When there’s a tiger—and a lion—on your tail, there’s no escape…

Delilah is strong, independent—and a princess on the run. Her father, King of the Falcon kingdom, wants to unite her with Pierce, Prince of the Tiger kingdom, and Jason, Prince of the Lions. Never can she imagine giving herself to one man if there is no love—let alone two! So she flees her home in hopes of avoiding the union.

Delilah may be dead-set against the plan, but Jason and Pierce have no doubts. She is the one they want to complete their triad, to be their mate. She alone has the power to form the bond that will, in turn, join all their kingdoms in peace.

They’re prepared to use every means of pleasure to convince her they are all destined to be together. But first they have to catch her…

Warning: This book is hot! Hot! Hot! Threesomes, m/m, and capture fantasies, oh my!

This ebook is available for purchase here.

This short novella has got to be my hottest erotic book yet–definitely not for the faint at heart. Here’s a peek at an excerpt!

Theirs to Capture

Copyright © 2009 Shelli Stevens

“This union cannot happen,” she choked out. “It will not.”

“Ah, but, little one, it will.” Pierce closed the distance between them and caught her wrist when she would’ve retreated further. His thumb brushed against her wildly beating pulse. “The kingdom of the falcons must merge with the tigers and lions.”

“We have no wish to merge with either kingdom,” she cried, tugging at her hand. “Release me.”

“As king, your father is solely responsible for that decision. He has made his choice.” Irritation flickered in his eyes as he tugged her closer. His breath feathered warmly across her cheek, sending a shiver down her spine. “And I have made mine. You, little one, are simply his daughter. Nothing more than a princess—or shall I say pawn—in our little game.”

Oh! How dare he? Anger churned in her gut and her eyes flashed. “I will not unite with you.”

“You will unite with us. The price of merging our kingdoms has always been and will always be you.”
She glared at him. He was right. Essentially she was nothing more than a pawn.

“Hmm. Such lovely eyes you have, Delilah. Almost…gray, are they not?” He smiled and then shrugged. “And yes, little one, you will unite with me and Jason. You know him quite well, I believe.” He touched her hair, tugging on one golden curl. “He has spoken of your beauty for years, how he has ached to sample you.”

“Jason would never! We are friends.”

“Yes, you are. But what does that have to do with him wanting to fuck you?” He slid his hand to cup her chin, stroking two fingers down her cheek. “I don’t blame him.”

“You are vile.” She turned her face in an attempt to escape his touch. His hands surprised her. They were not the soft, pampered hands of nobility, but callused and rough.

“You will enjoy having both of us in your bed, Delilah.” He caught her chin, forcing her head back so she had to look at him. The white of his teeth flashed in a sudden predatory smile. “I promise you this.”

She opened her mouth to shoot down his perverse promise, but a vision slammed into her mind. Her eyes fluttered closed. Pierce’s hands roamed her body, his fingers teasing between her legs, while Jason cupped her breast, drawing a nipple between his lips.

“You’ve seen it.”

Pierce’s knowing words jerked the vision from her head and she gasped, her eyes snapping open. Heat stained her cheeks and her breasts swelled with sudden arousal.

“No,” she denied.

“Yes, little one.” He lowered his head, until his mouth was just above hers. “It is your destiny.”

“It is my nightma—”

His mouth crushed down, silencing her as his tongue thrust past her lips. It was no gentle kiss, but one that staked a claim. He explored every inch of her mouth, stroking the roof of her mouth and grazing her teeth, before returning to suck her tongue into his mouth.

While her mind screamed in protest, her blood rushed like fire through her veins, spreading heat and desire.

Her nipples tightened, stabbing against the hardness of his chest.

He released her just as rapidly and she stumbled back, panting. She lifted a trembling hand to her mouth and stared at him in horror. She’d begun to respond to his kiss. Had enjoyed it. No. This couldn’t be.

Pierce’s chest rose with an unsteady breath. It offered little relief that he had been just as affected by their kiss as she had.

