So I dragged my butt to Weight Watchers today. I needed a good, hard kick in the arse. Because the past couple weeks has been one big FOOD PARTY in my belly. What with my cousins visiting and… oh, any other excuse I could find to eat bad.

So I’m sitting in WW, when a lady that usually chats with us comes and sits by my aunt (Hi Nina!) and I. She asks about my book. Which really blows me away that people off the street remember I write books. Well, the leader at WW did make a formal announcement that I was a writer awhile back. I have a point, really.

So I’m all excited and telling her how Tourist Attraction comes out two weeks from today! And she gets a bit excited and asks me more about it and how she can buy it. Which then I have to explain epublishing, and she’s mid sixties so it’s a ‘WOW’ concept. So then I have to break the news. She’s not allowed to buy my book though.

I know that’s probably terrible marketing on my part, but seriously. I don’t want people showing up and burning crosses on my lawn. She’s pretty religious. And anyone who I think might, say, keel over and die when they read my first love scene… well, I talk them out of buying my book. Which sometimes makes them want to buy it more.

So then her eyes get wide and she says, “No… you don’t look like the type of girl who’d write that kind of book. You seem too innocent, like you wouldn’t know anything about it!”

And at this point other ladies in the meeting are turning around and looking at me.

Then she goes on to ask the standard question writers get asked… ready? “Where do you get your ideas?”


“Do you do all the stuff you write about?”

My aunt’s starting to look horrified.

“No, of course not.” But I want to. I’m a single mom who hasn’t gotten action in three years.

“Well, I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

“It really is.” There’s a point where I use the word vacuuming and it has nothing to do with a household chore.

And this is my mid level steamy novel! Not even the hard core one. The next one The Pirate’s Booty, will send any conservative into anaphylptic (I really should know how to spell that word, I was a Medical Assisant) shock.

Anyways, even though I did everything in my power to convince her not to buy my book, I still ended up giving her my business card with the cover and publisher on it. Der.

The next blog entry will hold the time and date of a prayer meeting that’s being held to pray for my soul. :)

p.s. Oh, and I gained 2.5 lbs

Okay, so I was visiting Karen Dindia’s blog, and she inspired me to do a hottie pic. But, this is a little different. I know this guy. Remember how I said I was in a vocal jazz group called Soundsation? Well, we had a sound tech. And our sound tech was….. Andy! Meet Andy! He’s now a firefighter and graced the cover of the 2oo5 Washington state Firefighters calendar.

Pretty hot, huh? I haven’t seen him since college, like 8 years ago or so. And I only found out when a friend emailed me and told me he was on the cover. I was like, hot dang, really? It took me a year to look up the pic though on google. Sorry, ladies, he’s married.

Title: Tourist Attraction
Category: contemporary
Author: Shelli Stevens
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Release Date: June 2006
ISBN: 160088029
Author URL:
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5
Format: EBOOK

Catchy Snippet: While Melanie is vacationing in Hawaii, she ditches her conservative attitude and has a hot affair with a local doctor. Her no strings rule is broken after only one night with Brian. How will she ever say goodbye?

Melanie Kemble has made the most of her vacation on the beautiful island of Hawaii. In two days she’ll leave with no regrets except one. She and her friend made a pact to have a hot, memorable fling before returning to their ordinary lives. Thus far, Melanie hasn’t found anyone to fulfill her wishes until a clumsy fall puts her in the path of a perspective candidate. When Melanie trips on the beach, a gorgeous doctor comes to her rescue. It looks like her two year dry spell is about to come to an end.

Brian is a native of Hawaii and has seen his share of beautiful tourists but none that got his heart racing like Melanie. He knows her vacation will soon be over so he plans to make the most of every moment together. However, the more time he spends with her makes Brian realize how hard saying goodbye is going to be.

A fabulous novella by Shelli Stevens! Melanie finally decides to break out of her shell and have an affair, thinking she’ll be able to walk away in the end, but such is not the case. Just the thought of no more nights with Brian is unbearable. Will she be able to walk away? TOURIST ATTRACTION is a great, sensual story of the passion–and love–that explodes between two people when they least expected it.

