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So have you noticed things are shrinking? And not necessarily the good things like our waistlines. No what I’m talking about is stuff that affect our waistline. That’s right, the food we’ve been buying for years are shrinking in size…and yet, the prices stays the same. And it’s happening everywhere.


Here’s just a few examples I found searching around the web…

And those Cadbury eggs we love? Yup. Not immune. Though they deny shrinkage.

And the latest victim…Girl Scout Cookies. Seriously. There’ll be less cookies in some of the boxes this year, but it’s the same price. But, alas, it’s a good cause. You have to weigh the positives and negatives.

So all these product makers say the changes in sizes/quantity are needed because the prices of ingredients have gone up. That’s cool.

I’m sure once the prices return to normal and the economy is steady again they’ll go back to giving us the normal size for the normal price. ::nono::

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I’m discussing bathing suits for children. Am I a prude? You decide!


I think I probably felt a little like this the first year I started with a critique group.  ::rofl:: Maybe we all did. But now I couldn’t live without my critiquers and beta readers!

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Today was just amazing. I’m sure I’m not the only one on this emotional high right now.

Twice a week I grammasit for my aunt’s mother-in-law. A tiny 91-year-old Japanese woman who has seen so much. Whose son (my uncle) was born while they were in an American concentration camp. I came in early today to grammasitting, so I wouldn’t miss the inauguration of our 44th president Barack Obama.

It was so incredibly moving I found tears in my eyes more than once. Beyond that my aunt told me a story about my grandpa, how she wished he could be here. He was born in 1909 and passed away over a decade ago. He was a great man. A lawyer, professor, and was Dean of the University of Washington law school. But the coolest thing about my grandpa, was that he was always pushing for equal rights and desegregation. He was the president of the Seattle Urban league in the 1960’s.

And today my aunt shed light on one reason he’s always been such an activist. The story of how when he was a child and playing with friends in a haystack. He jumped off and landed on a pitch fork that was buried in the hay. It went straight through his leg and he was bleeding quite heavily. All his friends ran off, scared by his screams. Except one. There was an African American boy who stayed to help. Who carried my grandpa all the way to his grandfather’s (my great-great grandfather) house–who was a surgeon. That boy saved my grandpa’s life.

Since that day my grandfather always was an activist for equality. I wish he could have been alive to see this. He would have been 100-years-old this year. But he would have been so touched. So proud. I know he’s up there now watching though. Along with so many who fought for this day.

But I will say, it was also pretty cool sitting next to grams (not my blood relative, but I consider my grandma). She’s 91, Japanese, has had her own challenges with her life and country. And she’s still so very proud to be an American.  She watched the ceremony with my aunt and I… her favorite thing to comment on wasn’t Obama’s historic day in the making. Only that… he was so young. *Grin*

What a truly awesome day.

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