Okay, what is it with me? I am sick. AGAIN! I have tissue crammed up my nose, can barely breath, and am freaking miserable. My creativity has been sucked into the tissue that I blew my nose on. TMI? It was worse before I deleted and made it pretty.

So I’m sorry, I haven’t blog hopped as much, barely can blog here now. I do have internet again, woo whoo! Not too mention it’s crunch time with the ECWC (Seattle conference) and I’m starting to actually put together baskets. My room is loaded with so much crap it’s crazy! And we have our first post summer local RWA meeting, and I’m in charge of setting that up. It’s a potluck and kinda crazy. Soooo yeah, I’m a little scattered for the next 5 weeks. When ECWC is done, I’ll be a free woman!

I’m supposed to go to a fair tomorrow and see a friend’s kid in a talent show. I hope I’m up for it. But I do have an Emma free day, she’s going with the grandparents for the night. Oh the possibilites. Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m going to take a bath. Alone. Without rubber ducks and a toddler splashing me.


Okay, here’s the Cobblestone Press releases this week. Click here to buy.

Reynard is an impoverished cavalier turned highwayman; Geoffrey is a roundhead soldier banished from London for his licentious ways. Reynard needs to raise a dowry, save his sister from a false suitor, and evade the sheriff. What a terrible time to fall in love.

Karyn, a grieving P.I., is searching for the killer who murdered her sister and branded her a rogue cop. Zechariah, ex-cop and law student, has helped ease her pain. Can Zechariah convince Karyn there’s more to their relationship before they fall victim to the same people who murdered her sister?

I went how many days without blogging? Eek. Well, it may be a few more still. I’m having more internet issues. I came back from Lacy’s and found out my wireless at home had crapped out. I’m not sure if I caused it in my attempts to fix my email. I was tweaking some things on my firewall. But I’m so not a computer tech, so I won’t even guess what’s going on. So we’re trying to get that fixed. I’m grammasitting now, which is why I’m able to get online for a consistent amount of time! But at home, it’s random hookups to some blue cord that gives me briefs moments of internet.

So what’s been going on with everyone? Getting lots of writing done? Sending the kids back to school this week or next (this is for us West Coasters who start school later ;) I’ve been doing some writing. And I’m dealing with something that has never really bugged me before. I always have ideas in my head, for random books. But right now I have two books that are demanding I write them at the same time. And incredibly, and insanely, I have been.

I’ve never done that before. Usually I’ll set one down, and go to the other. Uh uh. Not this time. I literally have both Word docs open, and I’ll be plugging away on one, and the other will be like ‘hey, just write this scene, you know you wanna’ and so I do. I switch to the other document. And what’s really crazy is one is chicklit in 1st person, and one is a shifter in 3rd. And then on top of that, I have another idea for a short story/novella. See the thing is, I’m really getting the urge to delve into my humor voice in my writing. Or the more chicklit side. But still keeping it really sexy.

So who out there has had this problem? This dueling books issue. I know I’m not alone here, because I’ve read other blogs who’ve talked about it. This is just a first for me. What do you do when this happens?

Anyway, my pic of the day kind of sums up my frustration…

Okay I really didn’t think I’d be blogging this weekend, but the stars aligned and here I am. I spent last night up at Lacy’s house with Emma and her kids. It was a blast, except I took a muscle relaxer before I went to sleep and woke up feeling like I had a hang over. All day! So no muscle relaxers unless I’m high on the pain scale. Tonight I’m back home, and then we’ll head back up for another slumber party tomorrow.

Okay, here’s why I wanted to blog. I just got back from the book signing. It really was fantastic. The people talking and signing were three authors from Kensington’s Aphrodisia line Bonnie Edwards, Susan Lyons, and Lacy Danes. Now I’d never officially met Susan or Bonnie. All though apparently Bonnie sat at my table during the PI luncheon (K, I was just freaking out about winning the SOM contest, I don’t remember much!) But these ladies are so nice, and had such great stories about how they got where they are today. One thing I thought was interesting was, I asked all three if they were plotters or pantsers, and they’re all pantsers. So it’s not just me! Though I usually do a bare bones outline. So anyway (Bonnie and I had a great talk about anyway and anyways: get rid of the s!) I bought Hot in Here, and The Hard Stuff.

