So I had the biggest blessing today. I came home from gramm sitting and decided to check my bank balance, knowing I must be getting low on funds! And my account information page pops up and my heart just sank. I thought I must have overdrawn again, and money got transferred again, because my balance was high. Really high. Like $1000 more than usual high.

So I scroll through the transaction history, and there’s a big ole deposit for $972 from DSHS. And then it hit me. Emma’s dad owes about $5,000 in back support. And taxes were just due, so if he had a tax return coming, I always heard I would get it. And so that’s what I’m assuming just happened. I’m so happy, so relieved! I’ve racked up quite a credit card bill with Nationals and other things, and was really starting to stress out. And now, this extra money just cleared me of my credit card bill. Basically it’s paying for most of my Nationals trip! What a relief and a blessing. I’m telling you :)

Other than that, I also had a great day because the internet was broken where I was gramma sitting. So I’ll I could do all day was edit. I finished editing/rewriting Grounds for Arousal!! One more ready to sub book to send out. Actually, it’s already out with NCP and EC, but it’s even better now!

I got my second edits on Silk Hauntings, so I’ll be busy with that tonight.

Hmm. I think I’m pms’ing. I watched the ‘Goodbye Katie’ episode of the Today show this morning, and was bawling like a baby. I’m so pathetic. I swear, I rarely even watch that show. Maybe it was flashbacks of her endless bad hairstyles that made me cry.

Oh I got my hair done yesterday. I’m a little more blonde :) Not much, but a little!

Thanks to the people who came to chat yesterday with us in The Pink Posse! And thanks for those who always visit my blog. (((HUGS!)))

I’m not blogging tonight, I’m way too freaking tired after the all day chat in The Pink Posse. Actually, it’s my night to blog in Love, Lust, and Other Oddities so feel free to jump over there if you really want to. It’s really not that exciting of a post though.

So, do you love all the covers at Cobblestone Press? Well they’re done by Sable Grey. And not only is she an artist, but she’s also a fabulous writer! So I’m plugging her new book on my blog tonight. She also did the cover for her own book.

This is a mainstream fantasy novel that comes out from Titan Press. It should be coming out this week! Be sure to visit her website at


Ronan Culley is just a blacksmith, or so he keeps telling himself. But when a Royal Guard dies at his feet leaving him to deliver the King’s Sword to the new King, Ronan’s whole world is turned upside down. With the help of his apprentice, an old witch, and a dragon, Ronan must face the world outside home as well as the demons within his own heart on a journey that will test his heart and his will.

Holy heck, it’s promo week! Okay. So… what I do now? Well, one thing that’s going on is Cobblestone Press is being hosted at The Pink Posse yahoo group all week! The three stooges (as Deanna and Sable have begun to call us) Loribelle, Sara and I, are going to be chatting on the yahoo loop all day tomorrow answering questions, holding contests, and give peeks and info at our books! So check it out if you’d like. To subscribe to the group just send an email to

Other than that I’m not sure how to promo. Besides screaming at the topping of my lungs “Please, oh please buy my book!” But no one can hear me since we’re online. And my neighbors already think I’m a nuts. Oh, I do have a contest on my site that ends on Wed!

Okay, now onto the juicy stuff. I’m desperately trying to figure out how to potty train Emma. Okay, not desperately, because my lanta it takes a lot of energy. But I have been showing her videos like “Potty Power” and “No More Diapers” and she thinks they’re great, but it does nothing to motivate her to tinkle in the potty. I read books, we sit side by side on our toilets, but nothing. She did however want to wipe her bottom today, even though she didn’t do anything. That’s my daughter, always wanting to skip ahead to the next level.

I did buy Care Bear stickers today as bribery and so far haven’t broken down and given them to her. And she really wants them. She runs to the potty and sits down. For like 30 seconds, and then she’s up again.

How did you guys do it? Is there an easy way to get your kid out of diapers?

I had a fabulous day. But let’s start with yesterday.

Three pieces of mail came for me. One, the results from the doctor. Two, a check for a rebate on my laptop ($150!) And three, a letter from an agent I’d submitted to. Funny, but with all three letters in my hand, there was only one I was eager to tear into. And oddly enough, even though I freaked out about my health last week, it wasn’t the medical one. It was…the agent one.

So I ripped it open, already knowing it would be a rejection. Because as a writer, I’m automatically trained to expect it. And it was a rejection just as I’d expected.

