So I REALLY got into a writing groove today. I decided I wanted Silk Hauntings done. And soon. So today I wrote 20 pages. Actually finished the book. Okay, not entirely finished. I did something I swore I’d never do. I wrote ‘insert kinky sex scene’ and then finished the story. I just had the ending in my head, and I had to get it out before I forgot. So I did. YAY! Honestly, I can’t tell if what I wrote is crap or not, but I’m sure my crit partners and my own editing/re-read will show me. Hee hee. We shall see. And then it’s off to Cobblestone Press. This is a project sort of thing for them. So it took me about 4 weeks to write a 100 page novella. Hmm, not my best. But I didn’t really get my act together until last week.

Gosh, I’d like to say I did all kinds of other exciting today, but when I write 20 pages it pretty much means I don’t do anything else. Oh, I typed up minutes for an online chapter meeting. Oh, hey, did I ever mention that I got promoted to Vice President? Yup, I’m officially VP of the Seattle chapter of the RWA. Fun Fun. I did try and exercise today, and failed miserably. My VCR started working (i swear it’s possessed) and I attempted to do the advanced Weight Watchers work out video. I got about 15 minutes in and had to stop. Well, Emma distracted me, but seriously, I was glad for the diversion. I will do better tomorrow. And no more cheese. I had cheese this weekend. I hope I didn’t gain back those 2 lbs! Grrr.

I may be going off to Whidbey again tomorrow. *Sigh* I’d rather not, especially now that I finished my book and I have nothing to write… okay, wait. I lied. I want to enter the EC caveman contest. I’ll write that. Gotta figure out what now. Something contemporary… and hot.
Good deal. Maybe it’ll come to me in my dreams.

Wow, I wrote a crap load today AND blogged. I’m kind of impressed with myself. Although I’m so tired I think I’m seeing double. I’ll go to bed now… and dream about the Starbucks coffee I’m going to inject in the morning.

Okay, so today I’m just going to say YAY over two reviews that have rolled in!! Here’s the gist…

For a highly emotional, sexy romp Tourist Attraction by Shelli Stevens is a must read! ~ Talia, Joyfully Reviewed

This is Shelli Stevens first release and this reader hopes it isn’t her last. Tourist Attraction is definitely worth taking an hour out of your evening curled up the couch to read. 4 Angels! ~ Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews

So I’m pretty happy :) They don’t hate me! Bouncy 2

What a gorgeous day today! The sun is out and we might have even hit 70 degrees! So we got out Emma’s pool and just had a field day! She was wearing one of those awful floatie suits, that have puffy things in them so she can swim. Not like she sat down long enough to swim. But she did look kind of cute. No, really cute.

So I weighed in at Weight Watchers this morning. After a week of trying to be good and get in some kind of exercise each day. And… I lost 2lbs! Woo whoo!

And I’m officially half way done with my book. I could make it a little shorter or a little longer, but I never know how that’s going to go until I’m done! I’m having fun with it though.

Hey on a fun, informative note, Cobblestone Press is having a chat tonight on Submitting. They’re also discussing how they’re now accepting chick lit submissions. So check them out! It’s at 8 EST/5 PST! There’ll be publishers, editors, and authors all hanging out and chatting. So we’d love you to come by!

And on another exciting note, I’m going to be holding contest on my website coming up in the next month or so. Around the opening of Cobblestone Press and the debut of my book. I’ve got a fabulous fun prize to give away, so check in every so often at my site for details!

Okay, off to get Emma off to her nap, and me into my writing. That’s the only time I can write mostly during the day. I just hope I can bribe her with the Wiggles. Although the sun proves to be a temptation for her to stay up. Wish me luck!

Shelli :)

I wasn’t even going to post today, but Viv tagged me so what the heck.

Six things you may not know about me….

1. I’ve auditioned for American Idol, let’s just say it ruined the show for me.

Female Entertainer 4

2. I was in a college vocal jazz group called Soundsation and spent way too many years trying to convince myself I was music major.


3. One of my ex-boyfriends is from Newcastle, England, and we traveled over England and Ireland when I visited–was fabulous. His name was actually Ben too. I won’t say if he was big.

Big Ben

4. I’m a second degree purple belt in Tae Kwon Do, I need to get my fat arse back to classes when I can afford it.


5. I went to school to be a medical assistant and worked as one for awhile, before I got knocked up and forgot everything. But me and needles really weren’t jiving anyway.


6. My dad’s cousin got me into the RWA and tipped me off to how this world of writing/subbing works. She wrote regencies under a variety of pen names, the latest (i think!) being Neff Rotter.


