So did you all see (especially those who have kids) the Nickelodeon (kids tv network) black out today? Encouraging kids to go outside and play? I was totally thrilled to see it. Although, maybe they should have picked summer to do it. It was FREEZING here today. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve got a bit of a cold.

So I had a French morning breakfast theme. I had my friend come over and we watched French Kiss and ate Crepes. I forgot how much I love that movie. It’s one of my favorite romantic flicks. And it also made me realize how much Meg Ryan type characters influenced my writing. Some of my books I wrote the heroine kind of thinking of her. Anyway, SUCH a good movie. Check it out if you still haven’t seen it.

Did I mention yet I have a book out next Friday? Yup, I sure do. Primal Attraction. It’s my first futuristic/shifter to be released.

Old Centuron should have been a forgotten colony, but when Sarina arrives to do research, she confronts the brutal reality of how wrong she was. Now prisoner to a man who is both wolf and human, she faces a shocking truth and an undeniable passion.

I’ll put up an excerpt next week!

So more fun randomness, I decided to take Amie Stuart up on her ambiguous in her tagging. It’s a short one.

Things that make me shudder:

Watching shows where people eat live bugs or other disgusting things
Men I dated when I was young and stupid

Consider yourself tagged if you want to share.

Guest blogging on Naughty and Spice is author Cindy Kirk who writes for Harlequin, Silhouette and Avon! She’s discussing writers and ‘stealing ideas’. It’s a great topic and something to think about! Come visit and share your opinion!

So I’ve been on a health streak (did I mention this?) Where I’m completely revamping the things I eat and making sure I get some sort of exercise/activity each day. Even if it’s just stretching and doing floor exercises. Anyway, I’ve been at it one week and lost 3lbs! I’m excited and feel so much better! :) I looooove (Oh, Julie, where are you!?) It’s the main reason for my success.

I spent the weekend with my daughter and her half sister, and everyone had so much fun. We stayed active almost the whole time, hiking and walking, and managed to get in some art projects too.

Being more active and getting writing in means less times on forums and surfing the net, and maybe even blogging. *Wince* I need to trim the fat on more than just writing things, though, it’s extends into RL too. No that doesn’t stand for Ralph Lauren. That stands for ‘real life’. So if you don’t see me around as much, that’s why. I’ve made a huge commitment to my health and my writing. Thanks everyone for being so supportive.

Anyway, onto….

Thirteen things I remember from the 80’s
  1. Banana Clips
  2. Jelly Bracelets
  3. Spandex bike shorts
  4. Blue eyeshadow
  5. Shirt clips (remember the side knot clip?)
  6. Debbie Gibson
  7. Jolt soda
  8. Punky Brewster
  9. Smurfs
  10. Big Macs in Styrofoam containers
  11. Candy cigarettes
  12. New Coke
  13. Cabbage Patch Kids

Does the vroom vroom make you wanna boom boom?Come visit me at Naughty and Spice where I’m talking about motorcycles and the, err, excitement of them.

So I’m being healthy again. No, seriously, I am this time. And I’m making my kid be, too. I joined (OMG I love it, sign up if you haven’t. It’s free!!) I’ve been working out and eating better, and best yet, writing down everything I eat. It’s amazing how writing down everything that goes into your mouth can inspire you to put less in it, and better things at that.

Okay, so I have this book, this book I cannot wait to target to NY. It’s my contemporary romance that is not erotic. It does have some spicy love scenes (not as many and not as hot as my erotic stuff), but it’s definitely not getting tagged at erotic. This book is my baby, my project I’ve been working on for two years. TWO YEARS. I put it down when I was halfway done because I got into writing for the erotic market.

Anyway, I finished up projects I’d committed elsewhere and decided to hardcore focus on this book. I’m really trying to meet my 1k a day minimum and having been doing pretty good. I’m just under 30k from being done, so I could have this sucker done in a month. Which is great because I fully intend to pitch it at the Seattle conference.

