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So I took my daughter and two nieces to see WALL•E yesterday. Umm, yeah. They all hated it. I’m kinda thinking it’s so NOT a kid’s film. It felt like an adult film blatantly dissing humans and our way of life (my sum of the movie? Fat Americans who need to learn to recycle.) But I’ve talked to people who went and saw it sans kids and loved it. Hence the ‘not a kids film’ bit. But it could’ve been just me and family. I’m curious to hear what others thought.

I’m so proud of myself. I went through all my clothes and bedroom today and just cleaned. I cleaned out all my clothes that no longer fit (lost 22lbs and still going since end of last September!). I organized, I minimized, and I think–once I get motivated–I’m going to go a bit nutty selling old clothes on Ebay. It feels good and I have a much cleaner closet/room/dressers.

I have to say, I blogged about romance at the Aphrodisia blog the other day, and how I didn’t really expect or thought it existed too often, but today I was reminded it does. Not with myself, mind you, romance and I don’t seem to be compatible. I was at a baby shower–a co-ed one! And I saw two couples, one younger who’d just gotten engaged. The way the guy planned the proposal blew my socks off. So romantic. Then my friend, who found love in her late 20’s. Her hubby showed romance in all the small gestures. Getting her a chair when she was tired of standing, cooking all the food for the shower, just little things that are so sweet. Sooo I’m going to say I think I’ve had my mind changed. Romance does exist, and some men are naturally prone to it. Just not all :)

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Forget my last boring post. I’m in shock! Absolute shock. No I didn’t just get a six figure book deal.

Mini Me has a sex tape!

NO FREAKING WAY! (don’t worry, if you click you won’t see the whole thing, it’s just a PG snippet)

Well, I apologize for being slow on the blogging. Again, I have very little to report. Lots of writing, reading, and summer stuff. The kid’s out of school. But other than that, it’s the same old same old.

Finally after months of rain around here we’re getting some good weather. 70’s and 80’s! Yaay! Much above that and I begin to wilt. I’m thinking it’s time to get out and about for this upcoming weekend. Sun time.

So there’s only one month until San Francisco and the annual RWA Nationals convention! I’m so freaking excited. Yes, I just got back from Disneyland, but that was a kid/family type vacation. San Francisco is adults only! It’s my one week out of the year I get to remind myself what it’s like to be an early thirties chica. A gal with a social life and friends who write and live in ‘my world’. Because really, the world of an author can be a bit crazy. And every now and then on these trips, I’ll even get my flirting on (hey there’s bartenders!). Not to mention I get to wear cute dresses!

On the flirting note, last night I tried to go out with a friend (the kid was out of town!) and we’d do some social flirting or fun stuff…but, ugh, apparently we’ve been out of the loop too long and need some reminding how it works. Not to mention it was a Tuesday and there’s just not much to do and places were dead. So we went and saw Get Smart instead. Yeah. We’re lively like that. But it was actually a pretty cool movie.

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And I’m off to Disneyland! Back for the weekend :) Behave yourselves! Or not ;)

And yes, this is my highly skilled artistic creation of me wearing mouse ears.

p.s. No laptop!!

So I’m up in the air on bringing the laptop to D-land now (hey, it’s just that my camera needs it to charge!). We’ll see…now it’s a matter of ‘can I fit it in my carry on!’

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So today’s post is almost more of a ‘I’m not worthy’ post to my niece. Yes, my niece. See, she’s just too cool. First off she made a fantastic video/music/thingy of my daughter through the years of her life. So cute and gets me all sappy/sobby.

Second, my niece is smart and talented. 4.0 in school and a darn good writer. Like I’m surprised she didn’t beat me to selling to NY. And she LOVES the book Twilight. I mentioned that in an earlier post. She loves it so much she entered that MTV2 ‘react to the movie trailer’ contest thing, and she was picked. Yup, she was on a commercial spazzing out over the Twilight trailer. I don’t really ‘get’ fanfiction, but my niece loves it. And has delved head first into writing fanfiction for Twilight. Here’s a quick snip if you’re interested. Oh, and keep in mind it’s written by a 13 year old! And she says she’d love comments ;)

I can’t imagine what she’ll be like in a few years. Of course (brushing an imaginary piece of lint of my shirt) I did give her advice and constant encouragement over the years.

So, off topic of my amazing niece, and onto my upcoming trip to Disneyland. Holy Macaroni am I excited! And I’m contemplating something totally insane. I may…leave my computer at home. *Gasp* Can I do it? Should I do it? Yaaay I leave on Monday! Or maybe even Sunday. It’s standby. So it’s hard for people like me who are ‘planners’. I’m trying to relax and be more laid back about the whole thing. Heh. Ask me how I’m doing Sunday. Squee!

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