I had a fabulous day. But let’s start with yesterday.

Three pieces of mail came for me. One, the results from the doctor. Two, a check for a rebate on my laptop ($150!) And three, a letter from an agent I’d submitted to. Funny, but with all three letters in my hand, there was only one I was eager to tear into. And oddly enough, even though I freaked out about my health last week, it wasn’t the medical one. It was…the agent one.

So I ripped it open, already knowing it would be a rejection. Because as a writer, I’m automatically trained to expect it. And it was a rejection just as I’d expected.

Here’s how it read… “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review a portion of your manuscript, White Snake. I apologize for—“

White Snake? I don’t have book called White Snake. I got rejected for someone else’s book. I didn’t even freak out. I shook my head and laughed. That’s not an agent I want to work with.

That’s my funny little agent story. I started a thread in Divas about funny/horrific/crazy rejection letters. You’d be amazed what people get! Mine isn’t really that bad.

So today Emma and I went to the zoo with Lacy Danes (check out her blog, she just started one!) and her kids. It was Emma’s first time to the zoo. We all had so much fun! It was absolutely pouring down rain, but the animals were out and the kids were in heaven. And I had a total epiphany. I used to hate the zoo. Thought it was cruel and mean, and totally pointless. But today it all made sense. The zoo isn’t for me, it’s for the kids. And watching how happy it made them made me realize it isn’t so bad after all. But I still feel sorry for the animals.

Then after the zoo we went back to Lacy’s house and we all ate lunch, and the kids played together. And, again, it was so much fun! Emma doesn’t really have many friends yet, just her cousins and older kids. But Lacy’s kids are 1 1/2 and almost 4. So the perfect age for my 2 1/2 year old to play with!

I finished my first round edits for Pirate’s, sent them out. And so now I’m off to barbecue. Fun, fun! Anyone else doing anything fun today?

DER! I almost forgot to mention the results of the doctor’s blood tests. I’m clear, so the lump must be some kind of fluke! Woo whoo! Thanks again for the prayers and good thoughts :)

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10 comments to “It’s a zoo out there”

  1. 1

    Oh, I’m so glad Shelli. LOL about the agent R. Isn’t it great to have other kids for your daughter to hang around with?
    Have a great barbeque.

  2. 2

    I read White Snake and all kinds of things came to mind. Man parts. The 80s hair band. Well, those were the only two things that came to mind…LOL!

    Funny about the R, yea! about the dr. letter and glad to hear you had fun at the zoo. We took our kids to the zoo a couple of months ago and they had a blast!

  3. 3

    Congrats for finishing your edits. :) And I’m glad to hear all is well about the lump.

    Hilarious about the R! At least they sent you a full sheet of paper. ;) I posted my worst rejections on Divas.

    BTW, I’m all up for us having certain days we post of LLOO. I’m never sure when I should post or if I should. :P That would be helpful.

  4. 4

    What a cute little girl below. Nice to read that you all had a wonderful time at the zoo. There are lots of this so much better experienced as a kid… and when you experience it with a kid, you can’t miss out on the fun. Know what I mean? ;-)

    That was a funny agent story. ;-)

    So happy to read the good news about the test results. Yay!


  5. 5

    The zoo was a blast! So was the lunch, just wish I hadn’t felt so odd with having my hubby do all the lunch stuff. We argued again tonight and I thought the weekend was going so well. :-(

    We will get the kids together again and soon!


  6. 6

    Glad to hear everything worked out well with your medical concerns!!!

  7. 7

    White Snake? OMG! I can’t even remember any of their songs. But, I do know this jazzy lyric from 1985 by Bowling for Soup:
    She was gonna be an actress
    She was gonna be a star
    She was gonna shake her ass
    On the hood of White Snake’s car

  8. 8

    I’m glad you and lil Miss Emma had a blast at the zoo. And I’m glad everything turned out okay at the doctors. As for the R, since the agent couldnt even get your manuscript write it doesnt count. :D Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  9. 9

    That’s hilarious about the R!!! And congrats on the fluke!!!

    I used to feel the same way about the zoo. But I took my two-year old niece there recently, and it made her so happy that I couldn’t hate the zoo anymore.

  10. 10

    White snake? Hmmm… Is that and erotica? LOL sorry dirty mind.

    Wonderful news on the docs. Hugs!

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