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And check out the pumpkins I carved last night! Yeah, I’m feeling pretty proud. Even if it was a stencil, that sh*t is hard!

I took my daughter to the dentist for her first official visit today. She’s had unofficial checks in the mouth by my good friend who’s a dental hygienist. Usually my friend’s consensus is: looks great, but she’s going to need braces. So when I took her today, I was afraid she’d freak out, despite many times reading every kids book about visiting the dentist out there (gotta say the Dora one’s pretty good!).

Anyway, she did fantastic! They couldn’t stop saying how great she did. Got her teeth cleaned and x-rayed. I was a proud mamma. And of course the last comment was: Great teeth, no cavities (it’s genetic, I’ve never had one!), but she will probably need braces, there’s a lot of crowding there. Greeeat. Like that’s not a lot of money. Well, it’s a ways off…who knows, I could be a NYT Best Seller by then. Cereally. It could happen.

So is it wrong that I think the older brother on Icarly is really hot? Does anyone even know what I’m talking about? Well, there’s my daily confession. Deal with it.

And now I’m off to finish writing a really dirty triad short story for Samhain. If they’ll take it. We’ll see. Funny how I can go from Icarly to really spicy books…tell me I’m not alone here. Anyone? Anyone?

I’m blogging at the Aphrodisia authors blog today. So if you’d like to drop by there I’d love the support! I’m talking…lingerie!

So I had a slumber party last night with my daughter, her sister, and her cousin. I went to the store last night to grab some snacks/groceries and I just want to know…

When then heck did pancake mix get so expensive? $4.99 for a little box of Krusteaz? Seriously?? It’s pancake mix. It doesn’t even taste good. I could make my own mix cheaper from scratch and end up with more.

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So life has been crazy to say the least. I had the conference (and all the stress/anxiety/excitement building up to it!), and then my friend Emma Petersen stayed in town for a week or so afterward. We did a three day trip to the Oregon coast and around the Olympic Peninsula. It was a lot of fun and I was surprised my kid handled the car time so well! I posted some pics at Naughty and Spice on my Monday blog.

(Emma and I at the ECWC)


In the midst of all this, I actually had a big old emotional event (remember that one I asked for good thoughts about?). Well, my daughter actually met her dad for the first time and I was reunited with him for the first time since, oh about when I found out I was pregnant. So that was….scary, intense, concerning. But it went pretty well overall. So thanks everyone for the good thoughts!

Now that life is settling back down and into my routine (man, I didn’t realize how much I need my routine!) I’m back to edits, revisions, and critiquing. And then the usual board stuff. Yikes, I got behind on emails. And I still need to squeeze in watching Pushing Daisies online to catch up from last week.

Okay, typing all that made me realize I need to get back to work…. I lifted my head above water to check in, and now…going back under. Dive. Dive. Dive.

How do you travel? Come share your style and see some pics from my trip!

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I’m back! Life was insanely crazy building up to the conference, and stayed insanely busy all the way through. But we made it, and the word on the street–or loops–is that the ECWC was pretty darn fabulous. Great speakers, workshops, raffle baskets, agents/editors…. I don’t think I got more than five hours of sleep between Wednesday and Sunday. In fact, my POV for this conference is going to be more from someone working it. Meaning not as detailed. Let me try and do a small recap!

Wednesday night I arrived at the hotel and helped stuff goody bags for like…oh, I believe four hours. I was exhausted by the end of the night, but it was fun! Here’s a pic of the goody bag party–and that was just part of the promo stuff!

Thursday night was the librarian event–my first time attending–which was pretty darn cool as well. I had the opportunity to speak with local librarians, talk about my writing and upcoming books. How fabulous is that? Here’s a picture of a group of us who did dinner before hand, four of us were the ‘erotic authors’ table. Susan Lyons, me, Jaquie Rogers (non-erotic author), Emma Petersen, Lacy Danes

Friday…the conference began! I’m going to try and recap, but so much of it is a bit of a blur! I’m telling you, I was so busy I only attended one workshop this entire conference! It was Friday, and it was Angela James one about epubs. I realized I had a few free minutes and came in late. Angela is so sweet and funny, and I’m so proud to be a part of Samhain. Susan Mallery was our speaker that night and she did a fabulous job! Such a great talk about having goals. I’d tell you the ones I made that night, but then I’d have to kill you. <grin> I will say…they’re good ones.

Lauren Dane and I listening to the agent/editor panel after dinner

Agent/Editor panel

Saturday we had lots of great workshops and at lunch Julia Quinn spoke. She was funny and charming. And then we had the book signing later that night! My first one where I was signing my very own book. I sold 16 out of 20 copies, which I’m told is pretty darn good! I bought the last four (hello, discount and future prizes!) and gave one signed one to Cherry Adair. Since she’s the reason I finished that book! The board also invites the agents/editors out to dinner, though many skipped out this year. And we were missing three board members at dinner! But it was intimate, fun, and we had a yummylicious meal! Then we came back to the hotel for Club Muse and some fun and fabulous dancing for the next three hours! Even the staff got down and danced with us! At one point (near the end of the night I did twist my ankle. But a very nice editor from WRP helped me up and he made sure I was okay.)

Me speaking (as I did quite a bit!)

Julia Quinn speaking

Signing next to the wonderful Marianne Stillings (whose book will be in Cosmo soon!)

Dinner with part of the GSRWA board and editor Deb Werksman and agent Carolyn Grayson

Staff from the hotel dancing with the girls!

Sunday was the wrap up with more workshops and then Allison Brennan as a closing speaker. She was fun and made some great points! And in tradition, we had Cherry Adair close the conference with her Write the Damn Book talk. To which she again just proved what a wonderful and generous person she is.

Cherry and I with my book Dangerous Grounds (a book I finished because of her!)

Cherry doing her talk

A random shot of those who succeeded at Cherry’s challenge!

Christina Arbini won the Naughty and Spice basket!

Well I had a wonderful conference! I got to know so many people better (someone actually said I had a great butt, and I can’t TELL you how happy that made me! It was after shaking it on the dance floor ;) I networked, I made new friends, grew closer to others. And I have a ton of pics, but just wanted to toss a few up on my blog for now. Maybe tomorrow…or not tomorrow, going to be busy tomorrow (ack, remind me to blog about that later) I’ll post some more pictures and stories!

Hugs to all who attended and I hope you had as wonderful of a time as I did!

Well, with a bunch of talented authors!

Bookfair Date/Time: October 11, 2008, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Hilton Bellevue Hotel
300 112th Avenue SE,
Bellevue, WA – 98004
Tel: 425-455-1300

My book Dangerous Grounds doesn’t come out in print until the end of November, but I’m getting some early copies to do a signing this weekend at the Emerald City Writers Conference!


“With suspense, humor and sex, Dangerous Grounds is an enthralling read, with enough depth of emotion, heat and tension to engross anyone…. With a voice and style all her own, Ms. Stevens has yet again proven her worth with Dangerous Grounds…” 5 Angels Recommended Read, Rachel C, Fallen Angel Reviews

Here’s who else is signing!! Come by if you can :)