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I just received my first advance from NY (yes!) and I’m getting a new laptop. I’m torn. Do I want a Mac or PC? I’m soliciting opinions and advice on both! I DREAD Vista!


What I’m listening to: Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow

I have allergies. Really annoying allergies, and usually, by this time of year they’re gone. But every morning I wake up sneezing and blowing my nose. Sometimes I rub my eyes so hard my contacts fall out. And nothing works. Not Zyrtec, not Claritin. Nuthang. So this morning I tried something new…

After hearing stories about this totally natural method of allergy med’ing oneself, I’ve decided to give it a try. My friend swears by it. What am I doing? I’m taking up honey. Raw, organic honey. I’ve been told if you eat a teaspoon a day you build up all immunity to the pollen and crap. So I’m giving it a try. Now raw honey isn’t that pretty, smooth, clear caramel colored stuff. No this stuff kind of looks like someone ate apples and then puked it back up.

Here’s a glammed up pic of raw honey…

I was a little nervous to try it–not really caring for honey in the first place. So I bought some nonfat Greek yogurt to mix it with. This morning I ate my first batch and it was…freaking fantastic! So I’ll keep you posted in the next week or so on whether it works or not.

So yesterday I started my Sexy Beast novella. I’m really, really excited to be in this antho. But at the same time I started to get nervous. That’s a lot of pressure! Being with all the big guys. My book had to be good. It had to measure up. So every idea I got in my head, I’d immediately shoot down thinking not good enough. Yesterday though, I just got this first scene floating around upstairs, and finally I just started typing. And I liked it–and my crit partners liked it. So I’m going with it.

I’m debating going away for a few days. To the cabin. Not much internet (less I plug into the phone itself and use AOL), so lots of guaranteed writing time. At night at least. During the day…walks on the beach/over the hill, thrift shop shopping (I’m addicted to thrift shops!), maybe rowing in a boat. It’d be nice. I haven’t been up there since July 4th! I really need to go, but gas is…ack. If I’m not around much in the next few days you’ll know what happened ::arrrrgh::

So I’m kid free for a couple days, and I went out to dinner tonight with a friend. Actually, we went to a brewery. The same place we went on my birthday (I blogged about it but I’m too lazy to go find the link.) It has stone grilling. Yummy. Where last time the waiter who served us told me he wanted to be in a romance novel, because there were never enough black men in romance novels. So I told him he could be in one of my novellas. And I did, I put him in it–he’s a cop! (I recently finished and it’s going out to my Samhain editor!). Anyway, I digress. We ate at this brewery again. So yummy. You cook your food on these really hot stones. Like they set it in front of you with raw meat on it. I’m a chicken girl, so no red meat for me.

Anyway, I’ve realized something. If a gal wants to flirt, she should really go a to a brewery. There are men there. Lots of them. And they’re not like some of the young 20 somethings out just to get trashed and hit on anything with breasts. Real men. And they were hitting on us–well, more so my friend. I was giving off the ‘get away’ vibe. I have confession, I’m a bit nervous with the opposite sex. It’s been so long since I’ve dated or anything close to that, it’s almost like making contact with aliens. Come to think of it, aliens might be easier. Anyway, I digress AGAIN.

My friend got the weirdest pick up line. She didn’t think it was a pickup line, but I totally think so. It was a line to get her attention and instigate attention. So this random guy comes up behind her, taps her on the shoulder, and says… Excuse me, I just have to ask. How long have you been divorced?” We’re just blinking is shock, then she answers him–because she is indeed divorced. She started with the ‘how did you know I was divorced?’ bit. When I cut to the chase and just asked him, “It didn’t matter to you on whether she answered yes or no, it was just a way to go up and get her to talk to you, wasn’t it?” And he got this kind of panicked how the heck did she know look about him.

Weird, hmm?

Anyway. Food was good and the atmosphere was great, I can’t wait to go back. Tomorrow we’re going to see Tropic Thunder after I grammasit! YES! A non PG movie!! ::whenaproblemcomesalong::

So today, while trotting down the stairs in my UGG slippers to tell a bunch of kids to get out of the rain, I fell. My feet went out from under me, and I had some serious air time (okay, it felt like it!). My butt hit the stair edge–and I do mean the one part of my butt that must not have lots of cushy fat on it. And I hit my arm. So, being in a bunch of pain, I let out a tirade of some choice words at the top of my lungs. It was something like… “F*ck! F*CK! Ow! OMG, F*****CK!”

The kids all caming running around the corner bug eyed to stare at me. Me who always tries to watch her mouth in front of the little ones totally blew it. So anyway, my butt hurts and the kids now are very familiar with the F word.

I’ve fallen out of love…and I’m confessing all about it at http://www.naughty-and-spice.com/. Please come by and tell me if it’s happened to you!

*permission to forward*

Hey everyone! Less than two months before Emerald City Writers Conference!! And if you want to save $30 on registration, you need to sign up soon since early registration closes Saturday!

This conference is going to be fantastic (and rumor has it they’re trying to get dancing and a DJ for Saturday night!) There’s also a great bookfair with lots of really great authors signing!

Below is the info and a peek at the food (yes, we feed you lots too! This conference is FANTASTIC!)

Here’s the link to the conference page where you can register:


October 10-12, 2008 at the Bellevue Hilton, Bellevue, Washington

* Early bird registration closes August 16, 2008.