Here’s how it read… “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review a portion of your manuscript, White Snake. I apologize for—“

White Snake? I don’t have book called White Snake. I got rejected for someone else’s book. I didn’t even freak out. I shook my head and laughed. That’s not an agent I want to work with.

That’s my funny little agent story. I started a thread in Divas about funny/horrific/crazy rejection letters. You’d be amazed what people get! Mine isn’t really that bad.

So today Emma and I went to the zoo with Lacy Danes (check out her blog, she just started one!) and her kids. It was Emma’s first time to the zoo. We all had so much fun! It was absolutely pouring down rain, but the animals were out and the kids were in heaven. And I had a total epiphany. I used to hate the zoo. Thought it was cruel and mean, and totally pointless. But today it all made sense. The zoo isn’t for me, it’s for the kids. And watching how happy it made them made me realize it isn’t so bad after all. But I still feel sorry for the animals.

Then after the zoo we went back to Lacy’s house and we all ate lunch, and the kids played together. And, again, it was so much fun! Emma doesn’t really have many friends yet, just her cousins and older kids. But Lacy’s kids are 1 1/2 and almost 4. So the perfect age for my 2 1/2 year old to play with!

I finished my first round edits for Pirate’s, sent them out. And so now I’m off to barbecue. Fun, fun! Anyone else doing anything fun today?

DER! I almost forgot to mention the results of the doctor’s blood tests. I’m clear, so the lump must be some kind of fluke! Woo whoo! Thanks again for the prayers and good thoughts :)

It’s Friday fun day! Well, not really. Nothing utterly exciting to blog about.

I went to Weight Watchers. I’m telling you… I did good this week. And I almost blew it last night. The night before I weigh in. *shakes head* I ate almost half of a baugette! However you spell that. With olive oil and vinegar to dip it in. Mmmm. So I freaked out a bit and took a water pill. Total diuretic. But I also danced a bundle last night. My two nieces spent the night and we got way too hyper. So I think I burned off most of it. But the point is, I lost three pounds! I’ll admit 1lb was probably due to the pill :) I won’t make it a habit! I promise!

So the chat at Cobblestone Press went awesome tonight. We had 32 people at one point, and 40 different people drop in through out. That’s amazing for a publisher that hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet. Thanks for everyone who dropped by. And if you missed it, we have another one next Friday at The Pink Posse and at Cobblestone Press. One week. One week!!!

I’m a terrible mom. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has never had a hair cut. She’s a bit like me, curly hair, but not as curly. Like it could possibly be straight if she blow drys it or something. Unlike me who always looks like a poodle with a bad hair day. So with Emma Rose, I usually just brush her hair with a soft bristle brush. It flattens it okay, but doesn’t really do a number on the knots. Well…during her bath I noticed she was getting–oh—dreadlocks. So I realized I’d have to get out the comb…

OH THE TEARS! The crying of ‘Why mommy, WHY‘ My heart was breaking. And afterwards she just wanted a hug. And I’m thinking I probably oughtta get her a hair cut, before they have to shave her head. Okay it’s not that bad, but close. But her hair is so pretty and long right now! *sigh*

So how old were your kids when you first cut their hair? Or have you yet? Or how about yourself? Do you remember the horror of your first haircut? That’s another reason I put it off, I know it’s going to be drama getting her to sit still with scissors flying at her head.

Okay, I’m off. I got my edits for Pirate’s Booty today :)

So today’s the day I should have gotten a phone call if the news had been bad. My phone rings once, early in the morning, from a number I don’t recognize, in the area code as my doctor…. I answer. It’s a wrong number. Whew! And the rest of the day has passed with no further phone calls. So I’m hoping this means I’m getting a letter in the mail saying my cell count in normal.

And really, I have to say it’s amazing, after I asked for good thoughts and prayers… I woke up Wednesday morning and it almost felt like the bump had shrunk. So it may be nothing more than a swollen gland. Anyways, I’m putting it out of my mind and will be totally relieved once I have the letter.

So I’ve been a blog slacker the past couple days. Sorry ’bout that! I did blog on the Cobblestone Press blog, and the Love, Lust and Other Oddities Blog. Feel free to check those out if you want, the links are in the sidebar :)

I went to the mall today. I was one of those people–or maybe I’m the only one–who bought a digital camera awhile ago, but never a memory card. So I’d take 15 pictures, run inside to download them, and repeat the process. Man, why do I have to make things so difficult? Hee hee. Then I dropped by a upper scale hair salon to see how much a cut and highlight was. Good Lord, I need a loan. What can I say… sigh … I just really wanna look cute for Nationals!

