Today I’m at Naughty and Spice discussing on screen love scenes and showing a very naughty video. Come visit and join the discussion!

So I’m like 95% better! Woooo whooo!!! This bug had me knocked on my arse for a WEEK! But I’m better today! At one point, no you didn’t imagine it, I had blogged about the Amazon/Pod drama going on. But I deleted my post. I avoid drama, or really really try to, at any cost. So I blame my posting it on me still being vaguely sick and having not had coffee in a week. If you’re wondering WHAT drama, just click here and check it out for yourself.

I do have to say that in the midst of my sick week I received a wonderful email from a member of my chapter who’d read my book Dangerous Grounds…

I just finished reading Dangerous Grounds and…WOW! Fantastic read!!! :) Laugh out loud banter AND steamy sex scenes? What more could a girl ask for? :) I have no doubts we’ll be seeing you on the NYT Bestseller list sooner rather than later!

Okay, this made me tear up a bit. I know a lot of people don’t take a chance on an ebook. And I know there aren’t very many e-published authors in our chapter, so I’m always grateful and excited to hear when someone does pick up my book. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting, but really, it was so special and meant a lot to me. *Sniffling, and not just from a runny nose*

I also had a dream last night that involved a donut, Mexican sweet bread, and Johnny Depp.

Captain Jack

But alas, as in real life, I didn’t get to indulge in any of them. But it does make me wonder what the heck I ate before bed… not that I’m complaining, it was a good dream. *Wicked grin*

I started my third novella last night and am cruising along on the challenge Lacy Danes and I are having (we both are writing about the same amount in a month.)

Anyway, you all have a good weekend!

So I’m pretty much sick as a dog (does anyone know where that phrase even came from?) So I’m just dropping by my blog to let y’all know in case you’ve noticed me MIA for a few days (and continuing to be!)

But before I go I wanted to share a snippet of a review I just got for Dangerous Grounds from Romance Junkies! Thank you, Jenn L! It brightened my day admist my hacking, running nose and headaches *Grin*

“Blended seamlessly the action and sexual chemistry jump off the pages of DANGEOUS GROUNDS and make Ms. Stevens’ latest novel a recommended read.” 5 ribbons, Romance Junkies

Hope to see you soon when I return from Sicklandia.

I’ve over at Naughty and Spice discussing the one part of my birthday night out that peeved me off a bit. Come weigh in with your thoughts! And if you haven’t read about the good parts of my night, then just scroll down! It’s in the post below *grin*

So like I mentioned in my last post, my birthday was Friday. I also promised to follow up with the events of my day. Well, I had a fantastic birthday!

My friend Patricia took me to breakfast early in the morning, I went to lunch with the family at the Spaghetti factory (too many carbs!), and dinner was the best. Well, dinner on! Patricia and my friend Danielle and I hit this brewery that was supposed to be fabulous. And it was! Our plans, were to hit the brewery and a movie, but after sampling the beer we, umm…indulged in more until we realized we wouldn’t be driving anytime soon.

We spent many many hours there. We ate (stone grilling! look it up!), drank, we flirted. We had a young hot waiter who was a huge flirt, and was excited to hear I wrote erotic romance. He then commented that there are never any black heroes on covers and only big white guys or cowboys. I had to point out the cowboys always sell really well. But I told him I’d name my next hero after him (Craig is now the hero in my third novella!) and mentioned it was already set to be an interracial story.

Anyway, tangent. But I remembered what it was like to socialize in a non-computer setting! I even flirted (Not with Craig, Patricia took care of that!) At one point a table of young pups (translate that into: mid-upper 20 year old men) began to hit on us quite aggressively, and even coaxed the entire bar into singing happy birthday to me. Right. So yeah, about that point I almost channeled my inner five year old to slither under the table, but resisted and instead just turned bright red.

I think the highlight of the night was the Scotsman in the bathroom with my zipper. Sounds dirty, huh? Not so much. LOL. Basically as I’m leaving the bathroom (in the doorway) with my friends the zipper of my fleece jacket got jammed, and I couldn’t fix it. Two guys with Scottish accents walk by and hand us a card about kilts or something. And then decide to help me out with the zipper. He fixed it in a two seconds flat to my disappointment. He would have zipped me up again and was trying to flirt, when his friend told him we were blocking the doorway to a lady who wanted in. *Sigh* To which he backed off and cursed in an adorably Scottish way at his friend for “always f*cking things up* and we girls slithered past him and out the door.

