I find myself in unfamiliar waters…and I wonder if I’m freaking out just a little. Here’s what happened. Friday morning I was making my drive to grammasit and a sudden thought hit me. Just a random, weird thought. The thought morphed into something else. And then again into something else. And suddenly…I had this plot for a book (almost a screenplay if I knew how to format one) running through my head. Now this hit HARD. Like really hard. Before I arrived at my aunt’s house I had various scenes flashing through my head for this potential story.

I told myself to slow down and thought back on Blake’s words. Something along the lines of… What’s your log line. If you don’t have a log line, you don’t know what your story is about. And so I thought, okay, good point. So I wrote a log line in my head. It was actually pretty obvious to me.

By the time I pulled into my aunt’s house, I flipped open my laptop and started typing. This doesn’t happen to me. I’m a pantser. And within an hour I had a polished log line and almost a page long break down of a blurb/mini synopsis. I then decided to test pitch it (like Blake suggests) because I was thinking anyone I pitched this to would give me a passive, sounds great response or something equally I forgot what you just said. But the first person I sent it to (Pat White, see yesterday’s post!) told me it was awesome and high concept. Told me I had to write it. I about fainted. Then thought, is it a fluke? Maybe only Pat liked it. I shot the pitch out to a few more people. I never got a tepid or vague encouragement. Everyone’s reaction was strong. With lots of Wows and phrases like break out novel.

So now I’m sitting here…the book still swirling in my head…and freaking out a bit. Because that’s not pressure or anything. *Grin* It’s like nothing I’ve ever written. It will be a challenge. And maybe that’s why I’m afraid. But as I said, I’m in new waters. I’m doing character profiles and a time line. Using an Excel doc. I don’t think I’ve ever plotted like this, oh, ever. I’ve done some minor plotting, but nothing to this extreme.

Part of me is like…forget you had this vision. Forget the notes you’ve taken all day. Just go back and write your usual stuff. Stay in your comfort zone. But I can’t. Even if this turns out to be the biggest piece of turd written (and hey, it’s possible) I need to at least try. Because that was one of my goals this year. Push myself. Step outside my comfort zone.

So, my goal for the weekend *gulp* is to write the first chapter. I will do it. Wish me luck! And please ask me Monday if I did it. :)

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8 comments to “Sink or Swim”

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    Hey Shelli,
    I know it’s not Monday yet, but how’s it going. I hate it when something hits you really strongly and it’s totally out of what you normally do. I’m dealing with one of those right now so I know how you feel. Only I’m not even published yet! At least you already know you write stuff good enough to publish, me I’m still floating around waiting for someone to reach out a hand and tow me in to published beach. Do stress too much, write it however it comes. I’m a pantser and I know when I try to write in any way other than the way it forms in my head it sux.
    Good luck with the new piece.
    Love Rachel

  2. 2

    Wow, Shelli! I’m so excited for you; I got chills! And it’s important to step outside your comfort zone – that’s how we writers grow. Good luck and happy writing!

  3. 3

    Rachel, you’ll get there! Someone will throw you that life ring, because you’re on the direct path for one!

    Julie, thank you! That means a lot!

    This blog post was even hard to write! LOL. (HUGS) to you both!

  4. 4

    You’re gonna do it sweets. That idea is awesome so run with it! :)

  5. 5

    You can do it Shelli! Best of luck to you.

  6. 6

    Thank you, Karen and Mia! (Hugs!)

  7. 7

    Good luck Shelli! You can do it. Just try to work through the fear, lol. (That’s what I’m doing right now on two different projects and have had the exact same thoughts you did about ‘going back to my comfort zone’)

    THanks for the inspiring post!

    Anna J. Evans

  8. 8


    How far have you gotten? Is it still coming to you? Get the hell out of your comfort zone. I’m a firm believer that outside that zone, some people’s best work is achieved..You totally rock, so have fun with it.

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