I went how many days without blogging? Eek. Well, it may be a few more still. I’m having more internet issues. I came back from Lacy’s and found out my wireless at home had crapped out. I’m not sure if I caused it in my attempts to fix my email. I was tweaking some things on my firewall. But I’m so not a computer tech, so I won’t even guess what’s going on. So we’re trying to get that fixed. I’m grammasitting now, which is why I’m able to get online for a consistent amount of time! But at home, it’s random hookups to some blue cord that gives me briefs moments of internet.

So what’s been going on with everyone? Getting lots of writing done? Sending the kids back to school this week or next (this is for us West Coasters who start school later ;) I’ve been doing some writing. And I’m dealing with something that has never really bugged me before. I always have ideas in my head, for random books. But right now I have two books that are demanding I write them at the same time. And incredibly, and insanely, I have been.

I’ve never done that before. Usually I’ll set one down, and go to the other. Uh uh. Not this time. I literally have both Word docs open, and I’ll be plugging away on one, and the other will be like ‘hey, just write this scene, you know you wanna’ and so I do. I switch to the other document. And what’s really crazy is one is chicklit in 1st person, and one is a shifter in 3rd. And then on top of that, I have another idea for a short story/novella. See the thing is, I’m really getting the urge to delve into my humor voice in my writing. Or the more chicklit side. But still keeping it really sexy.

So who out there has had this problem? This dueling books issue. I know I’m not alone here, because I’ve read other blogs who’ve talked about it. This is just a first for me. What do you do when this happens?

Anyway, my pic of the day kind of sums up my frustration…

::yesyes:: ::yeahthat:: ::workit:: ::woot:: ::whipitgood:: ::whenaproblemcomesalong:: ::whattha?:: ::whateva!! ::whatEVA:: ::welcome:: ::tmi2:: ::tired:: ::tMi:: ::stupido:: ::sticky:: ::sisboomba:: ::shhhh:: ::sad:: ::romeoohromeo:: ::rofl:: ::rockon:: ::pulltheothe1:: ::ponyexpress:: ::paddleme:: ::orelse:: ::ohnoudidnt:: ::nono:: ::nanadance:: ::loser:: ::lesigh:: ::itwillgiveyoucancer:: ::isaidplz:: ::ireallydo:: ::iam:: ::i<3u:: ::huh?:: ::huggies:: ::howdymaam:: ::harder:: ::hard:: ::happydance:: ::guitarhero:: ::gogogo:: ::garthbrooksishot:: ::drool:: ::dontdoit:: ::diddy:: ::diddy2:: ::delicatelikeaflower:: ::counting:: ::chef:: ::cheeze:: ::busyasa:: ::booby:: ::blushie:: ::blink:: ::blank:: ::bedrocka:: ::bday:: ::awwwe:: ::arrrrgh:: ::angelbaby:: ::aaahthatsbetter:: ::OTK::

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  1. 1

    That AOL pic is hilarious!!

    Uh, I just did that actually! I started a short story, put it on the back burner to work on my rune story, and then the short story started calling me and I worked on the both of them at the same time! But the short story is now done, the rune I’m still working on and now I have another one (eeek!) that is calling my name. Aaaaaaah! It’s crazy.

    Well, I hope you get your computer probs fixed. Nothing more frustrating. If I lived close, I would come over and try to help. :)

  2. 2

    Love the AOL pic and it’s very true! Although not just with AOL! We have cable and it craps out a lot here too!

    Good luck staying online!

  3. 3

    I do this sometimes. It can be a little frustrating, but mostly it’s great to be so productive lol!

    That pic is so funny lol!

  4. 4

    Oh yeah! Usually making notes suffice but sometimes it just has to be written. Do what works for you is my advice.

  5. 5

    Lately, I’ve been forcing myself to concentrate on my WIP. I have too many ideas floating around that need to be developed. I write bits and pieces as they come into my head, but I try to keep that to a minimum.

    If only I could finish my darn WIP… :-)

  6. 6

    Awwwe hugs Shelli! Being without the internet really bites the big one and not in a good way. Sheesh and I am lucky to get going on one wip, let alone two! You go!

  7. 7

    Computer problems drive me crazy!! I’m so not good with stuff like that.

    I’ve never working on two books at once like that. I have had a story begging to be told so I had to stop what I was working on.

  8. 8

    Love the pic!

    I haven’t tackled writing on more than one story at a time. But anyone who does has my complete and utter admiration. I say if it’s working, go with it!

  9. 9

    Bloody AOL. They messed me around all last week.


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