I’ve decied to post early today, so tonight I’ll just write, write and write some more. And of course chat with a few folk if I get a hankering.

So that schedule thing I was talking about yesterday? Heck yeah, it went pretty well. I woke up, did the Emma routine, checked email and ate breakfast. And then… TA DA…. I WORKED OUT!!! And it felt so good. I always forget how a great workout can affect your mentality as well as health. I ate a sh*t lunch, but will do better at dinner. Breakfast I’m usually always good. Oatmeal and toast w/butter spray. Or cereal and fake Egg Mcmuffin. You should try it. English muffin, egg beaters, and fat free cheese!

So then, I decided that I really wanted to sub my book Grounds for Arousal (GFA) somewhere. I mean, it’s at Ellora’s Cave (EC), but it’s been there since December. I love Cobblestone, but I want to ‘spread the love’ so to speak. Have publishing credentials at more than one house. And I gave CP my baby, The Pirate’s Booty. The book that almost got me an agent. So I had GFA ready to sub to Liquid Silver Books. I had an email open, written, getting ready to attach it.. and I hesitated. I thought, maybe I should clean it up one more time before I send it. Because they have a fast turn around.

So I decided to think it over, went and exercised, and when I came back I had two emails. Both from EC. They said that both my books (i’d also sent Pirate’s Booty) had potential and we’re being looked at by editors. I wrote them back and said Pirate’s Booty had been sold–which I actually emailed them last week to tell them this–but said GFA was still available. So how’s that for fate? Or maybe it was just a delayed follow up. So I won’t send it out. I’ll keep that one as a ‘to be considered by EC’ book. And the six month additional wait they quoted me *gasp* I can just use to clean up the rest of the book. It’s not bad the way it is, I just learned so much about Deep POV since then. I’ve already done an ‘ly’ search. LOL. And truth be told, GFA is kind of my baby too. I put a lot into that girl.

Okay, now my schedule’s a little off since Emma didn’t take a nap. Grrr. But she’ll be going to be early, so that means in the next 2-3 hours I’ll be online for the night! Woo Whoo!

Today I did… nothing! Well, okay, not nothing. I went out to lunch with my mom and brother. Got a couple or hours of Emma free time. Nice… real nice.

I also did some serious house cleaning of Emma’s closet. Out with the winter stuff, in with the spring. I have a ton of summer clothes from last year that I’m going to try and sell on Ebay. Last summer I bought all these Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy stuff for her, so I could make money reselling it. I was so paranoid of her messing up her clothes I barely let her wear them! Hee hee. So… this year, screw it, I’m buying cheap stuff that I’ll just take to consignment to sell. But hopefully I’ll get at least $100 for the lot of gymboree stuff this time. (yeah, it’s a LOT of clothes!)

I did some key plotting for my Xmas short story. I was on the phone with Jacquie last night, and then hit up some friends for quick opinions. And I think I know where I do, and do not want this story to go. It’s going to be sweet. Sickeningly so. But it’s Christmas and it should be. Didn’t I just have this conversation? Right…

My eyes are still bothering me. Darn allergies. I wore my glasses all day. Not a pretty site.

Okay, I’ve decided I need a schedule. And Loribelle brought it up and reminded me that I’d reminded myself I needed a schedule. I’m too unfocused with this writing and having a life thing. I think my laptop is growing into my thighs.

So… wake up, do the Emma routine (diaper, breakfast & Higgley Town Heros)
Check my email and all Internet activity. I’ll give myself a half hour.
Then I’m OFF the internet. At least for a couple of hours.
I really should exercise… yeah i can do it!
And then I’ll take Emma to the park or mall, depending on weather..
Lunch for Emma, then nap
Then I’m online/writing for a couple of hours during her nap.
She wakes up, maybe we play outside…

Okay, you catch my drift, so do I. I need to get off my computer more.

Well, off to write the Xmas. I just downed a soda to wake my arse up!

So anyone else having a really nasty allergy season? My eyes are so puffy and red, that I look like a stoned bug. Uck. No fun.

