Again, I really wasn’t going to post today. I’m so tired. Still a bit jet lagged. My daughter seems to be talking non-stop since I got back. Like in actual sentences. It’s a bit trippy. And she’s very clingy. It’s sweet though.

Plus I put on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and got quite the shock when Emma started singing along. She was on pitch and knew the song that was playing. This is instrumental and she’s singing along. Then she says ‘Little Einstein’s, mommy’ and I remember it’s played sometimes on her show. That’s a great show! Then she grabbed my lotion that I swiped from the hotel, and started putting it on her nose. And saying ‘Piggie. Oink, oink.’ Nooo idea where she got that from.

So with all the good news, I got some more… possibly. But I’m not saying anything more than that. But I want to put it out there so you can send me positive vibes.

Did I mention I was totally good in Atlanta? No flings, no one needed to bail me out of jail. I did manage to get 20 women’s drinks paid for *cough* but I won’t go into that.

So here’s a some more pics….

Just another night at the bar

Bedtime stories with Crystal and Shawn

Gemma sold out of her books at her signing!

The one night the Divas really let their hair down

We’re doing the posing cheesy but cute photo

First Diva breakfast Wed morning. We were all exhausted!

GH and Rita night. Otherwise known as ‘get decked out’

Baluga Whale at the aquarium. No idea how to spell that word.

I didn’t die on the plane!!!! And I knew I wouldn’t. Well as soon I saw some big authors like Julia Quinn, Jane Porter, and Christina Dodd on the same flight. They’re too big to be in a plane that’s destined to crash. :)

Okay, so where to begin? I’m so freaking exhausted I don’t even know how I’m typing a blog post. BUT how can I not? So much happened and so much great news to share!

So Atlanta… RWA National Conference 2006. My first time…. WOW. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of my week is one word. DIVAS. Romance Divas. We were attached all week, and I really got to know these people who I’ve only got to chat with online and, occasionally, on the phone. And the bonds we formed a week were so tight, that we all got a little teary hugging goodbye last night. Twenty-four hours ago when Lacy and I booted them out of our room so we could get three hours of sleep before me left for the airport.

This is Lacy and I at the PI luncheon at the Aquarium. She’s my crit partner, friend, mom of my daughter’s playdate, and fellow Seattle RWA board member. We had a blast. Throughout the week there were times when we all might have gotten *cough* a little on the wild side. But it wasn’t anything too bad. And you have to understand we’re mother’s who never get a break! And boy do those Divas know how to party.

But besides the wild stuff, I also got in some good info. I attended the Pro retreat, which rocked. And which I desperately hope to not be a part of next year. (Just saying I want to have sold to NY by then!) But I got to hear speakers like Nora Roberts, Jenny Cruise, Editors from Harlequin, Elloras Cave, and Berkley. I practically got up and started dancing when I heard they had been picking up authors who’d been selling to epubs. Because ‘we knew the business’ we ‘tend to be very productive.’ We’re untapped territory! Here’s fellow Cobblestone Press authors Lia Sebastian and Mia Romano with me at the Pro retreat.

So at the PI Luncheon, which was fabulous. I got to meet Roberta Brown and she’s a wonderfully nice woman. (We need not quake in fear of these agents and editors, they’re real people!) I also got some great news. I was totally blown away when it was announced that Kate Duffy judged my book Grounds for Arousal first place in my category for the Stroke of Midnight contest. I about fainted. And everyone at my table, and the rest of my friends throughout the room, screamed the place down for me! I was beyond happy. This was my supportive table.

And of course I got to meet a bunch of Cobblestone Press author’s at the Diva dinner. So here we are, not all of us, but the most of us I could get together in one place!

And finally a big congrats to Seattle RWA president, and my friend Heather Koenig who won the Golden Heart for YA with her book Do You Really Want To Haunt Me.

I loved Nationals. It was wonderful. The people, the information. Beyond the Divas I met up with a lot of other wonderful people. Like writers for Highland Press that I like to bug, and April from April’s Space (I was so tired I think she thought I was blowing her off. I wasn’t! Just delayed reaction!) People from my local chapter. And Passionate Inkers, who are usually Divas too.

Okay so I took about 200 pictures. And some I promise will never see the light of day. But the others I will put in some kind of album and post it soon. I missed blogging all week and visiting blogs!

Oh SHEEZE! I almost forgot. I have more good news. I got home and had two reviews in my inbox.

“I applaud Shelli Stevens for her ingenuity and imagination in bringing such a fun and hot book to life” – 5 angels Recommended Read from Fallen Angels Reviews.