“Tomorrow, Delilah. The three of us will unite in a ceremony. With or without your consent.” His heated gazelanded on her mouth. “But in our bed, there is no doubt. You will not only consent, you will beg.”

This ebook is available for purchase here.

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So I’d been hunting ever since my birthday last Saturday for the movie Twilight. Apparently that thing was a lot more popular than I realized! And yesterday I found it at a Borders! YAAAY! Yes, many people make fun of the ‘bad acting’ and such, but I really enjoyed it. Probably because I went to the movies having not read the book and expecting to NOT like it. Just shows what happens when you have low expectations. ::cheeze::

Hmm. So guess what I got in the mail today? Cover flats! For my the anthology I’m in! Sexy Beast VII with Kate Douglas and Anitra Lynn McLeod. And seeing the cover flat (which I confess, Kate sent me a peek last week!) was my first glimpse at our cover! I scanned the cover so I could share with everyone.

Sexy Beast VII comes out in the early fall!

Here’s the blurb for my story in it titled His to Reclaim:

Five years ago Gemma gave her heart and soul to a fellow werejaguar only to have him disappear. Now Hunter has come back and kidnapped her on her wedding day in order to make her his again, and he will tempt, tease, and taunt her body to the heights of hedonistic pleasure to get exactly what he wants…

First, I have to say I just ordered bookmarks for my book Take Me and I’m so freaking excited! Yay! They’re pretty fabulous looking.

Okay. Onto the fun stuff. So a guy friend (of course) showed this to me the other day, declaring how much he wanted one of these. And I’ve just gotta say…okay, wait. I don’t really know WHAT to say.

Introducing the hoodie jackets made of blow-up dolls!!

So, would you wear it?

First: I’m being interviewed over at Jess Granger’s Butterfly Blog, you should drop by if you get a chance!

Well, I have to say I had a fabulous birthday on Saturday! And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I started with dinner with friends at an Irish pub type place. Heard a great little celtic group play, too!
Then we headed out to a bar where my friend was having a fundraiser to help with the medical bills (she was recently diagnosed with leukemia). I had such a blast! We all danced. My friend was enjoying life, and people were buying me drinks. I made phone calls that I probably shouldn’t have around midnight. Sent some text messages. Made confessions I shouldn’t have made. ::yeahthat:: But heck, it was all in good fun. ::blink::

I just have to say I have fantastic friends!

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So I was strolling through a drugstore one day when I discovered…Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish which claims to dry in 60 seconds. I initially passed the display, thinking there weren’t that many colors and are we really in such a rush that we can’t wait that extra 10 minutes?

But then… I got to thinking. I love doing my daughter’s nails, but she’s five and anytime we do nails it’s smudged by the three minute mark. And then…how many days have I glanced down at my hands and thought My nails look like ass. Man I wish I had time to do a quick paint job. So on a whim I picked up a bottle of pale pink polish. When I got home I broke it open and set to work.

My observations: First, the brush is a bit on the big side. Seriously beefy compared to most nail brushes. And second, I’d give it 1.5 to 2 minutes instead of 60 seconds just to be safe (did get a smudge). And that’s if you’re doing one layer. For two, maybe wait 2-3 minutes.

But other than that… it’s pretty sweet. The color stays on as well as any other polish, and it looks decent. It’s great in a pinch! Today I painted gram’s nails (the lady I grammasit for twice a week). She has some dementia so loses focus easily, and asking her to not smudge nails for 10 minutes is hard too. So this was perfect! And she was so thrilled, since she’s often complaining about the state of her nails.

While this may not be the same as getting a pampering manicure, it sure makes your nails look good when you’re in a rush. So this product (running just under $5 a pop) gets a big thumbs up from me!

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So my birthday is Saturday and guess what comes out that day? Twilight the movie! Don’t ask me why I liked it, but I did. I lurved it. So I’m going to get it!! What a fabulous birthday gift!
::sisboomba:: ::rockon:: ::happydance::

Speaking of Twilight. I heard an all-male team in Switzerland has created a vampire-themed ad for o.b. What do you think?