So it’s kind of quiet on blogger lately. Unless it’s just me. :) Or maybe it’s because blogger is being a little witch.

Anyway, I had a nice moment today. A validation that I’m not some dried up, pushing thirty, spinster, single mom who can’t get a second glance (yeah, going for the dramatics tonight) I officially got checked out by an entire table of contruction workers while I was out to lunch today, during grammasiting. It was fabulous.

All right, so I’m one week and counting until the ECWC conference! I’m so excited, both for the conference and for it to be over! LOL. Then I’ll have time to blog, and do things again.


New from Cobblestone Press this week.

On a beach on the Venezuelan island of Isla de Margarita, Isabel Asher waits for the man she fell in love with twelve years earlier, Rafael Cruz. The promises made so long ago are bound to lead to passion, but will they find love?

Invaded and forced into an uneasy surrender, Earth soldier Laney Bradford is torn between loyalty to her people, distrust of her leaders, and the alien general determined to have her. Alrik Torfa came to earth to find his mate and now that he has, he has no intention of letting her go.

Sooo I took a bit of an extended vacation! I went up to Whidbey with Lacy and all the kids, came back on Saturday, and turned around and went back up on Sunday morning. It’s been great! I got the chance to sit in the sun, go shopping, walk on the beach and watch the sunset. And best of all… fall asleep to the sound of Navy jets practicing. (Whidbey Naval Air Station is up there on the northern end of the Island) I love that sound, call me nutty, but it’s totally sexy.

Not only did I have a relaxing time, I also got almost 5k written. My Valentine’s chicklit/erotic romance could be done by now, but its decided it wants to be longer than 10k. So overall, I had a really relaxing, fabulous, productive almost-week. *Grin* And I spent more time with Emma than usual. It makes me realize how much time I blow being online. (Although I did check my email once a day.)

So with the upcoming release of my book This Spells Trouble–the first book to come out in the Vegas Magic series–Sara, Lori and I are throwing a big fabulous contest. So check out my Contest Page page for the details!

How’s everyone been? I missed my blogging friends! I’ll catch up with everyone in the next couple days!

My other blog post is at The Novelty Girls today.

Yup, I’m heading out for a weekend away with Emma, and Lacy and her kids. We’re going to my parents cabin on Whidbey Island to just get away for a bit with the kids. NO INTERNET!

Ok, I know I always say there’s no internet, but technically there’s a phone jack and I have AOL, so I can dial up if I’m desperate to check email. But it’s a lot of work so I don’t do it much! And it’s an excuse to make both of us just write our buns off. No chatting, no internet surfing, and no email that’s beeping in our ear! Just an open Word doc and a world of words ahead of us!

That and we’ll cook good food, roast marshmallows in the fireplace, walk on the beach…. yeah, and listen to rain on the wood roof.

So in any case, I’ll be gone this weekend! Though I’m really going to try and stop by the Cobblestone Press chat tomorrow night. Emma Peterson’s first book comes out and I happen to know it’s fan-freaking-tastic. The chat’s at the Cobblestone press chat room at 5pm PST tomorrow night (Hah! Made you EST people convert this time!)

Everybody have a wonderful weekend! And here’s a funny little experiment below for my pic of the day.

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Yeah I’m getting kind of bad at blogging lately. It’s for the obvious reason I never could see, until Jen pointed it out. I’m taking on too much! But once the conference is over in October, the playing field should be evened out again. So thanks for dropping by even though I’m completely sporadic with the posts!

Speaking of October, my book This Spells Trouble–the first in the Vegas Magic series–comes out on the 6th! I’m pretty excited.

So in my blog hopping tonight, I’m noticing a few people are going through what I kind of am right now. This lethargic, I don’t want to do anything mentality. Seriously. I’ll have these days when I’m massively productive, and then another one where it’s hard to get up off the couch and feed the cats. Over the weekend I almost got 2k written in one night on my WIP, and I was super excited about it. And then I haven’t touched it since. I mean, I’ll open the doc and stare at it. But… yeah… you know how it goes? I go in spurts.

Okay, my real post is at The Novelty Girls , though by the time anyone reads this Sara will probably have hers up for Wed. :)

Ok, the pic of the day. Wouldn’t you just freak if that was someone in your family? What’s he doing anyway? Getting cash to pay the hooker?

Hello again! Well Lacy is just chilling with me this weekend. We’re hanging out on the couch right now, knowing we should crash, but still surfing the net on our laptops. We’re joking about how funny it is that we can hang out and have a good time, but be on our computers just sitting next to each other. I swear it’s a writer thing. And I’m hesitant to go to bed, because I have this Emma-free weekend, and I’m making sure I’m taking advantage of every minute. Though I miss the kid, it’s great to have time to breath.

So tonight Lacy and I went and had dinner at an Indian restaurant with some other Seattle area authors. Really, the only other one I knew of was Lauren Dane (who was just as sweet in person as she is online!) and then a bunch of mystery writers. Anyway, that was fun and the food was good! Yummy!