So I walked halfway around Greenlake today (a popular almost 3 mile lake in Seattle!) I was pushing Emma in the stroller and walking with my friend and her kids. We got to the playground, I let Emma out to play, and two minutes later noticed her foot was all bloody. It was just a broken blister, but I kinda flipped. I dumped water all over her foot, but had no bandaid. So I made her get back in the stroller and then speed walked her back to the car. And it was sooo hot here today. I think it hit low 80’s. And I know all you southern people are going to give me crap about how that’s not hot. But for us, whew! I think I burned. We were both sweaty and gross by the time we got home. But dare I say I think that means I exercised :)

I also got another reaction/feedback on my ghost story Silk Hauntings, by Vivienne King. She’s a fellow CP author and a total sweetheart. So between Viv, Lacy, and Heather looking it over I think I got some good feedback. And I’ll make a few changes, and send it out to CP in the next couple of days. *Dance, Dance*

My dad went into the hospital today to have a stint put in. He had like 90% blockage in his arm. But the procedure went smooth and he’s doing great. My mom was convinced he was going to die (rolling eyes), seriously. But all is well.

Ooooh. I suppose I can mention that I queried Roberta Brown again. This time with my book Grounds for Arousal that finaled in the Stroke of Midnight. I realize she’ll likely turn me down again, but I wanted to at least try. I also have a book out with Elaine English. But those are the only two agents I’ve stuff out with at this time. I really need to get on the ball. Especially when I hear my chapter president Heather Koenig just got an agent (she’s a double golden heart finalist for YA). I think she said she sent out 30 letters and got 24 rejections. So it just shows, you’ve GOT to be persistent.

Okay, I’m done now. Really.

Yeah, that’s a song from the Wiggles, but it’s also kind of my theme for my blog entry tonight. But first…

I got another great review today! Yay!

4 Stars, Ecata Romance
A short but delectable tale of finding Mr. Right at the most imperfect moment. I loved this story because it was a refreshingly charming romance of finding the person right for you but knowing that circumstances keep you apart. I could understand all of Melanie’s fears but to not take the risk, was the coward’s way out, although she did work it out in the end. Light, refreshing and highly erotic, Tourist Attraction by Shelli Stevens will appeal to anyone who wants something quick to read but will leave you feeling decidedly loving by the end.

So off the writing stuff, how was everyone’s mother’s day? I had a pretty good one. We had a BBQ at one of my brother’s, and it was a mini family reunion sort of. Two of my cousins that are from out of town were there. I haven’t seen the guy cousin since I was like 16 years or so! So we had all the cousins, except one, on my dad’s side of the family there! And yes, I’m posting another photo! Although, I will say I cropped it, framed it, and did everything in my power to cut off my fat hips. I’m the epitome of the pear shape. I cannot believe how big I looked! I’m sooo motivated to lose some weight by Nationals.

So here it is Me, Besty, Polly. Then Mark (my youngest brother) is behind Polly, then my cousin Doug, then my brother Randy with the sunglasses on, and then my brother Greg with the mustache. Yup, I have three brothers. I’m a middle child.

I pulled something in my lower back while I was shooting baskets today. Owww… it still hurts. No fun. I hope it goes away, because it’s not like I can afford the chiropractor.

Okay off to do something productive. Sort of. Not really. But in any case, I’m off.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there! Hope it’s a fabulous one!

I just have to say that my brother (the one always writing crap on my blog comments and gives me crap about my writing) Sent me flowers in Emma’s name for mother’s day… ah… ain’t that sweet?

