So my holiday weekend was a lot of fun and I stayed local. Gas is freaking nutso! Part of the weekend I hung out with my great friend Danielle (who’s one of my beta readers too and I adore her!) I somehow managed to have a very ‘der’ moment when I was visiting her house.

I drove forward in her driveway, before I backed out, and drove right off the concrete driveway and dropped my right front wheel into the grass (about four inches lower). Yeeaaaah. Had to call AAA on that one. Apparently there’s a term for it. Highwatered? High something.

My kid thought it was the funniest thing ever. Actually, everyone around did. The somewhat cute tow truck driver did too–even though he assured me he wasn’t laughing at me. Or hadn’t been until a certain point.

The second half of my weekend my kid and I hung out with Lacy Danes and her kids. Lots of fun, food, and writing. So overall, I didn’t go anywhere or do anything too big, but it was fun! I finished up my Samhain submission revision, fingers crossed. Last time my hero was a little stalkerish, so I’ve removed the tendencies. Actually, it’s pretty much a new book *grin* Now I’m just finishing up the third novella in my three novella series.

K, off to write now (challenge) with Karen Erickson! You know, my fellow Naughty and Spice amiga. Chug, chug, chug! Or wait, write, write, write!

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Naughty and Spice is celebrating its one year anniversary!!


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So yesterday was fantastic! Lacy Danes took me out to celebrate my birthday (late, it was 2 months ago!) and my sale to New York and new agent!

We went to a fabulous little Italian restaurant/wine bar thing. I skipped the wine though, too much sugar and calories. Oh but wait, I screwed up that calorie thing by sharing this with Lacy…

What is it you ask? Well, it’s Toasted Asiago. Asiago cheese, with brandy on top, set on fire, and then served to us. Taste bud orgasms ensued!!!

Then we went to see Corteo a production of Cirque du Soleil. Freaking incredible! Buff chicks/guys doing amazing and dangerous acrobatic stuff. Beautiful music. Complete eye and ear candy all around. Sadly, no photographs were allowed inside the tent, but we did a few outside the tent. And since we held the camera in front of us to take the picture, you really can’t see anything exciting but our big faces. So thanks, Lacy, for the fantastic night!

Also, I was tagged by Kris Eton (Apparently I’m muy tagable)

Sooo…. here are six things that annoy me lately….

1. That any celebrity can decide they want to write a book and snap their fingers and they have a book deal.

2. That restaurants have been serving low fat items on the menu that are indeed not lowfat, but just as artery clogging as half the burgers on the menu.

3. That gas prices are now what I was paying when I visited England in 2001. (Which was bend me over expensive and jaw dropping).

4. That somebody invented donuts and I have to resist them

5. That trendy/cute clothes for a preschooler can cost as much as adult clothes.

6. That there are only 24 hours in a day

So the post sale giddies are still lingering. I wake up every morning, smiling. I’m so darn excited for multiple reasons. I’ll be honest about one. I can stop sending out agent and editors queries!! I have an agent–the fantabulous Laura Bradford–who will go to bat for me. I’ve waited so long for this.

And the two book deal! Oh, no wow that’s just too awesome. For one, I think I got hit with the lucky stick. Because even though I only talked to my editor Peter for a few minutes, I like him. And I hear great things. And he liked and bought my book, so that just makes me think he’s all that much more cool! I’m excited and already playing with ideas for the second book in my contract. Which will be another book in the futuristic/sci-fi vein.

Then there’s my friends. *Sniffle Sigh* So many wonderful, sweet, and encouraging people who I’ve been walking with on this crazy, bumpy, isolated road of being a writer. That understand the ups and downs and frustrations of this business. Your emails, comments, replies are so sweet and genuine. And they really touch me and I hope you know how much you all mean to me!

Okay, off the sentimental train for a bit (cause I’m sure you’re all gagging! LOL) Tomorrow my friend and fellow writer Lacy Danes is taking me out to see Corteo and have dinner in celebration of my sale and my late birthday present. I’m really excited for that. I’m sure it’ll be a blast! I’ll be sure to post an update and hopefully some pics!

p.s. People told me I was on Dear Author today! How awesome is that?! Here’s what she said about my Publishers Marketplace announcement….

This sounds like all those 1980s ‘science fiction’ romances crossed with a harem fantasy. I should be disgusted, but who are we kidding? I’d buy this on release day.

Shelli Stevens’s CAPTURED ROSE, on a planet where females are on the endangered species list, a woman who has spent her life in erotic servitude to the three wealthy and powerful men who own her finds freedom and passion in the arms of her abductor, a man who should be her fiercest enemy, to Peter Sentfleben at Kensington Aphrodisia, in a nice deal, in a two-book deal, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency.

I’m thrilled to announce that I made my first NY sale! Kensington Aphrodisia made an offer for my erotic sci-fi/futuristic romance The Captured Rose, plus they want me to write another single title. And shortly after that I signed with literary agent Laura Bradford!

I’m talking more about it at Naughty and Spice.

Come visit Lauren Dane over at Naughty and Spice where she is guest blogging. She’s talking burlesque! And if you leave a comment, you’re entered to win a copy of her newest book!

So I had mentioned my daughter got a big kick out of swimming on vacation a couple of weeks ago. The result? Her grandparents have put her in swimming lessons. Cutest thing ever. Course I have to say that since she’s my kid *Grin* What else is the cutest thing ever? Her preschool class picture she just got back. I think my daughter is on the tall side…not sure how that happened :)

I was tagged in another Meme by Minx Malone. So you know when I do these I put a spin on them. SO today’s will be…

Six things I want to (and WILL!) do this summer

1. Get my picture with the backdrop of the Golden Gate bridge
2. Go to Disneyland
3. Go camping
4. Take the kid on a couple of challenging hikes (for her)
5. Write a single title book
6. Lose another 5-10lbs

I’m over at Naughty and Spice today blogging about the part of my body I almost set on fire. Come join the discussion!

My friend and fellow Naughty and Spice author Amie Stuart is launching the WICKED line today at Cobblestone Press! This book is smokin’ hot! (I can attest as I got to beta read it! Yay me!) If you like cowboys and menages, this is SO up your alley.

Betsy Henley has sworn off cowboys for good, and only an invitation from a long-time crush could draw her back in to the rodeo world she left behind. She accepts, eager to find out if Alex Lucero sees her as more than his former team- roping partner’s little sister.

There’s only one problem… Alex is now roping with her ex-boyfriend, who also wants her back. How can she choose between the man she’s lusted after for years and the man she has a history with?

Then again, maybe Betsy doesn’t have to.

Check it out!