And there you have it. Take it or leave it. Or buy me coffee, cause I’m sleepy…

Alright, I thought I’d write a quick entry before I head off for the day/night. I’m going to Whidbey Island again. Hopefully the sun comes out and it’s nice. A walk on the beach sounds sweeet! Also, it’s a love/hate relationship with this mini trips. Because there’s no internet up there. So I hate it because I’m an addict (I keep saying someone needs to stage an intervention!), but I also love it because it means I can do nothing on my computer but write! Ooo or I could watch a DVD. Hmm. NO! I will write! And finishing reading Witch Hunt, the ebook I won in Leanne and Viv’s chat. It’s really cute, you should all check it out!

So I got 2k word done yesterday on my Rune. I keep trying to come up with a schnazzy title, but Silk Hauntings might end up being the best I got. We’ll see. I love where this book is going! And sometimes I can’t write it at night, cause I freak myself out. Don’t get excited, that doesn’t mean it’s a good scary novel. Hell no. I can’t write scary to save my life. I’m just a big ole pansy. I think that if you write about ghosts and analyze it a lot, you open yourself up to that world. Call me crazy. Wild & Crazy But I’m still really fascinated by the paranormal. Seriously, I’m a totaly ghost/ufo buff!

I’ve been doing fantastic with the healthy eating and working out. I even tried to cheat and go to Taco Bell, and the Gods were aligning against me. They gave me the wrong order, it had beef in it and I don’t eat red meat. So it was off back home to where I made a nice healthy veggie sandwich. Hee hee.

I’m about ready to buy my airfare to Atlanta! Lacy and I are searching flights! Woo whoo! I’m SOOO excited. We’re going to have kick butt time and have some serious girly time. No kids, just the ladies!!
Rave Girl

Okay, I’m off to catch a ferry boat! Ta ta!!

I think I avoid blogging some days, because I honestly don’t think I have anything interesting to say. But, let me see…

Actually, today was pretty productive. I got over 5 pages done on my Rune today. Plus I totally figured out how to end it. I know I’m supposed to have an outline and know all this when I start, but I warned you I used to be a pantser! So I had an outline for the first half and was kind of stumped on the second, which bit me in the butt last week. But after brainstorming with Lori I totally figured it out. And, if I do say so myself, my book just went from being average to being fantastic. Well, the premise anyway! Let’s see if I can write it as good as it is in my head.

I took Emma to Edmonds today, had a nice time at the beach and in the sun. But she was wearing a skirt, and ran on the sidewalk and… plop. You got it. My baby’s first bloody knee. She didn’t even get too upset until I cleaned it and put the band aid on it.

Also, I worked out, woo whoo! And ate well! I’ve been doing really good with that! I’m going to look hot for Nationals! (Well, hot for me! I’ll never look as hot as Diva Lisa, Jax, or Kristen. I saw the pics!!)

I got an email from an old friend/boyfriend in England asking for advice, but I’m afraid I’m not the best with the kind of advice he wanted. Ever get in that situation? In any aspect, I always love to hear from him. And he said he was happy about my writing and proud to say he knows me… ah.. isn’t that great? People are starting to get proud to know me!

Wait… what was I before? Plain ole Shelli… always second fiddle in music. (Not literally, I was a choir major, not fiddle! Hardy har har.)

Okay, I’m really tired if I’m making fiddle jokes. So… off to bed with me.

Yay! So I sold that lot of Emma’s clothes on Ebay for $106.00! Which is pretty good, but it was all Gymboree and in good condition. Which makes a huge difference. I have more clothes to sell, but I know it won’t do as well since it’s not Gymboree. But the money’s going straight into my account and towards my Nationals debt! I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that for awhile.

I got about another five pages written today. I wish I could do more, it’s just hard. I need to be in a zone, and with a two year old it’s hard to get into that zone. I know I should be working my butt off now that she’s asleep, it’s just so nice to not have to do anything.

Also, I’m doing fairly well on my pact with Lori. I ate good all day. And I even put my tennis shoes on and went to workout. I got like five minutes in and realized I had low blood sugar. I tried to keep going, but realized I’d eventually just pass out. And that wouldn’t do. So I had to stop, go upstairs and eat something, then wait ten minutes for it to hit my bloodstream. By that time I’d become part of the recliner, and was chatting on messenger and checking emails. Needless to say, I didn’t exercise after that.

Okay, Lori’s kicking butt on getting her name out there for interviews and stuff. I so need to get on the ball. I’m kinda like a tourist in New York that stands on the corner and looks up, but doesn’t actually move. Well, okay, I’ve sent out to a few places, I just need to ‘whore my books’ I think is the term Deanna said…

*Shedding my shy nature and putting on my whore nature* I can do this! “Hey, baby, you looking for something to keep you warm at night? Yeah? I got what you need. Tourist Attraction. You can buy it June 2nd at Cause I know how you like it. Rrrreeoow!”

What? Wrong kind of whoring? *Sigh* See, I told you I suck at this.