“kept me reading from beginning to end in one sitting and I loved every minute of it” – 4.5 Rating from Romance Junkies.

Okay so now I’m going to bed. Because my eyes are crossing and my stomach has that pukey feeling you get when you haven’t slept in awhile. Know what I mean? Thank God for west coast time… it’ll feel like sleeping in. If Emma doesn’t wake me up at the butt crack of dawn. *yawn*

Good night! It’s great to be back, I’ll be blog hopping tomorrow to say hello!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHee hee. What a day! Today is officially the 100th post on this blog! Woo whoo! Today is also my last post before I leave for Atlanta. So the confetti and party hats have dual purposes! Wait, let’s make that three purposes. Because The Pirate’s Booty also got a great review from Evolution Writers Book Reviews….

“The story was perfectly and tightly paced, building tension right to the last page, and while leaving you wanting more– leaving you without a sense that anything is lacking. Mixing paranormal and historical elements into the story to rousing success, Shelli Stevens brings the characters to life and pulls you in. She deftly describes the orgy in rich sensual detail evocative of scenes from the Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut. The pages quickly sizzle with the fire between Renee and Devon, as their lives and family past entwine together.” 5 stars, Alan Morgan, Evolution Writers. Here’s the full Review.

So this is a picture of Emma and Lacy’s son at the zoo. They’re going steady now. We went to the beach yesterday and splashed in the waves. And then we went back to Lacy’s house and let the kids run butt naked through the sprinkler. So much fun.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So it’s time. Lacy and I fly out tomorrow to Atlanta. I think we’re both a little afraid of flying. Our schedule is as follows. Go to the airport around 8:30 am, check in, go eat breakfast and inhale alcohol. Then we board the biggest Delta plane out there for a non-stop flight across the country (not to sound paranoid–too late–, but didn’t the hijackers take down big flights that went cross country?) And I won’t have my laptop with me in Atlanta. The hotel charges way too much for internet access, and I can’t fathom how I’d have any time to actually get online. Sooo expect a lot of pictures and a big blog post on Sunday night!

And finally my picture of the day. Knowing my luck, we’ll get these pilots. Have a great week! Love you guys! Hopefully I’ll see some of you in Atlanta!

Big Hug

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So yeah, all the appointments I would consider at Nationals are booked. Both with Raelene and with Kensington. Soooo… not pitching my first year at Nationals. Which kind of blows because it’s a big part of why I’m going. But oh well. Life goes on. I plan on meeting friends I’ve never seen, only talked with online or in some cases on the phone. I’ll be drinking mint mojitos and beer in the bar, where if I’m lucky I’ll stumble across the editor of my dreams. But then I’ll have been drinking. So instead of pitching, I’ll probably proceed to tell her about the three year dry spell in my sex life.

I sent out my E.C. Caveman entry! Now I just gotta wait for the rejection–I mean the reply. ;)
But I always sit there for like twenty minutes with the email open before I hit send. Wondering what I’ll have forgotten, or what mistakes I missed. Ah well, it’s off now, nothing to do but wait.

So Lacy and I got together to have pizza and beer last night, while the kids played. That’s always fun. And the kids love hanging out. Today we went to the zoo and that was a blast. Emma just looooooves the animals. I think her favorites were the elephants. And the penguins. Then we all came back and swam in the wading pool. So much fun. I think I may have got a lot of sun though. I’m freaking exhausted.

I’m almost done packing for Nationals and I can’t find a shoe. It’s this great Carlos Santana wedge that I got for cheap, and I can’t find one of the shoes! I think it’s been stolen by ghosts and I’m not going to get to take it to Atlanta. *Sob*

Okay, I’m done. Gonna take a nap with Emma. First…

Not my best funny pic. But fit with the zoo day, plus it’s the weekend and not as many people visit my blog anyways.

Well today closes my ‘Pirate’s Booty’ contest. And the winner is…Tamara! Congratulations, Tamara! And thanks to everyone who played. I’ll start another contest in September to advertise my next book This Spells Trouble!!

Sooo onto pointless prattle that is now known as my blog.

I had a great night last night. I hung out with some of girls and we got pedicure and manicures. I got what’s called an American manicure (instead of French) the tip is more clear rather than bright white. Supposed to be more natural. And its ok, but it’s already chipped. And then my toes are too pink (the color didn’t look so electric in the bottle) and I had a flower painted on my big toes… only they don’t look like flowers. Nobody can tell what they are. It looks like this glob of blue and white star thing. But it’s not THAT bad. I’m just being dramatic. LOL. So then went and had a potluck at one of the girl’s house and we watched the crappiest movie. I mean it really pissed me off. What was it called… oh yeah. Rumor Has It. Seriously, I just lost 2 hours of my life that I can never get back. What a pointless, stupid movie.