Well, I’m just doing a quick blog post to say I’ll be gone for a couple of days. I’m heading up to the cabin to pick up Emma, and I’ll probably stay till Monday or Tuesday. We’ll see. Then next weekend, Lacy and I are taking the kids up there for a relaxing (can a weekend with kids be relaxing?) weekend on Whidbey Island. It’ll be a good break. Go walk on the beach and let the kids get a change of environment.

K, here’s your funny pic! Have a great rest of the weekend :) And check out Lacy’s post as our guest blogger on the The Novelty Girls tomorrow. Or today. It’s Sunday. Way early Sunday, but Sunday.

So I had a massively fun night! I need to thank Lacy, Danielle, and Patricia, for all coming over and helping me have a mega raffle basket putting together party. (See 3 our of 6 baskets on the right!) Which sounds really easy, but it’s so not! Let me tell ya, you have piles, boxes, and bags of items that need to get seperated into baskets. Then you need to try and display those items so a good amount show. Then comes the really crazy part–wrapping them! Plus you need to keep a list of what’s going in what basket, and put critiques donated into different baskets.

Anyway, we all hung out and made dinner, drank wine. And we were supposed to do chick flicks, but we ended up watching Dodge Ball and Old School. Which I probably prefer. I love comdies. And Old School and Stripes are probably my two favorite comedies. Wait, Super Troopers is great too! Anyway, we had a great time, and I really couldn’t have done it without them. Or I could have, but it would’ve taken days instead of hours. And they wouldn’t have had pretty bows!

So everyone have a great weekend. I’ll leave you with this scary pic (you know I’m afraid of heights!)


And here are the books out today Cobblestone Press .

Kelly Greene saves people and she’s darn good at it, but even her psychic skills have limits and she’ll push them to save the man she finds bleeding on the backseat of her Jeep.

Saxxon has been under their control for so long that he’s forgotten how to fight back, but it won’t take him long to learn once he gets a taste of freedom. And with Kelly’s love to offer him strength and the powerful Low Key group to back him up, he may finally defeat his betraying brother and the evil group that wants him back.

Scientist Miranda Cruz has created the world’s first flu vaccine strong enough to save the lives if a pandemic occurs. But saving the world comes with consequences. When an attempt is made on her life and her estranged husband Devin steps in to the rescue, she must reevaluate her priorities in hopes of saving her marriage.

Field Agent Devin Cruz gets orders from Lincoln Cross, director of the Spectra Group, to go and protect the president of Sterling Corp. Devin takes the next plane out. He has a personal stake in this assignment, saving the life of his estranged wife and relighting the love they once shared.

Okay I’ve got contest info at the end, so if you wanna skip the family dramatics skip to the end!

So I just got done with a big family gathering. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday (he just turned 66!) And my mom, all three of my brothers, my sis-in-law, my nieces, and Emma and I were there. We ate greasy pizza and sugary cake, and I swear my body is ready to kill me. Have you ever hit that stage where you swear you never want to eat pizza again? I’m there. I’m living it. Every time someone mentions pizza I wanna gag. Which is funny cause it was my fave food growing up.

So during this dinner, we got on the topic of dating. See me and two of my female cousins are all single, and all of various ages ranging from 25-38 or something? We kind of joke about it being the ‘family curse’ that the females with our bloodline never get married. Cause there’s three of us, and none of us are married. But then I’m talking with my brothers about how once I’m ready, I’m sure if I put myself out there I could meet someone. And what do my brothers do? All three of them started laughing. Seriously. Now I love my family, but come on. A little support here? They start hurling the ‘you’ve got a kid’ line, to which I quoted a statistic of men willing to date women with kids (it was 60-70% I think.) Oh, then they went to ‘yeah they date the hot single moms’ Anyway, I know they realized they were being arseholes, or at least one did, and he grew quite worried when I told him I’d blog about them. Then he proceeded to tell me I should go to church and meet a man. Because that’s the only place I’ll find a decent one willing to support us. He’s the married one, the other two brother’s are single. But then he (married one) tells me he’d go to church if it wasn’t on Sundays, but it coincides with football. *rolling eyes* And he’s not really religious. I think he was blowing smoke out his arse. Really, they’re good guys, they just like to give me sh*t.

Then the conversation turned to the ‘what to do with the properties’ when the parents pass away’ bit. Which we’ve never gone there before. The whole topic made me a bit squieby (if that’s a word) but I know it has to be discussed. So we decided ‘informally’ to do a lunch at a later date.

So off of the family gathering topic, and how about some info on a contest!


The Novelty Girls are having a week long contest. What can you win? Check it out…

Tropical Dream Calgon sample pack (lotion, mist, and wash)
Victoria’s Secret lip gloss
A copy of Crystal’s Full Swing
A $10 gift certificate to Bath and Body Works,
$10 online gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles
A cherry stationary and magnet set.

What do you have to do? Well.. you have to guess who’s object belongs to who in our banner on our blog. For more details visit The Novelty Girls blog.

Along those dating lines, I thought this was kinda of cute….