After the signing we all sat down and had dinner, with other authors Ann Roth and Alexis Morgan. And these are all people who made to NY. And they’re all sweet and supportive. Bonnie even signed my book ‘See you in NY’ which made my day. I know, I’m easy! But the biggest thing I take from it, and get reminded of, is that for most authors getting to NY is not an overnight thing. Heck, it can takes years. Over a decade for some writers! Anyway I convinced them to do My Space, I think, and we talked a lot about Amazon Connect. Good stuff.

All right, I’m still tired. Soooo off to sleep for me in a few. Have a great weekend, y’all! If you see me online the next couple days, the internet up at Lacy’s is weird with my laptop and doesn’t like me. So if you IM me and I don’t answer, it’s not cause I don’t love you!

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Still no word on Outlook. Hmmm. Ah well. Life goes on. Got a rejection today, kind of expected it. So no worries. I’m pretty excited for this weekend. Lacy and I are spending the weekend together, probably till Monday or Tuesday. We’re letting all the kids hang out while I get to slum at her new house.

Tomorrow night she’s doing a signing (Cover flats for her since her book isn’t out yet!) with Susan Lyons and Bonnie Edwards at Third Place Books. So I’m going to go show support for them, along with lots of Seattle area writers, and then we’ll all do dinner afterwards. Sounds fun! Then we plan on taking the kids on a train ride up by Snoqualmie Falls. I’m so excited about that. Since both Emma and Lacy’s son LOOOVE trains. I swear, Emma’s the tomboy and girlygirl rolled into one. She loves shoes and jewelry, but she’s also big on trains, cars, and watching baseball with grandpa.

All right, so I’m off. If you don’t hear from me this weekend it’s because I’m busy. But of course, I will have my laptop up there. I’m not a complete heathen!


Just released today from Cobblestone Press

Kira is a gladiator, celebrated by the crowds, her popularity comes at a price. On a night where the kill should’ve been easy, she fights a new gladiator with a will to survive.

Lukiamo didn’t know how he ended up in an arena with this warrior woman. But one thing was for certain; he wasn’t going to let her win. When blood is spilt and she inadvertently starts the bonding process between them, Lukiamo is determined to have her and his freedom.

But before their love deepens, someone seeks their deaths to gain a power that’ll tear a planet asunder.

Liz Walker is a fourth-degree black belt who teaches martial arts to kids in a poor L.A. neighborhood. Out of necessity, she accepts an offer from a Hollywood studio to train an actor for a film. But can she put aside her feelings toward the movie industry once she finds out the actor she’s training is Evan Warren, Hollywood’s current “golden child”?

When Evan discovers his new instructor is a beautiful but tough young woman with a major chip on her shoulder, he realizes he might survive the training, but will he survive those gorgeous blue eyes?

So the Outlook situation looks better. Or not. I’m not sure. I opened another ticket with Tripod since they closed the first one down with some form ‘try these’ response. And I wrote them back saying, um, already did that. Some help please? So now someone else said they’d look into it. I think it was another form response, but we’ll see. So still no sending emails. So…. thanks for the forward Cece! And thanks Danielle for the offer for help! Anyone else I’m forgetting? Probably.. You all are so sweet!

So last night night I slept in my bed with my new sheets and bed set. Ooooooh. Soooo sinfully delicious. Even Emma didn’t want to get up this morning. And the bright green color isn’t even that bad. I kind of like it. It’s very bubbly. Kinda fits my personality.

Hey did you all see the cute, little design we got going on at The Novelty Girls now? It’s all revamped and ready for the world. Can you guess which item is mine? ;)

So I went to the doctor today, because I was having massive pain in my upper back, by the the shoulder. Apparently due to carrying luggage (Nationals) and a toddler, I’ve pulled a muscle pretty bad. So I have to go fill a Rx for a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory. Good stuff!