So everywhere I go (on author related sites) everyone’s saying how bad Atlanta is crime wise. Ack. Really? So now I don’t have to just worry about my plane crashing or being hijacked, but also have to worry about getting assualted on my way to Starbucks? *Sigh* The things a girl does to go to a conference. Oh is well.

I’m still totally baffled about what to shove in as my title for the EC Caveman. I figure I’ll just shove a title in and send it off. Change it later. I mean because if they don’t want it, and I sell it elsewhere… I’ll need a title that catches peoples eye. I really worry the formal/military sounding ones are a little off-putting. But maybe it’s just me.

Okay… enough prattle. Now for my pic of the day… Get in my belly!

* * * * * * * * *

New Releases today from Cobblestone Press

What do you do when you find out your husband is moonlighting as a gigolo? Jade Wellington decided to give him some unexpected exposure he’ll never forget! But with the ink on the divorce papers dry, she’s in plenty of hot water of her own. She’s accused of being a murder suspect and a prostitute by handsome police officer, David Jackson.

She’s trying to make the mortgage payments with utterly hilarious schemes that always backfire. She’s dealing with her nervous dog that needs to wear diapers, and has a passion for beer! What’s a girl to do? Fall in love!

With the love and support from her fiancé, Bryan, Charlene prepares for an important swim competition. Another win and she goes to the Olympics. Nothing prepares her for the tragedy that follows.

Charlene awakens in the hospital, unable to feel her legs or remember what happened. News from the doctor is anything but good, and her Olympic dreams slip away. Bryan refuses to leave her side and will do anything to raise her darkening spirits.

More than her desire to swim again, Charlene yearns to feel Bryan’s signature butterfly kisses grace along her inner thighs.

Distraught by her ex-fiancé’s criticism of her “controlling personality,” Olivia Chandler retreats to lick her wounds, only to meet a soft-spoken, yet commanding Spaniard. For one night, she lets go and finds ecstasy in his arms.

Dylan Montgomery has spent two years searching for the woman he knew only as Olivia. Now she’s returned to his hotel room, but a case of mistaken identity lands the woman in his twin brother, Ryan’s bed. They hatch a plan to seduce Olivia into a lifelong relationship of the heart, and convince her that she’s the perfect woman…for both of them.

Yup so Crystal and Lacy are sending back their thoughts on ‘my book’ and I’m pleased. Crystal had a great response to ‘my book’ and so did Lacy from what she’s seen so far. Now… I just need a freaking title for ‘my book’. I’m usually the title queen. But throughout this entire story nothing popped into my head. Nada. Not one single title idea. I brainstormed with some of The Novelty Girls tonight, but I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for.

Here’s my blurb for the EC Caveman entry:

Mason’s a squad leader in the Army and not used to being disobeyed–or being rejected by women. But Abby Cook has turned him down flat for the past month. But then he gets into the position to get everything he wants.

Caught in the act of executing a revenge prank, Abby finds herself making a deal with Mason Tyler–a military man, the last type of guy she wants to fall for. But can she get through the weekend of sex on Mason’s terms without losing her heart?

And here’s my potential titles…

Rules of Conduct
Conduct Unbecoming
Abby’s Trade
Breaking the Rules
Trust or Dare (just pulled that one outta my booty, but it could work)

What do you guys think? Any ideas? Any of these stand out to you?

Oh so yeah. On that whole Ellora’s Cave note… I’m gonna cry! My editor appointment at Nationals got cancelled. I was supposed to meet with Shannon Combs from Ellora’s Cave and it ain’t happening… she and another editor aren’t going anymore. I don’t know what happened, but I’m seriously bumming. I was hoping to pitch (okay, that’s a lie, I hate pitching, but I know it’s my big shot) So I’m TRYING to squeeze into an appointment with either Raelene Gorlinsky at EC or Audrey LaFehr from Kensington Books. But with only a week out…sigh…I bet I’m grabbing ankles on this one. Ah well. The bright side is I don’t have to write a pitch now :)

Ok, off to bed. But first a pic of the day! Kind of along the whole men doing dangerous work theme….. This is so the kind of thing I’d do.

