So happy first day of March! Twenty days until I turn 30, spring is on the way…and yet, oddly enough, I woke up to four inches of snow. In Seattle no less! We are lucky to get snow once a year, and we’ve had it multiple time where it lasts for days. It’s a bit crazy, but I love the snow so I won’t complain :)

I’m writing, writing, writing. Often in the Divas chatroom, often in a yahoo chat with friends, and often by myself. But the past few days I’ve been averaging 3k a day! One thing I did do is switch my word count to NY standards–as I likely will be targeting this book to them versus an epub this time. It’s a bit crazy. I started out writing this book only intending it to be 27k, and now I’m up to 64k. I figured what the heck, let’s go single title. *Grin*

On an exciting note, I have been offered a contract from Samhain Publishing for my book Grounds for Arousal. It is the first full length sensual/erotic romance I have sold. It should go to print, and I’m so excited! Now I just need to tidy up Tempting Adam, where the heroine is a secondary character from GFA and submit it to Samhain as well. (I really wanted to sell these two books to the same place since they’re related somewhat!)

All right, off to cook breakfast. Hopefully yahoo groups will be acting a bit less tempermental by then. Grrr. I haven’t gotten an email in about 24 hours.

Hope you’re doing well! I’ll make the blog rounds later :)

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Hello all! I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. I’m over at Lacy Danes right now, we’re both on our laptaps writing and drinking espresso, and thought I’d take a second to blog.

First, I have to share my favorite new ‘writer’s tool’. The Romance Divas chat room. Usually sometime during the day and at night, there are people in there doing writing challenges. Generally, you’re all chatting. Then someone says okay we’re starting. Then for 20 minutes you just write. After the time is up, the time keeper cracks the whip (literally, there’s a whip cracking sound) and we all check in and say how many words we typed. Then we chat for a few minutes before starting again. This has been working fabulous for me, since rarely am I as organized when I try and chat/write while on yahoo messenger. And I need my daily chatting fix. Just yesterday, while doing this, I wrote 3k! I tripled my daily goal in just a couple of hours. So really, if you’re a Diva, check it out some time. And if you’re not a Diva, Sign up!

Also, I got my first review in for Love for Sale and I’m thrilled! 5 hearts from The Romance Studio. Thanks to Brenda Talley for a review that made my day!

“Shelli Stevens has written a really cute, sometimes comical, often sensual story that actually screams “READ ME!” There is absolutely so much action in this quick read that you cannot possibly dislike it. Ms. Stevens has taken an endearing plot and just surpassed expectations! And the ending—what a surprise! Kudos to this author!” 5 hearts, Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio.

Okay, off to start a writing challenge with Lacy. Have a great weekend! And if you’re like me, have fun watching the Oscars tomorrow! I can’t wait! Cashew chicken while watching the pre-show. I’m a total sucker for checking out the good, the bad and the ugly at these award shows. Maybe tomorrow I’ll put up pics of my favorites! But for now…memories from yesteryear.

I hit 37k today in my erotic sci fi! I’m very excited about it, and am thinking it’ll probably end up closer to 45k in its finished state. My 1k a day is working fabulous for me. I’ll finish up probably in the next week or two and then…well, I’m not really sure what I’ll do with it. It’s entered in The Stroke of Midnight contest, because I’m curious to see what kind of feedback it garners. Hmm. I guess we shall see.

The other day I was out taking my brother to lunch for his birthday, and we dropped by the Borders and I saw my friend’s, Lacy Danes, book What She Craves on the shelf. She didn’t realize it was on the shelves yet, so I took a picture with my camera phone and sent it to her.

So my 30th birthday is coming up, the big 3-0. I’m not dreading it or bemoaning it like some in the group of my friends. I’m actually pretty excited. Do you realize how much pressure is off you? No one asks when you’re going to get married, because they’ve given up on you by now! They’re on to your younger cousin! :) Plus there’s no pressure to be out partying and living it up just because you’re single and in your twenties… People don’t look at you like your crazy when you say you haven’t worn makeup since the last writers conference.