Thanks everyone for the support from last nights blog. So I think I made some headway with Emma’s dad. I told him I could send him a copy of Emma’s birth certificate, or he could buy his own. Because those suckers are like $28! I had to give him her social security number and our address, which I’m not really crazy about doing… but I know it’s required. *Sigh*

I’m seeing Jada and Jammie tomorrow. Emma and I are driving up to see them and visit. Jada is Emma’s half sister. We’re all great friends. I know I say this every time I mention them, but sometimes new people read my blog :)

So today, let’s see, what did I do. I did another review, I just started doing those, and they’re a lot of fun! I think this was my fourth one. It was for Jaid Black’s vampire novella The Hunger. I won’t say much about it except, WOW! You’ll have to catch the review when it goes up in Divas.

I did another read through/crit of Lacy’s (one of my crit partners) book Night of the Taking which y’all have to read when it comes out in a Kensington three in one book entitled What She Craves because it’s hot stuff. Historicals. Night of the Taking is a paranormal historical. If you haven’t seen her great site, you should check it out

So I mentioned my cousin from Vegas is here. Well my other cousin came up while I was gramma sitting on Wed. So we got a cousins pic, and here it is! I’m on the left, Betsy is in the middle (she’s the children’s librarian from Vegas area!), and my younger cousin Polly is on the right. She does a lot of missionary work with college kids.

We’re having a big family, mother’s day BBQ at one of my brother’s on Sunday. Can’t wait, should be fun :)

Sheeze, I think I’ve rambled enough? Don’t you? :)

Yay! I got my review back from Romance Divas, and I got 5 kisses!!! *Dance, Dance*

“Surf, sand and steamy sex, are just what the doctor ordered in this first effort by Shelli Stevens. Tourist Attraction’s amazing setting, combined with the author’s gift of conveying her characters’ emotions, made for an excellent read that packed a serious emotional and sensual wallop! It amazed me Ms. Stevens was able to pack so much into so few pages and even though in most Romances HEA is a given, Ms. Stevens leaves you guessing until the very end, but it was worth every minute of it. No one does steamy or happily ever after like Shelli Stevens.”5 Kisses

So onto other stuff. We had a birthday party tonight for my niece who turned 8, and my friends daughter who turned 16! I ate waaay too much. So tomorrow, I’m forming a plan. Good food, exercise, and I’m back on track. Swear it! I HAVE to. Cause I need to go into the doctor soon. And doc is going to ream me in two for being such a dumb sh*t.

On a *ARGH!* note, I’ve been having to deal with Emma’s dad again. I’m trying to get him to sign her up for military benefits, since she’s a dependent, and he makes it so freaking hard. He’ll fight me every step of the way. I emailed him a few days ago and asked him to get the ball rolling… no response. I follow up with an email today saying he has a month and then I go to the command. I get a terse reply and a demand for a birth certificate. Which he refused to even sign when Emma was born. It took me almost 2 years after Emma’s birth to get my first child support payment, because he made it difficult every step of the way. Even tried hiding, which was stupid because he’s in the Navy. He got in a wee bit of trouble for that. So now I have to figure out how to get his name on the certificate, get him the copy, and start the insurance. Because right now the state is picking up the tab and that’s just ridiculous. She’s the daughter of a man who’s in the United States Navy, she’s GUARANTEEDEED benefits.

Sorry, I had to rant. The man is a total dumb arse. I’m fairly certain he’s a sociopath, every word out of his mouth is a lie and he’s massively charming when he wants to be.

Okay, for real now I’m done. He’s out of our life after this and we’re glad.

Der, what a downer moment. I just haven’t had to deal with him in a year or so and it really sucks.

Smiling again. See? —> :)

Everyone always has the sexy guys on their site. Well I thought, hey, I wanna try that. But this time… I’ll do it with a twist. What happens when good guys turn bad? Or were they already bad?

Matthew has always been my object of lust. He is soooo delicious.

Then suddenly he’s middle aged frat boy.

Vince can get the blood pumping…

Umm, not so much here…

Chris is a sexy man who can make you laugh

Okay, even being arrested, he still looks hot.

The temptation of Hugh?

Or just a dirty little boy. Naughty, naughty….

Bad, bad, bad, bad, boys… ya make me feel so good!
For more celebrity mugshots check out

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