* The hotel block rate expires September 17, 2008.

* Registration closes September 30, 2008, or when filled.


Welcome: Susan Mallery

Key Note: Julia Quinn

Closing: Allison Brennan

*Write the DAMN Book!*
Challenge: Cherry Adair

Editor Choices

Leis Pederson – Berkley Books, Penguin Group (USA)

Angela James – Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Deb Werksman – Sourcebooks, Inc.

Agent choices

Kim Whalen – Trident Media Group, LLC

Barbara Poelle – Irene Goodman Literary Agency

Carolyn Grayson – Ashley Grayson Literary Agency

Kevan Lyon – Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

Meal Choices

Friday Dinner – three option to choose from with salad and dessert

Grilled Salmon –
Glazed Chipotle Onions and Pinot Noir Beurre Blanc
Wild Rice Blend and Chef’s Seasonal Vegetable

Chicken Marsala –
Marsala Wine and Beef Stock Reduction with Sage and Wild Northwest Mushrooms
Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Chef’s Seasonal Vegetable

Veggie Gnocchi –
Goat Cheese and Herb Infused Alfredo
Grilled and Roasted Vegetables

Saturday Lunch – three options to choose from with dessert

Turkey Sandwich –
Smoked Turkey Breast on Wheat
Cranberry relish, lettuce and Tomato

Italian Chicken Sandwich –
Marinated Chicken on Focaccia
Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade with Smoked Mozzarella Cheese

Veggie Wrap –
Spinach Tortilla with Grilled Vegetables
Baby Greens, Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar

Sunday Lunch – two brunch options to choose from and sweet treat

Quiche Lorraine – contains bacon
served with Sour Cream and Mustard Sauce
Banana Bread with Cream Cheese and Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Veggie Frittata –
Tomato Basil Relish, Spinach, Shiitake and Portabello Mushrooms
Sauteed Fennel, Shallots and Egg Beaters
Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Asparagus
Other Good Stuff

So I finished the novella that won’t die! YAY! And yesterday I started writing the synopsis for my second Kensington book, and then will start the Sexy Beast novella before the end of the week! I’m feeling good with the writing.
And I have to say, for the first time I’m not really hating writing a synopsis… maybe because I know the book is already sold? But I’m excited about this premise.
And on an ‘aaah’ not. My daughter has had her first sleepover! Well, two actually! The first one was last Thursday. My kid decided spontaneously to sleep over at her 1/2 sister’s house. And they’re an hour away from us, so needless to say I was a bit anxious. Hard to just ‘come pick her up’ if things got bad. But she did great. A couple tears and worrying at bedtime, but then once she went to sleep she slept all night. Snuggled up to her big sister of course. ::yesyes::

The second overnight happened last night. I had to take my younger brother to the ER, so I dropped the kid off with another one of my brother’s (I have three). She did great! Played with her cousins and then slept with my sis-in-law all night, with again, a few tears that might have been more tired/melt down. And I sat at the ER for 7 hours–until 1am. The good thing was I got to read The Hunt, an Allison Brennan book from front to back. Which, I swear I haven’t read a book in one sitting since before I had a kid. It was quite the experience. Allison, by the way, is speaking at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference. You really should come!

Okay, off to work on that synopsis again. Later!

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Okay! Well, I’m back and here–as promised–is my big old long recap of Nationals! First of all, let me say how much fun I had. And how much I miss everyone. I spent about 12 hours putting this recap together, and I’m sure I missed pics of people, forgot some names in pics, and talking about some folks I met. So I apologize now and I’ll add them in when I remember!

Nationals is the only place where I’ve felt such camaraderie and support for what I do (I haven’t been to RT yet!) I was back home yesterday, walking around the mall with my daughter, and I kept looking around expecting to see someone I recognized. At Nationals every where you look there are people who understand you. People just like you. But wandering around the mall all I saw were strangers…and once again I felt a bit alone. It’s hard to describe, but that one week a year at Nationals is food for my soul that I have to live on for an entire year until the next conference rolls around.

MONDAY: After getting upgraded to first class (I love having friends who work for the airlines!) I flew out of Seattle alone on the plane. Or so I thought! Once landing, however, I look up and low and behold across the aisle from me is Susanna Carr! We share a cab to the Marriott and chat the whole way. She insists on paying for the cab (love you, Susanna, you’re a sweetie!) and I promise to buy her a drink later. Later (Tuesday), when I’m buying her the drink, we run into another Seattleite one of our fave authors Ms. Jane Porter! (in the pic: me, Jane, Susanna)

That night I went and had dinner with my dad’s cousin, Neff Rotter. She wrote under multiple pen names (Laura Matthews, Neff Rotter, Elizabeth Walker) in different genres (Regencies and Medical romances). (In the pic Neff and I) She has stopped writing but has since started up and runs all by herself Belgrave House and Regency Reads.
I had a wonderful time talking to her and her husband. I learned she’s a charter member of RWA and was friends/neighbors with Catherine Coulter (she even told me her real name–which I can’t remember!)

After dinner I went back to the hotel and hooked up with some Romance Divas in the bar. Including a couple of my favorites, Ms. Lillian Feisty and Eden Bradley . (In pic Feisty, me, Eden) Then I went to bed and passed out–trying to forget the horror of a $14 Lemon Drop at the hotel bar.