Anyway, I had a point. Truly I did. To celebrate this entrance into my third decade, I wanted to do something fun and a little special. So Lacy and I, maybe a couple other friends I can recruit are going to see Teatro Zinzanni. Has anyone heard of that? Experienced it? Here’s the description: Teatro ZinZanni is a big night out unlike any other, a three-hour whirlwind of cirque, comedy and cabaret all served up with a five-course feast designed by celebrated Northwest chef Tom Douglas. It’s a little on the pricey side, but I have a beer stein from Germany full of quarters I’ve been saving, and it’ll cover most of it.

Well, off to write a bit more… I’ve noticed people haven’t been blogging as much when I hopped around today. I feel so out of touch with what’s going on with everyone! Anyway, happy upcoming weekend.

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So the release blitz for Love for Sale is calming down and I can finally blog again. I will mention that I have a newsletter if anyone wants to sign up, that way you’ll get the reminder when I have new books out, great reviews, and exciting contests! If you haven’t joined and would like to, send an email to

So I had some people asking about my erotic Sci Fi WIP (you guys rock!) I’m still hovering just over 30k, but really, I spent a lot of time this week writing the evil synopsis for it. Those things are so not my favorite thing to write. But… I’ve decided to submit this book into the Stroke of Midnight contest and it requires a synopsis. So I’ll be sending that off this weekend. Wish me luck!

Here’s some facts on romance that someone in my local chapter shared… Do any of these apply to you?

  • 85% of women say the marriage proposal they received was far less romantic than they had anticipated. (The RoMANtic’s Guide to Popping the Question)
  • Nearly 10% of all marriage proposals are given by women. (The RoMANtic’s Guide to Popping the Question)
  • More than 50% of all marriages are the result of a friend or family member providing the initial introduction. (
  • Men take 15 minutes to decide whether or not a girl is worth a second date.Women take 60 minutes. (msn/match)
  • More than 40 million people are currently dating online. (
  • 81% of all currently married couples have celebrated at least their fifth anniversary, 53% have been married at least 15 years, and 33% have reached their 25th anniversary. Reaching the golden 50th anniversary is a milestone only achieved by 6% of married couples. (U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Nearly 50% of dating breakups happen over email. (msn/match)


Here are the Friday releases from Cobblestone Press. Have a great weekend!

FBI agent, Adara Alston, had one thing on her agenda–get to the bottom of the untimely murder of her sister. Little did she know that going undercover as a model for Luscious Lingerie, would place her in a dangerous game of passion without escape. Love with the wrong man causes her world to spiral out of control in a night of dangerous passion that could plunge her over the edge of reason during the investigation. Adara had two choices. She could follow her heart and risk blowing her cover, or follow her instincts and ignore the love of a lifetime.

Emilie ‘Emmy’ Deveraux has been tainted by demonic fire while being burnt at the stake for witchcraft. Now she finds herself in present day Sydney, Australia and accidentally slips into a community of other beings like herself known as the Phoenix, and their enemies the Celestials.

Things get complicated when Emmy crosses paths with a Celestial called Zac and seems to run into him wherever she goes. Suddenly, all that matters to her is being with Zac… and she’s willing to risk exposing herself and the rest of the Phoenix – just to be by his side!

Between financially supporting a family of money hungry vampires and protecting the sole remaining human in her family, Charlotte Reynolds has no time for romance. But when problems in the worldwide vampire community require her help, she learns that the freedom she’s yearned for sometimes comes at too high a price.

Can she teach her family to stand on their own? Or will her family’s antics destroy her one chance at a love that can last for an eternity? Can she protect her last remaining human sister without sacrificing her own heart’s desires? Or will she lose everyone she loves?

I pictured the man and how he’d looked at me in the hall. Not like I was the fat girl who got picked last, but like I was prime rib at the local steak house. The little flutters in my tummy started again.

“Ladies,” I turned and inclined my head regally. “I know this must seem awfully frightening to you. But if it raises money for the children, then I will honor the outcome of the auction.”

A few of the girls sighed and actually looked impressed. God they were easy. Anna just folded her arms across her perky tits and frowned.

“Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you come back with Chlamydia you have only yourself to blame.”

Jeez! Now she was flinging STD’s at me? Like I was going to actually sleep with Mr. Tattoo?

All of a sudden, I thought about his rigid biceps under my hands, the way his entire body had looked so hard, so muscular. What would he be like in bed?

Would he be wild and dangerous, just like his image? The thought was unexpected and made the fluttering in my stomach turn hot and move down between my thighs.