So I’m not really sure what to write without cross posting. I just wrote a bunch of stuff on Well, not a lot. Mostly I just complained about my fat arse. Ooo, there’s something I can briefly discuss. This blog here, shellistevens blog, will always be PG. The other blog, I’m taking away the rules! Just a heads up for the folks that get annoyed by swearing, and half naked men, and possible Bush bashing.

Republican Vs. Democrat

So I made some money over the past two days for gramma sitting. I promptly put it in my checking account, and made a payment on my reserve account. Or what I call the ‘Pit of debt’. The pit will only get worse before it gets better. I still have to pay for airfare and hotel in Atlanta…. SQUEAL! I’m going to Atlanta! Sorry, I still get easily excited about it. I’ve already been searching Ebay like crazy for a formal dress.


So I wrote today. It was more of a funny scene. Sometimes I wonder how I can combine spicy romance and humor, I wonder if it’s annoying to the reader. There’s two people I love who can pull it off. Jaid Black and Tawny Taylor. I’m sure there’s a ton more out there, but I’m really behind on my reading.

Mardi Gras

On that note, sort of, my book Tourist Attraction got sent out to some places for reviews. Biting my nails. I put it in Divas, and it got picked up immediately. Blew my mind. There were actually a few people who wanted it.

I'm Shocked

Okay, off to write. Really. No really. I am… okay one more smiley animation!

Food Fight

You know, even though I kind of b*tched about my brothers’ yesterday, today one of them saved my butt. Let me start from the beginning.

Today was very eventful. I woke up, deciding to hell with it. I was going to go to RWA Nationals. And no, I can’t afford it, this it totally going to put me in debt. But I want to go, really bad, especially since I’m a Stroke of Midnight finalist. So I decided I was going to make it happen. I’d just paid my conference fee, and was posting on Romance Divas, when I heard Emma getting into trouble when she was supposed to be napping. I went to check on her, tripped on my cord for my computer, and knocked my laptop onto the ground. The monitor hit hard. And immediately a fan of rainbow colors shot across my screen. They never went away. I took it to a shop, and they said I broke the glass in the monitor. So basically that translated to “Congratulations, you’re computer it f*cked!”

My bro saved my butt when he was able to recover all my files from my laptop. I was FREAKING out. I haven’t backed up my files in about a month. So he can be a pain, but he’s good at computers. In fact he went with my to buy my new laptop.

So basically I dropped about $1200 today that I don’t have. On a conference fee and a laptop with Microsoft Office. Ouch. This will suck to pay back, but I can do it over time. Maybe I’ll even sell some books when they come out and I can use that money!

On another note, I sent out the hardcopy of my contest entry today. Signed, sealed, in-process-to-be-delivered… I’m theirs. EEEK! Pushing it out of my head. Not going to think about it anymore.

Also Jammie called me tonight. To recap who Jammie is, she’s the mother of Emma’s half sister. The second ex-wife of my ex boyfriend. Confused yet? I am, just reading back on it. Anyway, we’re good friends now, our daughters adore each other. Anyway, she was calling to warn me John is in town this week. I’m not really thrilled about that. I prefer him safely situated far away on a Navy base in California. But I’m sure I have nothing to fear. I haven’t seen him since I told him I was pregnant. I doubt he’d show up guns blazing now. But I think I’ll wait to bring up the medical benefits for Emma until he’s back on base…

Well, off to play with my new laptop. It sure is purty.

So I’m still floating around that ‘contest finalist’ cloud. I keep thinking it must be a fluke, maybe the numbers got added wrong. But me? A contest finalist?
Seriously though, I’m so excited. And then a little bummed, because I can’t be at Nationals when we find out who won. *Sigh* Maybe next year I’ll be able to afford to go. Ah, well, I’ll hear eventually. And seriously, I doubt I’ll win!
I Wish
On a serious note, I have a fellow chaptermate involved in a fundraiser for Diabetes auctions. Here’s the links and information and I’m a diabetic, and can throw my weight (and it’s a lot of weight, hee hee) behind this project! Check it out!
One thing that annoyed me, happened during the family gathering for Easter. Of course I told everyone about my contest finaling… and it was just kind of sucky. I have three brothers, so maybe it should be expected. It’s not like any of them have ever read a romance novel. But the fact that I write not just romance, but spicy romance, has led them to list my writing as porn. They even going so far as to joke that I’m ‘in fantasy land, writing stuff for Hustler.’ So yes, not the most supportive family. I mean, they’re supportive in other ways, like financially and helping out with Emma so I can stay home and try my hand at writing. But as to what I write? Well, I’m kind of the family joke. And since they occasionally read my blog….
You Suck
Okay, on another obvious note, I just discovered Smiley Central! Woo whoo! It’s a lot of fun. Star 13
I actually went to bed at 10:30 last night. Totally uncommon for me. Usually I’m up till like 1 yacking with the girls as I write and edit. Hee hee
Okay, that’s enough of absolutely nothing…

Hugs And Kisses