Thirteen topic titles from spam email’s Shelli has received.

1. Produce Stronger, Rock Hard Erections.
2. 3 extra on your willy?
3. Please Be Our Guest In Cancun – 4 Night Luxury Stay!
4. $500 Home Depot Card
5. View HOT Christian singles in your area for FREE
6. ALERT: One year FREE* membership to Weight Watchers
7. No Pumps! No Surgery! No Exercises!
8. I wouldn’t be lying! 2 inches bigger!
9. Losing your hair? We can help.
10. Have a Sexually explicit one night stand this weekend
11. Re: Finance Approval info
12. get her into bed today weak
13. Контрагент – лучший друг или ярый враг?

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I’m at The Novelty Girls today. But I also wanted to share a fabulous review I got last night!

“A totally exhilarating book… Shelli Stevens is an author that writes with an erotic twist, and this shape shifting temptation only cemented her as an author I have to read. I have loved everything she has written and if this is her style of writing then I will continue to do so because her characters are sassy, bold and an inducement in themselves. Go and get your copy of this fascinating book today.” 4 stars, Sheryl, Ecata Romance Full review

I’m just wondering. Is there some unspoken rule that I have to look like ass when I go to Starbucks and the Firemen are there? (There’s a station nearby) Cause seriously, it happens EVERY FREAKING time. I had just gotten done working out with my friend and we made our ritual trek 100 feet to go get coffee afterwards. I’m in capri yoga pants that hug my every curve and dimple–not to mention shows off my so-white-they’re-transluscent ankles. My bra has decided to adjust itself in a manner that I now have four–count’m, four–breasts. My hair is pulled back into a little fro bag puff, and my face is purple/red from an extra hard workout. So not only do I look like ass, I probably smell like it too.

It’s just my luck. I mean I’m so tired of always running into them looking bad, I’ll drop by Starbucks when I try to look good. Makeup, cute outfit, and smelling Lovely (Sarah Jessica Parker tells me so.) But do I run into the entourage of firemen those days? No. I see grumpy baristas and men old enough to be my grandfather. Sigh. One of these days the stars will align.

So since everyone is off to RT and there’s only a few of us who aren’t going, we’re holding a Left Behind Writing Challenge. It’s basically just writing out butts off this week. There’s just a few of us now Amie Stuart, Emma Petersen and I. If you’d like to join, you’re totally welcome! Make a daily challenge and meet it! My goal is to finish this futuristic/shifter. It’s gonna be muy caliente.

All right, and I’m leaving you today with like my favorite song/video right now. You should watch it, it’s such a great song. This is a live version of Moses by Coldplay. Remember, the lead singer is Gwnyeth Paltrow’s husband, so he’s not on the market. Damn.

So, I’m completely thrilled. I received my first Samhain cover over the weekend. It was done by Scott Carpenter. This is for my Red Hot book Trust and Dare that comes out in July.

Abby Cook is done with Army men. Not only has she been burned by them in the past, now her cousin has joined the ranks of the broken hearted. Intent on getting revenge—on behalf of her cousin—she forms a vindictive little plan and even partially carries it out, only to discover she’s targeted the wrong man in uniform.

Mason’s a squad leader in the Army and not used to being disobeyed, or being rejected by women. But Abby has turned his advances down flat for the past month. When he catches the curvy blonde in the middle of a very destructive–not to mention illegal–prank, he sees the perfect opportunity to return to the bargaining table.

I just put an excerpt up on my site of both Trust and Dare and Ain’t Misbehavin’. Feel free to check them out if you want!

Last night I decided to write a spicy, futuristic, shifter short story for Cobblestone Press. I’ve kind of got that itch to play with this futuristic/sci-fi’s lately. This will be my second book of sorts, the other one is out and about right now for consideration.
Has anyone signed up for Bebo? It’s an alternative to MySpace, or you can do both. I just discovered it, and I love it. It’s so much easier to use, and gives you lots of ways to connect with people and give information on your books. I still need to do that part. So if you have a Bebo, please feel free to add me
Just a short post today. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and have fun at RT if you’re going!

So second edits are done with Ain’t Misbehavin’ and I’m fixing up the ending on another submission to Samhain. Tuesday I sent out some queries to agents for my book The Captured Rose. Which, that was adventure in itself. The trip to the post office. Let’s talk about how silly Shelli is.

Shelli (hang on for a minute while I refer to myself in third person) went to the post office during the lunch hour, on the last day you could send in your taxes. There was no parking, a line to the door, and one of the three cashiers couldn’t figure out how to use his computer. Then came the worst part. After almost a half hour in line and finally on my way back out the door, I hear the cashier tell someone, “Yes, the price of stamps will go up in May.” Umm….what? You mean that all those SASE I have in those packets will become useless in not even a month? *Groan*

Today I had a bit of a break. Instead of grammasitting, I went with my aunt down to Tacoma and saw my cousin’s new house, and we went to the mall and to lunch. We had a lot of fun! I wanted to try on a dress I was considering getting for Nationals. Yeah, so not cute on me. I looked like I beach ball with flowers. But, I did receive that polka dot dress I ordered on Ebay last week. Remember that whole ‘I’ll order it small so I can lose some weight’ plan. It arrived, and it fits fine. Sigh. So now I’m trying to motivate myself to lose the weight and alter the dress. Hmm. Somehow, it’s not working as well. LOL.