I’ve been getting a little bit of writing done today, but have been sidetracked with this Outlook issue. That and I’m *cough* addicted to buying Emma clothes on Ebay. I always do this before Fall and Spring. I buy the next size up. It’s equivalent to back to school shopping, even though she’s only almost 3. But the kid’s growing! She dresses way better than me. But what can I say. I want a cute kid. And it’s my guilty pleasure. Finding the cutest clothes at massively cheap prices. I buy lots of Gymboree on Ebay. *sigh*

So what’s your guilty pleasure? Ebay? Online Games? Eating popcorn with the powdery cheese from the mac and cheese box?

Or maybe sticking your head out the window of moving trains….

Okay I’m SOOO frustrated. I’m having serious Outlook issues. I know some of you are emailing me and waiting for a response, but Outlook is being a little b*tch and not delivering ANYTHING. Anytime I send an email it comes back instantaniously with the message…

553 sorry, that domain isn’t allowed to be relayed thru this MTA (#5.7.1)
Now usually I’m pretty good at solving these little issues. I google the error message and come up with a solution. But this time nothing I do works. And I’m stressing out because this is my author address, this is where all my queries to agents and editors iniated from. And I can’t fix it! So if anyone’s an Outlook God/Goddess Please help! This is my blogger, online cry for help…

Custom Smiley

So that’s why I didn’t get any writing or blog hopping done last night. I spent three hours attempting to fix this!! If anyone needs to reach me and get a response, you can email me at shellistevens@aol.com
Okay, since you were so sweet to read this, here’s another pic for you. Although that Bush one from yesterday is kinda funny still. But this is what I feel like doing to my computer right now. Anyone got a spare dog?

Ahhhh I wish I had the energy to blog today. I just don’t. And I didn’t even blog hop. Sorry guys!! I may get around to your all’s sites later.

Crying 2

It’s like I hit a down day. I don’t really think I did anything productive. I sat around waiting for Fed Ex to bring me my new cord for my computer. Finally it came! Woo whoo… I wish my sheets would come now. The ones I’m sleeping in have literally shredded and there’s a big hole in the middle of them.

So I started to write a love scene, and then went…hmm, just not feeling this right now. Maybe it’s ’cause I came off of writing 6k in 24hrs. But you know, I’ll write tonight, because I’ve been doing so well I’m determined to KEEP doing well. I need 1k a day minimum. This book WILL be done by Sunday.

Oh wait. I remember what I did all day. Lacy and I decided were going to take the kids on a mini vacation. And we were looking all over for vacation rentals in the San Juan Islands or Ocean Shores. With like 5 days notice in peak season. LOL. Yeah, that took awhile. We found a few things, but it’s so expensive. And finally we’re considering just going cheap and going to my parents’ cabin.

I need to fork out more dough for the hotel at ECWC. I can’t NOT stay over night. We’re having romance karaoke on Saturday night and that will involved intoxicated romance writers…which reminds me, karaoke guy never sent me the contract. Don’t you love how completely pointless my blog is? I talk about random crap. It’s like I’m just here to throw my thoughts down so I’m not completely disorganized. Uh. Sorry you had to read this. If you read it.

And look at that. I said I wasn’t going to blog, yet somehow I managed to put out a bunch of pointless paragraphs. Always a party when you drop by Shelli’s blog.

All right. I found this picture, and it’s kind of funny. Especially if you’re a Lord of The Rings fan. Heck, even if you’re not. If you’re a Bush supporter, sorry, but I’m sure you can find the tiniest bit of humor in this can’t you?

Okay so I’m back! And before I go into details, I have to say FREAKY. I went to update my word meter, the cute little one with the flower. And the site I get it from is like hijacked or something. It’s all black, plays creepy music, and says things like ‘we’re here, taking over, did you think you could get away with…’ and stuff. Soooo… yeah, going back to the plain meter. For anyone I ever referred to that site, I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ve discovered it’s gone nutty too.

