So let’s talk about how slow Shelli can be. Apparently there’s this thing called a Google Reader? What? Yeah? Really? You mean I don’t have to try and fit in three hours a day to blog hop and find out who might have blogged something new? WOW! FREAKING WOW!

I’m in love. I figured Google Reader out, and I’m in love. It’s so easy and convenient! In case there are others like me who out there, you should really do it! Here’s the link. So as for me, it should mean I’ll be a much better blog hopper again. *Happy Dance*

So I took the kid in for her 4 year old well child check up yesterday, and wow. That was so traumatic. For us both! Three shots! AND a finger poke! Blood and needles everywhere. She looked at me like Mommy, why?! Why are you holding me down so she can stab me with those things!!!!? Gahd I’m getting teary again just thinking about it. I swear, I don’t know how I ever lasted for awhile in the medical field. But the kid’s a trouper. She got through with snazzy band aids, and an ice cream cone after.

So if you haven’t heard, Lillian Feisty (our Naughty and Spice girl!) just signed with Roberta Brown from the Brown Literary Agency. So drop by her blog and congratulate her! (Only if you really want!)

In true Feisty fashion….

::yesyes:: ::yeahthat:: ::workit:: ::woot:: ::whipitgood:: ::whenaproblemcomesalong:: ::whattha?:: ::whateva!! ::whatEVA:: ::welcome:: ::tmi2:: ::tired:: ::tMi:: ::stupido:: ::sticky:: ::sisboomba:: ::shhhh:: ::sad:: ::romeoohromeo:: ::rofl:: ::rockon:: ::pulltheothe1:: ::ponyexpress:: ::paddleme:: ::orelse:: ::ohnoudidnt:: ::nono:: ::nanadance:: ::loser:: ::lesigh:: ::itwillgiveyoucancer:: ::isaidplz:: ::ireallydo:: ::iam:: ::i<3u:: ::huh?:: ::huggies:: ::howdymaam:: ::harder:: ::hard:: ::happydance:: ::guitarhero:: ::gogogo:: ::garthbrooksishot:: ::drool:: ::dontdoit:: ::diddy:: ::diddy2:: ::delicatelikeaflower:: ::counting:: ::chef:: ::cheeze:: ::busyasa:: ::booby:: ::blushie:: ::blink:: ::blank:: ::bedrocka:: ::bday:: ::awwwe:: ::arrrrgh:: ::angelbaby:: ::aaahthatsbetter:: ::OTK::

7 comments to “Oooh the discovery!!”

  1. 1

    I love my google reader. Once I got the hang of using it, I rarely actually visit sites, I just let them all come to me. :) It kinda cuts down on commenting, but oh well…

    And, if you really wanna play around with it, get to know the star (which lets you “bookmark” a post and the share, which you can share cool posts with the rest of the world both from your google reader, or from your blog… i added a widget for that and it updates the most recent ten posts that I wanted to share right there in my blog’s sidebar. :D

  2. 2

    I made this discovery a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been in heaven. It cuts blog-hopping time in half. Although I have to second Grammar Geek, it’s really affected my commenting.

  3. 3

    Kay, I need a google reader. I’m not sure what it is, but I want one.

  4. 4

    Windows has this blogger feature where you can subscribe to blog feeds and I’ve been doing it for a while. It sounds similar and it’s so much easier than clicking here and there. I love it.

  5. 5

    It’s the bestest, I love it! Thank you Shelli for finally showing me the light! :)

  6. 6

    I hated it when my kids had to get shots. I always wished my husband could be the one to take them. Glad you and your daughter survived the ordeal!

  7. 7

    Something to add to your Reader –

    That will bring all the Inker blog posts into Reader, so you don’t have go go find all the feeds on your own.

    Of course I may be a few days late if you already spent hours updating all the links in Reader >headslap<

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