Happy New Year!!!

Okay, I know I don’t blog much anymore. And it’s mainly because you have to go through like twelve steps to even freaking log in! ARGH.

But I wanted to share two things with you….

One I’m having a fabulous contest to get you to sign up for my newsletter. www.shellistevens.com/funstuff.htm

And two: If you write historicals, or ever had the desire to try, then don’t miss this FREE workshop sponsored by Cobblestone Press! There’s a publisher day with editors from Loose ID, Liquid Silver Books, and Harlequin Historical. Plus guest authors… the info and how to sign up is below! The loop is already hopping.

January 1-7, 2007
Registration Fee: Free

Come join Cobblestone Press for a great workshop for writers and readers alike!

Special Guest, historical romance author, Kat Martin, will join us for a special author day to discuss her brand new release!

Publisher Days for Liquid Silver Books, Harlequin, and Cobblestone Press will include book discussions, reader contests, and submission information.

Participants for the Harlequin Publisher Day include Joanne Carr, Assistant Editor of Harlequin Historical/Mills & Boon Historical Romances at Harlequin, and special guest authors:
Pam Crooks www.pamcrooks.com
Michelle Styles www.michellestyles.co.uk
Michelle Willingham www.michellewillingham.com
Terri Brisbin www.terribrisbin.com

Tina Burns, Acquisitions Editor and Rachel Fox, Director of Special Projects will be participating during the Liquid Silver Books Publisher Day and discussing submissions and Liquid Silver Books historical titles.

Deanna Lee and Sable Grey, owners of Cobblestone Press, LLC will be participating in the Cobblestone Press Publisher Day to discuss what they look for in historical submissions and to talk about historical titles available at Cobblestone Press.

Also, Cobblestone authors, Sable Grey, A.L. Debran, Diana Bold, Emily Veinglory, and Charlene Sands will be discussing how they write historical romance and talking about their historical books during the Cobblestone Press Author Day!

And there is so much more planned for the workshop that you don’t want to miss this beginning of the year event!

Join now, so you won’t miss a single event!

Permission to forward.

Deanna Lee

So another Christmas come and gone. How was everyone’s? I dropped by Crystal’s blog where she was talking about her ‘booty’ or stash she’d gotten present wise. So I figured I’d share. I got a luggage set (for Nationals!) and then–what can I say, I’m in Seattle–$65 worth of Starbucks gift certificates combined from family and friends. I’m going to be buzzing on caffeine for quite a while! Then of course lots of yummy smelly stuff and a cool bag from Bath and Bodyworks.

I nearly had a breakdown putting together a vanity table for emma though. Never again will I buy a gift with (As Jac says) those three little words: some assembly required.

My friend sent me a pic of me actually signing at the signing a couple weeks ago, so I wanted to post it! Cause in it I’m actually signing, versus sitting behind the desk (like in the other shots!)

On the writing note. I got a review for The Pirate’s Booty from RT. It got a 3, not my best review, but all in all it’s not bad.

The sex in this story is hot, and it’s fun to watch the characters go from cross-purposes to working together to uncover the mystery of the brooch. They resolve their trust issues too easily, but Stevens puts the rest of the story together nicely.

On a ‘Yay’ note: I’ve officially hit one week of being a vegetarian. I’m not missing meat at all, though I do worry about going over on the carbs. So I’m trying to be good in both aspects. Get in the protein, and not go nutty on the fat. Although all the dang candy in the house makes that hard. Grrr. Today I had sushi, only not really. It’s that all rice in the yellow wrapper type sushi. And I’ve been eating a lot of yogurt and cheese.

Okay, I think I’ve sufficiently caught you up on the past few days. So how was your Christmas?

I’m over at The Novelty Girls today. Come visit!



Merry Christmas, my friends! Hope everyone has a fantabulous holiday with your family and friends. Hugs!



So I’m a reading fool right now. I swear, it’s like I went without water for weeks and was just given a hose. I’m going nutty. I haven’t been online as much, which is good. I’ve realized I was way too addicted to it internet. I’ve been busy with life and with reading. And amazingly enough, I get online when Emma goes to bed and manage to write my daily word count goal.

So I finished Gemma’s book Spying in High Heels. Okay, and honestly, I’m not trying to turn my page into a review site, but if I read a really good book, I’m going to tell you. I must be hitting the jackpot on good books lately, because this was fantastic. It was such a fun, light, hilarious book. I couldn’t put it down. And the hero…. I WANT HIM. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. You really need to read this book, especially if you like the funny ones. And it’s got a bit of a mystery, so I was just in heaven. I’m SO picking up her next book. I read this and had a serious case of the ‘I’m not worthies.’ Gemma, the author, is another sweet lady (see the trend, I tend to read people I know!) I met her first in Romance Divas, then at Nationals. You should seriously pick up this book.