Wow I have to say that you guys really care about my sex life… 22 comments from my last blog post about whether I should or should not ‘get some’ in Atlanta. You rock. I’m impressed! Thumbs Up

I didn’t blog for like a day and a half or something. I suck. I’m sorry. But I’m so tired. I’ve been busy. I FORCED myself to finish the Caveman entry book. And it’s done. YAY! I have no idea if it’s crap or not. I definitely need some fresh eyes looking at it. And Lacy and Crystal are doing that now. Oh, I also have to thank Eden Bradley (Diva Lisa) who called me and gave me some fabulous advice on my book, and chatted with me for almost an hour. That was a blast! And I can’t wait to meet her and the other Divas in Atlanta!

So Lacy and I went out for dinner tonight. We went to The Melting Pot and grubbed on cheese and chocolate fondue. Really healthy. We did it during happy hour, and I can’t believe how cheap that stuff is! Like half price! It was sooo yummy. Then we went to the Nordstrom anniversary sale just ‘to look’. Right…. I got another dress (pretty dang cheap though) for the Diva dinner. It’s pink. Lacy talked me into it, I still may return it. LOL. My butt looks huge in it. But then so do my boobs. I also got some lip gloss and some clothes on clearance for Emma.

But I realized my biggest stress in life. Traffic. I freak out. I mean, give me a scary deadline for a book and I can do it without freaking out. But throw me in the city during rush hour and I become a raging bitch on the verge of a stroke. Poor Lacy wondered if I would ever calm down. The mint mojito at dinner helped fabulously. When I go back to work I pray I don’t have to work in downtown Seattle. Grrrr. Although that’s looking like my best option. I better figure out how to take the bus.

Okay, thought I’d do a pic of the day of a man who’s really pissing me off. Did you hear he’s going to veto that stem cell research bill that the senate just passed? IDIOT! (sorry Aunt Nina if you’re reading this ;)

Okay I wasn’t going to blog today, really I wasn’t. But then I got inspiration. GREAT inspiration. From Loribelle . You see she called me tonight. At ten o’clock my time, somewhere round midnight her time. What did she want? To discuss Nationals? To have me check on something in Divas? To send someone an email? (Cause she’s at the beach on vacation) Nooo. Lori wanted to discuss my requirements for the guy I’m looking to have sex with when I arrive in Atlanta.
Too Funny
See she took me seriously when I loosely said ‘Man, I should really just have a fling while I’m over there.” And so she and her hubby were sitting around discussing who they knew (One of her hubby’s soldiers?) who would be willing to help out poor old me. Sooo. I had to set her straight. Tell her having sex with a stranger while I’m on vacation probably isn’t the best idea. (Although it is my premise for my book Tourist Attraction, LOL!) *Sigh* But for a minute there I have to admit it was tempting. I haven’t done the deed since I got pregnant three years ago! Sobbing So tell me, how could I not blog about this tonight?

Anyways, it was so much fun to talk to her. And I could even understand her, which with the southern belles it can be a bit tricky! Deanna called me a week ago too and shocked the crud out of me. I’m overdosing on Belles.

I was soooo close to finishing my E.C. Caveman entry today. But then got sidetracked with a big painting project. Anyways, I was debating passing out early when Lori called. And now it’s eleven and my eyes are watering. Sheeze, why do we have to sleep? It’s so annoying. Do you ever get like that? Who made it a rule that humans need sleep?

Okay, I’m done… really. I should probably do a pic of the day… Let’s see… here we go. I don’t think Lori will ever have to worry about coming home to this

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Man I’m tired. Yesterday was so busy. I had two chats that took up a good chunk of my day, lots of emailing, and running a Treasure Hunt that turned out to be too hard. Too Funny So I’m sorry for those of you who attempted my hunt and said ‘screw this’ after a few minutes. I certainly understand. Although I revamped the clues several times to make them a wee bit easier. In the end 10 people entered, and Jeniffer McKenzie’s name was drawn. So congrats again Jen!

Also, I spent a lot of time yesterday planning and talking with the member of my new group blog. I’m sure those of you who ever visited Love, Lust and Other Oddities figured out that we’ve shut it down. I’m sad about it, but in the end I think it was the best decision. So we’re starting up a new group blog with some of the same people and some new folks. The site is still in its infant stages so I’m hesitant to be hollering for you to come running to see. But when we’re up and running we’ll be at We’ve got some fun, artistic design ideas coming, but they’re in progress, so right now we’re just pasty white. LOL.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. And I forgot to put ALL the Friday releases up yesterday, so here the are below. But first…

I’m so excited to get back to fun pics of the day. Pirate week was fun and all, but kind of restricting. So here’s my pic of the day. I’m gonna jump right in and make it a bad one. I’m sure it’s somewhat inappropriate and controversial. But I just ignore the words really (although they’re a bit funny) Because I LUURVE the pic.

