I’m not blogging tonight, I’m way too freaking tired after the all day chat in The Pink Posse. Actually, it’s my night to blog in Love, Lust, and Other Oddities so feel free to jump over there if you really want to. It’s really not that exciting of a post though.

So, do you love all the covers at Cobblestone Press? Well they’re done by Sable Grey. And not only is she an artist, but she’s also a fabulous writer! So I’m plugging her new book on my blog tonight. She also did the cover for her own book.

This is a mainstream fantasy novel that comes out from Titan Press. It should be coming out this week! Be sure to visit her website at


Ronan Culley is just a blacksmith, or so he keeps telling himself. But when a Royal Guard dies at his feet leaving him to deliver the King’s Sword to the new King, Ronan’s whole world is turned upside down. With the help of his apprentice, an old witch, and a dragon, Ronan must face the world outside home as well as the demons within his own heart on a journey that will test his heart and his will.



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2 comments to “Support Sable, she rocks!”

  1. 1

    I LOVE all the Cobblestone book covers. I think Sable and her crew have done an excellent job!

    Paz (who thinks your cover rocks!)

  2. 2

    Thanks Shelli! I didn’t have much time to promo for this book so its real nice that you gave me a plug!

    Paz, thank you. I’m really pleased with the look we’re building for the Cobblestone Press covers. :D

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