t forget to check out my Take Me Away contest here!

Well, I’m back from D.C. and thought I’d post a quick little blog in between all these giveaways (whew, it’s been awhile!)

So as you may have known, I took off for a week and went to Washington D.C. for the annual Romance Writers’ of America conference. I had a fantastic time and networked with a ton of folks, and learned lots in the leadership retreat. Not to mention toured my butt off walking the city! If you’d like to see pics, you can visit my Facebook page (and add me as a friend if you haven’t already!)

Anybody but Justin

Also, great news if you own an Amazon Kindle! This week they’re giving away my book Anybody but Justin on the Kindle for free! Click here to get it! I’ve already hit #16 on the best seller list on Kindle (but, hey, it’s free! People love free stuff!). Please remember it’s a spicy romance!

So anyway, check back tomorrow for another book giveaway! Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!

Shelli :)