See, obviously I don’t get out much, because to me that was just a fabulously fun night! There was one annoying part, but I’m saving the rant/debate for that on Monday at Naughty and Spice. So drop by!

(Here we are, click to make us bigger!)


I’m in a fabulous mood!! Why? Because I just finished writing my novella! This is the second book in my three novella anthology I’m doing. So I’ll be editing it for a bit and then onto the third! I want this anthology done by May so I can start sending it out.

Okay, that’s not the only reason I’m in a good mood. I’m also in a good mood because…it’s my birthday!

Yay! And I’m going out! I’m going out to breakfast. To lunch. Dinner’s where things really get crazy, lol, I’m hanging with friends at a brewery and then we’re seeing a movie. We’re considering The Other Boleyn Girl. Anyone seen it? Should we skip it or see it?

I’ll report all about my wild and wanton night later. (Shyaaaw, cause I’m SO wild….notice I say nothing about not being wanton).

You know, I think I over analyze things. Now I’m not talking over analyze as in ‘Why hasn’t he called me’ type of analyze. I’m thinking more…displacing reality to enjoy a good fantasy. Or, shall I say, fiction. I think I’ve always known this, but tonight it came out again.

*Spoiler alert for the movie Enchanted!*

I was watching Enchanted for the first time, and enjoying it for the most part (tangent: I think I’m also one of those people you shouldn’t tell if you think something is SO AWESOME because my standards get too high when I finally read/see it). Anyway it ends with the heroine Giselle staying in present day NY instead of going back to cartoon land.

Most people sigh and think how romantic. Me too, but there’s this other voice that goes…okay, now realistically? That totally couldn’t happen. The government would want to know where she came from, she’d need a social security number, a birth certificate. Maybe, maybe they could have hid her on the down low, but come on, she opens her own business!

*End spoiler alert*

This is also why time travels (specifically when they come to the future) don’t work so well for me. Though I do still love to read them!


Yes. I haven’t been around. I know it. I’m guilty. But I thought I’d just touch base as to why you may not see me as much this year on the blogosphere.

Here’s what I’ve been doing lately instead of blog hopping…

Work on booking agents/editors for the Emerald City Conference

Help pick workshops for the conference

Do president duties for the Seattle chapter

Generally write 1k a day at least (I’m super proud of keeping this up!)

Work out daily (I’m super proud of keeping this up)

Being a single mommy (ah that’s just the cherry of my day!)


Blogging (mostly at Naughty and Spice, but I’m all kinds of crazy fun over there!)

Cleaned (okay, once, but I’m counting it!!)

Add a bunch of friends on MySpace and Facebook

Making decisions and organizing opinions on the redesign of the GSRWA site

Those are just some of the big ones off the top of my head…

But I do miss you all! And I promise I’ll stop by every now and then. But with the list above, you can probably tell something had to give. It’s been the daily blogging and blog hopping. And really, sometimes you’re better off, because really, how interesting am I on a daily basis? Give me a few days to find something interesting to tell you!

Oooh and the last thing I do lately…look for totally pointless, stupid graphics to put up when I do blog!

Psssst: and now that I’ve admitted I won’t blog as much, just watch me be better at it for a bit!

Today I’m at Naughty and Spice writing about Wall Bangers. I’m sharing a couple of mine. Come share yours!

And of course… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Fortune Cookie Thursday: Time heals all wounds. Keep your chin up.

Yes, I definitely got a batch of those darker ones. Can’t they tell me something like wealth and fortune is coming my way? In bed? Ooooh of course if I added ‘in bed’ to the one above, that could get kind of fun. *Grin*

So it’s been a bit since I’ve blogged. Sorry ’bout that. Been busy with life. President stuff, conference stuff, and writing stuff. I’ve been kicking up the exercise and healthy eating, hoping to boost my weight loss off a plateau. I think it’s working, but we’ll see better results in a week or two. Oh and did you see the new pic in my sidebar? The Peep Show? I frickin’ loved that. I had to put it up. But just like the Peeps in the store, it’ll be gone by the end of the month. *Sigh*

Today I’m over at the Samhain Cafe (a Yahoo loop group!) where they’re having a big old party all week long in celebration of Read an Ebook week! Lots of chances to win a free ebooks. So drop by! I’ll be there from 11-12 EST.

More later! Ciao for now :)