Oh, and I wanted to encourage people to get to know Cobblestone Press through the following ways..

Cobblestone discussion group: Talk with writers, publishers, both at Cobblestone Press and all over the writing community! It’s a fun, laid back group!

Cobblestone Press Newsletter: Get author interviews, automatically entered into all publisher contests, writing articles, new releases and the newsletter can be customized to individual interests.
Hugs again, everyone! Thanks for the support with my bump (lol, that just sounds bad) :)

I just wanted to give everyone a big hug and say thanks for the support! Care Bear style since they’re Emma’s (my 2 1/2 year old daughter) favorite! :)

Okay, I just got back from the doctor. Basically she checked it and did that “Hmmm.” Noise, and I know that’s not really the best sign. Because it was the tone that said I’m not sure what this is. And then she actually did say that. So she had my blood drawn for a blood cell count. She said it could be nothing, maybe related to a cold or something. Also I’ve been getting mild headaches a few times a week, which is another reason I panicked.

But we should get the results in two or three days. She’ll call me if it’s bad, mail a letter if it’s good.

Thanks for the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes everyone! (Hugs!)

Okay, sorry I missed a day or two. I’ve been gone to Whidbey for a nice little break. Well, I got a lot of editing done, and went for walks. And I went to bed really early, like 9. Totally bizarre for me. But I was a little emotionally drained, and here’s why…

Something bizarre happened when I was editing. I had my hair piled on my head in a ponytail and I’m typing away, thinking how much I hate editing! Anyways, I ran my hand over the back of my neck and towards the bottom of my head, and I felt it. A big, hard ball like knot under my skin. I checked the other side of my neck to see if there was a matching one there and couldn’t find one. Soooo yeah I freaked out a bit. I’m hoping it’s nothing, and usually I’m not such a hyopchondriac, but for some reason it really worries me. And cancer runs in my family, and my brother had a big bump on his neck and discovered it was Hodgkin’s disease (he says my bump is nothing like his though.) So I’m still going to check. I have a doctors appointment in few hours. If people could send positive thoughts and prayers that’d be great. :)

Okay, off of the downer scary stuff. Cobblestone Press has contracted my book Silk Hauntings! Well, soon as I sign the contract and sign it back. I’m pretty excited. Right now I’m just trying to write my blurb. I hate blurbs, anyone else hate blurbs? I like reading them, but hate writing them. The key is not to rush it I think. Make sure they’re good. They have to make people want to buy your book afterall. Hee hee.

Well, I should get back to trying to write it though. Or maybe surf some blogs and catch up. Thanks for all the people who’ve been dropping by. It means a lot to me :)

Oh I had such a nice night the other night! First I have to say I’ve been eating great. Haven’t really kicked in the exercise, but Lori recommended changing one habit at a time and that’s what I’m doing. Every once in awhile I turn on the Gypsy Kings and shake my groove thang in front of the mirror. *Insert jiggly sound as my butt wiggles*

So about last night. I went and had a girl’s night with my friend Patricia! We went to dinner at Applebees, and I ordered healthy for the most part. I had their chicken with garlic and asiago cheese. It pretty much tasted like arse, but that was due to the fact the chicken was undercooked. I hate it when you bite into something, and have to move your teeth back and forth a few times. But the veggies were great, the bread (yes I ate bread) was great, and the rice was good!

After dinner we went to buy tickets for The Da Vinci Code, and even though we were 45 minutes early, they were sold out. And they were showing the movie every hour in multiple theaters, so we didn’t think it’d be a problem. So we bought tickets for the 9pm showing, and went shopping. We ALMOST bought stuff and then had the “Just walk away” conscience moment.

The movie itself was better than I thought. Yeah it was a little long, but it followed the book almost exactly. They changed a couple small things, two kind of pissed me off. And there was kind of a Village of the Damned type moment at the end. But who knows. I read the book and LOVED it. The movie is usually never as good, and again I find that with this one. But it wasn’t bad. Overall I would give it a B.

Did anyone else see it, plan to see it? If you saw it, what did you think?