So I’m trying something new. Somewhat encouraged by visits to Julie’s blog. Once upon a time, I was a vegetarian. For 6 weeks. Then I went to Disneyland, and back then their idea of ‘vegetarian’ was a caesar salad (and I don’t do anchovies.) So that broke the mold. I went back to meat. Or chicken/turkey. But now I’m getting really grossed out by meat again. Soooo I’m thinking I’m going to try vegetarian again. I’m not declaring myself one. I’m just going to give it a week and see how it goes. I’ve already gone…3 meals! LOL. Yeah, not much, but it’s a start. So wish me luck!

Okay, today is cookie baking day, then off to the aunt’s for our Christmas exchange and pizza dinner.

Okay, I had a different funny pic of the day up, but it’s too controversial (BUSH) so I’ve replaced it with this pic Amie sent me :)

So the cord on my laptop (AC Adapter) went out, again. And I spent a couple of days with severely limited internet access while I waited for the new one to come. And you know what? I did a lot of reading. And I liked it. In all the writing I do, I haven’t been reading as much. And I’ve missed it! So now I’ve fully decided to fit reading into my daily schedule.

Now let me tell you about the fabulous book I just finished reading. Flirting with Forty by Jane Porter. Jane’s one of our local chapter members and a total sweetheart. She really does a lot for our chapter. And this book is fantastic. Probably the best of hers I’ve read. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, and really reached in and grabbed my heart. If you haven’t read it yet… *jerking chin* Dooo it. And, wow, what a fantabulous cover, huh? The cover Gods blessed her on this one! And on The Frog Prince too, actually. :)

The next book I’m currently reading now is Spying in High Heels, and Lordy, that’s cracking me up!

I’ve also started writing another Valentine’s day story that I got suckered into (Thanks Dayna!) and it’ s a little different. I’m writing a heroine totally unlike one I’ve ever done. It’s a short story. I’m aiming for funny and hot. Standard me. I should really try a horror novel sometime. I’m proud though, with write offs with the girls at night, I’m hitting 1k a day routinely.

And lastly, I’ve started my own yahoo group to use as a newsletter. The Novelty Girls also have a newsletter, but we’ll be sending that out quarterly or bi-quarterly. But since my life as a writer is constantly changing, and I’m always holding a contest, I want to be able to share my news monthly. So if you’re interested, here’s the little link to sign up.

Click here to join ShelliStevens

Have a happy hump day! That’s such a dirty word… and speaking of dirty….

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So I had my very first signing yesterday. The signing was a group one with like five of us authors sitting there at one long table (we had to branch out to the ends.) We were placed right at the entry way instead of upstairs. It was pretty cool. As with any signing, I’m warned you should be ready for things to not be perfect. And our one downside, was that one of our authors–the one who organized the whole thing, and drove 180 miles to get here–her books never showed up. So she didn’t get to sign. I felt so bad for her.

What I was just thrilled about, is that almost everyone who said they’d drop by DID. Which is incredible because the mall, nine days before Christmas is not a pretty picture. There’s no parking. And they bought my books. It was so incredibly cool! Like the dork I am, I forgot to take pictures most of the time though! I did remember when Aurrora and Lesa showed up :) (they’re local writers too and visit my blog sometimes!)

So after the signing I hung out with the authors, and some friends who came to support us. We went to P.F Changs. We chatted and had fun, but I couldn’t stay long. I had a bachelorette party! But not the standard one. I’m getting old, but I way prefer the manner in which we did it last night. 2.5 hours at Claim Jumper, eating and drinking, and talking about anything and everything with the girls. It was so much fun! Way better than the bar/club hopping, sore feet in high heels, skanky outfits, and avoiding getting groped by drunken men on the dance floor. I’m sure there are still some who prefer the latter, but not me. There was a time I liked it–between 21-24. And then I woke up and realized the suckage factor of it all.

So, yeah, I also got the cold from hell yesterday morning (just in time for the big day!) and I feel like arse still. Well, I’ll post more signing pics as people send them to me (others were taking pics.) Have a great Sunday!

Crimminey what a day. That power going out thing? Yeah, pretty much happened. I stayed up till like one in the morning listening to the wind and watching the trees bend at impossible angles–where you think they’re just going to snap.

So then I woke at the ass crack of dawn, because I was supposed to have a hair appointment. (Remember this is supposed to be my pamper, get ready for signing day) So I’m their first appointment of the day, and I’m trying to call and find out if they have power–no answer. Finally I drove over there, power lights out the entire way, dodging trees and branches in the road. Yup. Closed. Visions of looking good for my signing are fading.

