Well, with a bunch of talented authors!

Bookfair Date/Time: October 11, 2008, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Hilton Bellevue Hotel
300 112th Avenue SE,
Bellevue, WA – 98004
Tel: 425-455-1300

My book Dangerous Grounds doesn’t come out in print until the end of November, but I’m getting some early copies to do a signing this weekend at the Emerald City Writers Conference!


“With suspense, humor and sex, Dangerous Grounds is an enthralling read, with enough depth of emotion, heat and tension to engross anyone…. With a voice and style all her own, Ms. Stevens has yet again proven her worth with Dangerous Grounds…” 5 Angels Recommended Read, Rachel C, Fallen Angel Reviews

Here’s who else is signing!! Come by if you can :)

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2 comments to “I’m doing a book signing tonight!”

  1. 1

    Hi lady! It’s been ages since I stopped by. That conference sounds wonderful, I’m so jealous I don’t get to go. And yay on Dangerous Grounds coming out in print. I still think about that book!

  2. 2

    Hope it was fab!

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