All right. So what a great 24 hours. Emma and I left early Sunday and caught the ferry to Whidbey Island. Once there we got to hang out in the sun, socialize with my aunt and uncle. Go for walks. At one point we even passed our senator Patty Murray who has a cabin up there. She seems really laid back, and I went to high school with her son before they moved to D.C.

So the greatest part of the weekend though… I made myself write. Last night and this morning, I managed to write almost 5k! So my shifter story is halfway done, in a day! I’m so excited. I love where it’s going. I love that I never know where I’ll end up, even if I have an outline. My characters are constantly surprising me! Oh, and I did write the outline too last night. I went up there with a little over 1k, just the first few pages of my book, and left with 30! Woo whoo! But not that I’m back I’m on the internet, lol, catching up on too many emails. *Sigh*

Did everyone have a good weekend? Anything exciting happen? I think next weekend Emma and I are going to have a sleepover at Lacy’s new house with her kids! That’ll be fun!

Okay, and the Seahawks kicked off with a preseason game yesterday against the Colts. And we kicked some arse. Woo whoo. Gonna be another great year.

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Sooo I read Lori’s blog about getting out of town, and I’m doing it again. Cause I get SO much writing done when I do. So I’m heading out this morning and I’ll be back tomorrow most likely. I’m about 8 pages into my Shifter, but I’d like to hit 20 in the next couple days. Soooo… sun, beach, no internet here I come!

But here’s some pictures, here’s the lake I walk around Green Lake. It’s 2.5 miles pushing a stroller :) And then there’s my daughter in the wading pool at the lake. She our newest Romance Diva–and she has the tattoo to match! ;)

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Okay, I’m off! I’ll see you in a couple days! Hope you ad a great weekend, and happy Monday tomorrow!!

I’m so excited. I started writing two separate books yesterday. Both were something I’ve never done before. The first was a chick lit that I’m going to sub to Cobblestone Press for Valentine’s day. And really, this should be second priority, since I have another book due the end of October. But… I was in the grocery store, shopping with the lady I grammasit. And I got inspired with a capital I. I went home and started writing. Got two pages in then made myself stop.

So then later that night I talk to the three other people I’m doing a shifter series with, and then after hashing out some family physical features, I started my very first shifter book. I think this is going to be my biggest challenge yet. Wheeew. I don’t know how you guys do it, but wow, these shifters are complex creatures.

Okay, I’m off to take Emma to Green Lake to get some walking in, then we’ll do the wading pool. I’ll blog more tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

So Celia Stuart gave me this great pic of a Pirate cat :) She’s a complete sweetheart. So I decided to post it as my pic of the day!


Here’s the two new books out from Cobblestone Press this week. Be supportive and pick them up! This is Crystal’s first book out, so let’s give her some love! It’s a great read, she’s SO incredibly talented she makes me want to puke. But that get’s a messy, so I’m blogging her instead ;)

Jill Brandon used to have it all: a successful pro-golfing career and an adoring Army Ranger husband. Her dream life ends when Tyler is injured in combat and has to retire. Now she lives with a bitter, taciturn version of the man she once loved so much.

Tyler knows he’ll never be the man he used to be and Jill deserves better than what he has left to offer.

When Jill faces danger, Tyler realizes what he stands to lose and he’s determined to bring their marriage full swing. He’s always done his best convincing in the bedroom.

When her pack leader issues a mating contract between herself and hotshot werewolf Luke Roman, Claire knows there must be some mistake. She doesn’t know Luke very well, but she can’t imagine two less compatible people being thrown together.

Luke has loved Claire for years, and he isnt about to let her undo what he’s worked so hard to put into effect. When she refuses to discuss the pact with him, even when he follows her home, Luke finds a silk scarf on her dresser and decides to try other, more creative ways of getting Claire’s undivided attention