Next, all the schools are closed, so my nieces come over, and since our food is now spoiled with the power outage, we all try and go out to breakfast. We can’t find a place (and we try a few) that doesn’t have an hour wait. So we do the food circus. Then I decide to see if there’s a place in the mall that can do my hair and eyebrows. After running to a few places, yes! I got it. It means I’ll have to cancel the manicure with Jacquie and Emma, but my nails are crap anyway. There’s no hope for them. So I got my haircut by a nice lady name Jessica who did a fabulous job. And I am now a….drum roll…brunette! But it suits me, it’s a good change. It’s a saucy brunette shade.

So then–you thought that was the stress? oooh no–it’s 2:3o’ish, I’ve got my hair done and my eyebrows yanked. And I’m running straight for my car–even though I can feel low blood sugar coming on–cause I want to get home and spend an hour with Emma before the CP chat. Get into the car, twist the key, my battery is dead. Beyond dead. Like four hours with the lights on dead. So I call AAA. They say 15 min to an hour. An hour comes, no one, I’m practically crying on the phone to Crystal, Shawn, and anyone else who calls. Because I can’t go get food, because there is no food except for 15 minutes and lines of holiday shoppers, away. So finally I think I’m getting the call that they’re coming, and no it’s the first hair salon saying they just noticed I had an appointment I missed in the morning. I didn’t quite hang up on them, but was close.

Soon the tow truck driver shows up. But first, he’s trying to find me in the chaos of a mall parking lot 10 days before Christmas. He asks if I can put my hood up so he can spot me. And of course I’m fumbling around, getting my hands black, trying to figure it out. And I’m such a girl. Finally some guy walking by gives me this ‘How dumb are you’ look, and offers to do it. Then the AAA guy finds me, and he’s… HOT… the one highlight of the day. But then five minutes later my car is a humming (not me) and I’m driving…in the worst freaking traffic ever!

Yup. I swear the entire Seattle region and beyond lost power last night. And a twenty minute drive home took me two hours! TWO HOURS! Traffic lights were out, lanes were closed. I had to pull into a fast food restaurant (and got stuck in line for 1/2 hour) to get something for my blood sugar. I considered just sitting it out in a restaurant by myself, but so am not that type. Then I get a call from my friend that she was at a restaurant with her hubby, and had been at the mall the entire time I was sitting in my car. Grrrr!

So that was my day… a little stressful. I think I’m going to meditate soon.

Oh, one more thing, while I was getting my hair done and flipping through a magazine, I came across something. Well, first I just noticed some skinny older lady in a perfume add. Then I looked again. OMG. It’s Danielle Steel, and she’s got her own perfume!
The add has her in some glamourous dress, with pages of a book scattered around her and the bottle of perfume. So now the expectations I hold for myself have risen. Not only do I need to become a NYT best seller before I lead the angels in a choir, but I must also have a perfume named after me. Yes. Come. Spray yourself with a bit of SHELLI. It’s a real pick me up.

Girly Myspace Layouts

So we’re having a freaking huge storm here tonight. Or supposed to. So far the wind is just starting to pick up, and the rain is just hard and non stop. Causing some seriously flooding. But we’re supposed to get up to 100mph on the coast, and around 50-60 inland (Seattle area, I5 corridor) I’m excited, though we never lose power, I won’t be surprised if we do tonight!

Traffic driving home from grammasitting was insane. It took me like 55 minutes instead of 20. We were going about around 5 mph half the time. I watched this one SUV drive on the shoulder under an overpass, and all these guys in Seahawks sweaters (there’s a game tonight) got out and peed on the side of the road. *Rolling eyes*

So I’m getting made pretty tomorrow, to gear up the signing. I’m getting my hair done, my eyebrows waxed, and my nails done. I’m going to attempt to bring Emma and get her nails painted. Yeah. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Okay, Lyric tagged me, so here I go…

Four Jobs I’ve Had

1. Medical Assistant
2. Network Analyst
3. Customer Service Supervisor
4. Dispatcher for a plumbing company

Four Places I’ve Lived

1. Shoreline, WA
2. Lynwood, WA
3. Edmonds, WA

Four Favorite Foods

1. Cashew Chicken (thai)
2. Chicken/Veggie gyros
3. Chicken tiki masala and Naan
4. Pancakes

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

1. Love Actually
2. Super Troopers
3. Stripes
4. French Kiss

Four TV Shows I Watch
1. CNN
2. Local News
3. America’s Next Top Model
4. The View

Four Places I’ve Visited
1. England
2. Ireland
3. Mexico
4. Canada

Four Places I’d Like To Visit
1. Scotland (I only drove through it on my way to England from the airport)
2. Alaska
3. New Zealand/Australia (yeah I’m combining them)
4. Bahamas

Four Websites I Go To (almost) Daily

1. My Space
2. Yahoo
3. Various blogs
4. AOL email

I’ll tag anyone who wants to do this for the first time, or again :)