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend? I bet a bunch of you are getting ready for RT (can you see hear me wailing with jealousy?) Some day I’ll make it there. Actually my goal is to go in 2009, when I should have a couple print books out. But what a fun time that sounds like! I hope those of you go take lots of pictures. I’ll be at home…enforcing potty training. *Grin*

I’m at the Novelty Girls today, come visit!


All right, so I had best intentions to do the BIAW (book in a week), but life has once again gotten in the way. Second edits on my first full length novel, and then…I finaled in the Stroke of Midnight contest! My book The Captured Rose was a finalist in the futuristic/SciFi/fantasy category. I’m thrilled :) Mine is a Sci-fi and honestly, completely different than anything I’ve ever done. It’s so different, that I’m considering taking on a separate pen name when it sells.

Which brings me to the reason I gave up BIAW. I am embarking on the great agent search for this book. I think it has a lot of potential to be competitive in this market, because it’s like nothing I’ve seen out there yet, and the hottest I’ve ever written. Meaning some of my relatives and conservative friends will never be allowed to read it :) But really I’m digging around trying to figure out which agents even represent erotic romance. I have a short list going, but like I said, it’s short.

Anyway, since it’s the weekend and I don’t have much more to say, I’ll just put up this adorable/hilarious video my little niece showed me. It’s short, you should watch it. Share it with your kids :) My kid laughed her booty off.

All right, back again after a few days off. What was I up to? Well, edits, and starting and stopping a book I was going to write to sub to HQ Spice. You see, about five pages into it I realized the plot pretty much paralleled the Duke La Cross rape case that was on the news for the last year. Except without the rape part. Which I guess there was never a rape in that Duke case anyway. Sorry, the news buff in me is getting chatty. Anyway, my point is that I realized my timing is bad for a book about a chick who goes to strip for a minor league baseball team. So I’m limbo trying to figure out how to write a book in a month, starting a few days late. Anyone got an extra plot on hand? *Grin*

On another note, you may have noticed my newest cover in the sidebar or on my website or MySpace. Below is the cover for Ain’t Misbehavin’ which is a contemporary erotic romance that takes place for half the book in Europe. Paul is the newest Cobblestone Press artist, and I was his first book here. I think he did a fabulous job and really captured the tone of the book. Thanks, Paul! Glad I was your first :)

On a pre-wedding vacation to Europe with her friend, Lena learns her fiancé is cheating on her. Deciding she needs to have some fun herself, she indulges in the sexy New Yorker whose been trying to get into her pants. But will she lose her heart in the process?

Business brings Tyler to Amsterdam, but a petite bombshell on vacation is what convinces him to stay. Each day brings them closer, and he begins to think she could be the one to curb his bachelor ways. Until he realizes that he’s just the pawn in a game of revenge.

And with Nationals creeping up on us, I’ve started to get the itch to do some shopping for outfits. Though with a thrifty budget in mind. I was surfing Ebay when I stumbled upon a pretty cute dress. Something I usually don’t have the gonads to wear, but Ms. Feisty got me all hyped up and soon I was clicking Buy it Now and screaming like banshee. Then I had serious buyer’s guilt and a moment of, ‘Oh sh*t. Did I really buy a size smaller just to make sure I’ll lose the weight?’ So I guess we’ll see how I do. Spanx is going to by my friend though, that I can promise you!

Oh and on the Potty Training front…thank you for all the words of encouragement, advice, and empathy from those going through it now or who soon will be. In my last post I declared my kid potty trained, and I know some people probably laughed. As well they should. We still have accidents every now and then, so she isn’t perfect. But we’re working on it!

Well I’m off to feed the kid. Oooh wait, must share! I hit #2 on the Best Seller list for March at Cobblestone Press with Dating Season. So thank you to anyone who bought my book. Your support means a lot to me!


I’m at The Novelty Girls today, talking about what I read and what I more often don’t read. It may surprise you.


Whew! Sorry, bit of a break from me. I’m telling you. It was potty training boot camp week and then edits. Edits on my first single title book. Yeah, a little bit harder than a short story. So I was a busy bee. And on the potty training front…we did it! My kid has worn big kid underwear for four days in a row with no accidents. Throw me a party and form a parade! Woo whoo! And I’m buying Karen a drink at Nationals, because she gave me that push to give Emma that push.

Beyond that, nothing too exciting going on. Oh, my cousin is in town from Vegas and we all went out too lunch on Friday. She’s a sweetie and brought Emma the cutest little fairy wings and book set. Emma’s going through a fairy faze. She actually cried tonight when I wouldn’t let her jump off the stairs with her wings on… “But I want to fly, mommy.” Tears streaming down her face. Sigh. LOL.

Oh, and I’m a little late, but I must brag on my friend and publisher Deanna Lee She is in the Red Hot Reads section of Cosmo this month with her book Barenaked Jane. You should check it out. But be warned, they toned it down for the magazine, so the book itself (which comes out from Kensington Aphrodisia the end of this month!) will be even hotter!

Okay, now I’m off to bed. But first….