So, as you might have seen in my last Naughty and Spice blog post, I’m addicted to the Twilight series. Like devouring each book in a 2-3 days. I won’t stop until I finish. That means no writing or much business. But I should be done by Friday. I’m almost through book 3 now. And I won’t even begin to tell you about the totally dirty dream I had about Jacob (from the book) last night. My friend thinks it’s weird since he’s supposed to be like 16 in the book, but if you read the second book (New Moon) you’ll get it ;) And she so obvsiously has NOT read it!

Last night I took my daughter and two nieces out to the mall to burn through some gift cards. That was fun. Except, I think I kind of taught my daughter a bad habit. On Christmas day my brothers’/family/nieces were all watching Tropic Thunder. But only the scene where Tom Cruise and Matthew Mcconaughey are talking and Tom busts out dancing to that ‘Get Low’ song (or whatever it’s called). Sooo we’ve all had that song in our head for awhile now. And we’re walking around Target and my daughter (who is 5) keeps getting these looks cause she’s busting out: “Apple bottom jeans…boots with the fur WITH THE FUR!”. The teenage girls seemed to think she was pretty cool. And on that note, if you haven’t seen Tropic Thunder, you simply must. I love it. Though it might offend you.  Here’s the link to scene I’m talking about if you want to see it THE SCENE. ::cheeze::

Before I go I have to thank all the people who’ve taken time to email me in regards to my free Samhain read or my Dangerous Grounds print release. I’ve gotten some really sweet mail full of compliments that just makes me so…happy! Thanks to you all! (HUGS)

Stay tuned for tomorrow or the day after from some New Year’s resolutions (groan).

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Okay, so in case you haven’t heard, Seattle and the majority of the Pacific Northwest has been shut down for like over a week. We’re stuck. Going no where. Well, except for people who have to drive to work no exceptions and those who get kicks out of joy riding in darn deep snow and ice.

I’ve barely left my house and every time I do it’s like slipping and sliding all over the roads. I had to miss Cherry Adair’s holiday party (major sobbing), skipped grammasitting this week, had to cancel a family party at my aunt’s house, and my friend was supposed to fly up from Arizona but can’t now (so no fun night out on Friday ::lesigh:: ) And I had a friend get stuck in Portland, her FIL had to drive down from Seattle and pick her and her hubby up!

So yeah, really, this weather kind of sucks. I love the idea of a White Christmas and all, but this is a little much! Can we get some rain again? Please?

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Samhain Publishing is doing a survey where readers can share their favorite books and covers released in 2008 and in all the years since they’ve opened.

If you’d like to vote (it’s a short little thing!) here’s the link:

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Well, no big snow as of yet. It seems to have hit everywhere but where I live. Although–a quick peek out the window shows it’s finally snowing a bit! And sticking to the ground. But we’re about 10″ behind the rest of the region. ::loser::

So I just wanted to ask a favor from anyone who might have read Dangerous Grounds. If anyone wants to do a review on Amazon or another buy site I’d love to see what you think! I’ve only got a few up on Amazon right now and feel so lonely ::blink:: Plus, I just want to know what y’all think. *Gulp* and if you hate it, well, that’s okay too I suppose! ::arrrrgh::

And guess what? I’m taking the bookmark plunge and ordering some fabulous ones that will show off both books in my Seattle Steam book Dangerous Grounds and Tempting Adam! So pretty soon I’ll have some of those to send out to those who’d like one. ::gogogo::

Hope you’re all having a great week!

So wow. What a weekend. We got hit hard with the snow. At first, we thought it was going to hit Friday night, but it didn’t. That would’ve sucked since I had to take my kid and her half sis on the Santa Train. So we made it on the Santa Train sans snow! The girls had a blast! And Lacy Danes and her kids came too. So of course, Lacy and I couldn’t resist getting a pic with Santa  ::gogogo:: They seemed so excited by this the local paper took a pic too and promised to put us in it.

When we returned from the train the wind started up and, sadly, knocked down a tree in our back yard, breaking the swingset in half. My daughter pointed it out. But we were lucky it didn’t hit the house. That’s okay, there’s other trees much closer to us that still could (gahd I’m morbid!)

The snow came on Saturday night after the winds. Oh and how the girls loved that! I took them sledding and let them play outside for a bit. It was absolutely frigid. The temperature has just dropped and so the snow isn’t melting. I braved a drive out Sunday evening once I was kid free and enjoyed a pre-holiday party with some of my old friends. We played Cranium and usually I’m not a big board game player, but I had a good time. My team won. See our victory dance!

Well, the snow is still around and it’s supposed to hit us again. More snow! Which I’m kind of hmmmm’ing about. I mean, I have Cherry Adair’s Christmas party on Saturday! I do NOT want to miss this. The last time I went? Chocolate fondue fountain and like food to die for. And I just *heart* Cherry. Usually I’d LOVE a White Christmas, or any reason for snow, but we Seattle folk don’t know how to drive in the stuff. We freak out and like freeze. Go no where unless we have to. *Sigh* I’ll keep you posted!