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So I heard back on one of my books a few days ago. Ellora’s Cave rejected the second book I had with them since December, so there’s nothing under consideration with them anymore. I was bummed for about an hour, but then moved past it with a new plan. I always considered it a possibility anyway. It’s the way of the industry. I’ve sent one of my short stories out to an epub and I’m excited to hear back.

On Saturday I had my monthly chapter meeting. It was fabulous. We had a potluck/gear up for conference meeting at a local member’s house which was right on Lake Washington. Gorgeous house! The food was great, the people were friendly, it was a great time. Then we had a board meeting afterwards and we got a lot accomplished–made a ton of plans for the future. I think I’m going to continue pretty hard core with the board for my chapter. Possibly even moving up to President in a couple of years. Right now I’m VP.

The ECWC is three weeks away! And this weekend I’m having a ‘raffle basket’ party, inviting Lacy Danes and another friend or two, or three, to help with the putting together of all these raffle baskets. My room has been taken over with baskets, books, and all kinds of goodies that will go into them. Two Alpha Smarts this year, I’m pretty excited at how many tickets that will sell us.

But I’m looking ahead to what book to write next, and I think I’m about to delve into a Valentine chick lit. I’ve never done first person, so it’s a challenge. I started it a month ago, I’m about four pages in (I had to put it down to finish the shifter Dating Season) and need to start up again.

So I was going to try and get back on the diet wagon, but have been under so much stress some things got cut. So dieting and cleaning are on hold until this conference is over. Ah well. Soon I will be full speed ahead on the health train. Hopefully. But on that dieting note, look at this fabulous new barbie! You think it was designed by Nicole Richie?

So look! I got my cover for my book Silk Hauntings. As you can see it’s part of a series Cobblestone Press is doing called In the Runes. I’ve known this since I wrote it, but was supposed to keep the series part quiet for a bit. This is coming out at Cobblestone Press on December 1st!


Gavin Mackenzie is a best selling horror author and amateur ghost hunter. His plans to investigate paranormal activity at a local mansion are denied by the sexy new owner; even as she makes it clear she’d welcome him in her bed.

Taylor Ammons is using the mansion for her new business: holding educational sexual retreats for women. She’s not prepared for her attraction to her quiet neighbor, or his determination to convince her that the mansion is haunted.

Okay, well my real blog post is at The Novelty Girls today. Check it out!

And below I’m helping spread the word about M.E. Ellis’ book. The money she makes from sales for this book she’ll be donating to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty.

I have the urge to blog tonight, or early morning, though I didn’t plan on it. I had a crazy, tense, emotionally draining, busy day. At one point I was editing/adding to four of my books at once. I was stressed, my blood pressure was off the charts and I just wanted to go to bed. But then I started channel surfing on the television. And I never watch tv except for the news. And then I stumbled on a channel that made me put down the remote control.

A documentary on September 11th. Tomorrow is the five year anniversary. Like so many people, that day has dug a hole in my soul. And sometimes I try and push it out of my heart, out of my head, but it’s always there. I have a hard time seeing footage from that day, refuse to see any movies made about it, and would usually just turn the channel. But I couldn’t. It’s been five years. And I had to wonder how much we’ve forgotten, how much we’ve just put it aside in our hearts and minds. So I watched it. It’s real footage–some I’d never seen before–,and by the end I was bawling. This documentary two French men went to make, who then ended up filming the entire events of that day and the days that followed.

I didn’t even know anyone who died that day. But I was in NY just six days before it happened. And I loved it, loved the people. And so when it happened, with the city still warm in my heart, the photos of towers still in my camera, it just ripped me apart. I was glued to the television for a month watching footage. Screaming at the terrorists, swearing, cursing and most of all crying. And I have to say watching the movie brought it all back. And I’ll be the first to admit I did get numb to it, like so many people have. Where it was just a really big historical event that happened years ago. I think many of us look at it that way. Shake our head, think of how awful it was, and then complain that our husband didn’t do the dishes in the next breath.

I don’t usually post serious posts. You know me, generally happy, funny, and matter of fact. But… I want to today. This is my way of saying to myself and the world that I haven’t forgotten. And I don’t want to forget. I’m glad I watched the documentary. Yeah it was painful–ripping the band aid off a still healing wound–but it was needed.

It also made me realize my life and my problems are never that bad. Yeah I’m a single mom. Yeah I have to live in the downstairs of my parents house to stay afloat right now. Yeah I have health issues. Yeah I can’t seem to sell to NY or land an agent. Yeah I’m convinced I’ll never date again. But you know what? I’m blessed. Because I have a family who loves me. I have a daughter that I get to raise. I have the option to take control of my health. And I have a right to sell to epubs! (Sorry had to throw that one in:) What I’m trying to say is… I have these opportunities. And there are a lot of people around the world who don’t. I don’t want to take that for granted.

There are so many people who put their lives on the line every day. Some who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice, or are willing to make it someday. Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes. And they are what make our country great.

I won’t forget that day… The sacrifices.. the people. I can’t. I don’t want to. And I hope I never do.

*No funny pic today, just wouldn’t feel right*