So I’m almost done with my short Christmas story. *Sigh* I LOVE it. It’s so sweet, and innocent, such a change from my usual stuff. But I think that’s what Christmas represents, at least in my head. The purity of it all. Or maybe that’s just my memories from childhood. :)

Today I took Emma to the gym, that was okay. She’s so passive and anti-confrontational. Have I mentioned this before? She’s just like me. Like a kid can come up, take her ball and hit her and she’ll just walk away or stare after her ball with longing. And what do I say? “It’s okay, honey, we’re sharing!” I should be like, “Hit the little sh*t back, and get your ball!” Actually, I’m sure some mom’s probably do encourage that, lol.

Ugh, I’m sucking it up with being healthy. I cannot make myself be good. Please! What’s my issue? I was telling my friend. (Since I’m diabetic) I’ll lose my vision, have my feet cut off, and I’ll still be eating brownies and cheese sticks! I’m going back to Weight Watchers Friday (I’ve missed a couple weeks) so hopefully I can get with it. The weight loss thing isn’t just a vanity thing for me, it’s a legitimate health issue. Freaking sucks, but I need to stop whining and do something about it. You’ll never hear me b*tch about how I hate my body and stuff, cause I’m this way for the choices I’ve made. If I eat right and exercise it’ll melt away, I’ve done it before. It just was a lot easier the last time. I think I have an emotional block. Like if I’m big, no man will want me, and I don’t have to worry about getting screwed over again.

Okay, way too serious of a topic for me. Shelli. I’ll stop now and get back to writing. I really want to finish the short story.


My lanta what a cheesy title for today’s blog. But I can’t help myself. I’m the ultimate cheeseball.

Jodi made me some banners! You know how wonderful she is? I couldn’t get them on my blog, but she must have done it for me during the night, because now they’re here!! There at the bottom, aren’t they fabulous? If you want one to put on your website or blog that’d be fabulous. If you wanna do a banner swap, I’m game! (Jen, or anyone who doesn’t know, a banner exchange means I’ll put your banner on my website and you put mine on yours.)

I’m getting to be a busy bee. I’ve got the short story in the works, and now it sounds like I’ll be doing a novella for a super cool series that Cobblestone Press is planning. Plus the rewriting of my single titles so I can clean them up and ship them out.

Right, I’m too tired to write much. My eyes are crossing. Must sleep. More tomorrow. Or maybe I should do my blogs earlier in the day!

Seriously, if you’re considering having a website built for you, check out Jodi! She’s affordable too! http://www.jodicibelle.com/web.html She also does things like banners, business cards, all kinds of fun stuff. Check her out (yes I’m plugging her, because she’s really good! And if you’re broke like me, you like good people who will do it for a good price!)

So I went away for an overnight yesterday. To Whidbey Island (see bad picture phone image above!) where I wouldn’t have access to the internet. All I could do was write on my laptop and spend more time outdoors with my daughter. It was nice. Until she missed her nap and had a complete meltdown. But no one really wants to hear about that.

Oh yes, how about how I mention that I sold a second book, an erotic novella The Pirate’s Booty to Cobblestone Press yesterday. Got the email this afternoon when I returned. I’m pretty excited. And it made it to their wicked level. Naughty, naughty.

I got about 11 pages written last night for the short story I proposed to Highland Press. I’m really having fun with it! And it’s so nice to write something I know my conservative relatives can read.

Okay, more tonight! I just wanted to give an update.

Yes, I’ve moved. Welcome to my new blog, which comes with its own little matching website. Check it out if you haven’t already! http://www.shellistevens.com

Jodici Belle ( http://www.jodicibelle.com/web.html ) created a fabulous little site for me. What do y’all think? We had a bit of a panic day, when we realized the American tripod/lycos site wouldn’t let Jodi (who’s in Australia) inside. So I have to say, Jodi was very calm and patient as she ’emailed’ me through the process of getting my site loaded and getting it Live. But we made it, it’s up and running, and I am a happy camper. Loribelle put up with a lot of panicky messages throughout the day too. Ah, the support in the writing community. Priceless I tell you, priceless.

Yes, I’m a little sad about losing the blog under shelliluv, and all my old posts… but, it was blowing chunks and we all knew that. So I hope you all update your blogs and keep visiting me. Please, because I love you guys! Here’s the link http://shellistevens.blogspot.com/ Come back to me… baby… I want you to…. anyone remember that song? Yeah. Good times.

All right. I’ve been on the computer since, hmm, breakfast. So I’m going to make this short. As it is I’m on my laptop in the bathroom, while my daughter takes a bubble bath.