Favorite movie lines Sunday: So since I hung out with a screenwriter on Friday, and he mentioned another guy he critiques with wrote the movie Stripes (one of my faves!) I thought I’d use a quote from that movie today!

Recruiter: Now, are either of you homosexuals?

John Winger: You mean like flaming? Or part time?

Recruiter: Well, it’s a question we have to ask of all our new recruits.

Russell Ziskey: No, we’re not homosexual, but we are *willing to learn*.

John Winger: Yeah, would they send us someplace special?

Recruiter: I’ll just put that as a ‘no’.

* * *

So Friday I had an amazing night. I not only had the opportunity to hear Blake Snyder (screenwriter I described above) talk to our chapter, I got to have dinner with him. Well, me and a couple other ladies :) But still. It was an extra hour or so to pick his brain. He’s very sweet and funny and his talk was fabulous–we really want to push for him to speak at Nationals. I mean he’s AMAZING.

save-the-cat.gif I swear to you, I don’t think I’ll ever write a book the same again. The next Word doc I open, I’ll have new plan of attack. I’m giving myself a week off or so, so I can finally read his book (I won a signed copy!!!) and then I’ll dig into my next project. The book to follow my Heiress book. Sebastian’s story, and Lordy do I have plans for him. *Grin*.

I’m so tired from spending the last three hours re-reading my book Taken and editing it. I think it’s about ready to sub. Wish me luck!

And now off to sleep…

::yesyes:: ::yeahthat:: ::workit:: ::woot:: ::whipitgood:: ::whenaproblemcomesalong:: ::whattha?:: ::whateva!! ::whatEVA:: ::welcome:: ::tmi2:: ::tired:: ::tMi:: ::stupido:: ::sticky:: ::sisboomba:: ::shhhh:: ::sad:: ::romeoohromeo:: ::rofl:: ::rockon:: ::pulltheothe1:: ::ponyexpress:: ::paddleme:: ::orelse:: ::ohnoudidnt:: ::nono:: ::nanadance:: ::loser:: ::lesigh:: ::itwillgiveyoucancer:: ::isaidplz:: ::ireallydo:: ::iam:: ::i<3u:: ::huh?:: ::huggies:: ::howdymaam:: ::harder:: ::hard:: ::happydance:: ::guitarhero:: ::gogogo:: ::garthbrooksishot:: ::drool:: ::dontdoit:: ::diddy:: ::diddy2:: ::delicatelikeaflower:: ::counting:: ::chef:: ::cheeze:: ::busyasa:: ::booby:: ::blushie:: ::blink:: ::blank:: ::bedrocka:: ::bday:: ::awwwe:: ::arrrrgh:: ::angelbaby:: ::aaahthatsbetter:: ::OTK::

5 comments to “FANtastic weekend!”

  1. 1

    Wow you had a busy weekend! I understand completely about editing burnout. I’m so tired of looking at my current WIP that I just want to burn it!!!


  2. 2

    Your humping mouse on your other site made me hot.

  3. 3

    Those final read-thrus are rough, aren’t they? You deserve a good rest.

  4. 4

    Good luck with your sub. I’m sure it will be fine. I noticed you were still at number 2. That Lauren Dane is a pain, isn’t she? ;)

  5. 5

    Oh man I feel like this book has been on my TBR forEVER! Your review just makes me want to ignroe the STACKS of books waiting for me and run out to find this one. Sigh. (Books like this are a reminder of why it’s ok to let go of books that aren’t awesome enough to justify NOT reading the next thing on the TBR list, right? If I made myself finish every book I started, it would take even LONGER for me to get to this one!)

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