You know what really gets me writing at night? Even when I’m sluggish, or would rather just surf Ebay again and chat on Yahoo. I pull up my playlist and close out of my internet browsers. But the playlist, I swear it’s like someone hit the on switch for my writer mode. I hear the first song The Lucky One by Alison Krauss and I am off like freaking Seabiscuit!!

Here’s thirteen other songs (ha, look at me turning this post into a TT!) on my playlist. Obviously I like a little of everything. What’s on yours?

  1. Crush, Dave Matthews
  2. Before he Cheats, Carrie Underwood
  3. Everybody look what’s going down, Buffalo Springfield
  4. Cowboy take me away, Dixie Chicks
  5. Time to say goodbye, Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli
  6. Dream a little Dream of me, Carly Simon
  7. Sympathique, Pink Martini
  8. Teach your children well, Crosby, Stills and Nash
  9. Oranoco Flow, Enya
  10. Amarillo Sky, Jason Aldean
  11. Feels like home to me, Bonnie Rait
  12. Suddenly I see, KT Tunstall
  13. Bring it on Home, Little Big town

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Come on by, because it’s always a good time in Spice land.

Uniform. But first,

So I really, really, really wanted to post Britney’s performance from the MTV awards on Sunday because it was so horrendous. Unfortunately, there’s that whole crappy copyright thing and You Tube can’t post it. Bummer.

But if you haven’t seen it, check it out at the MTV site by clicking Here. I’m not going to harp on her weight (because, hell, I’d love to have her body) or really even the song (it’s actually kind of catchy). I’m just wondering if she got shot with some kind of tranquilizer first, or if maybe she was doing the low impact version of the choreography. Cause watching her was just painful. She looked surprised any time some guy grabbed her and spun her around. Ouch, Brit. Ouch. And didn’t you miss your kids birthday party for this, too? So sad.

Anyway, I ran a contest on the Samhain cafe loop today, and my question you had to answer to win (since my release Trust and Dare has a military man in it) is who do you think the sexiest man in uniform is. I was surprised to find that almost all my entries said the Navy Man. I’m assuming it’s because of Top Gun and An Officer and a Gentleman. I thought it’d be the Fireman or something (because it was an option) and I even suggested the UPS guy. So how about you? What uniform do you think a man looks sexiest in?

p.s. I really think Tom looks hot here, I can almost forget how crazy he went.

So you know how I mentioned my daughter had her first day of school last week? Yeah? Well I blogged all about it on Naughty and Spice. Yeah. Good times.

Happy post Labor day! Summer’s over and school is about to start (or maybe it’s started for you already?) My daughter has her pre-school open house today, and starts school on Thursday! I’m SOOOO excited to see how that all goes down! She’s been all excited, but we’ll see how she actually does when I walk out the door and leave.

So a couple good news things….first off…. I FINISHED!!!!!!!! I finished my Brava contest entry. For some reason writing this was a bit like pulling teeth. I mean, most of it flowed and just came out, but some days I just stared at my monitor. And I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, why I was struggling. Then I realized. I hadn’t written a contemporary romance in about eight months. I’ve been writing shifters/sci-fi’s/futuristic stuff. So basically I just needed to get back into contemporary mode. I’m in it again, and now I’m going to finish my contemporary single title romance Heiress Under Covers (title is subject to change! LOL.) in time to pitch at the Emerald City conference in October.

Okay, the second piece of good news….I got a 5 ribbon review from Romance Junkies on my book Dating Season!! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I wrote this book, since I generally write contemporary. I was wondering if people would scream, “Imposter!” and throw it to the wolves. :) So needless to say, I’m thrilled!

“Ms. Stevens did a wonderful job. This piece was well constructed and written beautifully. If she would have made it any hotter there would be fires all over and melted computers everywhere. Her characters are believable and richly defined. Can I say perfection personified? Very fluid from one scene to the next. This is the kind of romance one dreams of finding…. This reviewer has just extended her favorite author list by one.” 5 ribbons, Romance Junkies.

And finally, I was tagged by Samara King for the 5 thigns about me. Since I did this last week, I’ll just do the one question that wasn’t on the last one. The question: Four favorite cartoons from your childhood. I thought I’d just do the visuals ;)