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Happy Halloween!


So this morning I woke up and it was cold. I mean like icecube toes cold. We had our first frost and it was just a day that you wanted to stay in your pj’s and write. Only I’m not writing until Wed (NaNo!!!!!!!) and the sun was out despite the cold.

So I got up, dressed Emma, and we went to the park. It was brisk, but nice. She was cruising around on her bike, and I got a nice little picture of her on the slide.

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So the authors of the Vegas Magic series (Loribelle Hunt, Sara Dennis, and I) are chatting tonight–well, now–in The Romance Studio.

I’m so excited! Tomorrow Emma and I are heading up north to go see her half sister Jada. They’re trick or treating together! It’s been way too long since they hung out, and she and her mom Jammie are like family to me now! Emma adores Jada and vice versa.

Okay, my final Halloween freak pic! Off to chat! Ciao!

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So once a month (guess which time) I get kind of moody. I always start questioning things… my life and the choices I’ve made. I start to wonder if I’m just a big old failure. (Yes, yes, I know you’re all screaming and throwing tomatoes at me) But really…

You see, most of the time I think that I’ve made a good choice. Deciding to have Emma and stay with my parents, at least until she’s old enough to go to school. That way I can stay home with her, not have to work, and actually be a single mom who gets to be at home for my daughter’s early years. I used to think, who knows, by the time kindergarten arrives, I may have sold to NY and be selling one or two books a year. I could afford to not go back to work and actually be writer!

But kindergarten is just over two years away, and even if I do get multi deals to NY. I’ve had a reality check. Most authors–especially single moms–can’t afford to quit their day job just because they’re selling a few books a year. And I really couldn’t. I need the medical benefits. And if I’m not working and making too much money from books, I lose my state help for benefits. And I need them because I have health issues that don’t let me buy my own.

So I know I have to go back to work soon. But I’m hitting that panic stage. Because I love where I am now. Grandma sitting a couple times a week (and getting a little extra money), being able to be at home with my daughter, be able to hold office as Vice President of my local RWA chapter, take a small job at my publisher, write A LOT. There’s just so many plus sides.

And with each year that goes by with me out of the ‘workforce’ I start to get more worried. My resume is going to have a big gap. Most employers won’t even give me a call back. The one place I know that will hire me (where I worked when I was prego, my sis-in-law works there) is a wonderful company, but they are rigid. No internet, no excuses. Not even on lunches. So add in commuting time, and I’m looking at an 10-11 hour work day. And that strikes the fear of God into me. I’ll get home and Emma will be ready for bed an hour later. And I’ll spend an hour or two writing before I pass out myself….

Okay, as I type this I realize I’m whining. Screw it. Women do this all the time. I can too. When it’s time, I’ll suck it up and deal. Honestly, the biggest horror is no internet for 11 hours a day! And I’ll have to cut back on my volunteer work in the writing community. But like I said, that’s a couple more years. And who knows, I could be the next Jenny Cruise by then. (I’d say Nora, but my writing is more funny and Jennyish.) See, I’m setting my sights high :)

Okay, okay, all done. Here’s my Halloween pic of the day. It could be worse. I could be her….

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Lacy and I took the kids to the Pumpkin Prowl at the zoo. Basically it’s gathering all the kids in their costumes and letting them stroll through the zoo and see all the pumpkins, while they get candy. There’s music playing and jugglers, it’s just a lot of fun. There was even a ‘haunted house’ that scared the pants out of Emma. But all in all, a good time.

So we’re 2 more days until Halloween, and then NaNo starts! I think I’m excited? I haven’t written in awhile. Although I did do a ‘Prompt’ thing in Divas (some sort of tag, writing contest.) And that got my juices flowing.

Okay, so I need to vent. I was doing some Xmas shopping at The Childrens Place online, and packed my cart full. Then I went to check out and I keep getting an error. I’m peeved because everything’s on clearance!!! Grrr. I hope it fixes itself soon.

All right. Yes, todays entry is about nothing important. But I have several more Halloween pics I’m trying to squeeze in before Wed!

Here’s my Halloween costume pic, warning, it does include nudity. Sort of. If it’s any comfort it’s not real nudity.

Why? Why did I get up at 5:30am today? It’s insanity I tell you! I suppose it’s because I woke up at 5:40 yesterday, and my body thought it was the new thing to do. What kicked off my early morning wakefest yesterday?

Well, my little Emma Rose made her television debut! Okay, no she’s not the next Dakota Fanning. She just got a picture of her in her Halloween costume on the local news station in the morning. It was pretty exciting. The entire state of Washington–okay, or anyone watching channel 13 news at 7:50 in the morning, saw this picture to the left. :) The dread pirate Emma Rose!

