I’m excited as HECK to say goodbye! I’m off to San Francisco Monday morning!

But before I go, come check out my post Cinderella Should’ve Worn Flats that I did over that the Aphrodisia blog! ::whipitgood::

See you in a week or so!

Come by Naughty and Spice where guest blogger Emma Petersen is discussing fears/fantasies and doing crazy things. Comment for a chance to win a copy of her ebook Master of the Game!


So last night I dreamt that my daughter went through my closet with her ‘learning scissors’ and all my dresses for Nationals suddenly looked like those snowflakes you make in school. I woke up all relieved.

But maybe it was a warning about the impending doom my kid would soon bring forth. Later in the day, as I’m checking my email, I hear a whoomph. I look up not quite in time to see a big inflatable ball smash into my full open 32 oz water bottle. Down it goes. All over my cell phone.

I dragged her Sponge Bob watching butt out to the T-mobile store and tried to look like a broke, stressed, single mommy whose kid just wrecked her phone so the guy would cut me a deal (my contract isn’t up for a few months yet). It worked! I got out of there with an average phone for about $50.

San Francisco is about just a week away, but I think I’m going to start packing. I like to see how I’m doing and what needs to go and what can stay. I’m also donating a raffle basket to the PI cocktail party and it’s going to be great! I realized a little too late a few things are on the heavier side. Hmm. Those may have to go.

Anyone else packing yet?

Hi all! Come on by Naughty and Spice where I’m blogging about naming characters after friends. You’ll even see a picture of the guy who got named as the hero in one of my books!


So last night I got on a total makeup trip. I’m not sure what inspired it. But all of a sudden I wanted to learn to do eyeshadow. Like beyond the ‘grab brush, smear on color’. So I figured I’d start with the shades I already had and explore. Have fun with some colors that I’ve never/rarely used.

Keep in mind I’m a novice. But here’s kind of what I came up with…

First we have Shelli (yes I’ve switched to third person) going retro with the bold gold/orange shade for a perhaps a night out on the town. Not so sure I can pull this off….


Next we have this green/orange type combo


And probably here’s my favorite of the night, a pink and brown combo…


and the final shot (a full face so you can see my new shorter hair–and please forgive the serious expression and myspace style shot!)

Saturday is shopping day for San Francisco, Lacy and I are going. I may find some eyeshadow shades that work and maybe get some more tips. I do like ‘basic’ makeup right now, but I’m kind of itching to learn more. Then we’re doing the band at the bar thing. Needless to say, I’m so excited for the weekend. ::woot::

But first…tomorrow and Thomas the Train. I can do this. I think I can…I think I can… ::whatEVA::

So I went and got my hair done for Nationals. It’s a tradition I do every year. Invest in a good haircut and highlights. This year I decided since I was actually happy with the state of my hair, I’d invest a little more and go to the more posh salon. Yeeeaaah.

I have curly hair. And curly hair can be a wee bit challenging to cut. I knew I was in trouble when the lady cut it wet. I know some people will argue it can be done, but all the research I’ve read and knowing what works best on me, it should be done dry. And then she kept cutting and adding layers. So *sigh* my hair is now about to my shoulders when before it was almost half down my back. I’m a little bummed, but hey, it is what it is. I’m going with the calling it a ‘I’m sassy and cute’ style. ::sisboomba::

Anyway, I’m so so excited. This weekend I’m getting a life somewhat. Not really, but all the same. I’m going to do some last minute shopping for San Francisco and then later that night I’m going to see a music group with some old friends I know. At a bar! I haven’t been in a bar in awhile, I’m actually pretty excited! More so to see the old friends! ::happydance::

The last thing on my list I must fit in before getting the kid? I must see The Dark Knight. Must. Must. Must see. I’m so excited for it.

I’m over at Naughty and Spice blogging about things I miss from the 80’s!


Yay!! I’m so excited! With the help of Emma Petersen (and some reminders on how to get into my FTP from my web mistress) I got smilies! ::happydance::

How do you like them smilies?

::ponyexpress:: ::arrrrgh::

Oh and I found a couple of reviews for Tempting Adam!

“I thoroughly enjoyed this spicy and erotic tale.” Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

“Tempting Adam is one of those really fun romances that you just can’t put down…one of those light love stories that will have you feeling really good and wanting some more when you are done.” Madame Butterfly Reviews


On a not so yay note, my child discovered my MAC lipgloss that I bought for San Francisco. I discovered it later sitting in a sink full of water, missing the brush/wand. Have yet to locate it. ::awwwe::

So I got a call from my fabulous agent Ms. Laura Bradford this morning. She told me that Kensington had called her. And my first thoughts were… “Oh dear, I screwed up, they’re canceling the contract!” or something. Laura assured me it was good news, and so I’m thinking what could it be? We hadn’t sent anything else out yet.

But the news is…Kensington wants me to write a novella for one of the Sexy Beast anthologies!!

I’m dancing and dancing and dancing some more!

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