“Have fun, ladies.” I shouldered my tote bag and left the room, my heels clicking on the linoleum floor.

Mr. Tattoo waited for me near the Exit sign, watching me as I made my way down the hall. My bravado and excitement slipped a little with each step closer to him. Twenty-four hours. I would be with this man for twenty-four hours.

“Jessica Davis.” A slow smile spread across his face. “So you’re gonna be my bitch for the weekend.”

My feet stumbled. He’d just called me his bitch. How the hell was I supposed to react to that?

“Uh, I guess so. Although you might not wanna call me your bitch if you want to keep me on your good side.” I took the last few steps that separated us. “I don’t remember seeing you around the island. You’re not local are you?”

He raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “Technically I’m from Seattle.”

Ah, that made more sense. But what was he doing on Leaf Island?

“My grandpa was Randal Thomas. He owned the Fisherman’s Feast.”

My eyes widened and suddenly I wasn’t looking at a grown man, but a sixteen year old boy who’d loved to attack me with squirt guns. Who’d made me shriek while chasing me with the fish he’d just caught. Who’d been my first kiss so many years ago.

He nodded. “Ah, so you do remember me.”

It suddenly seemed hard to swallow. “Yeah, I do.”

Josh Thomas. Now I recognized him. It’d just been a little hard with the tattoos and goatee. Talk about a change! He used to spend his summers on the Island. Man, I hadn’t seen him since the summer I turned sixteen. After he graduated high school and our little kiss was long forgotten. By then he’d moved on to Tina Schillings who’d already slept with half the teenage boys in town.

“I was sorry to hear about your grandpa, Josh.”

He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and offered a brief smile. “Yeah, me too. He was a good guy. I would have gotten down here earlier, soon after the funeral, but some things came up.”

Somebody passed us in the hall, bumping into me and sending me stumbling up against Josh. Once again, he reached out to steady me.

“Thanks.” I looked up and our gazes locked. I watched his pupils dilate, heard him inhale quickly. My stomach did a little flippy thing again, and I stepped away quickly.

“Are you ready to go?” His voice had turned gruff.

I nodded, and my new bangs fell into my eyes. I pushed them away.

“All right.” He gave a quick nod. “Follow me.”

My newest release Love for Sale has arrived just in time to heat up your Valentine’s Day.

After her oversexed grandma talks her into signing up for the ‘Buy a Dame’ fundraiser, Jessica Davis gets a makeover and goes on the auction block. She never expected the roughly sexy man who’d buy her, or the plans he had in store.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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Well, welcome to another Friday–or, is it Saturday by now? Almost. My time at least. I’m trying to hit 30k by Sunday in my Sci Fi. That’s my 4 week mark since I started this book. I can do it!

I won’t be around as much this weekend, Emma and I are heading over to Lacy Dane’s new pad to get the kids together. Yay! Can’t wait. Anyhow, have great weekend everyone! More later. And here are the new releases at Cobblestone Press.


Nikki Brooks never thought she’d ever see her childhood nemesis again after high school, when he played a heartless trick on her that got her kicked off the school paper staff and made her a laughing stock.

Until now, twelve years later, when she’s forced to trust her life to Marc Trapani, the strong-willed detective assigned to guard her when a murderer threatens her life—and he lays siege to her heart.

The ultimate sacrifice. That’s what Elena Montes thought she was doing when she left her fiancé Marc Garcia on Valentine’s Day. But to save his life, she would endure anything. She just never expected to end up his bound captive.

Detective Marc Garcia has moved on. At least that’s what he tells himself every night. But when Elena reenters his life as a murder suspect, moving on is the last thing on his mind. Now he’s willing to do anything, including kidnapping to keep her by his side eternally.

Kimber Andrews enjoys a quiet, uncomplicated life populated by fantasy men from her favorite movies and TV shows over the painful games dating real men requires. But it’s another lonely Valentine’s Day, and her witchy best friend offers a ritual ‘guaranteed’ to draw the man of her dreams. Kimber decides to give the innocent-looking ritual a shot–with shocking results.

When Kimber tears open a door to the demon underworld, making herself a target for any bloodthirsty creature looking for a quick meal, can sexy Guardian Hart Campbell overcome his own demon nature to keep her safe?