So we had a post ECWC conference pizza party last night. Good for the conference, bad for my eating. But ah well. It was one day. We talked about what went right and what went wrong with the conference. In reality, this was one of the best conferences to date we’ve had. And we had to decide whether to scale back and make it a smaller conference again (around 120), or expand (275) and move to a new hotel. Because this year we filled up so fast we had to turn people away. And it looks like we may expand. Which sounds fantabulous because we may use a way better hotel. So I’ll keep you posted, because you should all come next year!

All right, I’ve taken up a lot of room rambling. And I need to go blow my nose again (yet, another cold.) Here’s the incredibly screwed up Halloween picture of the day.


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I’m blogging to support Deidre today (for my life update read yesterday’s post!) But first, check this out……

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So I started Cherry Adair’s book Edge of Danger, and it’s hot! I’m loving it. I really realized something, how important that first page is. Especially in full sized books (Single title, I can barely say the word! LOL.) Like it’s such an investment of time, if you don’t get me right away, I kind of start to think about how I don’t want to invest my time in something I hope I eventually get into. Cherry’s book has a great first line, and beginning over all.

I got my cover for Dating Season. Frauke did it! I love it! I want the man on the cover :) Dating Season is the first book (Spring) in the Seasons of Change shifter series I’m doing with Loribelle Hunt, Sara Dennis, and Crystal Jordan!

Being raised with three brothers, Jada Lassiter has a habit of getting into trouble. And this time trouble shows up at the shifter resort her family owns in two forms: a sexy werejaguar who’s made it clear he wants her in his bed. And an evil from her past, determined to have revenge.

Antonio Grant is a bounty hunter who came to the exclusive Still Waters resort to track down a criminal. He never expected to find his mate, or to realize her life is in jeopardy by the very man he’s hunting.

Ack, I ate a bad lunch (or not bad, but too much.) But I went to Curves after and worked out hard core. I’m sore and tired. But feeling great!

Less than a week until NaNo! I hope they expand their buddy list, because I have more than 10 and right now you can only see 10.

Did anyone watch America’s Next Top Model tonight? Where they all had to pose with Fabio for romance novel covers? Pretty freaking hilarious! I want them on my cover!

Here’s my Halloween shot of the day. Freaky or funny? LOL.

I’m over at The Novelty Girls today. Come visit me (I’m so lonely!) or read my blog from yesterday. Happy Tuesday :)


So I’m officially on the way to kicking butt at being healthy. I, umm, hope at least. I joined Curves, and have gone twice. My muscles were a little sore as I went through the machines today. And I worked it so hard I sweated! I actually felt sore! It was wonderful :) I’ve become so dedicated to losing weight, I’ve put a blog up. So feel free to check my progress if you’re morbid like that. This is the only time I’m posting the link though, and it’s not in my profile! www.shelligetshealthy.blogspot.com

My weekend was nice. I went to a birthday party for my friend’s son yesterday, it was bumper bowling. I think Emma may have actually done better than me. LOL. But we both had a really good time, and she kicked butt. She carried the ball down the lane and threw it. It generally took a minute to reach the pins, and twice it even got stuck. Oh and she did fall down a couple of times because the lanes were so slippery. But we had fun!

So I’ve gone through second edits already of Dating Season. It’s always great to have that done and out of the way. And anticipate… the cover!!

Here’s the Halloween pic of the day, supposedly a haunted castle. Freaky stuff, though I’d LOVE to spend a night there. Isn’t it gorgeous? *Sigh* Some day I’ll get across the Atlantic again.

I did it! I woke up at 7:15, made breakfast and then went back to Curves. The weigh in part was a bit horrific. Watching her push that little bar…further, further, further…stopping? No, further… further… back a little…up a smidgen… there! HOLY SH*T! I gained that much?

So then I got on the platform and started my workout. Curves is great, especially for us out of shape people who can barely walk up stairs. It’s really you working at your own level, since the machines are resistance geared. And as I was working out, making my rounds on the machines, my gaze would drift around the walls with inspirational quotes and pictures. And then I saw it. Something that instantly gave me new motivation to be published in NY. The book exchange shelf. An entire bookshelf full of romance novels, the occasional mystery and some other random books.

See here’s how it would all go down. Me, walking smugly into Curves in my fat pants, t-shirt, and restrained afro of curls atop my head. A copy of my fabulous just released novel clutched in my hand, I walk to the shelf and set it down. Calm and with a regal smile I’ll say, “Oh, by the way, I wrote that. Tell your friends.”

And the whispers will start… “That young lady wrote that book?” Because at Curves, where the average woman is 50, I am but a child at 29. Ah yes… the fantasy.

Now the reality? I’d rush in with my book, whisper to the lady at the desk that I’m published and if should please make a sign that it was written by a Curves member. And then I’d begin to beg people to buy it as they say congratulations.

All right, I’m off to meet my friend Patricia at the mall for coffee, so Emma can play in the indoor play area. I haven’t even drunk coffee yet this morning. Only water. Do you SEE?! See how fabulous I’m doing as of 3 hours ago. Yes…this time it will be different.


Here’s my Halloween, costume, pic of the day. Oh to be a man…