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the winter just past, a dragon came to the village of Weld. It shattered spirits and bodies alike. It killed Berdhan’s brother. Since then, Berdhan’s been more fond of drink than company. But the dragons are back and the village is once more looking to him to lead.
Chaia, the first female to be born to dragon-kind in centuries, is captured by the humans while practicing her two-legged form. With Berdhan’s help, she must find her way home again, but not before they fulfill their roles in an ancient prophecy:They must unite the worlds of Dragon and Man.

Joie couldn’t be more surprised to find out that she is the “Lion’s” prime candidate for his little game of seduction. Soon his sensual instructions are her undoing and Joie backs away from what could be the start of a sexual addiction.

Leo Tobias was back home – Houston and to Joie, leaving his life behind as an undercover Narcotics detective behind. The one thing he’s held on to is his sexy memories of having Joie in his life and in his bed. And now, he’s decided that their friends-with-benefits relationships was never enough.

When her doggy daycare business is threatened with foreclosure, Renee is at a loss of how to raise the money. Then she remembers something from a diary that has been passed down through her family for generations.

With renewed hope and a slightly crazy plan, Renee decides to crash a party thrown by the descendant of a pirate. She intends to steal back a brooch taken from her ancestor centuries ago. But what she doesn’t realize is that it’s a sex party, and Devon Murray is as notorious as his pirate ancestor.

What a fabulous day. My book comes out, and M.E. Ellis just gave me an award for blog of the week! Thanks, M.E., I’m so honored!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well, it’s Friday. And that means The Pirate’s Booty is out today. Here’s my cover, my blurb, and another excerpt. I have to warn anyone thinking of buying it, this is my spiciest book ever. It was the first erotic romance I wrote (even though I sold Tourist Attraction first.) This book is the debut novella for their Brazen series.

To save her business, Renee crashes a party thrown by the descendant of a pirate. She plans to steal back a brooch taken from her ancestor centuries ago. But what she doesn’t realize is that it’s a sex party, and Devon Murray is as notorious as his pirate ancestor.

Available at Cobblestone Press


He must have noticed her deer in the headlights look. “Are you all right?”

She gave a slow nod, more freaked out now than she had been a minute ago when paddle guy had smacked her.

“Tell me why you’re here.”

Think fast, Renee. “I wanted to try out some fantasies,” she stammered.

“Don’t fuck with me, Renee,” he ordered softly. “If that really is your name.”

Time to cut her losses and run. “I should probably… leave.”

“Leave?” he mocked and reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. “The party is just beginning. And you were so eager to join my party, weren’t you, Renee?”

No, I was eager to rob you blind. Damn. How was she going to get out of this mess?

“You’re in my world now, and we’re going to have a nice long talk, sweetheart.”

Damn it, why did he keep threatening her? Renee gritted her teeth. Maybe she could find a way to catch him off guard, put the ball back in her court. He only knew her first name but he didn’t seem to believe it was her real name. Maybe she could still make this work in her favor and get the brooch.

She glanced at him from under her lashes. “All right. But can we go somewhere more…private?”

It worked, his eyes narrowed. He was probably trying to figure out what she was plotting. Well, he could just keep on guessing.

“More private, hmm?” He pulled her hand into his, wrapping his long fingers around hers. “Let’s go.”

Renee ran to keep up with him as he took brisk strides across the room.

“Hello, I’m short.” She gasped. “Meaning my legs are about half as long as yours. Could you please slow down a little?”

He cut his pace in half, surprising her. They left the kinky room and moved down a hall toward some stairs.

“Upstairs?” She stumbled, trying to stop.

“Is there a problem?” He looked back at her, his expression unreadable as he waited a step above her.

Upstairs generally meant bedrooms. Renee swallowed. “Uh, no. No problem.”

He turned and climbed the stairs.

Well, at least she would get to another part of the house that she hadn’t yet seen. There was only one problem. How did she make Devon disappear so she could search for the brooch?

At the top of the stairs she paused and looked over the railing. She glanced down into the kinky room and was able to see all the erotic things going on.

“Taking a moment to enjoy the view?” Devon asked, his breath tickling her ear.

And don’t forget to visit My Website to go on my treasure hunt. It starts at noon and ends tonight at 6pm PST (I extended the time so more people have time to enter!!)